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Illinois State Reformatory, Surnames A - B, 1930 Index of Prisoners

NOTE: This set of records for Illinois State Reformatory provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in Census Records When searching for your Illinois Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Ray Abbott 1912 Illinois
Barnel Abel 1907 Kentucky
Thomas Abrahamson 1904 Norway
Leo Adamczyk 1910 Illinois
Earl Adams 1908 Illinois
Ludwig Adamski 1910 Illinois
Henry Adkin 1910 Kentucky
Charles Affet 1907 Illinois
Anthony Agnetti 1906 Pennsylvania
Frank Akers 1911 Illinois
Arthur Akins 1910 Illinois
John Alberty 1913 Missouri
Charles Alexander 1911 Missouri
Wical Alexander 1911 Illinois
James Alexander 1913 Missouri
Tony Aliota 1910 Illinois
Clarence Allard 1910 Ohio
Glenn Alleibrooke 1906 Illinois
Clarence Allen 1907 Illinois
Wayne Allen 1909 Indiana
Charles Allen 1910 Colorado
Robert Allgood 1909 Illinois
Roge Allingham 1903 Iowa
Joe Almon 1908 Illinois
Lloyd Altheiser 1912 Missouri
Orville Ambers 1912 Indiana
Ted Ambromovitz 1911 Russia
Ivan Anderson 1906 Illinois
George Anderson 1910 Missouri
Ralph Anderson 1911 Illinois
Alcide Anderson 1913 Illinois
Rufus Anderson 1911 Alabama
James Anderson 1913 Tennessee
Elmer Anderson 1906 Illinois
Joseph Andrekovitz 1905 Hungary
James Andrews 1911 Tennessee
Leonard Antonucci 1910 Italy
Jack Appel 1913 Illinois
Joseph Arbour 1910 Illinois
Elmer Archie 1912 Illinois
Joseph Arcuri 1910 Illinois
Clarence Armstrong 1907 Iowa
Russell Arndt 1911 Illinois
Edwin Arnold 1910 Illinois
Louis Arsenault 1909 California
William Arthur 1906 Missouri
Vernon Atkinson 1909 Illinois
Herman Atwell 1905 Kentucky
Bernard Aubry 1911 Illinois
Alexander Austwick 1904 Illinois
Michael Avalos 1912 Mexico
Joseph Babick 1909 Illinois
Harry Bachelder 1911 Illinois
Ben Baclawski 1907 Illinois
William Bailey 1909 Illinois
Chester Bailey 1908 Illinois
Thermon Baker 1908 Illinois
Oliver Baker 1912 Arkansas
Rayfield Baker 1911 Arkansas
William Baldridge 1912 Illinois
George Balinski 1912 Wisconsin
Alex Balint 1912 Hungary
Lester Ballinger 1911 Illinois
Antone Balzis 1907 Illinois
Albert Banger 1905 Illinois
Philip Banks 1908 Louisiana
Joe Barango 1906 Illinois
Peter Barbuscia 1909 New York
Earl Barclow 1912 Texas
Raymond C Barden 1905 Indiana
Raymond Barger 1909 Pennsylvania
Gregory Barker 1911 Illinois
Nevin Barnard 1905 Illinois
Theodore Barner 1905 Louisiana
Robert Barnes 1909 Illinois
Freddie Barnes 1913 Arkansas
CA Barnes 1905 Illinois
Mike Barron 1908 Illinois
Francis Barry 1908 Missouri
Charles Barry 1907 Illinois
Edward Barry 1912 Illinois
Edmund Bartley 1905 Illinois
John Bartonsek 1911 Pennsylvania
James Batom 1908 Illinois
Frank Battcher 1908 Illinois
Walter Baxter 1909 Iowa
Vernie Beard 1912 Indiana
Leo Beasley 1913 Illinois
Raymond Beaumont 1912 Illinois
Victor Beaver 1909 Illinois
Melvin Beck 1903 Illinois
John Beck 1907 Illinois
Fred Becker 1912 Kentucky
Gulliver Beckrum 1904 Indiana
Frank Bednarik 1912 Nebraska
Clyde Bedsaul 1911 Missouri
John Beed 1901 USA
John Begeske 1907 Illinois
Joseph Bein 1910 Illinois
Valcour Bell 1902 Louisiana
Roy Bell 1907 Illinois
David Bell 1909 New Jersey
Richard Bell 1909 Louisiana
Arthur Bemis 1903 Illinois
Joseph Benito 1912 Illinois
Alfred Benjamin 1904 Illinois
Adrian Bennett 1904 Illinois
Clayton Bennett 1911 Indiana
Harry Bennett 1906 Wisconsin
Ernest Benson 1901 Illinois
James Benson 1909 Illinois
Charles Beranek 1908 Illinois
Mike Bereza 1904 Russia
Peter Berger 1904 Austria

