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Illinois State Reformatory, Surnames P - R, 1930 Index of Prisoners

NOTE: This set of records for Illinois State Reformatory provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in Census Records When searching for your Illinois Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Robert Padgett 1911 Illinois
Joseph Pagavara 1905 Illinois
Harry Pakitka 1910 Austria
Gerald Palmer 1912 Illinois
Tony Pamilis 1906 Louisiana
Marion Panek 1910 Illinois
Joseph Panozykowski 1910 Michigan
Stanley Papecak 1908 Illinois
Alfred Papini 1907 Italy
John Papke 1909 Illinois
Rosario Pappalardo 1911 Illinois
Davine Paradis 1909 Wisconsin
Edgar Parido 1905 Kentucky
Harry Parker 1910 Missouri
Harry Parker 1908 Ohio
Thomas Parker 1911 Illinois
Frank Parrnut 1912 Poland
Cazamier Partacz 1908 Illinois
Peter Partacz 1910 Illinois
Thomas Patterson 1911 Illinois
John Patun 1903 Illinois
Steve Paulik 1911 Wyoming
Virgie Paultrie 1913 Illinois
John Pawloski 1905 Missouri
Frank Pawlowski 1905 Poland
Jack Payne 1904 Illinois
Sam Pearson 1910 Illinois
Michael E Peccia 1906 Illinois
Joseph Peckas 1905 Pennsylvania
Frank Pedivellona 1907 Illinois
Thomas Pelkey 1907 Illinois
Edward Peno 1909 Illinois
William Penrod 1914 Illinois
Lewis Peppin 1910 Illinois
William Percefield 1910 Illinois
Henry Perillo 1909 Illinois
Elmer Perkins 1911 Illinois
Joseph Perry 1908 New Jersey
Frank Perry 1907 Illinois
James Perry 1911 Louisiana
Vernie Perryman 1914 Illinois
Clarence Peters 1908 Illinois
Hampton Peters 1911 Illinois
Arthur Peterson 1911 Mississippi
James Peterson 1910 Illinois
Harold Peterson 1908 Illinois
Conrad Peterson 1907 Illinois
Clarence Peterson 1914 Illinois
Edward Petezek 1908 Illinois
John Petrokas 1911 Illinois
Peter Petta 1906 Wisconsin
Clements Petta 1908 Wisconsin
Alfred Pettiford 1906 Illinois
Harold Phelps 1910 Illinois
Frank Phillips 1912 Louisiana
Frank Phillips 1910 Illinois
Melvin Phillips 1913 Ohio
Stanley Pickacz 1907 Illinois
Leo Piechowski 1911 Illinois
Joseph Piecuch 1910 Illinois
John Pieprz 1907 Illinois
Thurman Pierce 1908 Tennessee
John Pietrazk 1909 Poland
George W Pillette 1912 Illinois
Horace Pillow 1909 Missouri
Walter Pine 1909 Illinois
Steve Piniak 1911 Illinois
Robert Pitman 1911 Ohio
Frank Pitts 1911 Illinois
John Pitts 1910 Georgia
Joyce Pivinski 1910 Illinois
Mark Plotner 1911 Illinois
Clarence Plyler 1907 Arkansas
Frank Podlesak 1905 Illinois
Joseph Poduch 1909 Illinois
Francis Pogue 1912 Illinois
William Poillen 1912 Kentucky
John Pokol 1911 Illinois
Kasimer Pokosa 1913 Illinois
Fred Pollack 1912 Illinois
Harold Pollard 1908 Illinois
William Pollard 1913 Illinois
Joseph Pollock 1909 New York
Dan Pontarelli 1913 Illinois
Dominic Pontarierio 1911 Illinois
Angelo Ponti 1906 Illinois
Orley Popejoy 1911 Illinois
John Porter 1912 Illinois
Ellis Powell 1912 Tennessee
Walter Powell 1905 Illinois
Russell Powers 1912 Illinois
Hardy Prather 1904 Missouri
William Pravil 1909 Illinois
Martin Pree 1907 Illinois
Edward Prendergast 1913 Illinois
Leonard Price 1911 Illinois
Frank Price 1910 Illinois
Fred Prime 1908 Illinois
Joe Prince 1903 Austria
Troy Prince 1909 Missouri
Tony Pristopic 1904 Arkansas
Steve Prohar 1905 Illinois

