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Wisconsin State Reformatory, 1930 Index of Prisoners, Surnames K - Z

NOTE: This set of records for Wisconsin State Reformatory, Wisconsin provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in Census Records When searching for your Wisconsin Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Edward Koski 1907 Finland
Richard Krauter 1909 Wisconsin
Henry Kriescher 1904 Wisconsin
Bernard Krueger 1903 Wisconsin
Edwin Kuhn 1907 Wisconsin
Antone Kupeva 1911 Wisconsin
Arthur Kurz 1905 Wisconsin
Robert Kyle 1911 Wisconsin
Andrew J La Barre 1903 Minnesota
Wm La Fayette Wyburn 1902 Wisconsin
Raymond La Suaer 1912 Minnesota
Dominic LaCarte 1912 Wisconsin
Rude Ladig 1905 Wisconsin
George Ladwig 1907 Wisconsin
William LaFond 1910 Wisconsin
Walter Lager 1913 Illinois
Clarence LaMarche 1911 Michigan
Richard Lamb 1909 Michigan
Alvin Lambrecht 1907 Wisconsin
Clarence Land 1913 Wisconsin
John Landowski 1908 Wisconsin
Clement Lange 1910 Wisconsin
Raymond Large 1911 Illinois
Walter Larsen 1902 Wisconsin
William Lauscher 1907 Wisconsin
Harold Lawrence 1907 Wisconsin
Earl Lawrence 1900 Wisconsin
Terrance Le Clair 1906 Wisconsin
Edward Lealion 1907 Wisconsin
Erwin Leiden 1912 Wisconsin
Alex Lemanski 1909 Wisconsin
Lawrence Lemerond 1902 Wisconsin
Leon Little 1909 Colorado
Hugh Logan 1911 Minnesota
John Lohe 1905 Minnesota
Harold C Lohr 1909 Wisconsin
Frank Lorenz 1907 Poland
Harold Lowe 1911 Wisconsin
Henry Lusardi 1909 Michigan
Wallace Lyons 1905 Colorado
William Lyons 1900 Missouri
Russell MacDonald 1910 Wisconsin
George Magle 1910 Wisconsin
Kermit Mahnke 1909 Wisconsin
John Malchow 1907 Wisconsin
Harry Mallick 1911 Wisconsin
Joseph Manszka 1913 Minnesota
Harry Mantel 1912 Wisconsin
Christie Marke 1912 Wisconsin
Frank Markel 1912 Wisconsin
William Marks 1911 Wisconsin
Fred Martin 1911 Wisconsin
Frank Martinez 1911 Italy
Adam A Martinko 1907 Illinois
Harry Marx 1909 Wisconsin
George Mcarthur 1901 Wisconsin
Otis Mcclish 1913 Ohio
Edward McCoy 1907 North Carolina
Joseph McGrath 1909 Wisconsin
Earl McGrath 1911 Wisconsin
Charles McKay 1911 Wisconsin
Thomas McKenzie 1906 Wisconsin
Harley McKnight 1907 Wisconsin
Lloyd Mclain 1909 Iowa
Floyd Menke 1907 Wisconsin
Mark Menrett 1905 Wisconsin
John Metten 1910 Wisconsin
Claude Metz 1910 Wisconsin
John Mical 1910 Illinois
Harry Mickey 1911 Illinois
Joseph Mierzejewski 1912 Wisconsin
Lyle Mikkleson 1909 Nebraska
David Milbeck 1911 Wisconsin
Frank Miller 1908 Wisconsin
John Miszewski 1912 Wisconsin
Alton Mittlestadt 1905 Wisconsin
Armour Moen 1908 Wisconsin
Maynard Morgan 1906 Wisconsin
William Morser 1911 Wisconsin
Frank Morznk 1911 Wisconsin
Stanley Mosaios 1910 Austria
Adolph Mosing 1906 Wisconsin
