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Prison Records
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Prison Records
Outlaw & Criminal Records
Court Records

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Tennessee Blacksheep Ancestors

Tennessee Prisons & Convicts

Inmates of the Tennessee state penitentiary

  • Before 1831 prisoners were held in County Jails, this database is a list of convicts from 1831 to 1850

  • 1851 - 1870

  • Carroll County 1831 - 1850

  • Grainger County 1831 - 1850

  • Tipton County 1831 - 1850

  • Mcnairy County 1831 - 1850

  • Shelby County 1831 - 1850

    1817 Petition for a Penitentiary

    Tennessee Outlaws & Criminals

    Machine Gun Kelly
    George “Machine Gun” Kelly Barnes was born in Chicago Illinois in 1900, but raised in Memphis Tennessee

    Wayne County
    Various outlaws, crooks, criminals, and rebels

    Robert Clay Allison
    Born in Tennessee 1840

    Ed O. Kelley
    Ed Kelly was born in Tennessee in October, 1857, of parents born in North Carolina. He killed the man who killed Jesse James.

    Cullen Baker
    Cullen Baker was a bad man. And it seems he always was. His family came to Texas from Tennessee in 1839.

  • Tennessee Court Records

    Bedford County, Tennessee Court Records
    Links and information

    Bradley County, Tennessee Court Records
    Civil Court Case File Index: 1880 - 1900
    Chancery Court Case Files Index: 1880 - 1900

    Clay County, Tennessee Court Records
    Links and information

    Dekalb County, Tennessee
    Court records

    Bedford County Court Records
    various court records

    Campbell County Court Records

    Carroll County Tennessee
    Court Records

    McMinn County Court Records

  • Court Minutes 1820-1872

  • Court Proceedings - 1827

  • Court Proceedings Index 1819-1829

  • County Court Proceedings

    Munroe County
    Chancery Court Loose Records

    Polk County
    Court Minutes VOL. 1 1840-1844

    Roance County Court Records

  • Chancery Book 1824-1845

  • Circuit Court Witness Docket Book For 1820

  • Bound Children from the Loose Papers

    Sevier County
    Chancery Court Files Pre-1900

    Lost Records
    Courthouse Fires and Disasters in Tennessee

    Court, Government, & Criminal Records
    Court records are an often overlooked, yet very valuable tool for finding information to assist you in your research. Land records, such as deeds, allow you to tie an ancestor to a specific place at a point in time. Other court records like those dealing with finances and estates often list related family members or give interesting details like the total value of property owned by your ancestors to add interest to your family history.

    Tennessee Executions

    Executions in Tennessee
    1782 - 1960

    Tennessee executions
    1916 - 2009

    History of the Death Penalty in Tennessee
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