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Colorado State Reformatory, 1930 Index of Prisoners

NOTE: This set of records for Colorado State Reformatory provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in Census Records When searching for your Colorado Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Joe Adams 1913 Wyoming
Joel Alice 1913 New Mexico
Long Analla 1911 Colorado
George Anderson 1911 Oklahoma
Joe Archuletta 1909 Colorado
Ike Archuletta 1908 Colorado
Gorden Armani 1907 Colorado
Manuel Atencio 1911 Colorado
Omar Ayen 1911 Oklahoma
Joe Baca 1913 New Mexico
Donald Barbe 1912 Iowa
John E Barber 1909 Oklahoma
Walter Barnaby 1910 Massachusetts
Earl Barner 1910 Mississippi
Tito Baron 1908 Colorado
Lawrence Baugh 1910 Kansas
Earl Baylor 1912 Minnesota
Clayre Beauchamp 1909 Iowa
Joseph Beilman 1910 New York
Raymon Bejar 1906 Colorado
Mario Benavides 1911 New Mexico
Manuel Billaloban 1912 Texas
Harold Bills 1913 Texas
Cliego J Blanco 1912 Spain
William Bloom 1912 Nebraska
Justin W Bormann 1910 Iowa
Marvin Briel 1913 Nebraska
Elden Briney 1912 Illinois
Ernest Bromson 1913 Oklahoma
Clarence Brown 1909 Colorado
Beny B Bruns 1910 Colorado
  Bundy 1908 Kansas
John Carney 1912 Pennsylvania
Alex Chavez 1914 Colorado
Glenn Clark 1914 Colorado
Robert Conlon 1912 Illinois
Geroge E Conyers 1909 Colorado
Frank Corados 1912 New Mexico
Ernest Corpenter 1912 Kansas
Graham J Cotten 1907 Kentucky
James K Cute 1913 Rhode Island
Roy De Angelis 1910 Colorado
Willard Dean 1913 Kansas
Jim DeChema 1905 Minnesota
Jane Decker 1910 Colorado
Dick Delhart 1912 Missouri
Alex Dominguez 1911 Colorado
Earl Donaldson 1911 Illinois
Earl Dwyer 1910 Missouri
Lyle Eastman 1907 Minnesota
Layton Eby 1913 Kansas
Harold Edmonds 1913 Oklahoma
Marshall Einsel 1910 Indiana
George Ellis 1909 Colorado
George Ellsworth 1907 Colorado
John Enett 1910 Missouri
Thomas Fenis 1913 Oklahoma
William Filley 1910 Colorado
Harold Ford 1911 Wisconsin
Tomas Garcia 1913 Colorado
Tomy Garcia 1913 Colorado
Alfred Gardner 1905 Kentucky
Charles Gigliiano 1913 Colorado
Pete Gonia 1911 Wisconsin
Ralond Granese 1908 Colorado
Kenneth Gravatt 1910 Kansas
Pete Grosmich 1912 Colorado
Frank Gutierrez 1909 Mexico
Frank Hallman 1908 Ohio
Frank Halmes 1912 Colorado
Lester Hamen 1911 Colorado
Paul Hartetter 1913 Kansas
Edward Hastings 1913 Minnesota
Wyefred Haug 1911 New York
Henry Hebner 1911 Illinois
Harold Henderson 1911 Indiana
Don Herman 1913 Colorado
John Hermaney 1912 Colorado
Eugene Hess 1912 Colorado
John Hole 1911 New York
Earl Hood 1913 Missouri
Talbert Howen 1914 Illinois
Jacob Hribar 1911 Colorado
Roderick Ines 1911 Colorado
L J Irvin 1905 Texas
Henry Jarus 1909 Alabama
Lester M Johnson 1912 Florida
Roosevelt Knot 1910 Colorado
Lorry Kovats 1911 Illinois
Conrad Lahart 1910 Colorado
Mickey Latza 1910 Pennsylvania
John Legras 1910 Pennsylvania
Jack Lewis 1911 Colorado

