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Connecticut State Prison, 1930 Index of Prisoners (Surnames K - Z)

NOTE: This set of records for Connecticut State Prison provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in Census Records When searching for your Connecticut Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Lukas Kuflinsky 1858 Poland
Charles Kumpis 1898 Connecticut
John Kushner 1898 New Jersey
Louis Labagnara 1905 Italy
Antony Labutis 1869 Lithuania
John Laclair 1882 Massachusetts
Pearl Ladowa 1895 Massachusetts
Eugene Laflamme 1898 Massachusetts
Stanley Laganza 1895 Poland
Roland Lalone 1907 Massachusetts
Willis Lambert 1854 Massachusetts
Morris Landan 1881 Austria
Arthur Landry 1902 Massachusetts
Leo Landry 1904 Massachusetts
Frank Laneve 1892 Italy
Jerry Lapine 1904 Connecticut
Florian Laskowski 1909 Connecticut
Gordon Laughlin 1904 Canada; England
Philip Lawrence 1883 New Hampshire
John Lawson 1886 Canada; England
Bertrand Leavenworth 1908 Connecticut
Clifford Lee 1902 New York
Rose Lehman 1898 Connecticut
Louis Leohold 1893 Russia
Earl Leonard 1895 Maine
Lea Lewis 1897 Connecticut
Patsy Limone 1896 Italy
Gerhart Linn 1905 Connecticut
Frank Lipka 1909 Massachusetts
Jack Lipman 1894 Russia
Thomas Lobus 1905 Maryland
Beni Lochnicki 1893 Poland
John Longfellow 1891 Poland
Joseph Longo 1891 Italy
Isadore Lopes 1896 Portugal
Fred Lovell 1878 Vermont
Augustus Lowden 1887 Connecticut
Pasquale Luca 1896 Italy
Clarence Ludlow 1888 New York
Bernard Luetjen 1905 Connecticut
Harry Luff 1882 Massachusetts
Gabriel Lupo 1878 Italy
Louis Luria 1896 Italy
George Lynch 1907 Connecticut
Harold Mackson 1906 Pennsylvania
George Macneil 1894 Connecticut
Harold Maddocks 1903 New York
Theodore Maghew 1905 New York
Maurice Mahoney 1905 Connecticut
George Majesky 1900 Connecticut
Charles Males 1880 Argentina
Timothy Mance 1893 Georgia
Giuseppe Mancini 1880 Italy
Tomasso Mandato 1882 Italy
Joseph Marano 1888 Italy
Raymond Maranville 1904 Connecticut
Rocco Marinaccio 1908 New York
Joseph Marinello 1909 New Jersey
Thomas Marro 1882 Italy
Raymond Marston 1892 New York
Henry Martell 1895 Canada; England
Alexander Martin 1892 New Jersey
Arthur Martin 1905 Connecticut
Kenneth Martin 1909 Connecticut
Ignatz Martineck 1892 Russia
John Martinek 1893 Czechoslovakia
John Marton 1860 New York
Joseph Marzano 1898 Italy
James Maslen 1876 Massachusetts
Ralph Mayville 1883 Maine
Richard Mccard 1897 Connecticut
Thomas Mccarthy 1904 Connecticut
Dennis Mccarthy 1896 Massachusetts
Arlington Mccrohan 1903 Massachusetts
Frank Mccue 1903 Connecticut
Michael Mcdonnell 1880 New York
James Mcdowell 1893 Connecticut
Jay Mcelya 1895 Kentucky
George Mcfarland 1901 Connecticut
James Mcgray 1901 Alabama
Theodore Mcinnis 1907 Connecticut
John Mckiernan 1897 Georgia
Thomas Mclaughlin 1893 New York
Roderick Mcquarrie 1882 Canada; England
Thomas Meade 1903 Connecticut
Charles Medley 1888 Virginia
Abraham Melnikoff 1886 Russia
Joseph Memoli 1908 New York
Leon Metcalf 1886 Connecticut
Charles Mettsrarck 1883 Poland
Sawa Metwino 1887 Russia
Alexander Mierziewski 1894 Poland
Lawrence Mikowski 1899 Poland
William Miller 1889 Iowa
Max Miller 1885 Poland
Joseph Miller 1888 Germany
Albert Mills 1902 Connecticut
Alfonsa Mingion 1906 Pennsylvania
Joseph Minichino 1899 Italy
Steve Miseisz 1892 Poland
William Mittler 1877 Illinois
Roswell Moffitt 1884 Connecticut
Joseph Molloy 1904 Connecticut
Annie Monahan 1880 Ireland
Albert Mongrain 1892 Canada
Lucius Montano 1910 Connecticut
