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Wisconsin State Prison, 1930 Index of Prisoners (A - H)

NOTE: This set of records for Wisconsin State Prison, Wisconsin provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in Census Records When searching for your Wisconsin Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Frank J Abadie 1885 Michigan
Harold Abraham 1907 Wisconsin
Edward C Adema 1882 Michigan
Emery I Adams 1900 Indiana
Joseph C Adams 1875 Wisconsin
Cruz Aguilera 1887 Mexico
Mine Alaimo 1913 Wisconsin
Raymond P Alberts 1906 Wisconsin
Will Alderman 1889 Wisconsin
Enrique Algason 1902 Wisconsin
Eduard R Allen 1888 Wisconsin
James Allen 1886 Georgia
John Allison 1902 Iowa
Rose Ambrose 1896 Canada
Roy Amerson 1909 Wisconsin
Alfred O Amerson 1885 Wisconsin
Andrew Anderson 1896 Wisconsin
Arthur Anderson 1901 South Dakota
Charles Anderson 1899 Wisconsin
Elmas Anderson 1884 New York
George Anderson 1892 Sweden
John B Anderson 1881 Illinois
Wilfred R Anderson 1899 Minnesota
Arthur J Andree 1897 Wisconsin
Charles Andrews 1907 Wisconsin
Joseph Andfield 1903 Georgia
Joseph Aros 1896 Poland
Louisa Aselin 1869 Maine
John M Ashley 1881 Wisconsin
Clarence Aasen 1902 Iowa
Phillip Athos 1901 Greece
Edward Austin 1893 New Hampshire
Austin James 1896 Wisconsin
William Avery 1875 Wisconsin
Glenn Babler 1895 Wisconsin
Frank Bachim 1901 Wisconsin
Clarence Bade 1899 Wisconsin
Earl Baker 1896 Wisconsin
Roscoe Baber 1902 Wisconsin
William Baber 1888 Kansas
Paul Bakes 1892 Lithuania
Charles H Ball 1851 Ohio
Martin Ban 1895 Croatia
Raleigh Bangs 1894 Wisconsin
James J Barker 1888 Ohio
Cannie Barker 1896 California
Robert Barnes 1884 Illinois
Andrew Basnett 1895 District of Columbia
Bessie Basnett 1896 Illinois
Walter Baron 1898 Ohio
Harry Bushek 1897 Russia
James B Bortles 1886 Wisconsin
Felix Barwick 1911 Wisconsin
Everett Bassett 1900 Kansas
Fred T Bessett 1894 Wisconsin
George Baner 1888 Wisconsin
Read Baner 1906 Wisconsin
Myron Baum 1904 Wisconsin
Edie B Bay 1908 Illinois
Simon Bear 1899 Wisconsin
Wilfred Beaudoin 1907 Massachusetts
John Beauregard 1885 Wisconsin
Wm J Bebber 1900 Michigan
William Bech 1893 Ohio
Mary Becker 1901 Wisconsin
Richard Becker 1881 Michigan
Donald Becker 1903 Wisconsin
Melvin Beilke 1908 Wisconsin
Charles Bell 1900 Pennsylvania
Frank Bell 1887 Wisconsin
Willard Bell 1900 New York
Joseph Bellante 1894 Italy
Charles Bennett 1886 Missouri
George Bennett 1871 Virginia
Rosana Benoit 1889 Canada
William D Bestor 1899 Tennessee
Ollie Berger 1898 Wisconsin
Steve Barulich 1891 Andorra
Joseph Bernet 1878 Switzerland
Robert Bartling 1896 Wisconsin
Bogimilus H Bertz 1890 Wisconsin
Arthur Biehn 1893 Russia
Frank Bielanski 1898 Poland
Roy Bierman 1907 Wisconsin
Jonas Biller 1901 Wisconsin
John Billingslea 1894 Maryland
