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West Virginia Penitentiary, 1930 Index of Prisoners, Surnames T - Z

NOTE: This set of records for West Virginia Penitentiary provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in Census Records When searching for your West Virginia Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Paul D Tackett 1907 Kentucky
Dominick Tankalovich 1912 Pennsylvania
Frank D Tate 1910 West Virginia
George Tate 1885 Tennessee
Arnold L Taylor 1908 West Virginia
Charles E Taylor 1910 New Jersey
Charles Taylor 1905 West Virginia
Joe P Taylor 1900 North Carolina
Guy C Taylor 1899 West Virginia
Roy L Taylor 1901 West Virginia
Walter E Testerman 1893 Tennessee
John Theodore 1886 Romania
Arthur Thomas 1907 Tennessee
George Thomas 1901 Alabama
John Thomas 1901 Georgia
Allie V Thomas 1900 West Virginia
Roy C Thomas 1906 West Virginia
Sam Thomas 1897 Virginia
Daniel Thompson 1903 West Virginia
Jasper Thompson 1901 West Virginia
John Thompson 1873 West Virginia
John J Thompson 1911 Ohio
Lee R Thompson 1901 West Virginia
Marka R Thompson 1911 West Virginia
Allie Thompson 1905 West Virginia
Tamar W Thompson 1885 Virginia
Perry O Thornton 1900 West Virginia
Thand H Thurston 1901 West Virginia
Purl B Tiller 1901 West Virginia
Frank C Tinsley 1911 West Virginia
Randolph Tinsley 1904 Virginia
Calvin S Torland 1884 West Virginia
Samuel Toncray 1896 West Virginia
John Kotan 1878 Poland
Arthur Towns 1903 Alabama
Buh Treadway 1900 West Virginia
John B Warist 1911 Texas
Domenico Trimarchi 1893 Italy
Jay Trogdon 1908 West Virginia
Junice Tross 1910 West Virginia
Anderson Tucker 1878 Virginia
Bernard Tucker 1912 West Virginia
Edward W Tucker 1902 West Virginia
Nick Turkaly 1883 Yugoslavia
Buck Turner 1910 West Virginia
Silas Turner 1892 Virginia
Clarence Turse 1909 West Virginia
Herman Talkington 1907 West Virginia
A Taylor 1903 Virginia
Victor Taylor 1910 West Virginia
A Tennant 1893 West Virginia
Russell Tennant 1905 Ohio
Sherman Tenney 1905 West Virginia
W Thomas 1874 Alabama
Fred Thompson 1902 West Virginia
C Timberlake 1906 Virginia
Wilber Tincher 1887 West Virginia
John Tinchle 1890 West Virginia
James Toney 1892 West Virginia
Leslie Treadway 1910 West Virginia
Bush Tucker 1905 West Virginia
James Turner 1909 West Virginia
C Turner 1911 West Virginia
John Ulnez 1871 England
Gilbert W Uhl 1907 Ohio
Andrew J Underwood 1913 West Virginia
Jesse Vance 1902 West Virginia
Larence E Vance 1908 Virginia
Mike H Vance 1900 West Virginia
Adam Vandevander 1913 West Virginia
Charles L Vandevander 1876 West Virginia
Cecil H Rankeik 1901 West Virginia
Aura E Rankeik 1907 West Virginia
Frank Vannatter 1908 West Virginia
John Vasta 1908 West Virginia
William R Varney 1904 Kentucky
William Vaughan 1898 Texas
James Vial 1873 Virginia
Sargent L Verley 1902 West Virginia
Arthur J Vannatter 1905 West Virginia
Jack Vert 1907 Virginia
Paul A Vestal 1900 West Virginia
Arcade I Vincent 1902 Arizona
John J Vincent 1911 New York
John H Vincent 1900 Georgia
Orrin Vincent 1912 West Virginia
Oscar J Vipperman 1909 Virginia
Gene Viser 1909 Italy
William Vore 1906 Pennsylvania
Nick Visnick 1912 Pennsylvania
Callihan Vance 1885 West Virginia
Luther Vance 1897 West Virginia
R Vance 1904 West Virginia
Brown Vass 1910 West Virginia
Kenna Vines 1904 West Virginia
James Vires 1881 Kentucky
Arthur Wagoner 1902 West Virginia
Willie Walker 1895 District of Columbia
Hamp Walker 1903 Kentucky
Arthur Ward 1907 West Virginia
Gorden Webb 1899 West Virginia
Bage Webb 1909 Virginia
Vernon Webster 1910 West Virginia
E Welch 1901 Virginia
Eliz Wells 1879 Alabama
Albert West 1868 Sweden
Albert White 1895 West Virginia
Roy Wicks 1907 West Virginia
John Wiley 1904 West Virginia
Francis Williams 1899 West Virginia
Clarence Williams 1905 Ohio
Luther Williams 1881 West Virginia
Silas Wills 1906 West Virginia
Newton Wilson 1900 West Virginia
Albert Wright 1910 West Virginia
A Wriston 1907 West Virginia
Earl Wade 1907 West Virginia
George H Wade 1878 Pennsylvania
Lise A Wade 1877 West Virginia
Will Waid 1885 West Virginia
Matthew Walden 1907 Ohio
Tom Widgeon 1884 West Virginia
Frank M Walker 1898 Virginia
George Walker 1899 West Virginia
Nathen S Walker 1884 West Virginia
Oliver Walker 1908 Maryland
Frank Wallace 1909 West Virginia
Thomas G Wallace 1894 Kentucky
Watt Walk 1908 North Carolina
John F Walters 1907 Ohio
Hamilton H Walton 1896 Georgia
Floyd J Wamsley 1889 West Virginia

