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Famous Outlaws & Criminals

Thayne Archibald  Thayne Archibald was executed at the Nevada State Prison on August 23, 1961. He was convicted for the crime of murder. Archibald was a native of Utah and at the time of his death was 22 years old

Apache Kid The boy who was never known by any other name to whites, but whose Apache name was Zenogalache, waited many years before taking his revenge, eventually murdering his father's killer near the Aravaipo River.

Burt Alvord Robbed the westbound train at Cochise Station on September 11, 1899. Was the constable for that Railroad.

Tony Accardo The Death of the Don: The Legacy of Tony Accardo

Hugh Anderson Short biography on the outlaw

Robert Clay Allison Born in Tennessee 1840

Joe Ball I think it would be fair to say that Joe Ball was one of the U.S.'s greatest nutcases.

Clyde Barrow reward poster

Curly Bill Brocius Born somewhere in Texas about 1840 – an ugly gunslinger who'd kill a man on the least provocation and laugh over a card game an hour later.

Cherokee Bill Biography about the famous outlaw

Sam Bass Bass was born on July 21, 1851 near Mitchell, Indiana. His mother, Jane, died in 1861. His father died in 1864. He had two brothers and four sisters. All were raised by their maternal uncle David L. Sheeks. Sam hated school but loved horses, hunting, and cards. He ran away from home about 1869.

Charles E. Boles aka Black Bart As history has it, Boles was born and raised in upper New York State and had been a farmer until he married and moved to Illinois just before the Civil War. He served as a sergeant in the 116th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. After the death of his family members, he moved to California to seek his fortune. After trying a number of odd jobs, even panning for gold, he turned to stagecoach robbing.

Cullen Baker Cullen Baker was a bad man. And it seems he always was. His family came to Texas from Tennessee in 1839.

Billy the Kid  Billy the Kid was born in an Irish section of the Bowery slums of New York City in 1859. His real name was either William Bonney or Henry McCarty

Billy the Kid Reward Poster

Bonnie & Clyde   Story of Bonnie Parker & Clyde Barrow of Texas

Bonnie & Clyde FBI wanted poster 1934

Baby Face Nelson  Lester Joseph Gillis was born in Chicago Illinois in 1908 to poor Scottish parents Josef and Mary Gillis, from Margaree, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. He became one of the toughest and most heartless of the Depression-era gangsters

Baby Face Nelson Wanted Poster

Bluford "Blue" Duck  Early Oklahoma outlaw Bluford "Blue" Duck's story.

William "Billy" L. Brooks Following a siege near Caldwell, Kansas, Brooks, Charlie Smith and L. B. Hasbrouck were removed from jail by a large gang of silent men and taken to a large tree on the main road. Despite pleas for mercy and a fair trial, the three were hung. Brooks reportedly begged for mercy.

George Newcomb "Bitter Creek," "Slaughter's Kid" Born 1866, Fort Scott, Kansas; Died May 2, 1895, Dunn Ranch, on the Cimarron River, Oklahoma, Cowboy and Robber Left home as a youth for Texas, where he worked for the famous "Texas John" Slaughter as a cowboy.

Bloody Bill Anderson One of the best known and most feared of all Missouri Confederate guerrillas was William Anderson who, surprisingly, considered himself a Kansan.

Logan Belt Biography of the outlaw

Ted Bundy FBI wanted poster

Charlie Bowdre  Biography of the outlaw that was part of Billy the Kids gang

Jake Bird Jake Bird was born "somewhere out in Louisiana where there ain't no post office."

James "Whitey" Bulger
The notorious head of South Boston mob.

Al Capone
the brilliant brutal Chicago crime czar, and his family history.

Jose Chavez Y Chavez Born in 1851 in Ceboleta, New Mexico, little is known of his childhood. José discovered that honest labor is often difficult, and he gradually drifted from petty theft to cattle rustling.

Frank Canton Frank Canton's real name was Joe Horner. He was born near Richmond, VA in 1849.

Criminals Record of Early Crime in Windham County, Connecticut, taken from “History of Windham County, Connecticut” by Richard Bayles, 1889.

The Dalton Gang Biography of the Dalton brothers

Bank Robber John Dillinger Official FBI Reward Poster 1934

Frederick Bailey Deeming Explore the story of Frederick Bailey Deeming: wife-murderer, bigamist, thief and con-man.

Bill Doolin and his wild bunch Biography of Bill Doolin as well as members of his gang

Wesley Elkins Elkins was only 11 years old when he murdered his father and step-mother in the remote farmhouse they shared in rural Clayton County, Iowa in July 1889. A motive was never definitively established; however, young Elkins was known to be angry over being required by his parents to care for his infant step-sister more frequently than he wanted. The brutality of the crime, its senselessness, and the tender age of the alleged murderer caused a stir across the state and beyond.

Col. Fluger Born in the county of Rockingham, in New-Hampshire, and in a town, where they still call a kitchen a scullery.

Roy Gardner Roy Gardner was born on January 5, 1886, into a bone-poor family of sodbusters who settled in Trenton, a wart of a town in the heart of Missouri.

Frontier serial killers: The Harpes The murderers killed at least 40 men, women and children on the frontier until a posse caught up with the killers and took the leader's head on Aug. 24, 1799. Known as the brothers Micajah and Wiley Harpe, the two started out life as first cousins William and Joshua Harpe both natives of Scotland who emigrated as young children with their parents, two brothers, who settled in Orange Co., North Carolina.

"Wild Bill" Hickok James Butler Hickok was born in Troy Grove, Illinois, on May 27, 1837, and was shot dead in a saloon in Deadwood, Dakota Territory, on August 2, 1876.

