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West Virginia State Hospital For Colored Insane, 1930 Index of Inmates

NOTE: This set of records for West Virginia State Hospital For Colored Insane provides the inmates name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these inmates can be found in Census Records

Inmates Name, Inmates Date of Birth, Inmates Place of Birth

Kzle Alexander 1910 Virginia
Lewis Asewstea 1890 West Virginia
James Allen 1879 West Virginia
Charles Anthony 1888 Virginia
Earnest Berry 1877 Virginia
Evie Berger 1888 Virginia
Elbert Blackwell 1907 North Carolina
Abraham Bausman 1869 Virginia
Fred Brown 1896 West Virginia
Annanian Brown 1876 Virginia
Charles Brown 1873 West Virginia
John Brooks 1892 Ohio
Robert Brown 1876 Virginia
Benjamin Brooks 1852 Virginia
Carl Browning 1903 Virginia
Peter Brown 1897 Virginia
John Bagett 1888 North Carolina
Charles Brooks 1898 USA
Powell Burrell 1886 Virginia
Benjamin Barbaur 1911 West Virginia
Morgan Brown 1864 West Virginia
GB Baldwin 1899 Virginia
William Barhaur 1870 West Virginia
Oscar Chay 1898 West Virginia
Robert Cuningham 1876 Texas
Emmet Cooper 1900 Virginia
J??ok Cook 1922 West Virginia
Nelson Christian 1897 Virginia
John Clay 1891 Virginia
Edward Connon 1887 South Carolina
Joseph Carter 1882 Virginia
Richard Caliman 1877 Virginia
Charles Campbell 1886 West Virginia
John Bessas 1873 Mississippi
Jacob Daugharty 1898 West Virginia
Robert Dillard 1895 West Virginia
Reedy Dolan 1902 West Virginia
Harry Darsey 1847 West Virginia
John Doe 1867 Virginia
Theodore Dennie 1910 Virginia
Thomas Davis 1896 Virginia
Joe Dupree 1871 Texas
John Dolan 1851 Virginia
Aleen Edwards 1893 West Virginia
James Echat 1856 Virginia
Jesse Evaris 1901 Virginia
William Evaris 1873 Georgia
Charles Ellis 1901 Alabama
William Ellis 1879 Georgia
Charles Farris 1890 North Carolina
Ray Farmer 1904 West Virginia
Adolphus Grims 1893 USA
Richard Gulley 1883 Arkansas
Spellmear Goodine 1890 west Virginia
Bud Green 1877 Tennessee
Suddie Green 1889 Virginia
Franklin Green 1855 West Virginia
Arthur Henry 1899 West Virginia
Burnwell Kill 1877 Virginia
William Howard 1862 Virginia
Frank Halland 1901 Pennsylvania
James High 1892 West Virginia
William Hall 1903 West Virginia
Joseph Harris 1865 North Carolina
Havesur Hudler 1894 South Carolina
Charles Hunter 1880 Alabama
Harden Hariston 1863 Virginia
Charles Howard 1881 Virginia
Willie Harman 1912 Alabama
Willford Harris 1876 DC
Charles Hardman 1905 West Virginia
Howard Hunter 1886 West Virginia
Todd Hariston 1903 Alabama
John Jackson 1888 Mississippi
Sumpter Jeter 1881 South Carolina
William Johnson 1892 West Virginia
Jake Jackson 1882 Alabama
Isaac Jackson 1875 Virginia
Austin Jones 1894 Virginia
Roland Johnson 1880 Virginia
Jarl James 1903 West Virginia
Luther Jackson 1886 Virginia
