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US Veterans Hospital Insane Patients, Surnames A-M, 1930 Index of Inmates

NOTE: This set of records for US Veterans Hospital Insane Patients provides the inmates name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these inmates can be found in Census Records

Inmates Name, Inmates Date of Birth, Inmates Place of Birth

Andrew Adams 1891 Arkansas
George Ainsworth 1899 Utah
George Anastopoulas 1877 Greece
Eric Anderson 1890 Sweden
George Apostolides 1892 USA
Joseph Babcock 1889 Ohio
Joseph Baca 1896 Colorado
Thurston Baileys 1896 Nebraska
Glen Baldwin 1900 Nebraska
Lester Ballenger 1897 Missouri
Paul Banks 1891 Tennessee
Lester Barber 1888 Illinois
Edward Barrick 1894 Wisconsin
Herbert Bartels 1898 Colorado
Eugene Barton 1890 Missouri
Lyle Barton ?? USA
Paul Barutha 1893 Yugoslavia
David Batten 1890 Montana
Walter Baum 1898 Ohio
Gilbert Bell 1895 Oklahoma
William Bendixen 1892 USA
Jay Benson 1894 South Dakota
Lauritz Berger 1896 Norway
Chester Bergeson 1888 Iowa
Perce Berry 1901 Missouri
Avold Besner 1894 Wisconsin
George Bevington 1885 Colorado
William Bevington 1891 Michigan
Guiseppe Biagini 1890 Italy
Paul Bienick 1894 Minnesota
Joseph Bing 1895 USA
Edward Blake 1880 North Dakota
Walter Blow 1888 North Dakota
Arno Boettcher 1892 Texas
Raymond Bogart 1892 Montana
Joseph Bohleen 1891 Utah
Frank Bonchal 1888 Bohemia
Oscar Bonham 1888 Kansas
Edward Bonner 1887 Montana
Adam Boslovitz 1892 Lithuania
Herbert Braden 1895 Iowa
William Bradham 1897 New York
Danill Brentes 1896 Oklahoma
Otto Brevig 1899 Minnesota
David Brockway 1890 Indiana
Charles Brooks 1889 South Dakota
Samuel Broome 1893 Pennsylvania
John Broska 1895 Wisconsin
Bernard Brown 1892 Colorado
Brook Brumbaugh 1890 Iowa
Paul Burke 1893 Texas
James Burson 1892 Oklahoma
Bassett Burton 1889 Texas
Hensley Burton 1897 Missouri
Charles Buttolph 1895 Iowa
John Campbell 1890 Nevada
William Carey 1894 Montana
Oscar Carlson 1894 Norway
Theodore Carlson 1889 Sweden
Lewis Carmen 1888 New York
Ivan Carson 1890 Iowa
Thurman Cartrite 1880 Iowa
George Casselman 1894 North Carolina
Benjamin Castle ?? USA
Joseph Catalano 1900 Pennsylvania
Jim Catrino ?? USA
Jerry Cazier 1894 New Mexico
George Chadwick 1896 Utah
John Chaffin 1884 Arkansas
Clifford Champson 1895 Missouri
Raymond Chase 1897 Missouri
Elmer Chenoweth 1888 Iowa
Fred Chesley 1892 Iowa
George Chinni 1887 Montana
Louis Chladek 1890 Illinois
Leo Choquette 1895 Idaho
Clarence Christiansen 1899 Montana
Hans Christofferson 1876 Oregon
Mack Clouse 1877 Virginia
Quiller Cochran 1895 Texas
Charles Collister 1896 Colorado
Frank Conger 1883 Missouri
Albert Cook 1898 Missouri
Samuel Cornett 1895 New Mexico
Benjamin Corning 1892 Louisiana
Claude Cottrell 1895 Kansas
Charley Craig 1895 Oklahoma
Travers Crittenden 1899 Utah
Frank Culbertson 1890 Missouri
James Cushenberry 1894 Kansas
Teodore Custer 1886 Tennessee
George Czikayla 1897 Czechoslovakia
Sumner Dahl 1891 Minnesota
William Dame 1895 Colorado
Sam Danford 1889 Montana
Joseph Daniels 1891 Minnesota
Ashley De Witt 1900 USA
Lewis Demick 1897 Missouri
Porter Dewey 1896 Iowa
Lassie Dieter 1894 Colorado
Robert Dillon 1887 Ireland
Eulalio Dimas 1895 New Mexico

