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Illinois State Reformatory, Surnames S, 1930 Index of Prisoners

NOTE: This set of records for Illinois State Reformatory provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in Census Records When searching for your Illinois Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Leo Tack 1911 Illinois
Leslie Tacket 1908 Louisiana
William Taghon 1906 Illinois
George Takach 1906 Illinois
Bruce Tapie 1905 Ohio
Ralph Tardi 1911 Illinois
Paul Taxman 1908 Illinois
William Taylor 1905 Illinois
Jesse Taylor 1907 Illinois
Raymond Taylor 1907 Missouri
John Taylor 1910 Mississippi
Albert Taylor 1912 Alabama
John Taylor 1913 Tennessee
Felix Tepper 1910 Illinois
Wayne Tesch 1910 Illinois
Mike Teshler 1906 Ohio
Arvel Thacker 1906 Illinois
Alfred Theys 1909 Alabama
Lester Thims 1912 Michigan
Herbert O Thomas 1907 Germany
Sam Thomas 1909 Mississippi
Theodore Thomas 1909 Illinois
William Thomas 1905 Missouri
Kenneth Thomas 1910 Illinois
Robert Thomas 1910 Oklahoma
Dominic Thomas 1910 Illinois
John Thompson 1909 Illinois
Charles Thompson 1910 Alabama
Charles Thompson 1907 Illinois
Leroy Thompson 1907 Illinois
Theodore Thompson 1911 Illinois
Oliver Thornburg 1909 Michigan
Ira Thorpe 1909 Indiana
Almer Tims 1907 Tennessee
Sebastian Tinnerello 1913 Illinois
Louis Tipescu 1907 Maryland
Bennie Toland 1912 Illinois
Olpha Tolen 1911 Illinois
Loyal Tolen 1906 Illinois
Joseph Tomczyk 1907 Russia
John Torrelli 1912 Illinois
Ben Tower 1906 Illinois
Walter Tracy 1905 Illinois
Arnold Tribbett 1906 Illinois
Glenn Tribbett 1908 Illinois
John Triens 1907 New York
Orville Trinkle 1910 Illinois
Harry Tripp 1910 Illinois
Sam Trois 1911 Illinois
Ben Trousdale 1910 Illinois
Edward Trubercka 1911 Illinois
Everett Truman 1908 Illinois
Arthur Truzz 1913 Illinois
Melford Tull 1910 Missouri
Andrew Turek 1912 Illinois
Harry Turner 1903 Wisconsin
Fred Turner 1903 Massachusetts
Cal Turner 1910 Arkansas
Shelby Twaddle 1909 Illinois
Theodore Tychgeski 1909 Massachusetts
Martin Tyree 1911 Tennessee
Bruno Ukis 1912 Illinois
Orville Umphries 1912 Illinois
Charles Urbanski 1909 Illinois
Frank Urchell 1908 Illinois
James Valentino 1908 New York
David Vancil 1908 Illinois
Jess Vandyke 1907 Illinois
Benford Vangner 1912 New Mexico
Eugene Vanlue 1907 Indiana
Kenneth Vaughn 1914 Illinois
Earl Veers 1908 Indiana
Harry Venable 1911 Illinois
Frank Venetious 1907 Illinois
James C Venters 1911 Illinois
Jasper C Vincent 1904 Illinois
John Vinckus 1907 Illinois
Ora Vinson 1913 Iowa
Jack Vinyard 1909 Arkansas
Walter Visnefsky 1906 Illinois
Robert Viviana 1911 Italy
Virl Vogan 1908 Kansas
Nick Voleta 1910 Russia
Michael Vondrasek 1910 Illinois
Willis Voorhies 1911 Illinois
Edgar Voss 1912 Illinois
Marvin Vreeland 1908 Michigan
Edwin Vrell 1902 Illinois
Stanley Vugrin 1909 Illinois
Joseph Wachueski 1910 Illinois
Steve Wadlacki 1911 Illinois
Hubert Waggoner 1907 Illinois
Gilbert Wagner 1913 Illinois
Ernest Walbeck 1911 Kentucky
Clarence Walker 1905 Illinois
Kenneth Walker 1909 Rhode Island
Celestine Walker 1911 Missouri
George Walker 1906 Indiana
Hubert Walker 1912 Illinois
Ernest Walker 1905 Missouri
Harold Walker 1911 Pennsylvania
Samuel Walker 1911 Washington
Dennis O Walker 1910 Minnesota
William C Walker 1907 Indiana
Casimir Walkowiak 1910 Wisconsin
Herman Wall 1910 Tennessee
Leonard Wall 1909 Illinois
Joe Wallace 1908 Illinois
Samuel Wallace 1910 Illinois
George Wallace 1910 West Virginia
John Walsh 1903 Maine
James Walsh 1910 Illinois
Bernard Walton 1911 Illinois
Harlan Walton 1911 Illinois
Jospeh Wanagas 1911 Illinois
Nelson Ward 1909 Tennessee
Ambrose Ward 1910 Illinois
Stanley Warner 1903 Pennsylvania
Estes Warren 1910 Illinois
Jack Warthington 1900 Kentucky
Waren Washington 1910 Alabama
Joseph Washington 1909 Louisiana
Leroy Washington 1909 Louisiana