George Bingham 1893 Wisconsin
Orvilla Beed 1896 Wisconsin
James E Bermingham 1873 Wisconsin
Clyde A Bistline 1894 Colorado
Daniel Blacknell 1881 Tennessee
Henry Blanck 1886 Iowa
Albert Blanck 1900 Wisconsin
Albert Blasier 1881 Wisconsin
Edward Bloch 1902 Michigan
William Bohn 1895 Iowa
Peter Bolack 1883 Argentina
Leonard D Bolton 1904 Massachusetts
Harry Bombard 1884 Wisconsin
Othmar A Bolden 1908 Wisconsin
China B Borda 1888 Wisconsin
Boring Chader 1866 Wisconsin
Edward Born 1901 Wisconsin
Joseph Brefka 1911 Wisconsin
Kamel A Boyd 1888 Michigan
Frank Bracciale 1896 Italy
Jerry Brandenberg 1885 Kentucky
Earl Brandt 1888 Wisconsin
Henry Branscom 1875 Canada
Jules Breard 1888 France
Harry Brennen 1886 Pennsylvania
Lomas L Brennen 1887 Wisconsin
Della Brereton 1905 Wisconsin
William Bressette 1905 Wisconsin
Julius Brevitz 1885 Wisconsin
Paul Brice 1904 Wisconsin
Bert C Brown 1897 Wisconsin
Fred Brieske 1898 Wisconsin
Charlton M Briggs 1891 Wisconsin
Henry Briggs 1888 Iowa
Merion D Bright 1905 Minnesota
Arthur Billiot 1909 Wisconsin
Walter Braasch 1888 Poland
Gaylond Brown 1904 Wisconsin
William Brown 1880 Michigan
Leo Browne 1900 Wisconsin
William A Brownell 1887 Wisconsin
Arthur Bruewer 1887 Wisconsin
Perry C Bramley 1888 Texas
Frank Bruno 1910 New York
Joseph Bucci 1899 Wisconsin
Gintare Buchanan 1890 Alabama
Milton Buchanan 1894 Wisconsin
Arthur Buchholz 1897 Wisconsin
Louis Buck 1898 Wisconsin
Eneas Buckner 1910 Kentucky
John Buelow 1874 Wisconsin
Margaret Buffalo 1892 Wisconsin
Thomas Buford 1893 Missouri
William H Burgess 1884 Wisconsin
Joseph Bechdel 1884 Serbia
Arthur M Burg 1905 Wisconsin
William H Broda 1892 Michigan
Clarence R Burke 1909 Wisconsin
Clarence Burke 1899 Illinois
Thomas Burke 1890 Wisconsin
Gilbert Burke 1906 Missouri
Rudolph Burmeister 1880 Wisconsin
James Burney 1900 Nebraska
Joseph Burns 1900 Russia
Joseph Burmeister 1868 Poland
James Burton 1897 Michigan
Thomas Busko 1896 Minnesota
Oscar Buth 1887 Wisconsin
William Bunts 1889 Holland
Felix Buzza 1896 Wisconsin
Clarence W Cary 1900 New Hampshire
Charles Caito 1903 Canada
Thomas Callahan 1866 Kentucky
Harry J Campbell 1892 Wisconsin
Frank Carden 1880 Canada
Pietro Cardenle 1868 Italy
William Carlson 1901 Michigan
Earl Carman 1908 Missouri
Alvin Carrie 1903 Wisconsin
Edson A Carrier 1886 Pennsylvania
Martin Carroll 1880 New York
Ralph E Carter 1887 Wisconsin
James Care 1891 Wisconsin
Duly Cash 1906 Wisconsin
William Debaun 1889 Wisconsin
John Cassata 1913 Wisconsin
William Cavil 1877 Wisconsin
Henry Cerven 1878 Wisconsin
Michael Champeau 1896 Wisconsin
Harry Champine 1896 Wisconsin
Henry Chappelle 1901 South Dakota
Oscar Check 1888 Minnesota
Rupert E Chadwick 1882 England
Frank Chinsky 1906 Wisconsin
Hally Chitwood 1901 Wisconsin
Oswald Christensen 1898 Denmark
James W Christie 1903 Michigan