Last Updated on 16/03/2005
By Tyler Schulze

Trancriber: James Simmonds
Source: Names of prisoners in Illinois State Reformatory extracted from 1930 census Pontiac Township, Livingston County Illinois
John Prophet 1907 Alabama
Elmer Pruitt 1907 Illinois
Delmar Pruitt 1907 Illinois
Frank Prusack 1909 Illinois
Zigmund Pultorek 1912 Illinois
Edward Purcell 1903 Illinois
Edward Purdy 1911 Illinois
Arthur Quinn 1904 Illinois
Mathew Radostits 1909 Illinois
John Rafferty 1907 Illinois
Virgil Ragan 1906 Illinois
Salvatore Ramierz 1911 Mexico
Sidney Ramm 1910 Scotland
John Ramper 1909 Pennsylvania
Harry Ramsey 1909 England
Fred Rand 1909 Mississippi
Wilson Randolph 1911 Illinois
Otis Randolph 1910 Illinois
Joseph Raney 1910 Illinois
Owen Ranker 1908 Kentucky
George Ratney 1911 Illinois
Clark Rauch 1907 Indiana
Louis Ray 1908 Missouri
Michael Ray 1908 Nebraska
Howard Rayborn 1911 Illinois
Milton Rayford 1913 Tennessee
Jesse Reay 1911 Illinois
Herman Redd 1908 Indiana
Clarence Reed 1909 South Carolina
James Reed 1911 Illinois
Morgan Reed 1913 Tennessee
Edmund Reese 1913 Tennessee
Robert Reese 1910 Georgia
Michael Regis 1911 Illinois
Howard Reid 1907 Indiana
Don Reidhause 1912 Illinois
Henry Reiger 1908 Illinois
Walter Renkal 1908 Illinois
Wayne Rennels 1911 Illinois
Jesse Reynolds 1901 Illinois
John Rhodes 1912 Illinois
Alfred Rhodes 1907 Illinois
Albert Rice 1908 Iowa
Everett Rice 1912 Illinois
Sylvester Riceton 1902 Illinois
Leonard Rich 1906 Illinois
Gilbert Rich 1908 Illinois
William Richardson 1912 Louisiana
Henry Richardson 1912 Kentucky
Bell Rickus 1910 Illinois
John Rigney 1911 Illinois
Robert Riles 1905 Tennessee
Tony Rimkus 1910 Illinois
John Ringer 1910 Illinois
Harold Risberg 1907 Illinois
Peters Ristich 1913 Illinois
William Ritchey 1907 Illinois
Charles Rizzo 1907 Tennessee
Joe Roach 1911 Illinois
William J Roberts 1906 Wisconsin
Thomas Roberts 1906 Indiana
Harry Roberts 1907 Kentucky
William Robinson 1901 Illinois
Eddie Robinson 1910 Kentucky
James Robinson 1908 Illinois
Chester Robinson 1912 Tennessee
James Robinson 1911 Alabama
Tony Rocco 1910 Italy
John Rodack 1906 Illinois
John Roeve 1913 Illinois
John Rogalski 1912 Illinois
Charles Rogers 1905 Illinois
Stanley Rogers 1910 Illinois
Edmund Rohde 1908 Iowa
George Romanelli 1908 Italy
Phillip Romanowski 1906 Poland
Alexander Rooney 1904 Illinois
Thomas Rooney 1903 Illinois
Martin Roosevelt 1906 Kentucky
Oral Roper 1909 Missouri
Charles Rores 1905 Illinois
Fred Rose 1909 Illinois
John Rose 1909 Mississippi
John Rosella 1908 Russia
George Ross 1907 Illinois
Thomas Ross 1908 Indiana
Frank Ross 1912 Illinois
Carl Ross 1912 Alabama
Russell Rowe 1907 Illinois
Irwin Ruf 1905 Illinois
Paul Rumishek 1911 Illinois
Ernest Rupprecht 1908 Germany
Theodore Russell 1908 Illinois
William R Russell 1913 Tennessee
Howard Russell 1913 Illinois
Lawrence Russell 1914 Illinois
William Rutkowski 1909 Illinois
Frank Ryan 1907 Wisconsin
Bruno Rybicki 1911 Illinois
John Rys 1908 Poland
Stanley Rzepczynski 1907 Illinois
Theodore Rzepczynski 1909 Illinois

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