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Illinois State Reformatory, Surnames C - D, 1930 Index of Prisoners

NOTE: This set of records for Illinois State Reformatory provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in Census Records When searching for your Illinois Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Richard Caffey 1912 Illinois
Lester Cain 1910 Kentucky
William Cal 1909 California
Jack Calabrese 1912 Italy
Thomas C Calahan 1913 Illinois
Kenneth L Calhoun 1910 Illinois
Nick Calles 1910 Illinois
William Callies 1912 Wisconsin
Harvey Callow 1912 Illinois
Willard Calvert 1910 Illinois
Charles Calvert 1910 Missouri
Joseph Campagna 1911 Illinois
Walter B Campbell 1909 Illinois
Clifford Campbell 1908 Illinois
Frank Campione 1911 Illinois
Samuel Canova 1907 Louisiana
Dominic Cantonese 1912 Pennsylvania
Herbert Carey 1911 Indiana
James Carlo 1912 Illinois
John Carlson 1912 Illinois
Albert Carney 1907 Illinois
Harrison Carney 1907 Illinois
George G Caroselli 1911 Italy
Tim Carpenter 1910 Mississippi
John Carriere 1912 Canada
Arthur Carroll 1904 Illinois
John Carroll 1909 Illinois
Joseph Carsone 1906 Illinois
Floyd Carter 1903 Illinois
James Carter 1910 Louisiana
Charles A Carter 1909 Illinois
Fred Carter 1911 Louisiana
Henry Cartwright 1911 Illinois
Raymond Carver 1903 Illinois
William Casey 1911 Illinois
Fred Casper 1907 Illinois
Roy Casselman 1905 Missouri
Floyd Casselman 1909 Missouri
Elsworth J Casto 1908 Illinois
James Caswell 1903 Ohio
Kenneth Cay 1907 Illinois
Walter Ceilash 1911 Illinois
Albert Cerpi 1906 Illinois
Kenneth Chadwick 1911 Illinois
Herbert Champlin 1903 Illinois
Samuel Chandler 1908 Missouri
Melburn Chapman 1909 Missouri
Lawrence Chaput 1912 Wisconsin
Edward Charron 1906 Canada
Leonard Chase 1911 Illinois
Rudolph Cherne 1911 Austria
George Chesnes 1906 Pennsylvania
Rudolph Childruss 1913 Illinois
Stanley Childs 1908 Iowa
Joseph Chlopek 1907 Illinois
Frank Cholewa 1913 Illinois
Leroy Christensen 1909 Illinois
Arthur Christenson 1900 Illinois
Harold Clark 1912 Tennessee
Orville Clark 1909 Arkansas
Manley Clark 1911 Colorado
Donald Clark 1911 Ohio
Arthur Clark 1912 Illinois
James J Claro 1910 Illinois
George Clausen 1910 Illinois
Clarence Clay 1907 Illinois
Percy Clay 1910 Louisiana
Francis Clifford 1907 Illinois
Frank Clifton 1911 Indiana
Lloyd Coate 1911 Ohio
Elmer Coburn 1911 Illinois
Lewis Cochran 1909 Illinois
Peter Codak 1912 Illinois
James Cody 1907 Louisiana
Reuben Coen 1908 Illinois
Eddie Coen 1912 Illinois
Lloyd Coffman 1910 Illinois
Andrew Cohin 1907 Illinois
Robert Colby 1911 Illinois
Walter W Cole 1911 Illinois
John Coleman 1902 South Carolina
John Coleman 1908 Illinois
Orville Coleman 1908 Illinois
James Coleman 1909 Kentucky
Charles Coles 1910 Illinois
Aubery Coles 1909 Alabama
Homer Collier 1907 Illinois
Charles A Collins 1909 Illinois
Nile C Collins 1913 Illinois
Frank Collins 1910 Illinois
Wilbert Collins 1913 Alabama
Frank Colosimo 1911 Illinois
Joseph Colura 1911 Illinois
Clifford Combo 1910 West Virginia
Albert Comisky 1907 Illinois
John Congliton 1908 Kentucky
Millard Conkle 1910 Illinois
William Conklin 1910 Illinois
Mike Conlin 1910 Illinois
John Connelly 1912 Illinois
Thomas Connelly 1912 Illinois
Willard D Conner 1911 Arkansas
William Conners 1907 Tennessee
Sam Constantine 1908 Illinois
Charles Conway 1913 Illinois
William Cook 1913 Louisiana
David Coons 1905 Illinois
Bearl Copher 1905 Kentucky
Lorenzo Coppotelli 1909 New York
Wilbur R Corbin 1908 Illinois
Arnold Cordell 1909 West Virginia
Harry Cosper 1910 Illinois
Sam Costa 1913 Illinois
Charles Cott 1909 Indiana
Herbert Cottilla 1908 Illinois
William Courtney 1907 Illinois
Clinton Courtney 1902 Kentucky
Frank Couts 1910 Illinois
Ernest Cox 1906 Illinois
James Cozzi 1911 Illinois
Angelo Cozzolino 1909 Italy
Jerry Crane 1907 Oklahoma
Robert Craw 1911 Pennsylvania
Manuel Crawford 1910 Alabama
TL Crawford 1910 Indiana
Harold Creech 1907 Illinois

