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Vermont State Prison, 1930 Index of Prisoners

NOTE: This set of records for Vermont State Prison provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in Census Records When searching for your Vermont Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Frank E Lambert 1868 Vermont
Henry E Meehan 1890 Massachusetts
Clifford J Abuan 1906 Vermont
Eugene H Adams 1910 New York
John L Adams 1867 Vermont
Lawrence Adams 1907 Vermont
William M Archade 1893 Canada
Frank Agustin 1893 Italy
Leslie E Crisan 1907 Vermont
Gerald Annette 1908 Vermont
Leroy Alexander 1903 Vermont
Thomas Allen 1908 Rhode Island
Gordan W Arthur 1912 Vermont
Hilding J Andrews 1903 Massachusetts
Ray L Andrews 1892 Vermont
William S Andrews 1900 New Hampshire
Frank S Annis 1892 New York
Henry H Austin 1878 New Hampshire
Milton B Hedger 1891 New York
Geo R Bailey 1908 Vermont
George F Baker 1902 New York
James F Baker 1910 Vermont
John A Baker 1853 Oklahoma
James A Bail 1852 Vermont
Leo Barker 1901 Vermont
Ralph Barker 1895 Vermont
William F Brence 1874 Vermont
Arthur H Bean 1892 Vermont
William Bean 1909 New Hampshire
Gerald B Belden 1898 Vermont
Paul J Bellantonio 1909 Rhode Island
Raymond Benson 1907 Vermont
William E Bent 1900 Vermont
John C Beery 1873 Canada
Joseph E Bessette 1884 Vermont
George Blake 1905 Vermont
Henry Brennaman 1897 New Hampshire
Gera Blay 1902 Vermont
Bernard R Blodgett 1903 Vermont
Roman E Bolduan 1907 Massachusetts
David R Beanland 1896 Vermont
Emerald Boradensky 1907 Russia
George Bouchard 1891 Vermont
Fred J Boucher 1909 New Hampshire
John R Bousquet 1894 New York
George J Boven 1887 Massachusetts
Henry O Bowen 1862 Vermont
Henry E Bradley 1907 New York
Alfred R Breece 1887 Vermont
Gerald W Branch 1907 Vermont
Kenneth H Bray 1911 Maine
Joseph Bennette 1858 Vermont
Albert J Brown 1895 Vermont
Isac Brown 1886 New York
John C Brunell 1906 Vermont
Wesley L Burk 1895 Vermont
Fred H Bendick 1906 Vermont
Alpheus G Buckey 1900 Vermont
Lee Capano 1903 Vermont
Ernest R Cardinal 1909 Vermont
Anthony C Carpenter 1906 Massachusetts
Lesly M Carpenter 1907 Vermont
August Casciani 1881 Italy
Robert Chagnon 1906 Vermont
Emile J Chaloux 1908 Canada
Robert Clara 1903 Vermont
Frank Cleary 1902 New York
Clarence J Clark 1907 Vermont
Otis Clark 1908 Massachusetts
Stanley J Clark 1903 Vermont
Arthur Coman 1890 Vermont
Edward J Conlin 1909 New Jersey
Clara Coppin 1908 New Jersey
David Cockett 1910 Vermont
Andrew W Cowan 1895 Vermont
Joseph H Crete 1908 Rhode Island
Hadeel E Cross 1905 Vermont
Fred G Currin 1861 Vermont
Harold M Currin 1906 New Hampshire
Arthur Lacorte 1908 Vermont
Frank A David 1884 Massachusetts
Emmett Tellier 1908 Vermont
Leroy W David 1857 New York
Seymore C Davis 1901 Vermont
William H Davis 1908 New York
Sidney H Davis 1905 Vermont
W Robert Delaney 1895 New York
Gerald N Dionne 1906 New Hampshire
Chas B Dickinson 1903 Canada
Albina G Dubin 1908 Vermont
Harold R Duganne 1899 Vermont
Phillip T Duganne 1909 Vermont
Francis C Durham 1895 New York
Arthur Edwards 1913 Vermont
Edward Elliott 1908 Connecticut
Robert Emma 1909 Vermont
Chas H Enna 1903 Vermont
Harold A Farnett 1909 Vermont
Albert Ferris 1908 New York
Hosea B Field 1866 Vermont
Glenn Finken 1906 Vermont
John H Fitzgerald 1900 Vermont
John W Fitzhugh 1887 Cuba
Eugene C Flanders 1900 Vermont
Herbert Fletcher 1910 Vermont
Joseph Fountain 1909 Rhode Island
Joseph N Fort 1865 New York
Albert H Fortin 1905 Massachusetts
Albert Fortin 1860 Canada
Francis E Fox 1899 Vermont
Ralph R Franzi 1910 Italy
Karl J Frederick 1902 Vermont
Mark Farney 1899 Vermont
Howard J Renala 1910 Vermont