Vito Montarosso 1888 Italy
James Moore 1905 Kentucky
Everett Mosher 1907 Vermont
George Moturko 1869 Poland
Watson Mouethrope 1905 Connecticut
Mate Mrakovich 1877 Austria
Owen Murphy 1869 Connecticut
Richard Murphy 1905 Massachusetts
George Myers 1907 Georgia
Antonio Negrette 1902 Connecticut
Jerry Nelson 1910 Massachusetts
John Neuss 1887 New Jersey
John Nichols 1889 New York
Andrew Nichols 1883 California
Albert Noether 1877 Connecticut
John Norkus 1901 Lithuania
George Northrop 1908 New York
Ethel Nott 1891 Massachusetts
John Oakes 1896 Maine
Pearl Oakes 1904 Canada; England
William Obrien 1907 New York
George Oconnell 1888 Connecticut
Marty Oconnor 1904 New York
William Ohara 1898 Connecticut
John Oivitelli 1898 New Jersey
Francis Omeara 1909 Connecticut
Ralph Onofrio 1903 Connecticut
Harry Orr 1900 Connecticut
Edgar Orr 1902 Georgia
Tony Padula 1903 Italy
Charles Palmer 1909 Connecticut
James Panone 1896 Italy
Rocco Panucci 1889 Italy
Rocco Papallo 1886 Italy
Raymond Papineau 1902 Connecticut
Raymond Parker 1905 Massachusetts
Jesse Parkman 1910 Alabama
Sebastino Pattavina 1900 Italy
Harry Patterson 1900 Connecticut
George Patterson 1900 Pennsylvania
Michael Paulik 1910 Michigan
Edward Pauls 1906 Maryland
William Pearson 1898 Pennsylvania
Harry Pelletier 1901 Connecticut
Patsey Perelli 1884 Italy
Mary Perilly 1888 Italy
Albert Perry 1901 New York
Gioachino Petrochi 1870 Italy
Clayton Phelps 1909 Connecticut
Peter Pinto 1909 Connecticut
John Pirozzi 1905 Connecticut
Nicola Pisonella 1895 Italy
Victor Poggie 1909 Connecticut
Ernest Poley 1889 Connecticut
Louis Polk 1892 Georgia
Frank Poodiack 1908 Connecticut
Alphege Potvin 1893 Connecticut
Dominick Poveromo 1909 Connecticut
Irving Powers 1861 New York
Ralph Prete 1903 Connecticut
William Price 1877 Russia

Last Updated on 16/03/2005
By Tyler Schulze

Trancriber: James Simmonds
Source: Names of prisoners in Connecticut State Prison extracted from 1930 census Wethersfield Township, Hartford County Connecticut
Guido Prithazio 1905 Italy
John Pronto 1901 New York
Peter Pugrab 1900 Poland
Stephen Puleo 1905 New York
Frank Pulitano 1903 Italy
Peter Raczegowish 1895 Poland
Stephen Raley 1906 Connecticut
Thomas Ralodinski 1889 Poland
Cedric Ralph 1901 Connecticut
William Randolph 1892 Russia
William Ranney 1886 Connecticut
Herman Ransome 1901 New Jersey
Francis Ray 1901 Connecticut
Albert Raymond 1908 Massachusetts
Riago Reale 1897 Italy
Bert Reed 1904 New York
Frank Reed 1899 Connecticut
John Regan 1887 Ireland
George Reilly 1874 Massachusetts
James Rello 1879 Italy
Robert Renfree 1877 Connecticut
Frank Ricardi 1882 Italy
Jacob Ricciardone 1905 Connecticut
Charles Richards 1905 Massachusetts
Harold Richardson 1905 Connecticut
William Richman 1895 New Jersey
Edward Richmond 1899 Connecticut
Stephen Riggott 1901 Connecticut
Thomas Rigney 1905 Connecticut
John Roach 1909 Massachusetts
William Robinson 1909 Connecticut
John Rocco 1899 New York
Frank Rocco 1889 Italy
Joseph Roche 1898 Connecticut
Dominick Roche 1874 New Jersey
Manuel Rose 1880 Portugal
Michael Rose 1894 New Jersey
Samuel Rosenberg 1903 New York
Philip Rousch 1905 Connecticut
Saff Rowolanko 1889 Russia
Mike Rugiero 1888 Italy
James Russa 1898 Italy
Louis Russo 1898 New Jersey
Alex Rutkowski 1910 Connecticut
Walter Ryan 1901 North Carolina
James Ryan 1902 New Jersey
Harry Sallows 1900 England
Thomas Sandola 1908 Connecticut
Frank Sango 1896 New York
Lorenza Sanna 1897 Italy
Antonio Santagata 1898 Italy