Charles James 1901 North Carolina
William Johnson 1883 West Virginia
William Jones 1878 Ohio
John Jackson 1878 Mississippi
Robert Johnson 1893 West Virginia
John Johnson 1907 Pennsylvania
Charles King 1904 Virginia
Earl Kelley 1895 West Virginia
John Lovette 1858 West Virginia
Henry Lewis 1864 Virginia
Jesse Lester 1873 Pennsylvania
James Lewis 1889 Mississippi
Herbert Lee 1907 West Virginia
Payton Lewis 1868 Virginia
Thomas Lockinom 1905 North Carolina
Fredrick Levisay 1916 Virginia
Arthur Littie 1879 West Virginia
Fletcher Lytel 1900 Indiana
Ellis Leftridge 1873 Virginia
Wilkes Lewis 1915 Georgia
William Marin 1884 Virginia
Willian Mans 1878 Virginia
Nick Marine 1901 South Carolina
Fletcher Madkins 1894 North Carolina
Frank Mitchell 1887 Virginia
Samuel Miller 1874 Maryland
Henry Millam 1887 USA
George Martin 1876 West Virginia
David Morris ?? USA
Alex Mosley 1887 West Virginia
Earnest Malberg 1898 South Carolina
Ennis Mumford 1852 Virginia
Arthur Moore 1896 Virginia
John Mccullar 1887 Alabama
Mose Mccrorey 1891 Georgia
Oliver Norris 1897 USA
Overton Norvell 1884 Virginia
Robert Owens 1865 Virginia
William Person 1859 North Carolina
Benjamin Powell 1885 North Carolina
William Coppin 1913 Alabama
James Powell 1877 West Virginia
Joseph Peck 1897 West Virginia
Olice Randell 1878 Virginia
Richard Redmond 1861 USA
ES Reese 1882 Georgia
Jacob Reed 1865 Virginia
Eustell Rise 1878 West Virginia
Elmore Robinson 1877 Texas
Jesse Robinson 1906 Virginia
Marit Robinson 1902 West Virginia
Joe Rosebud 1890 Florida
James Smith 1907 West Virginia
John Stovall 1876 Virginia
Hiram Stagle 1868 USA
James Simmonton 1881 Virginia
John Squalls 1892 West Virginia
Lee Scott 1892 West Virginia
Charles Stephenson 1873 Ohio
Annaanias Stanford 1875 Alabama
William Scott 1868 Virginia
Arthur Sayler 1901 Virginia
Dock Smith 1898 Virginia
William Shelton 1897 West Virginia
Willian Smith 1889 Kentucky
John Sally 1886 Arkansas
William Taylor 1891 Virginia
Si Thomas 1865 Ohio
John Twyman 1877 West Virginia
Wiley Thomas 1877 North Carolina
Harrison Twyman 1893 Virginia
Sampson Tavener 1854 Virginia
Bill Thomas 1832 Virginia
LS Townes 1899 Virginia
Samuel Tibbs 1924 West Virginia
Fred Thompson 1888 Virginia
Henry Vaughn 1901 West Virginia
Hack Vest 1860 Virginia
Milton Wade 1879 Virginia
Zack Waller 1886 Virginia
George Wilcher 1866 Virginia
John Wright 1876 Virginia
Willie William 1907 North Carolina
James Woods 1880 Kentucky
John Wesley 1867 New York
Simons White 1888 Virginia
William Woolridge 1907 West Virginia
Willie West 1889 Alabama
WM William 1884 North Carolina
David Wade 1876 Pennsylvania
Albert William 1874 DC
Agnew William 1881 Alabama
EJ Willis 1882 Virginia
Samuel Walker 1874 Virginia
Smith Witcher 1879 Virginia
Walter Young 1880 Virginia
Neil Robinson 1884 Ohio
James Gordner 1877 West Virginia