Last Updated on 16/03/2005
By Tyler Schulze

Trancriber: James Simmonds
Source: Names of prisoners in Illinois State Reformatory extracted from 1930 census Pontiac Township, Livingston County Illinois
Nathan Berman 1909 Illinois
Harley Beshears 1913 Missouri
Delbert Bethel 1906 Illinois
Frank Bethel 1913 Illinois
John Beyer 1907 Wisconsin
Frank Bielecki 1910 Illinois
John Biga 1913 Illinois
John Bill 1910 Georgia
Frank Billon 1911 Illinois
Peter Billy 1909 Illinois
Leon Bingham 1906 Tennessee
William Birdwell 1907 Illinois
John Bishopberger 1909 Illinois
Richard Black 1908 Missouri
Fred Blacka 1909 Illinois
Otis Bland 1908 Iowa
Elder Blanton 1908 Georgia
William Blazdell 1911 Illinois
William Block 1912 Illinois
Edward Blut 1909 Wisconsin
Robert Bock 1911 Illinois
Thomas Bodah 1908 Michigan
Andrew Bogacki 1911 Illinois
Frank Bohm 1909 Illinois
Roy Bohn 1908 Illinois
Willis Bond 1911 Illinois
John Bongiorno 1907 Louisiana
Arthur Boone 1908 Indiana
Spurgeon Boone 1909 Georgia
Irving Boone 1912 Illinois
William Borderfest 1912 Illinois
Samuel Borders 1909 Tennessee
Peter Borg 1908 Illinois
Walter Borman 1912 Illinois
William Boska 1909 Illinois
John Bottenhagen 1906 Illinois
Robert Bousum 1906 Pennsylvania
John Bowman 1909 Germany
Ross Bowman 1910 Pennsylvania
George Boyack 1905 Illinois
Theodore Boyd 1907 Illinois
Joseph Boyd 1909 Illinois
Gerald Boyer 1907 Indiana
James Boyer 1911 Illinois
Steve Bradley 1910 Missouri
Robert Bradley 1909 Illinois
Glen W Bramel 1904 Illinois
Harry Brandes 1904 Indiana
Sylvan Braughton 1910 Illinois
Richard Brayman 1910 Missouri
Baynton Brecheisen 1912 Illinois
Breskoff Breene 1913 Texas
Norman L Brennon 1912 Illinois
Dewitt Brent 1910 Indiana
Wilbur Brewer 1908 Illinois
Willie Brickner 1898 Illinois
Shelby Bridges 1913 Mississippi
Earl Briggs 1903 Minnesota
James Briggs 1911 Indiana
John Brockman 1910 Illinois
Cosinni Bronesti 1911 Illinois
Charles Brooks 1906 Illinois
William Brooks 1911 Illinois
Herman Brosch 1907 Illinois
Harlan Browder 1909 Illinois
Paul Brown 1900 Illinois
George Brown 1907 Illinois
Buster Brown 1907 Illinois
Albert Brown 1910 Alabama
Francis Brown 1911 Massachusetts
Walter Brown 1909 Illinois
John D Brown 1908 Mississippi
William Brown 1910 Illinois
Sam Brown 1905 Alabama
Willie E Brown 1910 Ohio
Juluis Brown 1911 Georgia
Arnold Brown 1914 Illinois
Kenneth Brown 1912 Illinois
Lawrence Brown 1909 Illinois
Lewis Brown 1908 Illinois
James Brown 1910 Illinois
Eudell Brown 1913 Nebraska
Harry Bruce 1907 Kentucky
Louis Bruno 1911 Illinois
Joseph Brya 1911 Illinois
Charles Bryant 1909 Arkansas
Robert Bryant 1911 Pennsylvania
Forrest Bryson 1912 Illinois
Charles Buchanan 1910 Illinois
William Buckalter 1910 Georgia
Locket Buckman 1907 Kentucky
Michael Budz 1910 Illinois
Michael Buff 1898 Illinois
Conley Buford 1910 Tennessee
George Bullard 1911 Illinois
Nathan Bunckley 1906 Mississippi
Harry Burke 1909 Louisiana
Mose Burkhart 1911 Illinois
Gilbert Burkman 1912 Illinois
George Burks 1910 Wisconsin
Floyd A Burnett 1909 Michigan
Richard Burney 1910 Illinois
Sears H Burton 1909 Minnesota
William Busby 1913 Indiana
Louis Busch 1910 Pennsylvania
Charles Buschek 1912 Illinois
Paul Butler 1909 Illinois
Virgil Butler 1909 Illinois
Charles Butler 1907 Louisiana
Robert Butler 1911 Illinois
Ernest Button 1908 Illinois
Mathew Buzychi 1909 Illinois
Percy Byrd 1911 Illinois
Melvin Byrd 1910 Illinois

Surnames C - D ------>

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