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Wisconsin State Reformatory, 1930 Index of Prisoners, Surnames A - K

NOTE: This set of records for Wisconsin State Reformatory, Wisconsin provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in Census Records When searching for your Wisconsin Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Fritz Abegglen 1906 Wisconsin
Jack Albin 1910 Michigan
William A Allen 1913 Canada
George Allerley 1909 Wisconsin
William Amrine 1910 Illinois
Robert Anderson 1908 South Dakota
Harold Anderson 1911 Wisconsin
Sanford Anderson 1910 Wisconsin
Raymond Anderson 1912 Wisconsin
George Antone 1909 Wisconsin
Herbert Arndt 1911 Wisconsin
Henry Arning 1904 South Dakota
Lawrence Babcock 1910 Wisconsin
William Baizel 1906 Germany
Tom Baker 1911 Oklahoma
Frank Baker 1913 South Dakota
Wallace Bakke 1909 Iowa
Walter Bartelmehe 1912 Wisconsin
George Batiste 1911 Wisconsin
Lawrence Baud 1910 Wisconsin
Harold Baumgartner 1907 Wisconsin
Orville Beck 1910 Wisconsin
George Bedtki 1908 Wisconsin
Clifford Behling 1912 Wisconsin
Frank Bell 1910 Wisconsin
Harvey Bennish 1910 Wisconsin
Lloyd Benson 1906 Wisconsin
Alfred Benson 1909 Illinois
Leslie Benway 1906 Wisconsin
Donald Bergen 1909 Wisconsin
Walter Bergmann 1913 Wisconsin
Harold Bernson 1912 Wisconsin
Edwin Bierkowicz 1910 Wisconsin
George Binstock 1911 Wisconsin
Walter Bird 1908 Wisconsin
Ray Blackbird 1904 Wisconsin
Sam Blackerman 1910 Russia
Paul Blaho 1909 Wisconsin
Carl Blane 1913 Nebraska
Peter Blashka 1908 Wisconsin
Harold Bliss 1908 Wisconsin
Lawrence Bogges 1911 Kentucky
Douglas Bohn 1906 Wisconsin
Walter Boker 1901 Wisconsin
Vernon Bongard 1903 Wisconsin
Joe Bosetti 1912 Wisconsin
Neal Bowin 1910 Michigan
Arthur Boyer 1905 Michigan
Tony Brandmeier 1912 Wisconsin
Clifford Brazel 1912 Wisconsin
Harold Breidenbach 1905 Wisconsin
Harold Bristol 1912 Minnesota
Howard Britton 1909 Mississippi
Richard Brockway 1908 Wisconsin
Elmer Brown 1900 Wisconsin
Donald Brown 1909 Wisconsin
Albert Brueske 1911 Wisconsin
William Brunette 1912 Wisconsin
Sylvester Bruns 1913 Wisconsin
Arthur Bruns 1910 Italy
Sylvester Brzercki 1911 Wisconsin
Edward Brzoska 1910 Wisconsin
Peter Brzoskowki 1910 Wisconsin
John Buergin 1906 Wisconsin
George Bunton 1904 Minnesota
Emil Buonavonalant 1911 Italy
Roy Burgess 1905 Wisconsin
Arthur Burns 1911 Wisconsin
Harold Burrell 1908 Illinois
Clarence Burton 1905 Wisconsin
Allen N Busse 1903 Wisconsin
John Butkiewicz 1912 Wisconsin
Louis Butterfield 1910 Wisconsin
Frank Buzek 1911 Wisconsin
Tony Calamia 1913 Illinois
Albert J Caldzinski 1904 New Jersey
Louis H Camp 1901 Michigan
Robert Cardwell 1908 North Carolina
Carl Carlson 1910 Wisconsin
Hamilton Carncross 1909 Wisconsin
