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Illinois State Reformatory, Surnames H - J, 1930 Index of Prisoners

NOTE: This set of records for Illinois State Reformatory provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in Census Records When searching for your Illinois Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Joseph Hadrick 1905 Illinois
James M Haines 1913 Kentucky
Joseph Hajduk 1906 Illinois
Thomas Halden 1912 Illinois
Walter Hall 1905 Illinois
Fred Hall 1910 Tennessee
Robert Hall 1912 Illinois
George Hall 1908 Illinois
Willie Hall 1912 Missouri
Raymond Hallsten 1912 Illinois
Walter Halstead 1911 Illinois
Berl Hamilton 1910 Missouri
Leroy Hamilton 1913 Louisiana
Carl Hamilton 1913 Missouri
Carl Hammond 1904 Illinois
William Hampton 1912 Tennessee
Ralph Handelman 1912 Illinois
Sherman Handy 1911 Louisiana
William Hanley 1904 Illinois
Earl Hapgood 1907 Illinois
Howard Hapner 1909 Illinois
Clifford Hapner 1911 Illinois
Michael Harbinski 1906 Ukraine
Sylvester Harden 1907 Missouri
Earl A Hardgrave 1905 Arkansas
Mack Hardin 1910 Virginia
Albert Hardison 1909 Florida
James A Hardyman 1903 Illinois
Clarence Harland 1912 Illinois
Ora Harm 1911 Illinois
Kelly Harmon 1907 Illinois
Alexander Harper 1910 Tennessee
Lewis Harrawood 1909 Illinois
TC Harrington 1911 Mississippi
George Harris 1904 Missouri
Harry Harris 1900 Ohio
Leroy Harris 1907 Illinois
Thomas Harris 1908 Illinois
Sampson Harris 1910 Alabama
Edward Harris 1909 Illinois
Frank Harris 1912 Illinois
Paltros Harris 1909 Greece
Joe Harris 1914 Ohio
Raymond Harrison 1910 USA
Wilson Harrison 1913 Pennsylvania
Jess Hart 1904 Illinois
Orville Hart 1911 Illinois
Frank Hartman 1910 Pennsylvania
Henry Hartman 1913 Iowa
James Harvey 1909 Missouri
John Harvolick 1911 Illinois
Sam Hasan 1906 Illinois
Louis Hass 1911 Illinois
William Hassman 1910 Illinois
Cecil Hastings 1909 Illinois
John Hauls 1911 Missouri
Fred Hawkins 1905 Illinois
John Hawkins 1905 Tennessee
William Hawkins 1910 Georgia
Robert Hayden 1912 Illinois
Russell Hayes 1909 Illinois
Harry Hayes 1913 Illinois
Albert E Haynes 1911 Illinois
Alfred Hazen 1913 Indiana
Clifford Heaney 1912 Illinois
Virgil Hearn 1907 Illinois
William Heathcote 1909 Illinois
Phillip Hedrick 1904 Illinois
Edward Heil 1912 Illinois
John Heller 1906 Ohio
Edward Helson 1910 Illinois
Don Henderson 1910 Ohio
George Henderson 1912 Tennessee
William Hendricks 1912 Illinois
Bert Hendrickson 1904 Illinois
Arthur Hennessy 1905 Wisconsin
Ellen Henning 1911 Illinois
Clarence Henning 1911 Illinois
Milton Henry 1908 Alabama
Charles Henry 1909 Illinois
Charles Herbeck 1906 Illinois
Harold Herbert 1912 New York
William Hermsmeir 1909 Illinois
Thomas Herndon 1911 Kentucky
Everett Heston 1906 Kansas
George Heusted 1910 Illinois
William Hewericks 1907 Illinois
Henry Hibbs 1908 Illinois
Jess Hibbs 1904 Illinois
Lewis Hicks 1909 Kentucky
Daniel Higginbotham 1912 Illinois
Raymond High 1910 Georgia
Stanley Highley 1910 Illinois
Fred Hill 1906 Illinois
Wiley Hill 1908 Indiana
Emslie Hilton 1907 Illinois
Frank Hines 1910 Illinois
Luther Hines 1911 Mississippi
John Hintelman 1906 Kentucky
George Hirth 1909 Illinois
Raymond Hitchcock 1911 Illinois
Henry Hitson 1911 Florida
Joseph Hoblock 1910 Pennsylvania
Marion Hodge 1907 Kentucky
Hubert Hodge 1909 Tennessee
Eugene Hodkins 1911 Alabama
James Hogan 1903 Illinois
John Hogan 1902 New York
John Holland 1909 Illinois
Roy Hollenbach 1909 Illinois
Frank Hollenbeck 1907 Illinois
Willie Hollman 1906 Georgia
Robert Hollock 1911 Indiana
William Holloway 1907 Arkansas
James E Holmes 1911 Indiana
Ralph Hope 1914 Kentucky
John Hopkins 1904 Kentucky
Mose Horger 1912 Mississippi
Harry Hornberg 1908 Illinois