John Santoro 1890 Italy
Albert Sausa 1904 Massachusetts
Stephen Sawicki 1906 Connecticut
George Schmalz 1886 Connecticut
Julius Schneider 1887 Germany
Julius Schutte 1900 Connecticut
Harold Seaman 1883 New York
Joseph Secoy 1910 New York
Robert Semple 1901 Canada; England
Louis Serappi 1904 New York
Mike Serino 1887 Italy
Joseph Sevanzo 1896 Italy
Cary Shad 1904 Tennessee
Gustave Shanfeld 1888 Russia
Samuel Shankman 1907 Russia
William Shannon 1901 Connecticut
William Shaw 1888 Connecticut
Floyd Sheldon 1902 Vermont
Morris Shellnitz 1880 Russia
Richard Shelton 1904 Virginia
John Sheridan 1899 Vermont
Harry Shugrue 1906 Massachusetts
John Simbroski 1907 Connecticut
John Simpkins 1897 Georgia
William Simpson 1898 Connecticut
Carmeta Sinaguglie 1903 Italy
James Sindare 1885 Scotland
Joseph Sjogren 1895 Connecticut
John Skladony 1896 Connecticut
Edward Slattery 1891 New York
Stephan Slavinski 1886 Russia
John Smith 1877 Kentucky
George Smith 1901 Connecticut
Brinson Smith 1895 Georgia
William Smith 1875 Pennsylvania
John Smith 1902 North Carolina
Louis Smith 1890 Georgia
Frank Sobeck 1866 Poland
Jerry Spatacenta 1894 Italy
Michael Spellacy 1904 Connecticut
Ralph Sprang 1891 Connecticut
Frederick Stamm 1873 Connecticut
Steve Stankewicz 1872 Poland
John Stanley 1881 England
George Stanton 1891 Texas
Marie Stazak 1884 Poland
William Stevens 1888 New York
Alfred Stlawrence 1904 Massachusetts
Edward Stone 1899 Massachusetts
Hollis Sutherland 1904 Maine
Matrie Syrotiak 1904 Connecticut
Giatante Tancredi 1897 Italy
Lawrence Tanner 1901 Pennsylvania
Claude Taylor 1887 Connecticut
Edward Taylor 1898 Virginia
Charles Taylor 1909 Connecticut
John Taynor 1873 Connecticut
Jerry Tempesta 1855 Italy
Michael Terrone 1889 Italy
Simon Tesky 1907 Connecticut
James Thomas 1900 South Carolina
Marshall Thompson 1893 Connecticut
William Thompson 1894 Connecticut
Agostino Tinti 1895 Italy
John Tirelli 1904 Argentina
Steve Tisano 1889 Italy
Frank Tomes 1862 Austria
Philip Tommasi 1891 Italy
August Trebino 1900 Mexico
William Trefry 1892 Canada
Giuseppe Tuminelli 1897 Italy
Harold Tuohy 1897 Connecticut
Richard Turley 1905 Connecticut
William Turner 1895 South Carolina
Frank Ulisse 1901 New York
Frank Ustik 1890 Russia
Antonio Valente 1895 Italy
Antonio Valentino 1886 Italy
James Vanallen 1907 Virginia
Victor Vanoni 1905 Connecticut
Manuel Varela 1885 Portugal
William Vastola 1901 Connecticut
Louis Vena 1908 Connecticut
Salvatora Vicica 1866 Italy
John Viglione 1884 Italy
Theodore Vinallette 1869 Canada
Giovanni Voturri 1886 Italy
Joseph Vuolo 1858 Italy
Frank Wagner 1900 Germany
Bessie Wakefield 1889 Connecticut
John Walker 1900 Connecticut
Sidney Ward 1888 Connecticut
Daniel Washington 1901 Pennsylvania
Roger Watkins 1899 Pennsylvania
William Watson 1907 Rhode Island
George Watson 1898 New York
Francis Weeks 1871 Massachusetts
Florence Weiner 1902 Cape Verde
Samuel Weiss 1896 Austria
Fred Westerman 1896 Germany
William White 1902 Massachusetts
Harry Whitford 1909 Connecticut
Henry Wilbon 1904 North Carolina
Edward Willes 1867 Connecticut
Leonard Williams 1880 New York
Henry Williams 1882 Virginia
Clifton Williams 1893 Alabama
Henry Williams 1892 Tennessee
Fred Wilson 1892 Vermont
Wendell Witalis 1894 Connecticut
Isadore Yockelman 1891 Russia
John Yurasz 1872 Austria
Stanislaw Zack 1863 Russia
George Zakhar 1907 Connecticut
Rock Zekas 1885 Poland
William Zembricki 1907 Massachusetts
Frank Zents 1893 Connecticut

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