Fay Clark 1908 Wisconsin
Orrin Clark 1884 Minnesota
William Clark 1894 Tennessee
William F Clark 1904 Wisconsin
Fred Clayton 1887 Michigan
John Clayton 1896 Oklahoma
Henry Cloud 1886 Wisconsin
William Clyde 1898 Colorado
William N Coffey 1878 North Carolina
Clyde Coleman 1898 Iowa
Edward Collins 1912 Pennsylvania
William Collins 1872 Wisconsin
William Commer 1880 Georgia
Myron Compton 1878 Wisconsin
George Condo 1897 Pennsylvania
Frank Covaleski 1890 Pennsylvania
Joseph Cloney 1910 Illinois
Everett Cooper 1899 Wisconsin
Harvey Cooper 1908 Wisconsin
Herbert Cooper 1906 Iowa
Henry J Connor 1893 Wisconsin
Patrick J Corbett 1900 New Mexico
Albert R Corlin 1897 Missouri
Lee J Cortez 1906 Texas
Lewis Cost 1883 Ohio
William E Cox 1904 Illinois
Kenneth Crane 1898 Wisconsin
Elbert F Comeford 1887 Illinois
S L Crawford 1893 Georgia
Lee W Crossman 1899 Wisconsin
John Crowley 1889 Wisconsin
Colonel Corzine 1904 Indiana
Marshall Cunningham 1894 Illinois
Clovis Curl 1907 Indiana
Wallace C Curran 1897 Wisconsin
James W Curry 1911 Wisconsin
Wallace Curry 1892 Texas
John W Cushman 1876 Illinois
James Dalton 1894 Illinois
James J Daly 1903 New York
Wilmer E Deaner 1906 Wisconsin
John Devich 1908 Wisconsin
Oliver E Dewitt 1883 Wisconsin
Joseph Dardine 1873 Austria
Lawrence Devey 1899 Illinois
Don Davis 1903 Wisconsin
Fred A Davis 1898 Ohio
Herman Davis 1909 Nebraska
Lester Dowson 1893 Wisconsin
John Day 1876 Wisconsin
Charis Durkay 1886 Wisconsin

Trancriber: James Simmonds
Source: Names of prisoners in Wisconsin State Prison extracted from 1930 census Waupun Township, Dodge County Wisconsin
Paul Degler 1893 Germany
Elmer De Got 1893 Wisconsin
Forest Delong 1895 Texas
Niddar Demogeorgss 1892 Greece
James Dennison 1902 Wisconsin
Levi Deverney 1894 Michigan
Joseph Davlin 1896 Pennsylvania
Thomas De Witt 1893 Nebraska
Oscar Dhooge 1889 Belgium
Beauford Dicks 1890 Wisconsin
Zella Dicks 1899 Wisconsin
William Dillard 1901 Tennessee
Wirt Dillard 1904 Kansas
Robert Dillow 1906 Missouri
Carl Dippel 1907 Wisconsin
Robert Dixon 1911 Massachusetts
Anderson Dockstader 1905 Wisconsin
Orson Dodge 1874 Michigan
Alex Domanski 1881 Poland
Lee Donald 1899 Texas
Harold J Donaldson 1902 Minnesota
Harry J Doolittle 1906 Ohio
Harry Dorow 1891 Wisconsin
Paul Dorow 1905 Wisconsin
Elmer Dorr 1911 Wisconsin
Rodney Douglas 1908 New Hampshire
Russell Douglas 1906 Wisconsin
Earl Downey 1903 Wisconsin
Mathew Drager 1902 Wisconsin
Leo Dravis 1905 Wisconsin
Edward Dressler 1898 Wisconsin
Walter E Dressler 1902 Wisconsin
Vincent Drewa 1901 Wisconsin
Clark Drown 1910 Wisconsin
Charles Druley 1895 Ohio
Fred Duenkel 1907 Wisconsin
Leonard Duenkel 1909 Wisconsin
Henry Duffy 1876 Wisconsin
James Dugan 1892 Wisconsin
David Dumppine 1871 Wisconsin
Clarence Dunham 1899 Wisconsin
Walter Dunn 1856 Illinois