Last Updated on 16/03/2005
By Tyler Schulze

Trancriber: James Simmonds
Source: Names of prisoners in Illinois State Reformatory extracted from 1930 census Pontiac Township, Livingston County Illinois
Henry Watkins 1910 Tennessee
Fulton Watkins 1912 Tennessee
James Watson 1911 Mississippi
Albert Watts 1911 Mississippi
Frank Weaver 1904 Mississippi
James Webb 1908 Illinois
Stanley Webb 1910 Illinois
Clarence Webster 1911 Illinois
Morris Weiss 1908 Russia
Vincent Welles 1908 Illinois
Henderson Wells 1908 Louisiana
Otis Wells 1909 Mississippi
Kenneth Wells 1909 Illinois
Clair Wells 1909 Illinois
Glen C Welton 1911 Illinois
Frank E Werscheid 1905 Illinois
Joseph West 1907 Illinois
Mason West 1912 Kentucky
Don Westenhaver 1907 Illinois
Jay Westfall 1909 Illinois
George Wever 1908 Illinois
Orvel N Weyant 1910 Illinois
John Whalen 1911 Wisconsin
Ralph Whistler 1912 Illinois
Carl White 1908 Missouri
Almont G White 1906 New Jersey
William White 1907 Mississippi
Cecil Whitehouse 1906 Kentucky
Marion Whitley 1911 Illinois
Charles Whitmore 1910 Illinois
Willard Whitrock 1911 Ohio
Clyde Whitsell 1911 Illinois
Kenneth Whitten 1912 Illinois
Charles Wicker 1904 Illinois
Charles Wilcox 1910 Illinois
Anthony Wilczynski 1912 Illinois
Theodore Wilda 1904 Russia
Melvin R Wilder 1910 Illinois
Roy Wiles 1912 Illinois
Oscar Wilfong 1911 Illinois
Tracy Williams 1904 Illinois
Edgar F Williams 1902 Illinois
Felton Williams 1907 Alabama
Carl Williams 1908 Illinois
Eugene Williams 1909 Louisiana
Byron Williams 1904 Indiana
Edward Williams 1909 Louisiana
Earl Williams 1910 South Carolina
Roosevelt Williams 1913 Alabama
Vanish Williams 1910 Tennessee
Arthur Williams 1913 Mississippi
George Williams 1912 Alabama
Thomas Williams 1910 Georgia
Herman Williams 1908 Texas
Vergil J Williams 1908 Illinois
Roy Williamson 1907 Illinois
Edward H Willis 1911 Illinois
Robert Willy 1907 Missouri
Kenneth Wilson 1906 Illinois
Emerson Wilson 1904 Illinois
James Wilson 1905 Texas
Alva Wilson 1909 Illinois
William Wilson 1911 Illinois
John Wilson 1909 Illinois
Walter Wilson 1909 Illinois
Paul W Wimberly 1907 Illinois
James Winfield 1907 Mississippi
Velmar Wingate 1910 Illinois
George Winnistorfer 1907 Illinois
Theodore Winslow 1907 Illinois
Edward Winston 1910 Missouri
Harold Winston 1910 South Carolina
Edward Wiwatowski 1907 Illinois
Stanley Wnukowski 1908 Illinois
Frank Wodarczyk 1909 Illinois
Ralph Wojahm 1911 Illinois
Tony Wojcik 1908 Illinois
Adam Wonsowik 1911 Pennsylvania
William Wood 1912 Illinois
William Wood 1906 Illinois
Richard Wood 1910 Missouri
Albert Woodrick 1906 Illinois
Edward Woodward 1908 Minnesota
Ivan Wooten 1908 Illinois
Alfred Wordlaw 1907 Mississippi
Clifford Worthen 1910 Illinois
Walter Wozolek 1909 Michigan
Owen Wright 1906 Oklahoma
Bill Wright 1910 Kentucky
George Wright 1910 Louisiana
William Wright 1913 Pennsylvania
James Wynn 1912 Mississippi
Tony Yanello 1913 Illinois
Herbert Yarbrugh 1908 Illinois
Melvin Yates 1908 Illinois
Raymond Yates 1908 Illinois
Walter Yelle 1907 Illinois
William Yoho 1910 Illinois
Lewis Young 1905 Illinois
Clair Young 1906 Illinois
John Young 1910 Kentucky
Jack Young 1910 Kentucky
John D Young 1909 Ohio
Melvin Young 1911 Virginia
Odie Young 1913 Illinois
William Yuzumas 1910 Illinois
Michael Zac 1911 Illinois
Jerry Zamp 1904 Illinois
Walter Zaucha 1900 Illinois
Antone Zednik 1910 Illinois
Andrew Zeglin 1912 Illinois
Walter Zelek 1913 Illinois
Edward Zelmar 1911 Illinois
Elmer Zender 1912 Illinois
Herbert Ziegler 1908 Illinois
Tony Zilonis 1910 Illinois
Bert Zimmerman 1902 Illinois
Joseph Zindell 1899 Illinois
Carmen Zitella 1908 Illinois
John Zoacyki 1908 Illinois
Oliver Zumsteg 1903 Illinois
Edward Zurek 1909 Illinois

<------Surnames S

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