Alvin Mueller 1908 Wisconsin
Clarence Mueller 1912 Wisconsin
Kenneth Mularkey 1902 Wisconsin
Clayton Mularkey 1906 Wisconsin
Harold A Mulholland 1907 Indiana
Mike Mulkovish 1910 Minnesota
Gerald Murray 1910 Wisconsin
Frank Muths 1909 Illinois
John Naef 1910 Wisconsin
Lyle Nelson 1908 Wisconsin
Gilbert Nelson 1910 Wisconsin
Maurice Nelson 1911 Wisconsin
Kenneth Nestle 1912 Michigan
Gatthel Neuwirth 1903 Russia
Edward Newton 1910 Wisconsin
Thor Nicholaven 1906 Norway
Roy Nielson 1910 Illinois
Wilfred Noel 1909 Wisconsin
Laura Norgan 1906 Wisconsin
Laurie F Nourse 1902 Wisconsin
Walfried Nyman 1910 Wisconsin
Thomas O Bray 1912 Wisconsin
Joseph O Brien 1901 Wisconsin
Ed O Neil 1908 Michigan
Johnnie Ogrody 1906 Minnesota
William Olaughlin 1911 Wisconsin
Charles Olson 1902 Michigan
Norrin Olstad 1912 North Dakota
William Oneil 1901 Wisconsin
Albert Orzechowski 1907 Poland
Edward Osowski 1907 Wisconsin
Leo Otto 1908 Wisconsin
Paul Ozanne 1909 Wisconsin
Wallace Pace 1906 Wisconsin
Sauts Palmisano 1908 Wisconsin
Howard Pardo 1909 Wisconsin
Booker T Parsons 1908 Alabama
Walter Parzs 1912 Wisconsin
Claude Patterson 1910 Nebraska
Frank Pavlak 1907 Wisconsin
George Pavlik 1912 West Virginia
Martin Pederson 1909 Wisconsin
Leo Pelky 1907 Wisconsin
John Pellinger 1904 Wisconsin
Walter Pellman 1909 Wisconsin
Raymond Peplinski 1911 Wisconsin
Thomas Perault 1911 Wisconsin
Charles Perino 1910 Italy
Albert Perris 1910 Mexico
Milo Peterson 1910 Wisconsin
Ed Peterson 1912 Wisconsin
Claude Peterson 1913 Wisconsin
Roy Peterson 1911 Wisconsin
Stanley Petricka 1906 Minnesota
Joe Pezanosky 1910 Illinois
Bruno Phillipini 1908 Italy
James Phillips 1907 Wisconsin
Frank Picucci 1904 Illinois
George Plank 1907 Michigan
Raymond Pociecha 1911 Wisconsin
Frank Poff 1904 Wisconsin
Benjamin Pollock 1910 Wisconsin
Clifford Pollock 1906 Wisconsin
Alico Ponce 1909 Mexico
Theodore Poole 1912 Wisconsin
Ira O Pratt 1908 South Dakota
Gordon Priebe 1910 Wisconsin
William Printz 1907 Wisconsin
Stanley Pruski 1910 Poland
Joseph Prusko 1906 Wisconsin
Bernard Przezdzink 1913 Wisconsin
Clarence Raasch 1907 Wisconsin
William Rafferty 1913 Wisconsin
Howard Rain 1903 Wisconsin
Thomas Rajski 1908 Wisconsin
Frank R Rasmussen 1911 Wisconsin
Ed Rautio 1902 Wisconsin
Walter Ray 1906 Wisconsin
Felix Raymond 1907 Michigan
William Reed 1906 Washington
Clarence Reef 1909 Wisconsin
Robert Rehfuss 1909 Wisconsin
Charles Reid 1912 Wisconsin
Walter Reinke 1906 Wisconsin
Earl Remington 1910 Michigan
Lyle Renicker 1903 Wisconsin
Anthony Revor 1904 Wisconsin
Herman Reynen 1912 Wisconsin
Aba A Rice 1900 New York
Clifford Richards 1910 Wisconsin
Ted Richards 1910 Wisconsin
Alois Rieger 1909 Wisconsin
Robert Riley 1911 Wisconsin
Alex Robideaux 1900 Wisconsin