Trancriber: James Simmonds
Source: Names of prisoners in West Virginia Penitentiary extracted from 1930 census Moundsville Township, Marshall County West Virginia
Charles W Ward 1903 District of Columbia
Joseph Ward 1891 West Virginia
William Ward 1907 Virginia
Richard Ware 1880 Virginia
Delmer R Warner 1902 West Virginia
Fred R Warnick 1902 West Virginia
Fred D Millington 1909 West Virginia
George Millington 1890 West Virginia
Haven G Millington 1898 West Virginia
Walter C Millington 1891 Virginia
Art D Watkins 1903 West Virginia
Annah E Watkins 1901 Kentucky
John Watkins 1897 Virginia
Lock Watkins 1896 North Carolina
William M Watkins 1880 Ohio
Frank E Watts 1903 West Virginia
Jerry Watts 1906 Alabama
Hanns L Waugaman 1907 West Virginia
Warden E Waugh 1885 West Virginia
Willie A Wargne 1909 West Virginia
James Weatherford 1908 West Virginia
Evret B Wiacek 1907 West Virginia
Tan Will 1891 Virginia
Jesse J Will 1879 Virginia
James Webster 1893 North Carolina
John Wyse 1899 West Virginia
Paul J Weil 1908 New York
Clarence A Weisorg 1902 North Carolina
John H Waiss 1898 West Virginia
Robert F Welch 1904 West Virginia
Neuman P Wassall 1908 West Virginia
Milton West 1900 West Virginia
Warren L Westenbarger 1887 Ohio
Davis D Westfall 1873 West Virginia
Jack Westley 1887 Norway
Carlisle C Westmoreland 1906 West Virginia
Lawrence Wheatley 1895 West Virginia
Willie M Wheeler 1899 West Virginia
Ben White 1884 West Virginia
Eugene White 1910 West Virginia
Frank White 1904 Alabama
George W White 1885 Oklahoma
Londa E White 1905 West Virginia
Robert P White 1908 West Virginia
Gordon R Whitehair 1894 West Virginia
Wilbert L Whitehair 1908 West Virginia
Willie Mc Whitehair 1906 West Virginia
Herbert Wilfong 1900 West Virginia
Kenton Wilfong 1909 West Virginia
Albert C Wilkes 1896 Alabama
Harry W Willard 1900 Illinois
Bill William 1904 West Virginia
Arthur William 1908 West Virginia
Bill William 1902 North Carolina
Charles Williams 1907 West Virginia
Dave Williams 1890 Maryland
Delonae Williams 1909 Virginia
Elizah Williams 1905 Florida
Frank V Williams 1905 West Virginia
George L Williams 1899 Kentucky
Houston Williams 1899 Kentucky
James Williams 1884 West Virginia
Jesse Williams 1895 Florida
James H Williams 1910 West Virginia
Joe Williams 1900 Virginia
John N Williams 1880 Virginia
John Williams 1901 Ohio
Josh Williams 1904 Kentucky
Marion F Williams 1886 West Virginia
Rex C Williams 1910 West Virginia
Richard A Williams 1892 Virginia
Robert Williams 1896 West Virginia
Rollen E Williams 1912 West Virginia
Sam A Williams 1906 West Virginia
Virgil V Williams 1913 West Virginia
Willie L Williams 1905 Alabama
James H Williamson 1910 West Virginia
Clarence R Willis 1901 West Virginia
Frank Williston 1910 West Virginia
Albert Wilson 1905 Alabama
Charley L Wilson 1907 West Virginia
Carl R Wilson 1901 Maryland
Emet W Wilson 1905 West Virginia
George Wilson 1901 West Virginia
Miles Wilson 1906 West Virginia
Porter M Wilson 1902 Maryland
Thomas Wilson 1882 West Virginia
William T Wilson 1902 West Virginia
Creston Winston 1902 West Virginia
Dennie B Wiseman 1906 West Virginia
Mike Wojtowicz 1898 Poland
Daniel Wolfe 1888 West Virginia
Fred L Wolfe 1897 West Virginia
Paul R Wolfe 1894 Ohio
Arthur W Womack 1891 Virginia
Bob L Wood 1908 West Virginia
George Wood 1878 West Virginia
Ray F Wood 1909 West Virginia
Walker Wood 1905 West Virginia
Edward Woodall 1900 Virginia
James T Woodington 1902 West Virginia
William L Woodings 1860 Virginia
Earnest E Wertman 1898 Virginia
Beulach C Worles 1899 West Virginia
Wesley Worrell 1899 Virginia
John W Wortley 1895 Virginia
Stanly Worzenski 1913 Ohio
Frank Watring 1911 West Virginia
Bob E Wright 1912 West Virginia
Dave Wright 1905 Mississippi
John Wright 1881 Virginia
Everett Wyatt 1908 Virginia
Ralph Wynn 1896 Alabama
Seward Myree 1905 West Virginia
Andreas Yancey 1885 North Carolina
Everett Yeager 1903 West Virginia
Fred F Yeager 1906 West Virginia
Bertsell B Yoak 1903 West Virginia
David H Aiost 1890 West Virginia
Dennis R Young 1887 West Virginia
Fred Young 1908 Virginia
Kelly D Young 1900 West Virginia
John H Young 1897 West Virginia
Lloyd Young 1897 Kentucky
Mack C Young 1901 Kentucky
Thomas J Young 1900 Tennessee
Tracy L Young 1900 West Virginia
Joy Yugovich 1909 Pennsylvania
Dave Young 1896 West Virginia
Thurmon Zonkers 1912 Ohio
Joe Zuber 1895 Yugoslavia

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