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US Veterans Hospital Insane Patients, Surnames M-Z, 1930 Index of Inmates

NOTE: This set of records for US Veterans Hospital Insane Patients provides the inmates name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these inmates can be found in Census Records

Inmates Name, Inmates Date of Birth, Inmates Place of Birth

Antonio Mascarenas 1892 New Mexico
Joseph Maspero 1898 Texas
Clarence Mather 1895 Colorado
Leroy Mayes 1887 Utah
Claud Mayfield 1902 USA
Marrion McCann 1896 Montana
Harry Mccarger 1886 Oklahoma
Patrick Mccarville 1893 Montana
James Mccormick 1896 Nebraska
Edward Mccue 1889 South Dakota
LeRoy McDonnell 1892 Illinois
Oliver Mcfall 1892 Colorado
Patrick Mcgannon 1874 Ireland
Charles McGuire 1895 Pennsylvania
James McHugh 1888 Kansas
John McHugh 1892 Wyoming
Martin Mckendrick 1892 Tennessee
Patrick McLean 1887 USA
Robert McLean 1900 Missouri
James Mcmillen 1890 Iowa
William McNamara 1887 Nevada
Joseph Mcveigh 1898 Colorado
George Merwin 1890 Oregon
Calvin Methvin 1893 Michigan
Daniel Miller 1899 North Dakota
George Miller 1890 Illinois
Jacob Minchey 1890 Utah
Nicola Minotti 1895 Italy
George Mobley 1888 Illinois
Joseph Moll 1900 Wisconsin
Roscoe Molley 1891 Wisconsin
Manuel Montoya 1895 New Mexico
Selva Moon 1890 Missouri
Harold Moore 1896 Wyoming
John Morgan 1899 Mississippi
Joseph Murdock 1899 North Dakota
Carl Murphy 1895 Colorado
James Neighbors 1892 Arkansas
Samuel Neill 1893 Texas
Carl Nelson 1891 Sweden
George Nelson 1896 Colorado
Ambrose Ness 1897 Norway
Albert Newman 1891 Texas
Charles Nichols 1886 Nebraska
Arthur Nobles 1895 Texas
Herman Noltmeyer ?? USA
Royston Norrell 1896 Georgia
George Obannon 1890 Missouri
Richard Obonneiss 1892 Pennsylvania
Richard Obrien 1894 Colorado
Olaf Olson 1888 Norway
Oscar Olson 1892 Nebraska
Theodore Olson 1897 South Dakota
Charles Omara 1899 Colorado
Henry Oneill 1891 Colorado
Steve Ongine 1897 Russia
William Oskison 1872 Oklahoma
Alexander Osullivan 1889 Ireland
Guadalupe Otero 1898 New Mexico
Richard Overall 1890 Missouri
Eugene Overcash 1895 Nebraska
Joe Palma 1893 France
Opie Palmer 1897 Iowa
William Papkey 1892 Pennsylvania
Frank Pardy 1897 Nebraska
Harold Park 1893 Pennsylvania
Joseph Pawlowsky 1895 Lithuania
Charles Payne 1876 Indiana
Augustus Pearce 1896 Utah
Carlos Perea 1900 New Mexico
Ralph Perrotta 1891 Italy
Arthur Peterson 1888 Colorado
Leighton Pierce 1895 Montana
Bruce Piggott 1887 Canada
Floyd Pinkerton 1888 Nebraska
Archie Pittman 1887 Oklahoma
Verner Plummer ?? USA
Charles Porter 1899 Missouri
Edward Post 1898 Colorado
William Poster 1883 Illinois
Edward Powers 1887 New York
George Prichard ?? Wisconsin
Raymond Pryer 1883 Pennsylvania
Frank Radis 1895 Montana
Hugh Rains 1896 Texas
Ernest Rask 1889 Sweden
Charles Rath 1887 Nebraska
Dan Redhawk ?? South Dakota
Walter Reinecke 1889 Illinois
Charles Reuter 1888 Illinois
Charles Reynolds 1892 Nebraska
Claude Rhodes 1894 Texas
David Richey 1869 Iowa
Charles Rimes 1893 Tennessee
Marion Roba 1896 Pennsylvania
Lester Robertson 1895 Montana
Anton Robida 1897 Colorado
Heber Robinson 1895 Utah
Stefan Rogozinskiy 1879 Poland
Frederico Romero 1897 New Mexico
Joseph Romney 1893 Utah

