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La Crosse County Insane Asylum, 1930 Index of Inmates

NOTE: This set of records for La Crosse County Insane Asylum provides the inmates name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these inmates can be found in Census Records

Inmates Name, Inmates Date of Birth, Inmates Place of Birth

Maren Arneson 1856 Norway
Rose Abbot 1884 Wisconsin
Sarah Amundson 1862 Norway
Selma Brown 1902 Wisconsin
Agnes Brown 1889 Wisconsin
Mary Berni 1864 Wisconsin
Christine Brady 1879 Wisconsin
Clara Block 1899 Wisconsin
Anna Blau 1902 Minnesota
Helen Brown 1874 Wisconsin
Cora Bishop 1892 Wisconsin
Mary Beranek 1873 Wisconsin
Laura Blaschka 1891 Wisconsin
Edith Blaschka 1901 Wisconsin
Ella Blowers 1857 Wisconsin
Emma Bruder 1855 Wisconsin
Jessie Boise 1889 Wisconsin
Nellie Cgechowitz 1884 Wisconsin
Nettie Clark 1881 Wisconsin
Mary Chandler 1857 Iowa
Grace Covey 1887 Wisconsin
Christine Clark 1867 Wisconsin
Elsie Cowles 1882 Wisconsin
Elizabeth Comeford 1891 Canada
Catherine Dumnir 1858 Germany
Hattie Dunbar 1880 Indiana
Nellie Damon 1893 Wisconsin
Anna Dechant 1899 Wisconsin
Zelma Dalle 1880 Wisconsin
Euphemia Dwyer 1875 Wisconsin
Hattie Dutcher 1881 Minnesota
Maude Davis 1878 Wisconsin
Susan Emily 1877 Nebraska
Anna Fullmer 1854 Wisconsin
Mary Fauske 1876 Norway
Mary Franz 1882 Minnesota
Harriet Fitzpatrick 1866 Wisconsin
Laura Falk 1891 Wisconsin
Lucy Granger 1883 Illinois
Mary Grunst 1862 Czechoslovakia
Mary Guepfer 1894 Wisconsin
Alvina Gabel 1860 Wisconsin
Deva Gerking 1869 Germany
Ines Hoxsie 1875 Iowa
Kate Hamil 1866 Wisconsin
Maude Hodson 1888 Minnesota
Teresa Hahn 1868 Bohemia
Mary Hayek 1873 Wisconsin
Lena Haugen 1880 Wisconsin
Mimie Harter 1888 Wisconsin
May Heath 1883 Wisconsin
Clara Jonas 1892 Wisconsin
Hilda Johnson 1884 Wisconsin
Jane Johnson 1878 Norway
Alma Johnson 1881 Wisconsin
Martha Krogstad 1862 Norway
Carrie Kilner 1885 Czechoslovakia
Mary Lichtinger 1889 Wisconsin
Louisa Larson 1865 Norway
Rose Lee 1901 Kentucky
Carrie Larson 1883 Wisconsin
Sophie Leonhardt 1853 USA
Emma Larson 1868 Norway
Ella Laubken 1871 Maine
Mary Murphy 1860 New York
Hattie Miller 1879 Wisconsin
Mary Mayhew 1888 Wisconsin
Ella Moe 1893 Wisconsin
Cora Mason 1878 Wisconsin
Clara Muller 1893 Wisconsin
Addie Myers 1875 Wisconsin
Othelia Myron 1879 Wisconsin
Tillie Martinson 1879 Wisconsin
Lizzie Newberg 1876 Wisconsin
Louise Newman 1869 Wisconsin
Josephine Newman 1874 Minnesota
Anna Netwel 1868 Germany
Anna Nagel 1870 Wisconsin
Ellen Nash 1854 Ireland
Ethel Osterhout 1889 Wisconsin
Matilda Olson 1867 Norway
Rose Pfeifer 1879 Hungary
Ella Porst 1864 Wisconsin
Elma Peck 1887 USA
Anna Pittman 1894 Wisconsin
Birde Quall 1902 Wisconsin
Lois Ryder 1898 Wisconsin
Tina Rasmussen 1863 Denmark
Clara Rosenow 1880 Wisconsin
Bertha Roloff 1882 Wisconsin
Mary Reichert 1873 Wisconsin
Fannie Rasmussen 1868 New York
Johanna Stortz 1852 USA
Agnes Robinson 1879 Wisconsin
Caroline Streck 1872 Germany
Anna Steiner 1856 Germany
Eva Sando 1860 Indiana
Anna Staeck 1853 Austria
Hannah Sprecher 1883 Minnesota
Emma Shultz 1870 Germany
Christine Smith 1873 Wisconsin
Anna Skjonsby 1874 Wisconsin
Amelia Schuman 1866 Germany
Nettie Sneller 1876 Wisconsin
Minnie Stade 1860 Germany
Wilehema Senne 1850 Germany
Gertrude Sando 1878 Wisconsin
Gladys Thomas 1906 Wisconsin
Mary Tuller 1868 England
Anna Thompon 1892 Wisconsin
Theresa Tikalasky 1872 Czechoslovakia
Helen Tegeder 1901 Indiana
Emily Veragutte 1905 Wisconsin
Augusta Voss 1853 Germany
Elizabeth Wenger 1859 Wisconsin
Myrtle Winchester 1902 Wisconsin
Margaret Wood 1881 Wisconsin
Susanna Wulf 1882 Russia

