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Illinois State Reformatory, Surnames M - O, 1930 Index of Prisoners

NOTE: This set of records for Illinois State Reformatory provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in Census Records When searching for your Illinois Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Eugene Mackey 1907 Illinois
John Mackin 1907 Illinois
Harry Mackin 1906 Illinois
Vincent Madpey 1911 Illinois
John Magnus 1910 Illinois
Jospeh Mahoney 1911 Illinois
George Mains 1910 Illinois
Victor Majewski 1912 Illinois
Richard Makepeace 1910 Missouri
Stanley Makomaski 1901 Illinois
Percy Mallary 1910 Alabama
William G Mallie 1906 Illinois
Edward Malone 1901 Illinois
Joseph Mamota 1907 Italy
Charles Manley 1908 Illinois
Charles Mann 1909 Illinois
Theodore Manora 1908 Oklahoma
Thomas Mansfield 1912 Illinois
John Maran 1910 Illinois
Frank Marcinowski 1908 Illinois
Joseph Margosky 1912 Pennsylvania
Maris Marisi 1908 Illinois
Orville Marrs 1912 Missouri
Marshall Marsh 1912 Illinois
Alfred Marshall 1908 Illinois
Henry F Marshall 1907 Illinois
Edward Marshall 1910 Illinois
William Marshall 1911 Iowa
Walter Marshall 1911 Illinois
Musial Martin 1911 Illinois
Harold Martin 1907 Illinois
Floyd Martin 1910 Illinois
John Martinek 1903 Illinois
Ralph Martinek 1912 Illinois
Manuel Martinez 1910 California
George Martini 1906 Rhode Island
Willie Marvel 1902 Illinois
Thomas Mash 1910 Illinois
Noah Mason 1907 Illinois
Lester Mason 1909 Illinois
James Mason 1911 Illinois
James Mason 1912 Georgia
Coleridge Mason 1913 Mississippi
Harry Maston 1907 Illinois
Walter Mateja 1907 Illinois
John Mateko 1908 Illinois
Richard E Mathews 1904 Florida
Walter Mathews 1911 Louisiana
Nick Matteis 1913 Pennsylvania
William Matthews 1911 Missouri
John Matuszek 1908 Illinois
Joseph Matuszek 1911 Illinois
Norman Maule 1910 Kansas
Henry Maus 1911 North Dakota
William K Maxwell 1905 Illinois
William Maxwell 1907 Illinois
Lewis Maycherck 1911 Illinois
Marena Mazzino 1910 Illinois
George Mccall 1911 Illinois
Kendrick Mccall 1910 Iowa
Bernard Mccallum 1912 Illinois
Harry Mccarthy 1902 Illinois
Dennis Mccarthy 1909 Illinois
Shelby Mcchester 1907 Tennessee
Mush Mcclure 1906 Indiana
Grafton Mcconkey 1907 Illinois
Frank Mccormick 1905 Illinois
George Mccoy 1904 New York
Herman Mccoy 1904 Alabama
James Mccoy 1910 Pennsylvania
James Mccraney 1908 Illinois
Charles Mccullick 1911 Missouri
Gilbert Mccullough 1907 Alabama
Russell Mcdaniel 1908 Illinois
Peter Mcdonald 1910 Illinois
James Mcdonnell 1912 Illinois
William Mcdowell 1908 Tennessee
Bert Mcdowell 1910 Illinois
Alex Mcelfresh 1911 Kentucky
Frank Mcelfresh 1907 Kentucky
Arthur Mcelroy 1913 Illinois
James Mcfarland 1909 Illinois
Alfonso Mcgaughey 1912 Colorado
Frank Mcgee 1906 Missouri
Gerald Mcginnis 1907 Illinois
Henry Mcgreen 1904 Illinois
James Mcguire 1910 Illinois
Travis Mchenry 1905 Texas
James Mchugh 1912 Missouri
David Mcintyre 1912 Mississippi
Edward Mckenney 1913 Illinois
Emil Mckinnas 1912 Mississippi
William Mckinney 1909 Tennessee
Donald Mclain 1908 Minnesota
Franklin Mclarney 1912 Illinois
James Mclaughlin 1911 Illinois
Frank Mclaughlin 1910 Illinois
Russell Mclaughlin 1912 Illinois
Paul Mcmahon 1905 Illinois
Charles Mcnell 1907 Pennsylvania
Theodore Mcphearson 1909 Missouri
Lafayette Meaderds 1905 Illinois
George Meadows 1910 Illinois
John Meadows 1910 Illinois
Val Meaux 1910 Illinois
Joseph Medesky 1909 Pennsylvania
Alfred Medjesky 1912 Indiana
Joseph Medjesky 1913 Indiana
Kenneth Medley 1911 Illinois
George Meeker 1912 Illinois
Joseph Mehow 1909 Illinois
Julius Meinhardt 1907 Missouri
Mickey Melcer 1911 Illinois
Harry Meller 1905 Connecticut
Lawrence Menard 1910 Illinois
Herman Menchetti 1914 Italy
Russell Mernick 1910 Illinois
Theodore Merrill 1912 Illinois
Mely Mesich 1909 Illinois
Tony Mesick 1912 Indiana
Sam Miata 1908 Louisiana
Felix Miceikis 1913 Illinois
Theodore Michaelson 1909 Illinois
Joseph Michalek 1910 Illinois
John Michalowski 1910 Illinois
Elmer Michel 1911 New Mexico
Joseph Michuda 1911 Illinois
Frank Michuda 1912 Nebraska
George Mick 1901 Illinois
Leonard Milbourn 1910 Iowa
John Miller 1906 Illinois
George Miller 1908 Missouri
Gilbert Miller 1909 Missouri