Forest D Case 1902 Wisconsin
Alfred Cashdan 1913 Minnesota
James C Cerrone 1908 Italy
Richard Chamberlain 1912 Wisconsin
Henry Chantler 1902 New York
Lester Charles 1910 Wisconsin
Francis Chisamore 1909 Iowa
Perry Chism 1909 Illinois
Pat Chrone 1910 Italy
Roman Cielesinski 1908 Wisconsin
Edwin Cieslik 1908 Wisconsin
Henry Cisiewski 1909 Poland
George Clark 1910 Minnesota
LeRoy Coats 1909 Iowa
Claude Cohen 1912 Wisconsin
Morrie Cohen 1908 Wisconsin
Oakley Colby 1908 Wisconsin
Royal Colhurn 1906 Wisconsin
Oscar Collins 1909 Michigan
Orville Colson 1911 Wisconsin
Robert Cone 1904 Wisconsin
John Connors 1910 Illinois
Joseph Conrad 1901 Wisconsin
James Coogan 1903 New York
Ralph Cooley 1910 Wisconsin
Harland Cooper 1911 Wisconsin
Norbert Cornelius 1908 Wisconsin
Isaac Cowdock 1912 Wisconsin
George W Crans 1902 Michigan
Leo Crans 1909 Wisconsin
Gordon Crisp 1910 Illinois
Louis Crittenden 1906 Illinois
Tony Crivello 1907 Wisconsin
John Croell 1906 Wisconsin
Joe Crupi 1910 Wisconsin
James Cudahy 1909 Wisconsin
John Cummings 1911 Michigan
Howard Curzon 1911 Nebraska
Gust Dackatook 1900 Wisconsin
Walter Danielson 1913 Wisconsin
Nick David 1905 Germany
Raymond Davis 1912 Iowa
Roderick Davis 1909 Iowa
Robert M Davis 1907 Wisconsin
Edward Dax 1905 Wisconsin
Elan Delaney 1904 Wisconsin
Tony Deluca 1911 Wisconsin
Anthony Delucca 1910 Wisconsin
Harold Delvecux 1911 Wisconsin
Robert Demaree 1907 Indiana
Hercules Demetracoyslis 1910 Wisconsin
Nick Demulling 1909 Wisconsin
Jonas Denny 1911 Wisconsin
Alfred Dering 1912 Wisconsin
Joseph Devily 1912 Wisconsin
Harold S Dice 1909 Michigan
Melvin Dickman 1913 Wisconsin
George Dietsch 1903 Wisconsin
Albert Roy Dietz 1908 Wisconsin
Andrew Dillenberg 1909 Wisconsin
Robert Dillon 1906 Wisconsin
John Dison 1902 Minnesota
Edward Dittman 1912 Wisconsin
Art Donaldson 1909 North Dakota
Tony Donkas 1910 Illinois
Darwin Donovan 1912 Wisconsin
Stanley Doran 1910 Wisconsin
Raymond Doray 1909 Wisconsin
Clifford Dorrim 1899 South Dakota
David Dotz 1907 Russia
Alex Dotz 1909 Nebraska
Francis Doud 1912 Wisconsin
John Drewa 1903 Wisconsin
Julius Duber 1906 Wisconsin
Bruno Dummer 1906 Wisconsin
Dave Dumpprope 1909 Wisconsin
Allen Dunham 1912 Wisconsin
Donald Dunn 1908 Wisconsin
John Duzinski 1905 Wisconsin
William Dygon 1912 Wisconsin
Peter Dykstra 1903 Wisconsin
James Dzminski 1906 Michigan
Jake Eastman 1909 Wisconsin
Ferdinand Eberhart 1912 Wisconsin
George Ehler 1905 Wisconsin
Casimer Eicheenseer 1909 Wisconsin
William Eichholz 1912 Wisconsin
William Elmore 1913 Illinois
Dan Emison 1906 Ohio
Alfred Erlandsen 1908 Minnesota
Arthur Etheridge 1914 Wisconsin
Martin Ezzolina 1909 Wisconsin
Gustave Falcon 1910 Connecticut
Harold Faley 1906 Wisconsin
Orville Farst 1905 Indiana
