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Illinois State Reformatory, Surnames S, 1930 Index of Prisoners

NOTE: This set of records for Illinois State Reformatory provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in Census Records When searching for your Illinois Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Joseph Saborski 1911 Illinois
Lamar Sachette 1909 Wisconsin
Chester Sadowski 1905 Illinois
August Sadukas 1909 Illinois
James Safiron 1913 Illinois
Ray Sagendorph 1908 Michigan
John Sagovac 1910 Yugoslavia
Glen Sales 1912 Illinois
Edward Saltzman 1910 Illinois
Stanley Samborski 1911 Illinois
Edward Samock 1908 Connecticut
Paul Sampson 1905 Illinois
Emil Sandahl 1910 Illinois
Wilburn Sanders 1914 Illinois
Kester Sanders 1908 South Carolina
Edward Santori 1911 Illinois
Ignacio Santos 1908 Mexico
Henry Saran 1911 Germany
Robert Sartin 1911 Mississippi
Sam Sartins 1907 Illinois
Joe Sartins 1911 Louisiana
Frank Sauls 1909 Alabama
George Saunders 1907 Louisiana
Henry Scenes 1911 Indiana
George Schacks 1910 Mississippi
Mike Schecodine 1909 Pennsylvania
Frank Schedis 1912 Illinois
Alvin Scheib 1911 Illinois
Amy Schell 1913 Kentucky
Anthony Scheraka 1910 Illinois
William Scherrick 1908 Illinois
Charles Schettler 1911 Illinois
Fred Scheuerman 1908 Illinois
Earl Schilling 1910 Michigan
Robert Schimberg 1910 South Dakota
Alex Schlichter 1912 Indiana
Louis Schlief 1903 Illinois
Harry Schmidt 1906 Illinois
Martin Schmidt 1907 Tennessee
Carl Schmitz 1905 Illinois
Harvey Schoen 1903 Illinois
Robert Schoenbacher 1907 Illinois
John Schomer 1899 Illinois
Joseph Schrader 1905 Illinois
Laddie Schramek 1909 Illinois
Albert Schreiber 1906 Illinois
Frank Schroeder 1911 Illinois
Joe Schubert 1907 Illinois
Elmer Schulage 1912 Illinois
Reo Schulist 1911 Illinois
Edward Schulk 1910 Illinois
Frank Schultz 1892 Iowa
Frank Schultz 1904 Illinois
Wilfred Schultz 1908 Illinois
Philip Schultz 1907 Illinois
George Schultz 1909 Illinois
Melvin Schulz 1911 Missouri
Joseph Schuster 1907 Poland
Edward Schwartz 1907 Illinois
Tony Sconaveca 1910 Illinois
James Scott 1909 Illinois
Vincent Scott 1912 Illinois
Edward L Scott 1905 Mississippi
Walter Sczcesniak 1908 Illinois
Fred Seaman 1907 Illinois
Raymond Seaman 1909 Illinois
Felix Sebastian 1909 Illinois
Edward Seebeck 1911 Illinois
Wesley Seely 1913 Oregon
Peter Sefcik 1908 Illinois
Bernard Seif 1911 Germany
Francis Self 1912 Illinois
Clarence Selles 1908 Illinois
Kenneth Seronle 1914 Illinois
Thornton Session 1907 Kentucky
Joseph Sestock 1906 Illinois
Paul Setelskas 1910 Lithuania
Leslie Seward 1910 Illinois
Henry Sexton 1910 Illinois
Truett Sexton 1914 Illinois
Welton Seymour 1912 Kentucky
John Sharp 1910 Kentucky
Giddes Shavers 1912 Mississippi
Leon Shaw 1909 Illinois
Anthony Shaw 1912 Mississippi
George Shea 1908 Illinois
Richard Sherlock 1911 Illinois
Charles Sherman 1906 Illinois
Avery Sherman 1910 Minnesota
William Sherod 1912 Maine
Earl Shields 1909 Illinois
Bert Shipley 1909 Illinois
Edward Shlanfeld 1910 Illinois
James Shodlow 1906 Louisiana
Henry Sickinger 1910 Illinois
Edward Sickinger 1909 Illinois
Parel Sierakowski 1910 Illinois
Joseph Sikorski 1909 Illinois
Frank Simek 1911 Czechoslovakia
Earl Simmons 1907 Illinois
Ivo Simmons 1910 Tennessee
William Simon 1912 Illinois
Harry Singer 1911 Illinois
William Sinks 1905 Illinois
Roy Skaggs 1911 Kentucky
Hugh H Skiles 1907 Pennsylvania
Sylvester Skowronski 1908 Illinois
Tony Skowronski 1911 Illinois
Bruno Skworzo 1911 Illinois
Beatie Slaton 1908 Illinois
Lawrence Small 1904 Illinois
Steve Smanda 1910 Illinois
Victor Smecki 1911 Illinois
Joseph Smith 1906 Illinois
William Smith 1901 Illinois
Charles Smith 1908 Illinois
Raymond Smith 1902 Oregon
Clifford Smith 1906 Tennessee
William Smith 1907 Missouri
William Smith ?? Georgia
Will Smith 1907 Louisiana
Rudolph Smith 1906 North Carolina