Last Updated on 16/03/2005
By Tyler Schulze

Trancriber: James Simmonds
Source: Names of prisoners in Illinois State Reformatory extracted from 1930 census Pontiac Township, Livingston County Illinois
Oliver Hornberg 1911 Illinois
Clyde Hornick 1908 Illinois
John Horodieli 1909 Illinois
Clark Horton 1910 Illinois
Frank Horvath 1907 Austria
James Hostalek 1908 Illinois
Robert Hostler 1911 Illinois
Frank Hotovec 1908 Illinois
Dan Hounes 1907 New Jersey
Eugene Howard 1912 Illinois
Earl Howers 1911 Michigan
Robert Howser 1912 Illinois
Jesse Huffman 1912 Illinois
Russell Huffman 1912 Indiana
Paul Huggins 1905 Illinois
Russell Hughes 1901 Nebraska
Edward Hughes 1908 Illinois
Joseph Hughes 1911 Colorado
Robert Hull 1910 Illinois
Frank Hull 1907 Illinois
William Humar 1909 Austria
James Hunt 1907 Missouri
Howard Hunt 1911 Illinois
Clarence Hunter 1908 Illinois
William Hunter 1909 Alabama
Frank Hunyady 1910 Illinois
Stanley Hurt 1906 Kentucky
Arthur Husen 1912 Iowa
George Huss 1909 Illinois
George Huston 1909 Kansas
John Hutchinson 1905 Illinois
Frank Hyde 1908 Illinois
Orville J Imel 1908 Illinois
Charles Irvin 1910 Arkansas
Homer Irwin 1912 Illinois
Julius Jablowsky 1910 Illinois
Peter Jabor 1909 Illinois
John Jackman 1909 Illinois
Edward Jackson 1905 Louisiana
Earl Jackson 1907 Texas
Joe Jackson 1907 Illinois
Pearl Jackson 1900 Arkansas
George Jackson 1908 Indiana
Bascom Jackson 1911 Kentucky
Chester Jackson 1910 Illinois
Ray Jackson 1911 Illinois
Ray Jackson 1906 Kentucky
Eddie Jackson 1908 Kentucky
Ernest Jackson 1911 Wisconsin
William Jackson 1909 Louisiana
Leon Jackson 1910 Arkansas
John Jacobs 1909 Illinois
Louis Jacobs 1912 Illinois
Edward Jacobson 1910 Illinois
Albert Jamblin 1910 Kentucky
John Jamen 1912 Wisconsin
Francis James 1911 New York
Tony Janotte 1909 Illinois
Martin Janowitz 1908 Illinois
William Jansick 1906 Illinois
Albert January 1907 Tennessee
Leo Jaskolski 1908 Kansas
Charles Jauch 1912 Illinois
Carmel Jay 1911 Illinois
Leroy Jaycox 1910 Illinois
Don Jeffers 1912 Indiana
Otis Jefferson 1909 Illinois
Paul Jenkot 1913 Illinois
James Jennings 1913 California
John Jenny 1906 Missouri
Robert Jensen 1906 Denmark
Joseph Jiacsalini 1911 Tennessee
Mathew Johnson 1903 Illinois
Cecil Johnson 1908 Ohio
Leroy Johnson 1904 Missouri
Walter Johnson 1909 Illinois
Clyde Johnson 1908 Virginia
Orval Johnson 1911 Illinois
Andrew Johnson 1908 Illinois
Harley Johnson 1909 Missouri
Leroy Johnson 1910 Illinois
Elmer Johnson 1907 Illinois
Roy Johnson 1911 Illinois
Richard Johnson 1907 Mississippi
Benjamin Johnson 1910 Illinois
Howard Johnson 1900 Illinois
Walter Johnson 1908 Louisiana
Thomas Johnson 1908 Illinois
Walter Johnson 1910 Illinois
Carl Johnson 1911 Illinois
Julian Johnson 1911 Georgia
Lawrence Johnson 1911 Illinois
Lonnie Johnson 1910 Missouri
Cleo Johnson 1913 Missouri
Joseph R Johnston 1900 Illinois
Chas E Joiner 1908 Indiana
Cleo Jolly 1912 Illinois
Sam Jones 1908 Arkansas
James Jones 1907 Illinois
Fred Jones 1909 Arkansas
Charles Jones 1907 Illinois
Orville Jones 1909 Illinois
Charles Jones 1908 Illinois
Russell Jones 1904 Indiana
Harold Jones 1909 Louisiana
Webster Jones 1907 Illinois
Thomas Jones 1905 Georgia
James Jones 1910 Kentucky
Roy L Jones 1911 Indiana
Raymond Jones 1907 Illinois
Fred Jordan 1905 Alabama
Joe Joswiak 1908 Illinois
James Joy 1909 Illinois
John B Junior 1905 Missouri
Mathew Jurkowiecki 1912 Illinois
Emil Jursek 1908 Illinois
Charles Juska 1911 Illinois
George Jusko 1912 Illinois

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<------Surnames E - G

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