Last Updated on 16/03/2005
By Tyler Schulze

Trancriber: James Simmonds
Source: Names of prisoners in Illinois State Reformatory extracted from 1930 census Pontiac Township, Livingston County Illinois
Alfred Miller 1904 Missouri
Charles Miller 1910 Arkansas
Frank Miller 1905 Illinois
Robert Miller 1912 Austria
Lester Miller 1912 Illinois
Charles Miller 1907 Illinois
Irving J Miller 1905 Illinois
Robert Miller 1909 Illinois
Joseph Miller 1904 New York
Carl Miller 1909 Wisconsin
Frank Miller 1912 Illinois
Eugene Millering 1911 Missouri
Lucius Milton 1907 Georgia
Joe Minor 1910 Illinois
Lloyd Minshell 1910 Wisconsin
Frank Mirabelli 1913 Illinois
Harry Mitchell 1908 Illinois
Russell Mitchell 1912 Illinois
George Mitchell 1913 Illinois
Vernon Mitchell 1911 Oklahoma
Edward Miziak 1910 Illinois
Frank Modglin 1912 Illinois
Nathaniel Moffett 1912 Illinois
Peter Moga 1909 Illinois
Raymond Money 1909 Indiana
Earl S Montler 1910 West Virginia
Eugene Mooar 1911 Illinois
Harold Moore 1905 Illinois
James Moore 1907 Illinois
Sylvester Moore 1907 Tennessee
Clyde Moore 1913 Illinois
Lewis Moore 1911 Illinois
James Moore 1912 Illinois
Alfonse Moore 1911 Illinois
Casey Moore 1910 Tennessee
Delmar Moore 1913 Illinois
John Moore 1911 Georgia
Holly Morefield 1909 New Mexico
Jefferson Morgan 1908 Illinois
William Morris 1906 Missouri
Marion Morris 1911 Illinois
James P Morrison 1905 Ireland
Lawrence Morrison 1906 Illinois
Louis Morro 1910 Illinois
William Mosely 1913 Illinois
Edward Mosely 1908 Louisiana
John Mosely 1910 Wisconsin
Ernest Moses 1913 Mississippi
John C Moskal 1910 Pennsylvania
Abner Moultrie 1912 Missouri
Adam Mroz 1910 Illinois
Gene Mucha 1910 Indiana
Charles Muercheroz 1911 Illinois
Frank Mulca 1910 Illinois
Robert Mullen 1910 Illinois
Louis Mullinari 1911 Illinois
John Mullner 1908 Austria
Robert Munson 1910 Illinois
Carl Munson 1905 Illinois
Stanley Muracz 1911 Illinois
George Murray 1910 Illinois
Julius Musenski 1909 Illinois
Adolph Muzzaretti 1906 New York
Jos J Nance 1894 Arkansas
John Nantista 1911 Illinois
Tony Napierkowski 1911 Pennsylvania
Walter Narucki 1908 Illinois
Charles Narwil 1910 West Virginia
Edward Naughton 1903 Illinois
Barney Nayonis 1907 Lithuania
James Neely 1910 Illinois
Michael J Neimes 1904 Illinois
William Nelson 1904 Michigan
Henry Nelson 1907 Illinois
Rudolph Nemec 1911 Illinois
Ransom Nennlist 1911 Illinois
Raymond J Nentzer 1901 Indiana
Charles Netalian 1912 Illinois
Joseph Nevers 1909 Illinois
Harvey Newingham 1909 Illinois
Warner Newkirk 1906 Indiana
John Newlove 1910 Illinois
Ellsworth Newman 1911 Illinois
Robert Newman 1906 Illinois
Everett Newton 1906 Iowa
Harry Nichols 1909 Illinois
Joseph Nicholson 1907 Missouri
James D Nicholson 1911 Illinois
Walter Niedzielski 1912 Pennsylvania
Fred Nieman 1913 Illinois
Andrew Niemeic 1909 Poland
Donald Nihiser 1912 Illinois
Michael Nitti 1909 Illinois
Leslie Nolan 1905 England
Marcel Nootens 1910 Illinois
William Norbert 1910 Missouri
Vernon Norbett 1911 Illinois
Alexander Norkus 1908 Russia
Eddie Northern 1912 Arkansas
Welbie Norwood 1911 Mississippi
Frank Novak 1904 Illinois
Harry Novak 1906 Illinois
Jack Novak 1906 Illinois
Nicholas Nucci 1906 Illinois
Mike Nudo 1911 Illinois
James Nuzzo 1909 Italy
Michael Obrien 1911 Illinois
Martin Obsitnik 1899 Illinois
Ralph Oconnell 1908 Iowa
Charles Oconner 1913 Illinois
Thomas Oconnor 1911 Illinois
David Oconnor 1909 Illinois
Stephen Oconnor 1907 Illinois
John Odonnell 1906 Illinois
George Ogara 1913 Illinois
John Ogorzalek 1907 Illinois
Joe Olejareczyk 1909 New Jersey
Leo Oleszkrivicz 1907 Illinois
Theodore Oliver 1908 Louisiana
Frank Olson 1907 Wisconsin
Bernard Olszewski 1911 Illinois
Robert Omacht 1907 Austria
Joseph Oneil 1903 Tennessee
Paul Oneil 1911 Illinois
William J Oneil 1910 Georgia
Frank Onik 1910 Illinois
Thomas Ord 1907 Illinois
Tony Orlando 1909 Illinois
James Orlando 1909 Illinois
Stanley Osbgowicz 1910 Illinois
Loren T Owen 1906 Illinois
Earl Owens 1909 Illinois
Herbert Owens 1911 Illinois

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