Flyod Hamilton and Ted Walters Texas badmen wanted for breaking jail and for numerous holdups and robberies

Bob Herring Herring was born in 1870 in Eastland County, Texas. Almost from the beginning, Herring was an outlaw and felt destined to continue his ill–conceived lifestyle.

James D. Houck Biography and links to the outlaw.

Snapper Hortman Harry Hortman was a 25-year old hack driver in Cherokee, Iowa. On November 30, 1901, he shot and killed his sweetheart as she tried to flee from his jealous rage.

John Wesley Hardin Biography of the forty something killer

Jack Harris Jack Harris came to San Francisco from Boston as a sailor in 1851. He deserted the ship at first opportunity.

Jesse James  Jesse James was born in Clay County, Missouri on 5th September, 1847

Jesse James reward poster

Frank James  Frank James was born in Clay County, Missouri on 10th January, 1843

Ed O. Kelley Ed Kelly was born in Tennessee in October, 1857, of parents born in North Carolina. He killed the man who killed Jesse James.

Harvey Logan aka Kid Curry Curry was born Harvey Alexander Logan in Tama County, Richland Township, Iowa in 1867.

Harvey Norman Lothringer FBI Wanted Poster

Steve “Big Steve” Long Long, a professional gunfighter teamed up with brothers Ace and Con Moyer establishing a saloon in Laramie City, Wyoming.

Pedrino LaMantia FBI Wanted Poster

“Deacon” Jim Miller  Born in Arkansas in 1866, he was orphaned early and sent to live with his grandparents in Coryell County, Texas. When Miller was 8, his grandparents were murdered, and the boy was arrested for the crime.

Mike McCluskie Also known as "Arthur Delaney" and "Art Donovan". A rough man by anyone's standards.

Machine Gun Kelly  George “Machine Gun” Kelly Barnes was born in Chicago Illinois in 1900, but raised in Memphis Tennessee

Machine Gun Kelly FBI Reward Poster

Captain Samuel Mason Samuel was born at Norfolk, Virginia in 1739. He grew up near Charles Town, West Virginia and moved to Ohio County, West Virginia about 1773.

Joaquin Murieta  A biography on the outlaw.

Bill Miner Bill Miner was born in 1847 in Bowling Green, KY. His birth name was McDonald.

Andrew Jackson McKoy FBI Wanted Poster

New York's Greatest Mobsters Short Biographies on various mobsters

Isom Prentice “Print” Olive  Biography on the outlaw.

Wyoming Outlaws Horse thieves Tom O'Day and Kize Eads

William Sanders Oury Links to the outlaw.

Henry Plummer One of the most colorful characters of the Wild West, Henry Plummer, played both sides of the law during his short twenty-seven years. Born in Addison, Maine in 1832, to William Jeremiah and Elizabeth (Handy) Plummer, he was the youngest of seven children.

Pretty Boy Floyd  Charles Arthur Floyd was born in Bartow County, Georgia on February 3, 1904.

Pretty Boy Floyd FBI Wanted Poster

James Earl Ray FBI wanted poster

Johnny Ringo Biography on the outlaw born at Green's Fork Indiana.

Eric Robert Rudolph FBI wanted poster

"Dirty" David Rudebaugh  Biography of the outlaw

Soapy Smith Jefferson Randolph Smith was born in Noonan, Georgia in 1860 to an aristocratic Southern family.

John Selman Born November 16, 1839, Madison County, Arkansas Died April 16, 1896, El Paso, Texas Worked as – Farmer, rancher, butcher, saloon owner, soldier, law officer, rustler, and gunman.

Harry Longabaugh “The Sundance Kid” Harry Longabaugh, alias the Sundance Kid, was born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 1870.

Son of Sam - David Berkowitz The life of David Berkowitz, also known as The Son of Sam, has been exceedingly strange since the day of his birth. And the strangeness continues, and undoubtedly will continue until the day he dies...

Luke Short Luke Short was born in Mississippi in 1854. When he was a child his family moved to Grayson County, Texas. He developed a reputation as a violent young man and he admitted to killing several Native Americans in his teens.

Belle Starr Born Myra Maybelle Shirley in 1846 in Missouri, nicknamed Belle, this female outlaw went on to marry Jim Reed, another outlaw, in Texas in 1866, after he was killed she married Sam Starr, another outlaw, in 1880. Some time after Sam was killed in 1886 she took up with Bill July.

Jack Slade Jack Slade was born in Illinois, perhaps in 1831. When he was 13 years old, he had already developed a reputation for an uncontrollable temper. He killed a man who was bothering him and his school friends by hitting him in the head with a rock.

James Ford: 'Satan's Ferryman' and 'Outlaw of Cave-in-Rock' Biography on the outlaw

Francisco Pancho Villa reward poster

Polk Wells Polk Wells was a classic Wild West badman. He rubbed shoulders with the likes of Jesse James, Kit Carson, and Wild Bill Hickock.

Zip Wyatt  One of the most well known outlaws of the Territory of Oklahoma was Zip Wyatt, also known as Dick Yeager and Wild Charlie. The outlaw was born Nathaniel Ellsworth Wyatt in the year of 1864 or 1868.

Cole Younger The outlaw Cole Younger was born as Coleman Younger in Harrisonville, Jackson County, Missouri on 15 January, 1844. He joined an outlaw gang whose other members included Jessie James, Frank James, James Younger, Bill Chadwell, Clell Miller and Charlie Pitts.

James Younger  James Younger was supposedly born in Harrisonville, Jackson County, Missouri on 15th January, 1848, although census records show his place of birth as Indiana

Bob Younger Robert Younger was born in Harrisonville, Jackson County, Missouri in December, 1853

Salvatore Zappola FBI Wanted Poster 1944

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