Robert B Powers 1914 Vermont
James Gallagher 1883 Ireland
William E Telleghn 1908 Massachusetts
Arthur Sammel 1882 Scotland
Antoine Gardner 1905 Canada
Carl G Garrety 1909 Vermont
Wilbur George 1889 Vermont
John Gerard 1888 Vermont
Archie B Germain 1909 Vermont
Herbert Germain 1911 Vermont
Gibson William 1900 Florida
Carl Gilmore 1911 Maine
Louis Gerald 1882 Canada
Eugene E Goddard 1884 Vermont
Henry Gokey 1883 Vermont
Daniel Goyette 1913 New York
Harold Goyette 1902 Vermont
Chas Gordon 1905 Vermont
Roy F Goyette 1905 New York
John J Grain 1904 Vermont
Joseph Gerard 1890 Vermont
Chaney Guyette 1884 Vermont
Clifton W Gerrets 1906 Vermont
Valentine Hake 1862 Germany
Duane Horse 1896 Vermont
Robert Hall 1912 Vermont
Edmund Hall 1870 Vermont
Roy F Howlin 1908 New York
Philip Hoggard 1904 Vermont
Nelson Hard 1912 Vermont
Frank Harrington 1896 Massachusetts
Fred Harris 1909 Vermont
Merton Hart 1898 Vermont
John Hart 1862 Connecticut
Clarence N Hathorne 1893 Vermont
Philip Heed 1901 Vermont
Warren G Heacock 1904 Massachusetts
Jerry A Hill 1892 Vermont
Ray J Hill 1895 Vermont
Robert Hill 1900 Vermont
Eddie L Hogan 1897 New Hampshire
Carl Hon 1897 Vermont
Merle J Hood 1904 Vermont
Steven Horvats 1881 Czechoslovakia
Jesse L Horsford 1883 Vermont
Howard R Houston 1904 Vermont
Chas Howard 1910 Vermont
San E Hudson 1884 Maine
Ernest Humiston 1905 Canada
Chas E Hanley 1889 Vermont
Lee F Jackson 1899 Vermont
Henry Farman 1901 Rhode Island
Fred F Jeffs 1880 New York
Arthur Jenkins 1903 Canada
Calvin J Jerram 1904 Vermont
Felix Jodoin 1895 Czechoslovakia
Arthur S Johanns 1908 New Hampshire
Matt Johnson 1897 Massachusetts
Lloyd Julinder 1909 Canada
William M Jones 1903 New York
George F Kent 1887 Vermont
Francis Ketchens 1902 Vermont
Alfred F King 1902 Philippines
Bent King 1903 Vermont
Wilfred King 1904 Maine
Howard K Kinman 1909 Vermont

Trancriber: James Simmonds
Source: Names of prisoners in Vermont State Prison extracted from 1930 census Windsor Township, Windsor County Vermont
Frank Leduc 1911 Vermont
Isaac Lafoy 1903 New Hampshire
Harry W Lamotte 1899 Vermont
Allard Lamouna 1904 Vermont
Fred Lapan 1885 Vermont
Sular Lapan 1878 Vermont
Eugene Lapiere 1911 Massachusetts
Henry W Lapierre 1888 Vermont
Clarence T Laplant 1909 Vermont
Louis L Lavalley 1902 Vermont
George Lawson 1906 England
Deforest B Leach 1891 Vermont
Joseph A Leblanc 1901 New York
Bertram Lezotte 1904 New Hampshire
Guerdon Leroy 1899 Vermont
Chas Saunders 1908 Vermont
William Leeand 1900 New Hampshire
Felix Leeson 1910 Vermont
Robert Levick 1918 Vermont
Jackson T Lewis 1886 Massachusetts
Lester Lewis 1892 Vermont
Cassius H Leibert 1891 Vermont
Laura Lizzatte 1896 Maine
Walter Locke 1893 Vermont
George A Long 1882 Canada
Peter W Long 1869 Vermont
George Lowell 1887 Vermont
John J Lowell 1908 Vermont
Oscar Lundgreen 1865 Sweden
Frank G Lyons 1905 New Hampshire
Norbert R Macentee 1896 Canada
Peter J Nahain 1908 New Hampshire
Baldassare Magaletta 1891 Italy
Alfred Mahan 1891 Vermont
Frank Marquis 1912 Vermont
Harry Marshall 1893 Vermont
George A Martin 1906 Massachusetts
Harry Maron 1893 Vermont
Walter G Mason 1892 New York
Bert Mary 1881 Vermont
Bertie Mary 1909 Vermont
John C Mccarthy 1865 Massachusetts
Fredrick R Mcduefer 1909 New York
Hugh Mcginness 1875 Canada
James R Mcginness 1909 Rhode Island
Ankeny Mckinna 1905 Northern Ireland
John Mclaughlin 1884 Vermont
William Medlin 1900 Rhode Island
Cloyce M Miller 1903 New Hampshire
George W Minogue 1903 New Hampshire
Arthur Monette 1910 New Hampshire
Chas R Monroe 1886 At Sea
Frank Monville 1906 Vermont
Edgar A Morey 1907 Vermont
Harold E Mosher 1904 Vermont