Last Updated on 16/03/2005
By Tyler Schulze

Trancriber: James Simmonds
Source: Names of prisoners in Illinois State Reformatory extracted from 1930 census Pontiac Township, Livingston County Illinois
Leroy Smith 1910 North Carolina
Candy Smith 1908 Illinois
Herbert Smith 1909 Illinois
Paul Smith 1909 Indiana
Floyd Smith 1906 Illinois
John Smith 1907 Illinois
Randolph Smith 1909 South Carolina
John Smith 1908 Illinois
Ralph Smith 1909 Illinois
James Smith 1910 Alabama
Stanley Smith 1909 Missouri
Raymond D Smith 1905 Ohio
Dave Smith 1910 Russia
Gorge Smith 1908 Illinois
Harold Smith 1910 Illinois
Albert Smith 1909 Virginia
Roy Smith 1912 Illinois
Edward Smith 1909 Illinois
William Smith 1913 Illinois
Leo Smith 1912 Illinois
Edward Smith 1913 Illinois
Raymond Smith 1910 Illinois
Velmer Smith 1911 Illinois
Floyd Smith 1908 Illinois
George Smola 1909 Illinois
Joseph Snyberg 1910 Illinois
Oscar Snyder 1909 Illinois
Harry Snyder 1909 Illinois
Joseph Sodowsky 1906 Illinois
John Sojko 1907 Poland
Tony Sokolowski 1911 Illinois
Leo Soltys 1910 Illinois
Lee Somers 1911 Illinois
Frank Sonier 1907 Louisiana
Jack Sonies 1904 Illinois
Alex Sorentino 1909 Illinois
Shade Spain 1909 Mississippi
Macks Sparks 1912 Missouri
Leon Spence 1908 Illinois
Lloyd Spencer 1907 Indiana
Wayne Spitler 1908 Illinois
Donald Spitz 1909 Illinois
Walter Spottsville 1907 Indiana
Frederick Spradling 1912 Illinois
Lawrence Squires 1906 Illinois
Gust Srienkel 1904 Pennsylvania
Anthony Stacioni 1911 Illinois
Orville Stagner 1909 Illinois
Charles Stahulak 1908 Illinois
William Stallworth 1908 Alabama
Joe Stancl 1910 Illinois
Walter Stanton 1910 New York
Vernie Starkey 1907 Illinois
Elmer Starling 1910 Illinois
Steven Steel 1912 Florida
Joseph Stefanick 1908 Illinois
Andrew Stehle 1905 Illinois
Steve Stempniak 1911 Poland
Edward Sterling 1911 Pennsylvania
Harry Stern 1906 New Jersey
James Stevens 1910 Illinois
Joseph Stevens 1910 Syrian Arab Republic
Louis Stevens 1908 Illinois
Charles Stevenson 1907 Illinois
Herbert Steward 1903 Oklahoma
Richard Stewart 1908 Mississippi
Russell Stewart 1912 Illinois
Morgan Stewart 1911 Maine
Harry Stewart 1911 Canada
Squire Stewart 1912 Illinois
Howard Stluka 1908 Indiana
George Stoafer 1906 Illinois
Ted Stocki 1911 Illinois
George Stokes 1911 Illinois
Edward Stone 1903 Illinois
Oscar Stone 1910 Indiana
James Stone 1910 Illinois
Ray Stonum 1908 Illinois
James J Stonum 1909 Illinois
Albert Stout 1906 Illinois
Stanley Stout 1909 Tennessee
Ben Straka 1897 Illinois
Raymond Strake 1912 Illinois
Robert Strassenberg 1911 Illinois
Amos Strauser 1909 Illinois
William Strauss 1912 Illinois
Henry Streski 1910 Illinois
Modest Strickland 1910 Mississippi
Chester Stritzel 1905 Missouri
John Stroisch 1910 Illinois
Rufus Strong 1910 Georgia
Joe Stryjewski 1910 Illinois
Twelix Stubbs 1911 Tennessee
James Stull 1906 Illinois
Mike Styberg 1913 Oregon
Tosia Stydjal 1904 Austria
George Such 1908 Illinois
Garfield Sullivan 1899 Illinois
Phillip Sullivan 1911 Illinois
James Sullivan 1911 Illinois
Charles Summers 1907 Illinois
James Sunne 1905 Illinois
Alex Supinski 1906 Illinois
Harry Suska 1910 Illinois
Anthony Susnis 1909 Illinois
Lillburn Sutherlin 1910 Indiana
Stanley Sutule 1910 Illinois
Charles Svoboda 1907 Illinois
James Swain 1911 Mississippi
Carl Swanson 1904 Illinois
Clarence Swanson 1910 Wisconsin
Elmer Swanson 1910 Illinois
John Sweeney 1910 Illinois
Percy Sweet 1910 Ohio
Francis Swenson 1910 Massachusetts
Barney Swigon 1912 Illinois
Robert Sykes 1909 Illinois
Quincy Sylvester 1912 Illinois
Stanley Szafraniec 1911 Illinois
Walter Szumack 1913 Illinois
Bennie Szymkowski 1904 Illinois

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