Caeser A Fee 1905 Massachusetts

Last Updated on 16/03/2005
By Tyler Schulze

Trancriber: Tracy Day
Source: Names of prisoners in Wisconsin State Reformatory extracted from 1930 census Green Bay Township, Brown County Wisconsin
Marvin Feldhusen 1912 North Dakota
Frank Fellows 1911 Wisconsin
Joseph Fetzer 1911 Wisconsin
Glen Fillner 1907 Wisconsin
George Fish 1906 Wisconsin
Edward Flynn 1906 Illinois
William Foldesi 1908 Wisconsin
Frank Foos 1906 Wisconsin
Walter Ford 1909 Colorado
Wallace Foster 1912 Michigan
George Francis 1910 New York
Cornelius Franken 1909 Wisconsin
Edward Frazer 1907 Mississippi
Walter Friesleben 1912 Wisconsin
Leon Fritch 1900 Wisconsin
Benjamin Fuller 1906 Minnesota
Steve Futchkar 1908 Australia
Florian Gadzinski 1912 Wisconsin
Edward Gaethke 1912 Wisconsin
John Gage 1908 Wisconsin
Vivian Gagnon 1891 Wisconsin
Alex Galuska 1910 Wisconsin
John Garbe 1905 Wisconsin
Darwin Gardiner 1905 Wisconsin
George Gardner 1908 Wisconsin
Steve Garlach 1909 Hungary
Gilbert Garland 1911 Wisconsin
John Gasparovich 1910 Michigan
Joseph Gasparovich 1908 Michigan
George Gauthier 1910 Wisconsin
Ray Gavadia 1903 Italy
Thomas Gavigan 1910 Wisconsin
George Gena 1908 Pennsylvania
Fred Gengler 1911 Wisconsin
Lodric R Gerarden 1900 Wisconsin
Harold Gerarden 1910 Wisconsin
Frank Gerloff 1909 Wisconsin
Alfred Gerow 1902 Michigan
Joe Gerritsen 1903 Illinois
Harvey Gerton 1910 Indiana
Chester Gibson 1912 Wisconsin
Edwin Gilbertson 1906 Wisconsin
Vincent Gladingan 1911 Yugoslavia
Joe Glugla 1904 Wisconsin
Stanley Godchnick 1912 Wisconsin
Joe Golden 1911 Kansas
Lester Goldiaski 1907 Wisconsin
Jesus Gonzales 1900 Mexico
Clarence Goodenough 1911 Wisconsin
James Gooding 1909 Wisconsin
Albin Goral 1912 Wisconsin
Victor J Gordon 1904 Wisconsin
Florian Grabowski 1909 Wisconsin
Frank Graves 1904 Wisconsin
William Greenwood 1913 Wisconsin
Casper Grill 1912 Wisconsin
Joseph Gruszkowski 1906 Poland
Tony Gumina 1912 Wisconsin
Clarence Gunderson 1906 Wisconsin
Edward Guth 1908 Wisconsin
Erwin Gutknecht 1904 Wisconsin
Elmer Hackbart 1905 Wisconsin
Howard Haertl 1908 Wisconsin
Whitman Hagar 1912 Wisconsin
Ralph Hague 1907 Wisconsin
George Hall 1909 Wisconsin
Tom Halloway 1908 North Dakota
Alfred Hannemann 1901 Wisconsin
Jerome Hansen 1909 Wisconsin
Le Roy Hanson 1912 Wisconsin
Leslie Hanzalik 1911 Minnesota
Paul Harley 1909 Pennsylvania
Harry Harm 1906 Wisconsin
Nathaniel Harris 1910 Georgia
George Hartwich 1908 Canada
Edward Hay 1912 Wisconsin
Paul M Hayes 1910 Missouri
Laverne Haynes 1909 Iowa
Clarence Hebel 1904 Wisconsin
Earl Heintz 1912 Wisconsin
James Helems 1904 Missouri
John Hergenreder 1905 Kansas
Frank Herman 1908 Wisconsin
Alvin Herman 1902 Wisconsin
Ernest Herman 1912 Wisconsin