Last Updated on 16/03/2005
By Tyler Schulze

Trancriber: James Simmonds
Source: Names of prisoners in Illinois State Reformatory extracted from 1930 census Pontiac Township, Livingston County Illinois
Joseph Creed 1905 Illinois
Richard Croak 1912 Indiana
William Croaybeck 1909 Holland
James Cross 1909 Tennessee
Donald Crossen 1911 Illinois
Rolla Crowley 1906 Illinois
Dave Crowley 1910 Illinois
Clarence Culoer 1910 Illinois
Lloyd Cummings 1909 Illinois
Kenneth Cummings 1911 Illinois
Forrest Cumpton 1911 Illinois
Herbert Y Curry 1910 Georgia
George Curtice 1910 Illinois
William Curtis 1911 Illinois
Henry Cushman 1911 Hawaii
James Cusic 1901 Illinois
Ben Custer 1909 Illinois
George Cuthbert 1910 Illinois
Orval Cutrell 1908 Illinois
Joseph Cygan 1911 Illinois
Roy Dailey 1911 Missouri
Merle Danbury 1910 Illinois
Monroe Dance 1910 Oklahoma
Moses Daniel 1911 Tennessee
Frank Daniels 1911 Illinois
Robert Darling 1909 Illinois
Owen Darling 1907 Illinois
Ray Darnell 1911 Missouri
Loran Dash 1914 Illinois
Henry Davenport 1909 Tennessee
Mineral Davis 1907 West Virginia
Sam Davis 1905 South Carolina
Noel Davis 1909 Louisiana
John La Davis 1909 Alabama
Willie Davis 1907 Ohio
Robert Davis 1911 Louisiana
Barnett Davis 1908 Illinois
Robert Davis 1908 Georgia
William Davis 1908 Missouri
Roy Davis 1910 Illinois
Eddie Davis 1912 Illinois
Clarence Davis 1908 Mississippi
Hank Davis 1913 Illinois
Floyd Davis 1911 Illinois
John Davis 1913 Illinois
Walter Davis 1911 Illinois
Jess Davis 1912 Kentucky
Therron Davis 1911 Minnesota
Edward Davis 1912 Missouri
Edgar Davis 1910 Arkansas
Jack Davis 1910 Russia
Daniel E Davisson 1906 Illinois
Raymond Davisson 1910 Illinois
Frank Dean 1903 Illinois
Eugene Dean 1910 Illinois
Tony Deangelo 1909 Italy
Charles Deberb 1908 Illinois
Henry Debolt 1903 Illinois
Bennie Decarlo 1911 Italy
James Decicco 1908 Illinois
Ernest Delavergne 1906 Ireland
Luke Deligge 1907 Italy
Cosmo Delprate 1908 Illinois
Leonard Demar 1912 Russia
Ralph Denning 1911 Illinois
Leslie Denton 1911 Illinois
Wesley Denton 1909 Illinois
George Deprael 1908 Illinois
Louis Derick 1913 Missouri
James Derossett 1912 Tennessee
Frank Derrig 1912 Illinois
John Detente 1910 Illinois
Alber Detrow 1907 Illinois
Solly Deutch 1911 Wisconsin
Andrew Devoney 1909 Illinois
John F Devore 1903 Wisconsin
Wesley Dewees 1903 Kentucky
Harold Diamond 1911 Illinois
Dan Diasio 1911 Illinois
James Dick 1912 Illinois
Frank Dillard 1911 Tennessee
William Dix 1910 Illinois
Alfred Dixon 1907 Indiana
Percy Dobbins 1912 Tennessee
George Dobrosky 1911 Illinois
Robert Dodge 1907 Wisconsin
Floyd Dodson 1912 Missouri
John Dokes 1909 Illinois
Charles Dolan 1907 Illinois
Mike Domanowski 1913 Illinois
Eugene Dominowski 1909 Illinois
Albert Donaldson 1908 Illinois
James Donaldson 1906 Illinois
Joseph Doran 1913 Mexico
Robert Doria 1904 Texas
James Doris 1912 Illinois
Nylie Dortch 1910 Tennessee
Will Dotson 1909 Alabama
Glenn Dougherty 1903 Tennessee
Herschel Douglas 1907 Illinois
James D Douglas 1910 Tennessee
Charles Douglas 1911 Missouri
Everett Downey 1911 Illinois
Carl Downey 1909 Illinois
George Drake 1912 Illinois
Oscar Draper 1907 Louisiana
Richard Driscoll 1906 Illinois
Edward Druktenis 1913 Illinois
William Drury 1908 Illinois
Edward Duber 1911 Illinois
Donald Duggan 1913 Illinois
Bruno Dulatis 1909 Illinois
John Duncan 1911 Illinois
Robert Duncan 1909 Indiana
Lloyd Dunlap 1912 Illinois
Thomas Dunn 1911 Illinois
John Dunn 1913 Illinois
Harold Dunne 1909 Illinois
Raymond Dunne 1909 Illinois
Thad Dunningan 1911 Illinois
Norman Duresky 1910 Minnesota
Peter Dykstra 1907 Illinois
George Dziabos 1911 Illinois
Bernard Dziakdzic 1907 Illinois
John Dzurnely 1908 New Jersey

Surnames E - G ------>
<------Surnames A - B

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