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Lisbon Convict Camp, 1900 Index of Prisoners

NOTE: This set of records for Lisbon Convict Camp provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in Census Records When searching for your Georgia Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Frank Adams Nov 1856 Georgia
Frank Adams Jun 1871 Georgia
George B Adams Nov 1866 Georgia
John Adams Mar 1864 Georgia
Mat Armstrong Oct 1873 Georgia
Bubin Avery Jun 1860 Georgia
Bowder Bell Jun 1878 Georgia
William Bell Nov 1878 Georgia
Jossie Belvus Sep 1865 Georgia
Buris Bern Jan 1874 Georgia
Frank Berrny Aug 1874 Georgia
Brivensten Bird Nov 1876 Georgia
John Blackwell Jan 1870 Georgia
Adelpis Bodgen Mar 1881 Georgia
Walter Brook Feb 1864 Georgia
Walter Brook Feb 1874 Georgia
George Brown Sep 1880 Georgia
Lou Brown May 1871 Georgia
Fletcher Brownfield Sep 1879 Georgia
Luther Buckner Apr 1870 Georgia
William Burton Apr 1862 Georgia
Charles Busonghus Mar 1866 Georgia
Ford Bustion Aug 1868 Georgia
Stoven Butts Aug 1877 Georgia
William Casmier Nov 1865 Georgia
John Cassol Apr 1862 Georgia
Robert L Childs Sep 1881 Georgia
James Clay Apr 1877 Georgia
Oliver Clayton Dec 1871 Georgia
George Cloud Jun 1865 Georgia
Mack O Cobb Jul 1880 Georgia
Scot Cobb Mar 1884 Georgia
Munro Colburn Aug 1861 Georgia
Henry Collier May 1874 Georgia
Emanul Collins Jan 1852 Georgia
Bufuis Collins Aug 1875 Georgia
Peter Colmon Apr 1883 Georgia
Charles Coner Jun 1874 Georgia
Frank Couthens Nov 1864 Georgia
L J Cunningham Sep 1880 Georgia
Bud Cupper Aug 1872 Georgia
James Curtis Feb 1872 Georgia
Frank Davenport Nov 1872 Georgia
John Davis Jun 1875 Georgia
Taylor Delk May 1870 Georgia
Asbery Dickson Sep 1879 Georgia
Louis Dobb Jul 1876 Georgia
J B Dorninia Oct 1845 Georgia
William Doron Jun 1877 Georgia
Culumbus Doston Dec 1843 Georgia
E P Dover Nov 1854 Georgia
Louis Dumond Nov 1870 Georgia
Will Ellison Jul 1877 Georgia
Hollie Evasey Jun 1868 Georgia
John Evons Jun 1879 Georgia
John Feltman Dec 1869 Georgia
Will Floyed Sep 1875 Georgia
Henry Fobes Feb 1873 Georgia
Charles Foster Jan 1874 Georgia
John Fowler May 1858 Georgia
Silas Fowler Aug 1866 Georgia
Easley Glenn Dec 1877 Georgia
Gabe Glover Nov 1878 Georgia
Arther Gluver Aug 1881 Georgia
Henry Gorden Mar 1845 Georgia
Drew Gordon Oct 1881 Georgia
Thad Graham May 1864 Georgia
Tom Guff Sep 1880 Georgia
Charles Hadison May 1881 Georgia
James Halt Aug 1857 Georgia
Frank Hand Aug 1877 Georgia
William Hardy Feb 1861 Georgia
Julious Harvy Sep 1878 Georgia
John Haydon Oct 1877 Georgia
Spencer Head Jun 1861 Georgia
Tom B Henderson Mar 1864 Georgia
Tom H Henderson Sep 1875 Georgia
William Henderson Jun 1875 Georgia
James Henry Jun 1875 Georgia
Charles Herron Jun 1862 Georgia

Trancriber: James Simmonds
Source: Names of prisoners in Lisbon Convict Camp extracted from 1900 census Flintstone Village, Walker County Georgia
John A Higmes Jun 1882 Georgia
Henry Hill Oct 1863 Georgia
William Hill Nov 1868 Georgia
Henry Hill Sep 1879 Georgia
App Himes Nov 1877 Georgia
M J Homah Oct 1877 Georgia
Eli Homan Jun 1871 Georgia
Ed Hopkins Sep 1876 Georgia
Gus Hosdy Apr 1865 Georgia
Jack Hossit Sep 1884 Georgia
E G Howard Aug 1867 Georgia
Clark Howel Aug 1862 Georgia
Moose Howel May 1870 Georgia
Eldridge Jackson Feb 1881 Georgia
Jim M Jackson May 1875 Georgia
Wise Jackson Mar 1875 Georgia
Charles Jasper May 1878 Georgia
Allin Johnson Jan 1871 Georgia
Bill Johnson Aug 1867 Georgia
Lewis Johnson Jan 1876 Georgia
Louis Johnson Mar 1875 Georgia
William Johnson Feb 1882 Georgia
John Jordon Dec 1881 Georgia
Cuorn W Jotunn Jun 1863 Georgia
J W S Junn Jun 1867 Georgia
John Kelley Sep 1854 Georgia
Alexander Keyes May 1873 Georgia
Tom Lattimer Aug 1873 Georgia
Tom Lenord Jan 1867 Georgia
Morgan Lorozomo Nov 1866 Georgia
Joe Louis Sep 1882 Georgia
William Loyd Nov 1867 Georgia
John Maff Jul 1875 Georgia
Bum Mathews Dec 1871 Georgia
John May May 1870 Georgia
Bragg Mayhon Jan 1879 Georgia
Henry McClayton Sep 1873 Georgia
Emond McClores Aug 1840 Georgia
Tom McCluny Sep 1879 Georgia
Sibbun McCount Mar 1874 Georgia
Some McCoy Aug 1870 Georgia
Mack McLenard Sep 1868 Georgia
Sherman McWhorten Aug 1878 Georgia
Arthur Mc Williams Aug 1874 Georgia
Hillard Meeks Nov 1865 Georgia
Mort Moore Jan 1875 Georgia
Louis Morgan Aug 1875 Georgia
James Morris May 1859 Georgia
John Morris Jan 1870 Georgia
Jasper Painter Dec 1885 Georgia
Fred Perrie May 1870 Georgia
William Price Nov 1881 Georgia
Wilson Pull May 1858 Georgia
Johon Pusker Nov 1878 Georgia
John C Pyburn Aug 1888 Georgia
A B Quinn Apr 1871 Georgia
Henry Roberts Jan 1877 Georgia
Thomas Roberts Dec 1846 Georgia
Morgan Scott Aug 1820 Georgia
Clifford Shaw Apr 1865 Georgia
Chas Shields Mar 1862 Georgia
William Sims Oct 1844 Georgia
Joe Small Sep 1863 Georgia
Henry Smith Oct 1866 Georgia
James Smith May 1879 Georgia
James Sneed May 1876 Georgia
Crissie Taylor Jan 1847 Georgia
Cuome Walker Jun 1881 Georgia
Charles Ward May 1866 Georgia
Brog Washington Nov 1875 Georgia
Charles Watson Nov 1877 Georgia
Well White Jul 1874 Georgia
C M Whiumuns May 1877 Georgia
Johnson Williams Jul 1877 Georgia
Wesly Wintbush Oct 1856 Georgia
Coquit Wittoms Dec 1875 Georgia
Frances Wituom May 1875 Georgia
Frank Word Feb 1879 Georgia
Frank A Worthy Apr 1876 Georgia

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