Clarence Easterly 1891 Wisconsin
Walter Eberbach 1889 Germany
Lloyd W Ebling 1903 Wisconsin
Herman Eckhardt 1868 Wisconsin
Benedict Eckert 1902 Wisconsin
Robert E Eckles 1879 Virginia
Arthur Ehlers 1893 Illinois
Ernest Ekland 1896 Massachusetts
Robert Elliott 1893 New York
Thomas Elliott 1887 Wisconsin
Charles Erickson 1900 Wisconsin
Heman Erickson 1887 Wisconsin
Elward Betters 1893 Illinois
Doka Evers 1883 Gambia
Roy W Faley 1882 Minnesota
Clyde L Fairman 1902 Wisconsin
Antonia Farino 1906 Italy
Victor Farley 1883 Illinois
Peter Favor 1896 Texas
Morley J Feavel 1889 Wisconsin
John B Feeley 1895 Minnesota
Leland F Felch 1891 Wisconsin
Herman Feld 1907 Wisconsin
Christ E Felde 1906 Russia
John Felde 1908 Russia
Charles Felde 1898 Wisconsin
Edward C Fenelon 1878 Wisconsin
Samuel Ferrara 1893 Italy
Morris Ferrell 1899 Kentucky
Joseph Fend 1912 Iowa
Frank Gillich 1899 Wisconsin
Charles P Fisher 1901 Wisconsin
Joseph J Fisher 1905 Wisconsin
Arthur Fistler 1902 Wisconsin
Ferdinand Fistler 1901 Wisconsin
John M Fitzpatrick 1906 Wisconsin
Raymond Fitzpatrick 1897 Wisconsin
John Flegel 1886 North Dakota
Joseph Fliss 1910 Wisconsin
Michael Florek 1881 Poland
Florenz Florencik 1899 Mexico
Harold S Ford 1907 Wisconsin
Rober H Forester 1894 Wisconsin
Alfred Fosse 1904 Norway
Austin Foster 1907 Alabama
Talmage Foster 1908 Alabama
Steve Fote 1909 Wisconsin
Clarence Fournier 1905 Wisconsin
James Fraley 1903 Kentucky
Henry Frank 1903 Wisconsin
Ernest Frazee 1891 Wisconsin
Charles E Frazer 1902 Canada
Morris P Fredrich 1903 Wisconsin
Harold R Freeman 1904 Washington
Walter Freitag 1897 Wisconsin
Herman Frens 1909 Wisconsin
Marie Freyberg 1894 Wisconsin
William Fultz 1909 West Virginia
Fulowerler Adolph 1872 Wisconsin
Simon Gosciniak 1907 Poland
Joseph Gallo 1893 Italy
Walter E Gasmann 1864 Wisconsin
John Galloway 1881 Iowa
Alken F Garcia 1908 Texas
John Gawronski 1892 Wisconsin
Lawrence Gaylord 1892 Illinois
William Gehler 1893 Illinois
Clarence Gemmeke 1906 Wisconsin
John Gensler 1898 Austria
Alfred Georgeson 1906 Wisconsin
Stavros Georgeson 1889 Greece
Edward Gerber 1893 Wisconsin
Charles Gereaux 1910 Wisconsin
Barnard Gallison 1897 Norway
William Gibbs 1897 Wisconsin
John Gibson 1896 Georgia
Henry R Gilbertson 1884 Wisconsin
Fred Gifford 1904 Wisconsin
Carl Godfrey 1905 North Carolina
Max Goetsch 1897 Wisconsin
William Goff 1898 Wisconsin
Joseph Gouchie 1900 Poland
Marie Gomez 1890 Hungary
Orelia Gomez 1904 Mexico
Edward Goneau 1904 Minnesota
Roy Gonyo 1901 Illinois
Clarence Gooder 1899 Wisconsin
Mike Gordon 1895 Wisconsin
Thomas Gorman 1861 New York
Edward J Gorseline 1899 Wisconsin
Leo Gasiorowski 1902 Wisconsin
Fred Gosafeld 1905 Berlin, Stadt (city)
Frank W Gouker 1900 Illinois
Milton C Grady 1907 Wisconsin
Ervin Grams 1893 Wisconsin
Jesse F Gravens 1878 California
