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Illinois State Reformatory, Surnames E - G, 1930 Index of Prisoners

NOTE: This set of records for Illinois State Reformatory provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in Census Records When searching for your Illinois Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Wayne Eaglin 1912 Illinois
Steve Easie 1911 Illinois
Jesse Edison 1908 Kentucky
Ernest Edmundson 1910 Arkansas
Charles E Edwards 1910 Illinois
Albert Edwards 1909 Illinois
Alfred Edwards 1907 Illinois
Harry Edwards 1911 Arkansas
Estel Eggers 1910 Indiana
Thomas Ellingwood 1904 Illinois
Angelo Elliopula 1910 Illinois
Walter Engel 1901 Illinois
Robert English 1912 Illinois
Frank Ennis 1912 Kentucky
George Ennis 1908 Russia
Frank K Ensor 1905 Illinois
Joseph Eranis 1909 Massachusetts
Delmar Esmon 1910 Illinois
Anthony Esposito 1908 Illinois
Frank Estes 1907 Illinois
Andrew Estes 1907 Missouri
Charles Evans 1907 USA
Ovalge Evans 1907 Tennessee
James Evans 1911 Mississippi
Edward Evans 1912 Georgia
Howard Ewing 1911 Missouri
Paul Fainter 1908 Missouri
Henry Faith 1909 Illinois
Frank Falco 1911 Illinois
Roy Faller 1910 Illinois
Leverett Faller 1912 Illinois
Jack Farina 1910 New York
George Farley 1908 Alabama
Richard Farrell 1910 Illinois
David Fell 1908 Michigan
Eugene Ferguson 1911 Illinois
Louis Ferrante 1910 New York
Charles Ferrell 1909 Illinois
Robert Fields 1911 Mississippi
Joseph Finkelstein 1912 Pennsylvania
George Finn 1905 Illinois
Clifton Finney 1910 Illinois
David Firestone 1908 Illinois
Lloyd Fisher 1902 Illinois
Arthur Fisher 1911 Illinois
Frank Fisher 1909 Illinois
Dan Fisk 1912 Illinois
Richard Fitzgerald 1910 Illinois
Carl Flake 1908 Illinois
Lee Fleming 1905 Ohio
Bill Fleming 1911 Illinois
James Flood 1908 Illinois
William Flowers 1909 Illinois
George Flowers 1913 Illinois
Denzel D Folkerts 1913 Illinois
Buryl Force 1906 Illinois
Bernice Force 1911 Illinois
Emmet Ford 1911 Mississippi
Donald Ford 1913 Missouri
Andrew Forrester 1914 Illinois
Howard H Fort 1906 Illinois
Fred Foster 1910 Indiana
Carle Foster 1913 Illinois
Harley Fox 1911 Nebraska
Claude E Francis 1908 Indiana
Curtis Franklin 1910 Kentucky
Paul Franklin 1908 Illinois
Walter Frankowski 1906 Illinois
Dale Frazier 1912 Illinois
Gilbert Frazier 1913 Oklahoma
Carl Fredericks 1911 Illinois
Ernest Freeman 1908 Illinois
Roy Freeman 1910 Tennessee
John Freeman 1910 Alabama
Fred Freiss 1911 Illinois
Bascom French 1903 Illinois
Otto French 1910 North Dakota
George Fritz 1910 Illinois
Edmund Fronville 1912 Illinois
Attrice Fulton 1910 Mississippi
Merl Funk 1913 Illinois
William Gadonski 1906 Illinois
Tony Gagliano 1913 Texas
Joe Galasi 1904 Hungary
Ben Galbreath 1911 Illinois
George Galbreath 1912 Missouri
Harry Gallagher 1910 Illinois
Frank Galle 1909 Illinois
John Gallery 1907 Missouri
John Galovitch 1909 Canada
Benjamin Gamboni 1909 Pennsylvania
Tony Garavaglia 1910 Illinois
Frank Garcia 1907 Illinois
Arzell Gardner 1913 Mississippi
Frank Gardner 1909 Georgia
Sam Garnett 1902 Illinois