Jesse Robinson 1911 Arkansas

Last Updated on 16/03/2005
By Tyler Schulze

Trancriber: Tracy Day
Source: Names of prisoners in Wisconsin State Reformatory extracted from 1930 census Green Bay Township, Brown County Wisconsin
Carl Rohla 1909 Wisconsin
Allan Rolston 1904 Scotland
Bogart Ronald 1909 Michigan
Le Roy Rondon 1911 Wisconsin
Ray Roskam 1904 Wisconsin
Charles Ross 1905 Wisconsin
Chester Rowe 1910 Wisconsin
Ivan Rozelle 1904 Michigan
William E Rushing 1903 Illinois
Mike Ruskovich 1912 Michigan
William Sagraves 1911 Illinois
Elmer Sailing 1904 Wisconsin
Ernie Salvatore 1911 Wisconsin
Jerry Samandd 1901 Ohio
Louis Sammarco 1905 New York
Alfred Sampson 1909 Wisconsin
George Sanderson 1905 Wisconsin
Frank Scheradella 1909 Wisconsin
Arthur Schilk 1903 Wisconsin
Nicholas Schinabeck 1904 Wisconsin
Joseph Schmidt 1910 Wisconsin
Roy Schmude 1910 Wisconsin
Joe Schnabel 1912 Wisconsin
Joseph Schoemann 1911 Wisconsin
William Schottle 1910 Illinois
Fred Schroeder 1910 Wisconsin
Harold A Schroeder 1912 Wisconsin
Edgar Schroeder 1911 Wisconsin
Henry Schultz 1906 Illinois
John Schulze 1911 Wisconsin
Frank Schumacker 1913 Wisconsin
Alvin Schumerth 1905 Wisconsin
Wilbert Schwaller 1910 Illinois
Clarence Schwensow 1911 Wisconsin
Ernest Scott 1913 Wisconsin
Charles Sears 1910 Wisconsin
Ike J Seeley 1906 Wisconsin
John Segerson 1912 Wisconsin
Richard Sellhausen 1911 Wisconsin
Joseph Serio 1906 Wisconsin
Myron Shain 1908 Wisconsin
Harold Sharpe 1908 Wisconsin
Merrill Shaw 1908 Wisconsin
Robert Shellong 1909 Wisconsin
John Shine 1911 Michigan
William Shoemaker 1908 Wisconsin
Henry Shoemaker 1907 Wisconsin
Stephen Shontes 1908 Minnesota
William Simon 1910 Illinois
Eugene Sinagab 1907 Wisconsin
Fred Singer 1911 Wisconsin
James Skogg 1911 Minnesota
Joseph Sky 1900 Wisconsin
Elmer Slater 1910 Wisconsin
Arthur Slater 1908 Wisconsin
Allen Slater 1908 Wisconsin
Jack Smith 1904 New York
Wilford Smith 1910 Indiana
John Smith 1907 Wisconsin
Ervan Smith 1903 Wisconsin
Joseph Smith 1908 Pennsylvania
Marshall Smith 1909 New Jersey
Jacob Smith 1910 Wisconsin
Harry Smith 1905 Canada
Daniel Smith 1906 Wisconsin
Russell Sochle 1912 Wisconsin
Ernst Sodemann 1910 Wisconsin
Frank Soman 1899 Wisconsin
Ray Southern 1908 Iowa
Adolph Soyck 1905 Wisconsin
Joseph Spaeth 1913 Wisconsin
Lee Spafford 1903 Wisconsin
Edward Sporleder 1908 Wisconsin
Roy M Squires 1912 Wisconsin
Charles St Clair 1910 West Virginia
Ralph Staab 1911 Kansas
Earl Stanley 1899 Michigan
Reinhold Stark 1909 Wisconsin
Harold Steele 1905 Michigan
Theodore Stelle 1906 Wisconsin
Joseph Stempinse 1911 Wisconsin
Robert F Stewart 1911 North Carolina
Joseph Stimac 1911 Arkansas
Kenneth Stout 1910 Iowa
John Strain 1909 Minnesota