Earl A Graves 1902 Oklahoma
Arthur Greco 1901 Wisconsin
John Green 1900 Austria
Jackson D Greene 1895 California
Alvin E Greenwaldt 1892 Wisconsin
John Gregor 1890 Czechoslovakia
Arthur Granier 1898 Michigan
Henry Grey 1874 Massachusetts
Frank Grich 1884 Poland
Michael Gromacki 1891 Wisconsin
John F Gross 1902 Wisconsin
George Grandy 1885 Michigan
Ralph Graper 1906 Wisconsin
Howard G Gire 1898 Michigan
Pablo Gutierrez 1904 Mexico
Gilbert H Haas 1899 Wisconsin
Stuart Halberslaben 1905 Wisconsin
Vernon Hammes 1902 Wisconsin
Gustave Handke 1892 Germany
Elmer Hane 1902 Wisconsin
Theodore Hankwitz 1859 Germany
Henry B Hanon 1889 Norway
Olaf Hanson 1892 Wisconsin
Leslie Harbor 1903 Tennessee
Thomas Harding 1897 North Carolina
George Hordge 1886 Wisconsin
Donald B Harney 1909 Indiana
Bert A Harris 1900 Wisconsin
Charles Harris 1885 Minnesota
John Harris 1908 New York
Kid J Harris 1891 Illinois
Gust Harrison 1880 Greece
Harold Harrison 1903 Wisconsin
Fred Hartin 1887 Wisconsin
William Hartman 1900 Michigan
John Harrsch 1899 Wisconsin
Herbert Hassman 1899 Wisconsin
Herman Hanser 1895 Iowa
John Hages 1906 Illinois
John L Hagen 1897 Illinois
William Hayes 1909 Wisconsin
Robert Haynes 1898 Wisconsin
Edger C Heidthe 1908 Wisconsin
Herbert H Held 1903 Wisconsin
Earl Helm 1898 Wisconsin
Elenora Hench 1900 Michigan
Edward H Heaton 1894 Pennsylvania
Walter Henderson 1906 Virginia
Roy Hendrickson 1900 Indiana
Anatole Henning 1906 Wisconsin
George Henning 1885 Sweden
Edwin Herder 1902 Wisconsin
Jacob Herman 1887 Wisconsin
Albert Hess 1890 Iowa
Enos Higley 1891 Wisconsin
James E Hill 1905 Wisconsin
Leo Henes 1887 Minnesota
Joseph Hisberger 1908 Austria
Frank Hitchcock 1871 Illinois
James Hobert 1896 Kentucky
Richard Hoefer 1881 Wisconsin
Frederich Hoff 1906 New Jersey
Alex Hoffman 1905 Wisconsin
Adam Hoffman 1883 Wisconsin
Joseph Hoffman 1891 Wisconsin
William Hogue 1875 Wisconsin
John E Hohler 1871 Germany
Abe Holland 1872 Wisconsin
Fred Holly 1903 Wisconsin
Simon Holmes 1891 Nebraska
Lewis Holt 1902 Minnesota
Robert Holt 1892 Texas
Thorne H Holt 1898 Oklahoma
Myrtle Holtz 1889 Wisconsin
Wendell W Hoover 1902 Iowa
J E Hornbeck 1882 Indiana
Nels P Hotvedt 1902 Wisconsin
Edward Hoech 1902 Michigan
Paul H Howe 1887 Wisconsin
Charles Hoyt 1884 Wisconsin
Porfirio Huerta 1906 Mexico
Andrew Huff 1907 Wisconsin
John Huff 1904 Wisconsin
Leonard Huff 1895 Wisconsin
Elmer Huffines 1901 Kentucky
William Huenink 1900 Wisconsin
George Hughes 1871 Minnesota
Ottis Hunt 1895 Indiana
Fred Hunter 1887 Mississippi
James H Husarik 1908 Canada
Lester C Hassin 1897 Wisconsin
Clyde Hutchcroft 1900 Wisconsin
James Hutchcroft 1904 Wisconsin
Roy W Hutchcroft 1887 Wisconsin
Martin L Hyatt 1881 Iowa
Walter Hyke 1896 Wisconsin

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