Trancriber: Tracy Day
Source: Names of inmates in La Crosse County Insane Asylum extracted from 1930 census Hamilton Township, La Crosse County Wisconsin
John Alpsteg 1861 Switzerland
Thorvald Ancker 1875 Norway
George Amborn 1883 Wisconsin
Leonard Beyer 1859 Wisconsin
Henry Bedesseor 1865 Wisconsin
Gray Burdick 1877 Minnesota
William Bade 1849 Germany
Charley Burns 1858 Illinois
Welenty Belewarder 1867 Austria
Henry Boven 1887 Wisconsin
Frank Bitner 1882 USA
Mathias Blaka 1867 Austria
Frank Blackmore 1860 Illinois
Harry Christopherson 1891 Indiana
Herbert Cole 1881 Wisconsin
Daniel Deneen 1884 Wisconsin
Leonard Kuker 1899 Wisconsin
Herman Dethloff 1876 USA
Leighton Dutcher 1907 Wisconsin
Louis Decker 1855 USA
Eben Dorwin 1887 Wisconsin
William Dingle 1873 Wisconsin
John Cranson 1883 Iowa
John Exley 1858 Wisconsin
Bernard Ellers 1873 Wisconsin
Casper Erickson 1902 Wisconsin
Herman Fuchser 1879 Wisconsin
Leonard Flood 1898 Wisconsin
Henry Fitch 1883 Wisconsin
Adolph Graham 1889 Wisconsin
Burr Good 1902 Wisconsin
Thomas Hagerty 1867 Wisconsin
Ile Holley 1910 Norway
Fred Harrison 1873 Wisconsin
Hernan Holseth 1887 Wisconsin
Wenzel Herlitzka 1863 Bohemia
John Hoff 1851 Norway
Alfred Hanson 1894 Wisconsin
Peter Hahn 1884 Wisconsin
Jacob Havel 1876 Bohemia
John Haught 1864 Finland
Alexander Heyerdahl 1900 Illinois
John Hoyt 1891 USA
Edward Staub 1866 USA
James Jones 1852 Indiana
August Johnson 1867 Sweden
John Jacobson 1869 Norway
FC Jennings 1850 England
Archie Jones 1881 Wisconsin
Andrew Johnson 1874 Wisconsin
Andrew Kram 1872 Norway
Halvor Knutson 1849 Norway
Theodore Kuehl 1861 Germany
John Kokken 1888 Norway
Neil Kish 1888 Wisconsin
W Lesniak 1890 Russia
Otto Luedke 1882 Wisconsin
George Liorelokkes 1882 Wisconsin
Samuel Larson 1869 Norway
John Lichty 1883 Iowa
George Lewis 1880 Wisconsin
Tom McHugh 1871 Wisconsin
George Mahoney 1870 Iowa
Henry Miller 1843 Switzerland
Frank Marcus 1875 Wisconsin
P Murrey 1860 Wisconsin
Arthur Mookved 1896 Wisconsin
Joseph Muenzenberger 1859 Wisconsin
Nick Marvick 1881 Slovakia
Leo Mares 1890 Wisconsin
Elmer Nicoli 1891 Wisconsin
William Nason 1900 Wisconsin
David Nobles 1853 Italy
George Oder 1856 Wisconsin
John Osterhout 1897 Wisconsin
Joseph Pobreslo 1874 Wisconsin
William Parizek 1873 USA
Vatisvan Plichta 1882 Russia
Elmer Pfoff 1863 Wisconsin
John Polak 1871 Yugoslavia
Severt Quam 1885 Wisconsin
John Raatz 1909 Wisconsin
Juluis Reese 1885 Wisconsin
Martin Rahberg 1858 Wisconsin
Christian Rudi 1860 Norway
Albert Rock 1892 Wisconsin
Joseph Ranghartis 1872 Wisconsin
Gustav Reinhardt 1853 Germany
Robert Schuller 1897 Pennsylvania
Henry Smith 1861 Wisconsin
Christian Schmidt 1878 Wisconsin
Matt Schmidt 1849 Luxembourg
Jacob Senn 1885 Wisconsin
Edward Schilling 1883 Wisconsin
Pete Schamann 1892 Wisconsin
Lyman Stanley 1869 Wisconsin
Edward Severson 1866 Wisconsin
Louis Stram 1879 Wisconsin
William Staes 1844 Germany
Frank Seaman 1873 Wisconsin
Edward Schrieber 1902 Minnesota
Edward Solberg 1861 Wisconsin
Alfred Thompson 1854 Canada
Gerald Thompson 1883 Wisconsin
Christian Thompson 1868 Wisconsin
August Videen 1881 Wisconsin
Nick Weirich 1888 Germany
Jacob Wallrich 1861 Germany
Elmer Westman 1867 Sweden
Andrew Wernerwciser 1873 Switzerland
Howard West 1874 Illinois
Nona Donchower 1877 Wisconsin

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