Robert J Streit 1910 Wisconsin
Theodore Stubbe 1910 Wisconsin
Joseph Summers 1913 Minnesota
William Suomi 1907 Michigan
Perry Surman 1905 New Jersey
Frank L Svigel 1911 Minnesota
Frank Swandrowski 1912 Wisconsin
Frank Sweet 1905 Minnesota
Earl Swift 1905 Wisconsin
Arthur Syerud 1901 Wisconsin
Ray Sytkowski 1911 Wisconsin
Sylvan Syverud 1905 Wisconsin
Ignatz Szczepaniak 1909 Poland
John Szczepaniak 1902 Illinois
Benedict Szelinsczka 1909 Wisconsin
Edward Szopinski 1911 Wisconsin
Joe Sztima 1908 Wisconsin
Frank Szymanowicz 1909 Wisconsin
Lloyd R Tabor 1908 Minnesota
Francis Tate 1911 Wisconsin
Russell Ten Eyck 1910 Wisconsin
Everett Terrill 1905 Indiana
Charles R Terrio 1911 Wisconsin
Berthold Thelen 1912 Wisconsin
Frank Thomas 1911 Pennsylvania
Patrick Thomas 1910 Illinois
Edward B Thomas 1904 Illinois
Harold Thompson 1910 Illinois
Ward Thompson 1912 Wisconsin
Andrew Thon 1911 Wisconsin
Arnold Tonn 1900 Wisconsin
Elgin Topham 1909 Canada
Ray Tripp 1906 Wisconsin
Walter Trueblood 1903 Michigan
Frank Tuchek 1911 Ohio
Frank Turner 1909 Wisconsin
Edward Tyler 1913 Wisconsin
Gerald Ulrich 1906 Wisconsin
Howard R Valerius 1910 Wisconsin
Albert Van Court 1902 Michigan
Frank Van Lannon 1911 Wisconsin
Alfred Van Tassel 1910 Wisconsin
John Vande Kracke 1907 Wisconsin
Kieran Vandenberg 1910 Wisconsin
Frank Vanderlan 1909 Minnesota
Clifford Vandermark 1904 Pennsylvania
Edward Vanosten 1910 Wisconsin
Edward Vanryzin 1908 Wisconsin
Adrian Verhagen 1902 Wisconsin
John Vitacco 1911 Wisconsin
Henry Wagner 1913 Russia
William Wallace 1910 Montana
John Warren 1901 Wisconsin
Leo Warrington 1908 Wisconsin
James Wash 1910 Wisconsin
Walter Way 1913 Wisconsin
Joe Wecker 1909 Wisconsin
Edward Welch 1911 Ohio
Edward Wendorf 1911 Wisconsin
Rudolph Wermes 1912 Wisconsin
Charles Wespetat 1908 Wisconsin
Alvin Westburg 1911 Wisconsin
Hershall Weyrauch 1909 Wisconsin
Willard Wheeler 1909 Minnesota
Lloyd O Whitcomb 1908 Wisconsin
Lyle Whitney 1912 Wisconsin
Arthur Wick 1911 Illinois
Aino Wiitanen 1912 Wisconsin
Richard W Williams 1907 Wisconsin
Lawrence Williams 1906 Wisconsin
Walter Williams 1905 Kentucky
Irving Williams 1902 Wisconsin
George Williams 1911 Kentucky
Clifford Williams 1907 Minnesota
Frank Wilson 1910 Illinois
Albert Wilson 1913 Wisconsin
Clarence Wilson 1900 Wisconsin
Fred Wilson 1909 Wisconsin
Henry Wirth 1908 Wisconsin
Earl Wittman 1905 Wisconsin
Frank Wolff 1910 Wisconsin
Frank Wooley 1912 Wisconsin
Louis Yell 1911 Wisconsin
Adolph Zenzrer 1911 Wisconsin
Dan Ziarnik 1911 Wisconsin
Joseph J Zima 1904 Wisconsin
Ray Zimmerman 1912 Wisconsin
Walter Zniatynski 1912 Wisconsin
Arthur Zoff 1909 Illinois
Frank Zunter 1912 Wisconsin
Frank Zupan 1912 Wisconsin

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