Allen A Morris 1885 Maine
Herbert J Morris 1900 New Hampshire
Ernest Mourer 1906 Vermont
Arthur W Mudgett 1884 Vermont
Edward Murray 1902 Canada
Wendell E Myatt 1908 Vermont
Joseph Naul 1889 New York
Charles Nesbit 1902 Vermont
William J Nesbit 1880 New York
Robert Newland 1911 Vermont
George W Nichols 1887 Vermont
Albert D Noel 1899 Massachusetts
Henery Nugent 1892 Massachusetts
Ernest Nutteny 1902 Canada
Thomas Oakerson 1912 Indiana
Robert Osgood 1895 Vermont
Dan Page 1899 Vermont
Allie A Palmer 1901 Vermont
Lois Paquette 1897 Vermont
Claude W Payne 1883 New York
Joseph Paradis 1906 Maine
Bennie Peron 1894 Vermont
Clayton Peron 1897 Vermont
Herbert E Peron 1911 Vermont
Leonard Peron 1912 Vermont
Floyd Peron 1848 Vermont
Bert A Peterson 1906 Missouri
Harold Perry 1886 Canada
Roy E Perkins 1907 Vermont
Earl H Perry 1908 Canada
William Peters 1892 New York
Byrne M Pettebone 1888 Vermont
Joseph K Prool ? Vermont
Roland Poudrier 1905 Canada
Eddie Potwin 1909 Vermont
James W Powell 1899 Connecticut
Clinton P Pratt 1899 Vermont
Roland Proveaux 1901 Vermont
Edward Prudhomme 1887 Rhode Island
Fred L Porter 1905 Vermont
Dan Robtoy 1885 Vermont
Kingard J Bena 1905 Montana
Chas O Reed 1891 Massachusetts
Oakley Reynolds 1904 Vermont
Albert Ricketts 1911 Vermont
Asel Ricketts 1905 Vermont
George Robert 1898 Massachusetts
Henry O Rock 1893 Canada
Edward Rogen 1870 Vermont
Howard Rogen 1905 Vermont
Owen F Rogen 1901 Vermont
Aurelio Ronemus 1898 Italy
Eastman Root 1895 Vermont
Wilfred Sontheimer 1899 New Hampshire
Edward Royce 1910 Vermont
Raymond Sabrosky 1895 Poland
Alfred Santona 1906 Canada
Walter Sanville 1904 Vermont
Richard Santana 1907 Canada
Frank Sapper 1899 Canada
Chas Sargent 1873 Vermont
Arthur Savoy 1885 Canada
Harold E Samuel 1904 Vermont
Charles Serrin 1899 Vermont
Arthur Shackett 1912 Vermont
Douglas Shand 1906 Vermont
Michael Sheehan 1877 Vermont
Herbert M Sheldon 1909 Vermont
Charles Dayton 1902 Vermont
Carl Shepard 1904 Vermont
Stephen E Sheldon 1896 Vermont
Erdix Shepard 1905 Vermont
William Shepard 1901 Massachusetts
Lena Shortell 1904 Vermont
Felix J Singnams 1911 Massachusetts
George Slack 1861 Vermont
Harry S Smith 1872 Maine
Kenneth Smith 1904 Vermont
Eugene Spease 1913 Vermont
Robert C Steely 1907 Vermont
Edward Stockford 1902 Connecticut
Josepha Stone 1883 New York
William H Stone 1912 Vermont
Walter E Stowell 1888 New York
Walter Swaney 1908 Vermont
Henry H Taft 1907 New Hampshire
Harold E Talbert 1909 New Hampshire
Frank Tates 1902 Vermont
George Tates 1897 Vermont
Ralph Taylor 1892 Pennsylvania
Theodore Tetrault 1911 Vermont
William Dufault 1900 Vermont
Frank Thomas 1892 Vermont
John L Thompson 1909 Vermont
Arthur Tennery 1902 Vermont
Randell A Tubbs 1877 Vermont
Harold V Erwin 1903 Vermont
Louis Vaillancourt 1908 Canada
Harvey E Dalgars 1908 Vermont
Fardina Veader 1879 Rhode Island
William Dose 1912 Vermont
Frank Wagner 1899 New York
Edward Walsh 1909 New York
Daniel L Walsh 1905 Massachusetts
Arthur Ward 1889 Massachusetts
Cecil Waterman 1905 Vermont
Clarence S Watts 1908 Massachusetts
Louis Westover 1903 Vermont
Myron E Whitcomb 1909 Massachusetts
Robert E White 1908 Vermont
Bent E William 1893 Vermont
Chas H William 1887 California
Guy William 1902 Canada
Harold Willey 1904 Vermont
Byron Willis 1902 United States of America
Fred W Wing 1888 Vermont
John C Winton 1895 Vermont
Thomas Woodruff 1902 Vermont
Marcelin M Wood 1910 New Hampshire
Earl Woodward 1897 Vermont
Luther Woodruff 1907 Vermont
Earl Woodworth 1903 Vermont
Edward L Wyman 1909 Maine
James E York 1901 Massachusetts
Bennie F Hoyt 1874 Delaware

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