Last Updated on 16/03/2005
By Tyler Schulze

Trancriber: James Simmonds
Source: Names of prisoners in Illinois State Reformatory extracted from 1930 census Pontiac Township, Livingston County Illinois
David Garrison 1909 Illinois
Carl Garrison 1908 Illinois
John Garveri 1896 Illinois
William Gasher 1910 Illinois
Lawrence Gates 1910 Illinois
Emil Gatterfeld 1910 New York
Robert Gavin 1908 Missouri
Samuel Gearrie 1910 Illinois
Robert Genero 1907 Illinois
Stanley Geniott 1910 Massachusetts
Robert Gerber 1910 Arkansas
Leo Gerke 1906 Illinois
Julius Gerlick 1906 Illinois
Paul Giana 1910 Illinois
James Gibbons 1911 Illinois
George Gibson 1906 Illinois
Joseph Gida 1909 Illinois
Raymond Gilbert 1910 Illinois
Howard Gilbert 1911 Illinois
Edward Gilbert 1909 Alabama
Henry Gillette 1911 Pennsylvania
John Gillis 1910 Pennsylvania
Clarence Gilman 1910 Indiana
Osborne Gilpin 1905 Illinois
Joseph Giranio 1907 Illinois
Kenneth Gitchell 1910 Illinois
John Glascott 1909 Illinois
Edward Glassman 1910 Illinois
Louis Glassman 1906 Missouri
Earl Glenn 1913 Pennsylvania
John Glombowski 1912 Illinois
Henry Gloss 1910 Illinois
Roger Glover 1909 Missouri
Herman Glover 1912 Kentucky
John Glynn 1910 Illinois
Victor Gnatek 1908 Pennsylvania
Ernest Gober 1910 Illinois
Hall Godbey 1910 Illinois
Leo Goldberg 1906 New York
Wayhard Golden 1912 Kansas
Nicholas Goldini 1908 New Jersey
Nathan Goldman 1910 Illinois
Nazerine Goldstein 1913 Illinois
Alex Golgin 1905 Illinois
John Gooden 1909 Mississippi
Thomas Goodman 1910 Illinois
Matthew Goral 1910 Poland
John Gordon 1905 Louisiana
Eddie B Gordon 1908 Tennessee
Eugene Gore 1907 Illinois
Royal Gosnell 1908 Illinois
Louis Gottlieb 1910 Poland
Thomas Grabowsky 1907 Illinois
Garrett Grady 1910 Alabama
Archie Grafton 1913 Illinois
Henry Graham 1910 Mississippi
William Grant 1910 Illinois
Russell Grant 1910 Illinois
Leroy Grant 1908 Georgia
Joe Gratchner 1905 Pennsylvania
Henry Gray 1908 Tennessee
Nelson Gray 1912 Illinois
Frank Gray 1910 Missouri
Omer Grayson 1910 Kentucky
Louis Greasham 1911 Illinois
Ralph Grecco 1905 Illinois
Mike Grecco 1908 American Samoa
Albert Greeley 1909 Illinois
Kenneth Green 1906 Illinois
Willie Green 1906 Mississippi
Frank Green 1910 Iowa
Earl Green 1905 Arkansas
Isaac Green 1909 Louisiana
John Green 1912 Kentucky
Joe Green 1910 Tennessee
Jack Greenfield 1907 Russia
Paul Greenwell 1912 Indiana
Leonard Greenwood 1909 Illinois
Harl Gregory 1902 Illinois
Julius Gresham 1908 Alabama
Orin H Grider 1902 Illinois
David Griff 1904 Illinois
Kenneth Grimes 1911 Illinois
Roy Grimm 1910 Illinois
Stanley Grobewski 1910 Illinois
John Gronikowski 1911 Illinois
Walton Gross 1910 Illinois
Joseph Gross 1913 Illinois
Herbert Grover 1903 Illinois
Ralph Grunderman 1909 Illinois
Chester Grundies 1906 Illinois
Arthur Grundies 1911 Illinois
Thomas P Gueenan 1908 Illinois
Gus Gurdie 1914 Pennsylvania
Robert Guspert 1909 Ohio
Frank Gutwa 1912 Illinois

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<------Surnames C - D

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