E M Hern 1903 Wisconsin
Kasine Herro 1911 Steiermark/Styria
George Hesse 1903 Wisconsin
George Hiatt 1910 Indiana
Arthur Hickenbottons 1909 Ohio
William Highman 1912 Wisconsin
Roland Hilgendorf 1912 Wisconsin
Robert Hill 1909 Wisconsin
Clarence Hiller 1902 Wisconsin
Harold Hintzpeter 1908 Wisconsin
Milton Hinz 1909 Michigan
Harold Hinze 1910 Wisconsin
Irving Hoag 1910 Wisconsin
Thomas Hobson 1909 Wisconsin
Earl Hodges 1912 Wisconsin
Arthur Hoeppner 1909 Wisconsin
Leroy Hoffman 1910 Wisconsin
Herbert Hoffman 1912 Wisconsin
Raymond Hoffmann 1905 Wisconsin
Peter Hojnowski 1911 Wisconsin
Rudolph Holly 1911 Wisconsin
Emil Horack 1900 Michigan
Stanley Horak 1847 Wisconsin
Elmer Horn 1911 Wisconsin
Guy Hudson 1900 Michigan
Conrad Hueller 1903 Germany
Alois Huffer 1909 Wisconsin
Arthur Hulbert 1909 Wisconsin
Clarence Hulbert 1907 Wisconsin
Julius Hunt 1906 Wisconsin
Mays Hunt 1910 Kansas
Joseph Husser 1912 Wisconsin
Oscar Huycke 1908 Wisconsin
William Igowski 1906 Wisconsin
William Iwanowski 1910 Wisconsin
Joe Jack 1906 Wisconsin
Homer Jander 1905 Wisconsin
John Jandura 1908 Wisconsin
Alois Jarock 1909 Wisconsin
Orville Jecklin 1912 Wisconsin
Mitchell Jennings 1910 Tennessee
Roy Jensen 1906 South Dakota
Robert Johnson 1908 Missouri
William Johnson 1910 Tennessee
Irving Johnson 1909 Wisconsin
Charles Johnson 1912 Wisconsin
Raymond Johnson 1910 Wisconsin
Joseph Johnson 1899 Minnesota
Burton Jones 1909 Wisconsin
Lawrence Jones 1908 Wisconsin
Claude Jones 1910 Wisconsin
Verde Jones 1901 Wisconsin
Jim Jones 1904 Wisconsin
Aubrey Jones 1911 Arkansas
Joe Jozwiak 1909 Wisconsin
Walter Juedes 1901 Wisconsin
Joe Jungwirth 1906 Wisconsin
Mike Kamrowski 1906 Wisconsin
Antone Kamrowski 1908 Wisconsin
Raymond Kan 1911 Wisconsin
Frank Kaput 1911 Wisconsin
John Karaffa 1912 Pennsylvania
Ben Kastrul 1910 Wisconsin
Arlie Kaufman 1904 Wisconsin
Boleslaus Kawalezyk 1912 Wisconsin
Floyd Kayser 1908 Wisconsin
Gust Keiser 1910 Wisconsin
Harold Keller 1907 Wisconsin
George Kenley 1908 Wisconsin
Clifford Kennedy 1909 Wisconsin
Lawrence Ketter 1912 Wisconsin
Ralph Ketter 1905 Wisconsin
Everitt Kick 1908 Illinois
Ray Kincaid 1904 Wisconsin
Earl King 1910 Michigan
Joe King 1911 Indiana
Raymond King 1902 Wisconsin
John Kirkpatrick 1910 England
Tony Kiwitz 1906 Wisconsin
John Klapka 1912 Wisconsin
William Klaubauch 1911 Oklahoma
John Klavins 1906 Wisconsin
Arthur Kleinsteuber 1909 Wisconsin
Ralph Kleiss 1906 Iowa
Walter Klemke 1909 Wisconsin
Charles Klimas 1911 Wisconsin
Kenneth Klix 1911 Wisconsin
John Klotz 1905 Wisconsin
George Knapik 1913 Illinois
Ray Knighton 1911 Illinois
Irving Kohn 1911 Wisconsin
Walter Koskela 1909 Massachusetts

Surnames K - Z ------>

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