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Springfield City Prison, 1930 Index of Prisoners

NOTE: This set of records for Springfield City Prison provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in Census Records When searching for your Illinois Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Tony Aiello 1911 Missouri
Bert Anderson 1876 Illinois
Frank Anderson 1882 Georgia
Claude B Appleton 1910 Missouri
John Ardison 1902 Illinois
Frank Arkien 1872 Italy
John Arusa 1882 Italy
Harry J Bailey 1894 Illinois
Saml P Baker 1905 Illinois
Eldrith Bales 1903 Illinois
David Bannon 1897 Missouri
William Bapple 1881 Ohio
Joseph Bartnick 1898 Pennsylvania
John B Becks 1899 Illinois
Jack Bell 1899 Illinois
Domonick Belletti 1892 Italy
Bessie Bellettie 1899 Kentucky
Albert B Blewett 1887 Illinois
Geo W Braham 1900 Illinois
Gerald Brown 1901 Illinois
Cas Bryant 1872 Kentucky
Gus Budde 1872 Illinois
John Buffato 1899 Michigan
Chas O Butcher 1900 Illinois
John Cappello 1884 Italy
Wm E Carrigan 1897 Illinois
Frank M Carter 1915 Illinois
Ralph Casnco 1882 Italy
Clarence F Cazey 1904 Illinois
Michael Ceglinski 1907 Illinois
Jess Chilton 1861 Kentucky
Camille Coniglio 1908 Louisiana
Arthur S Corcoran 1909 Illinois
Robt E Corcoran 1905 Illinois
Robert Wm Crooks 1912 Colorado
Thomas J Croy 1870 Missouri
Tony Cusnalle 1888 Italy
Joe Damico 1889 Italy
Clifford L Darling 1903 Illinois
Ernest Davis 1900 Kentucky
Algie W Dean 1864 New York
John Dede 1890 Illinois
Frank Devalon 1884 Illinois
Ernest Dinora 1905 Pennsylvania
Frank Enrico 1886 Italy
Homer M Etcheson 1905 Illinois
Lombardo Faverio 1892 Italy
Mike Fazio 1892 Italy
Michael Fix 1886 Austria
John Floria 1912 Missouri
Adrean Forestier 1881 France
Frank M Fox 1880 Illinois
Joe Galassi 1906 Illinois
Charles Garcia 1896 Spain
Raymond Gathman 1902 Illinois
Bert Gibson 1912 Illinois
John Giuccioli 1892 Italy
Thos H Glass 1906 Illinois
Pete Grecco 1894 Italy
Neal Groat 1863 Illinois
Kathryn Gunter 1911 Indiana
Arthur C Hanson 1884 Illinois
Archie O Harmon 1909 Illinois
John B Heffernan 1899 Illinois
Jas W Heffernan 1898 Illinois
Roy A Herring 1884 Illinois
Harley Hicks 1899 Illinois
Floyd WN Hirons 1894 Illinois
Albert Howard 1870 Tennessee
Henry Issler 1888 Indiana
Charles Japone 1889 Italy
Salvatore Jennona 1896 Italy
John Judd 1912 Missouri
Wm H Kelleher 1904 Illinois

Last Updated on 16/03/2005
By Tyler Schulze

Trancriber: James Simmonds
Source: Names of prisoners in Springfield City Prison extracted from 1930 census Springfield Township, Sangamon County Illinois
Sebastian Koch 1906 Illinois
John Koch 1910 Illinois
Philip La Furia 1893 Italy
Vito Labarba 1910 Illinois
Alex Lacout 1890 France
Lolie Lacy 1890 Missouri
John Lamarr 1901 Kentucky
William Lane 1904 Illinois
Walter Liebscher 1891 Germany
Dominick Locandro 1883 Italy
John Lock 1891 Pennsylvania
Wilbur Luke 1911 Illinois
Hugh Malcolm 1896 West Virginia
Joseph Mangono 1883 Schlesien/ Silesia; Deutschland
Peter Mannino 1907 New York
Rudolph Marasclchi 1882 Austria
Mike Martinovitch 1876 Austria
Wm F Mc Mullen 1900 Illinois
Julius Mebetti 1882 Italy
Carl Meyer 1894 Austria
Geo S Middlekauff 1899 Ohio
Geo P Monahan 1905 Illinois
Chas E Monckton 1894 Illinois
Edward Moore 1890 Illinois
John Mowery 1894 Indiana
Vincent Nebudani 1899 Italy
John F Nienhaus 1889 Illinois
Harold North 1909 Illinois
Edward Obrien 1901 England
James B Osby 1870 Tennessee
Abe Paperner 1895 Russia
Alfred Pattarozzi 1886 Italy
Thos E Perkins 1901 Illinois
Clinton Petty 1907 Illinois
James Picco 1890 Washington
Secondo Picolotti 1887 Italy
Andrew Pinlay 1890 Missouri
Jos A Poisman 1905 Michigan
Samuel Pollozzolo 1882 Italy
Eva Pondexter 1896 Ohio
Oscar Potter 1898 Missouri
Frank Powers 1888 Illinois
Pasquelle Pugliese 1898 Italy
Lester Ragan 1897 Missouri
Paul Ramsey 1900 Illinois
Edward M Read 1897 Illinois
Rocco Richichi 1888 Italy
John Riley 1880 Indiana
Herbert Roley 1873 Missouri
Vito Rufino 1887 Italy
Henry Rundle 1877 Illinois
Herbert J Russell 1897 Missouri
Guerino Sanvido 1894 Italy
Barney Sesoleifer 1877 Italy
Herny E Settle 1886 Missouri
Harvey Sherrill 1886 Illinois
Peter Sleboda 1884 Poland
Carl M Smith 1898 Illinois
Bessie Spaulding 1896 Missouri
Frank Spennella 1888 Italy
Michael Spike 1881 Austria
Stephen Spudish 1911 Illinois
John Stmic 1889 Yugoslavia
William Stratton 1863 Missouri
Wm E Sutton 1878 Illinois
Edward Taylor 1869 Illinois
Geo L Wallis 1907 California
Lela Watkins 1911 Illinois
Edward S Webster 1893 Illinois
Bird L Wilson 1887 Illinois
Charles Wyatt 1866 Indiana
Giacombo Zavaglia 1887 Italy
Lawrance Zimmerman 1896 Illinois
Samuel Zito 1890 Italy

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