Trancriber: James Simmonds
Source: Names of inmates in West Virginia State Hospital For Colored Insane extracted from 1930 census Robinson Township, Mason County West Virginia
Georgia Anderson 1885 North Carolina
Carrie Anderson 1890 Virginia
Florence Alexander 1896 Kentucky
Ruby Armstead 1904 West Virginia
Jennie Banke 1913 Alabama
Bettie Bunker 1911 Virginia
Ethel Brown 1909 West Virginia
Mary Bruce 1909 West Virginia
Malissa Brown 1881 Virginia
Susan Brown 1865 Virginia
Ethel Brody 1885 West Virginia
Della Buckner 1874 USA
Laura Barton 1887 Mississippi
Mollie Benson 1874 USA
Lelia Baldwin 1879 North Carolina
Soffia Barth 1870 Alabama
Florine Braxton 1897 Virginia
Bessie Borwn 1912 Mississippi
Eva Broom 1898 Virginia
Esther Carey 1895 West Virginia
Bettie Carr 1892 Virginia
Lillian Childs 1878 USA
Mary Cook 1852 USA
Cathrine Curtis 1901 West Virginia
Mary Curry 1858 Virginia
Annie Coleman 1868 Virginia
Elizabeth Coghill 1902 West Virginia
Fannie Caldwell 1882 Virginia
Louise Chappelle 1915 West Virginia
Blauche Dossrey 1876 Virginia
Mary Doris 1894 Virginia
Clara Dean 1880 Maryland
Lula Dass 1885 North Carolina
Agnes Douglass 1900 West Virginia
Arma Disinger 1884 Virginia
Daisy Downs 1906 Indiana
Lessie Dillard 1899 Virginia
Nan Early 1879 USA
Mary Edwards 1865 Virginia
Maria Eubanks 1877 Virginia
Mabel Elmand 1902 West Virginia
Alice Ford 1872 Virginia
Georgia Ford 1900 Pennsylvania
Mamie Fields 1879 Alabama
Ella Fleeps 1885 West Virginia
Florence Fisher 1859 Virginia
Odia Halsey 1892 Mississippi
Estelle Hurst 1900 Virginia
Lucinda Hardman 1851 Virginia
Emma Henley 1885 West Virginia
Rosenia Henderson 1899 Georgia
Victoria Hurt 1885 Virginia
Hattie Hill 1898 Virginia
Anna Hairston 1880 Virginia
Mary Heilig 1884 North Carolina
Clara Hauger 1896 West Virginia
Isella Hall 1902 North Carolina
Flossie Howard 1894 Virginia
Eva Hill 1905 West Virginia
Elizabeth Jackson 1892 West Virginia
Ozelle Jones 1905 Tennessee
Mintie Johnson 1858 West Virginia
Ottie Jones 1887 West Virginia
Jennie Johnson 1883 Virginia
Sadie Jamerson 1892 Virginia
Laura Johnson 1903 Virginia
Maria Johnson 1889 Puerto Rico
Clara Johnson 1880 West Virginia
Alice Johnson 1885 Virginia
Anna Jeffries 1897 Virginia
Sallie Jones 1890 Virginia
Maria King 1891 Virginia
Darney Kelley 1878 Virginia
Beatrice Lewis 1902 Virginia
Lula Loggins 1876 West Virginia
Addie Lee 1875 Tennessee
Malinda Leonard 1908 Alabama
Mary Mullens 1865 Virginia
Mary Minnis 1889 Virginia
Annie Miller 1902 Virginia
Daisy Matthews 1892 Tennessee
Margaret McIntyre 1904 West Virginia
Alberta Mcclun 1882 West Virginia
Blanche Nelson 1895 Virginia
Othelia Neal 1895 USA
Amanda Nelson 1901 Virginia
Frankie Nickell 1910 West Virginia
Dorothy Dillard 1929 West Virginia
Lizzie Patterson 1902 USA
Beulah Page 1898 West Virginia
Emma Peake 1895 DC
Carrie Peters 1873 West Virginia
Frances Price 1890 Virginia
Anna Partee 1898 Virginia
Estelle Preston 1902 Virginia
Mary Ratcliff 1894 West Virginia
Hester Rammell 1904 USA
Anna Retan 1897 Virginia
Maude Roberts 1906 West Virginia
Anna Reverley 1880 USA
Blanche Rucker 1918 Virginia
Mary Reynolds 1910 Virginia
Maggie Ray 1885 Virginia
Louise Robinson 1895 West Virginia
Mamie Rucker 1902 Kentucky
Lillie Smith 1911 Alabama
Isaac Stewart 1890 Virginia
Alberta Sells 1907 Georgia
Ethel Lee 1898 Ohio
Mary Smith 1890 Virginia
Edwina Scott 1901 Virginia
Ellen Singleton 1904 Bahamas
Ida Seals 1869 Virginia
Grace Smithers 1892 USA
Gertrude Smith 1882 Virginia
Lula Saunders 1880 Virginia
Frances Smith 1860 Virginia
Carrie Tanks 1903 Virginia
Mary Tucker 1889 USA
Rosa Taylor 1895 Virginia
Willie Thompson 1897 USA
Helen Thompson 1901 North Carolina
Laura Taylor 1886 Virginia
Susie Taylor 1905 Ohio
Alice Verdier 1889 Virginia
Ophelia Vinceson 1866 USA
Bessie Ward 1877 West Virginia
Genevie White 1894 West Virginia
Jennie Wade 1871 Virginia
Sallie Wade 1878 Virginia
Elizabeth Williams 1891 Virginia
Jennie Woods 1841 Virginia
Louise Williams 1889 Ohio
Hattie Woods 1903 USA
Frances Wilson 1892 North Carolina
Elizabeth Whitlock 1894 Virginia
Mary Woods 1889 West Virginia
Nettie Wesley 1899 West Virginia
Blanche Welch 1881 Virginia
Josie Williams 1911 Alabama
Jennie Young 1899 Virginia
Martha Johnson 1865 West Virginia
Meriel Grant 1906 West Virginia
Sarah Gallaway 1859 Virginia
Josie Cay 1880 Kentucky
Alma Chase 1876 Virginia
Nettie Divens 1910 Pennsylvania
Pearl Gallaway 1883 North Carolina
Dorothy Gilom 1905 West Virginia
Louise Green 1889 North Carolina
Hattie Greenleaf 1912 USA
Rosa Henderson 1886 Maryland
Hannie Lee 1844 West Virginia
Lillie Frances 1909 Georgia
Bessie Easter 1888 Virginia
Rosetta Calhoun 1910 Virginia
Marcel Sloan 1898 North Carolina

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