Trancriber: Tracy Day
Source: Names of insane patients, surnames M-Z, in US Veterans Hospital extracted from 1930 census Election District 6, Sheridan County Wyoming
William Rothert 1898 Illinois
Horace Roundtree 1881 Georgia
John Rucker 1901 Texas
Bidal Ruiz 1896 New Mexico
Robert Ryan 1894 USA
Charles Sacket 1884 Montana
Kurt Saebold 1879 Minnesota
Jose Saiz 1897 New Mexico
Victoriano Sanchez 1895 New Mexico
Ernest Sanders 1898 Nebraska
David Sandoval 1891 New Mexico
Emery Santer 1892 Ohio
Frank Sauls 1872 Minnesota
Dick Schaap 1893 Holland
Carl Schadel 1894 Kansas
Fred Schaefer 1891 Iowa
Henry Schnell 1893 Nebraska
John Schreiber 1890 Wisconsin
Oscar Schuyler 1896 Montana
Francisco Sedillo 1889 New Mexico
John Sedlock 1893 Missouri
William Sennett 1886 Colorado
Joseph Seville 1894 Missouri
Lewis Sheesley 1896 Pennsylvania
John Sherrod 1891 USA
Niels Simonagaard 1890 Denmark
Limmie Sims 1895 Alabama
George Singleton 1898 North Dakota
Roland Skordahl 1888 Norway
Fred Smith 1899 England
Fred Smith 1902 Colorado
Harold Smith 1873 Illinois
Henry Smith 1900 Texas
Leander Smith 1896 Illinois
Louis Smith 1893 Colorado
Reuben Smith 1894 Texas
Reuben Smith 1890 Missouri
William Smith 1877 Ohio
William Smith 1889 Utah
Elias Snider 1893 Wyoming
Heber Sorenson 1891 Utah
Jesse Spears 1890 Nebraska
Ira Stacker 1896 Iowa
Dilworth Stadman 1901 South Dakota
Fred Stalker 1892 Idaho
John Stamm 1897 Indiana
Boyd Stapp 1888 Missouri
Jesse Stewart 1885 Arizona
Matt Stimac 1892 Austria
Philip Stoltz 1895 Russia
Grover Strickland 1891 Nebraska
Leo Strouf 1901 Wisconsin
Walter Subert 1878 Illinois
Cornelius Sullivan 1891 Montana
Timothy Sullivan 1895 Montana
Christopher Taylor 1901 Wyoming
James Taylor 1896 Missouri
Roderick Taylor ?? USA
Virgil Taylor 1888 Arkansas
Paul Terry 1887 Texas
James Thomas ?? Wisconsin
Tom Thomas 1888 Texas
Raymond Thornton 1895 Nebraska
Clarence Tipton 1887 Utah
Roy Townsend 1885 Nebraska
James Trillity 1892 Colorado
Andrew Trudeau 1900 Montana
Fermin Trujillo 1897 New Mexico
Egbert Tweit 1891 North Dakota
Walter Underwood 1891 New York
Jerry Vacha 1898 Nebraska
Anthony Vallet 1886 Italy
Gilbert Vallett 1892 Minnesota
William Van Horn 1892 Nebraska
Lewis Vanaernam 1899 South Dakota
Henry Vanderbulk 1888 USA
William Walling 1899 Wyoming
James Ward 1891 Iowa
Harry Weakly 1883 Illinois
Daniel Weikum ?? USA
Charles Wells 1878 Ohio
William Westerman 1888 Missouri
Elmer Wetzel 1901 Ohio
Robert Whisler 1891 Indiana
Dudley Whitaker 1890 Kentucky
Millard White 1895 Illinois
Frank Wickham 1888 Kansas
Dale William 1894 Nebraska
Bruce Williams 1893 Colorado
Joseph Williams 1891 Iowa
Ralph Williams 1891 Iowa
Royal Williams 1901 Texas
Weir Williams 1888 Colorado
Lyman Wills 1894 Nebraska
Thomas Wilson 1892 Texas
Albert Winistorfer 1900 North Dakota
Edgar Wolfe 1892 Texas
Edward Wolfley 1895 Utah
James Woods 1890 Wyoming
Harry Young 1890 Pennsylvania
Glenn Young 1888 Colorado

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