Trancriber: Tracy Day
Source: Names of insane patients, surnames A-M, in US Veterans Hospital extracted from 1930 census Election District 6, Sheridan County Wyoming
Milton Doering 1896 USA
Charles Doney 1899 Illinois
Alexander Downie 1878 Michigan
Thomas Drayton 1887 Colorado
William Dugdale 1880 New York
Benjamin Duncan 1891 Nebraska
Douglas Dunn 1901 Missouri
Michael Eahrow 1892 Pennsylvania
Baxter Eakle ?? USA
Christian Ebersole 1903 Pennsylvania
William Edwards 1897 Idaho
Roy Eggleston 1892 Colorado
Melvin Eldred 1899 Minnesota
Lyell Ellingsworth 1885 Illinois
Gust Enockson 1887 Sweden
Charles Evans 1893 Montana
Harley Evans 1890 Alabama
Ralph Faley 1894 Colorado
Roy Faley 1894 Missouri
George Fee 1880 Kentucky
George Ferguson 1895 South Dakota
Alexander Feyder 1887 Ohio
Edward Finney 1888 New Mexico
Leonard Flannigan 1901 USA
Tecumseh Foltz 1866 California
Fred Forman 1893 South Dakota
Frederic Fornoff 1860 USA
John Forrester 1895 Utah
Andrew Foss 1887 Norway
Lillis Francone 1891 Italy
William Frank 1895 Kansas
Hans Frisch 1891 Illinois
Michael Fugini 1886 Michigan
John Fushack 1896 Colorado
Samuel Gabaldon 1896 Mexico
Santiago Gabaldon 1896 New Mexico
Louis Garfinkle 1893 Texas
Wallace Garman 1892 Arkansas
George Gato 1893 Turkey
Emil Gerber 1887 Nebraska
Charles Gerdon 1878 Iowa
Harry Gildersleeve 1892 Nebraska
Claude Gist 1896 Oklahoma
Arthur Glenn 1890 Missouri
Charles Glenn 1899 Kentucky
Paul Godtland 1896 Norway
James Golden 1869 Ireland
Alfred Gorman 1889 USA
Reuben Gould 1896 New Mexico
Kaino Jasberg 1896 Michigan
John Jensen 1892 Denmark
Roy Jester 1887 South Dakota
Alfred Johnson 1896 Michigan
Andrew Johnson 1894 Texas
George Johnson 1894 Nebraska
Harry Johnson 1898 Georgia
Ivar Johnson 1895 Sweden
Henry Jones 1892 North Dakota
Willie Jones 1897 Kentucky
Kai Jorgenson 1890 Denmark
George Julius 1891 South Dakota
George Kalberer 1898 Colorado
George Kane 1901 Illinois
Dan Kayendall 1885 Kentucky
Harold Kearns 1900 Colorado
Martin Keating 1900 Wisconsin
Vincent Kedrowski 1894 Wisconsin
William Kelly 1888 Nebraska
William Kennedy 1890 USA
John King 1896 Indiana
Paul Kittleson 1900 Nebraska
Taylor Knil 1900 North Dakota
Charles Kostohrcs 1887 Montana
Eli Krivokapick 1893 Poland
Vincent Kuczynski 1898 Colorado
Raymond Kuersten 1899 Colorado
Paul Kukoy 1893 West Virginia
James Kumelos 1890 Greece
Charles Kuntz 1888 Ohio
Carl Lagge 1901 Russia
Aubrey Lamar 1899 Texas
Lawrence Larson 1898 Colorado
Louis Lavalle 1900 Montana
Walter Lawrence 1898 USA
George Lehn 1892 Nebraska
Louis Lenz 1898 Colorado
Joseph Limberg 1896 Utah
Joseph Littleton 1877 Kentucky
Emil Lobsiger 1876 Switzerland
Ray Long 1892 Colorado
James Lowery 1889 Colorado
Ai Lucas 1898 Iowa
Leo Lundquist 1895 Utah
Samuel Luster 1888 Tennessee
Gustav Maas 1892 Russia
Emory Mace 1894 Pennsylvania
Tony Maderias 1900 Kentucky
Leo Madigan 1895 Colorado
Clayton Main 1892 New Mexico
Benjamin Mares 1894 New Mexico
George Lee Mars 1891 Montana
Pasquale Martillaccio ?? Italy

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