Last Updated on 16/03/2005
By Tyler Schulze

Trancriber: Tracy Day
Source: Names of prisoners in Colorado State Reformatory extracted from 1930 census Buena Vista Township, Chaffee County Colorado
J B Lines 1910 Illinois
Joseph Lopez 1911 Mexico
Frank Lovato 1912 Colorado
Tomy Lovato 1911 Colorado
Mike Mactor 1912 New Mexico
James Magyar 1906 Kansas
Carl Malmgren 1910 Colorado
Ross Man 1908 Oregon
Tininold Martinez 1908 New Mexico
Joe Martinez 1907 New Mexico
Flore Martinez 1908 New Mexico
John T Matthews 1905 New York
Henry Maue 1910 Nebraska
Thomas Maynard 1911 South Dakota
Redditt Mccrory 1907 Mississippi
Raymond McGinnis 1911 Alaska
Harold Mckellips 1905 Nebraska
Paul McKessinger 1906 Missouri
Thomas Meeler 1908 Missouri
Alvis H Mers 1907 Kansas
Roy Millard 1909 Colorado
Oren E Miller 1912 Indiana
John S Miller 1909 Indiana
Virgil Miller 1913 Ohio
Harold Mone 1913 Oklahoma
Marion Montez 1910 Colorado
Juan Morello 1912 Mexico
Mariel Morgan 1910 Kansas
Philip J Muhic 1910 Colorado
Pat Murray 1908 Colorado
Julian Naney 1911 Mexico
Lloyd Newhouse 1910 Nebraska
Dan Nichols 1910 Colorado
Malvin Nolander 1910 Minnesota
Raymond Norton 1910 Kansas
Howard O Dell 1910 Nebraska
Edwin Owens 1906 Kansas
Jose Pacheco 1910 New Mexico
Tomy Padula 1908 Colorado
Henry Paslick 1906 Kentucky
Joe Pena 1911 New Mexico
Victor Peyer 1906 Kansas
Nick Pinto 1913 Colorado
John Plue 1911 Iowa
William Poland 1911 Oklahoma
Byron Pratt 1909 England
George K Quinn 1911 Wyoming
Alvin Rause 1912 Kansas
Virgie Rause 1910 Kansas
Lupe Rebatran 1911 Colorado
Robert Reeder 1908 Minnesota
William Reese 1913 Colorado
Charles S Reitenbaugh 1910 Indiana
Russell Renslow 1911 Nebraska
Leland Rhodes 1907 Wisconsin
Willis Ricketts 1908 Oklahoma
Lester Robuck 1913 Oklahoma
Alfame Romen 1906 Colorado
John Ronk 1912 Wisconsin
Otto Rose 1910 Alabama
Albert Rose 1911 Washington
Josk Rowan 1909 Mississippi
Alfred Rubis 1912 Mexico
Pete Sanclez 1911 New Mexico
Lawrence Santistevan 1910 Colorado
Carl Schofer 1908 Germany
Thomas Sencenich 1907 Illinois
Arthur Shamon 1912 Michigan
Ray Shipman 1911 Michigan
Edward Silkey 1911 Wisconsin
Richard Skeen 1912 Kansas
Clyde Smith 1911 Colorado
Frank Snyder 1914 Colorado
Walter Sonntag 1910 Ohio
Wilborn Steffens 1911 New York
John Stokley 1908 Colorado
Melvin Sutten 1912 Colorado
Cecil Swofford 1909 Texas
Glenn D Thomas 1907 Minnesota
Jame Thompson 1911 West Virginia
Frank Tobin 1910 Colorado
Paul Tuch 1905 Missouri
Raymon Valenzuela 1912 California
Ben Walker 1912 Illinois
Thomas Walsh 1911 Colorado
Ray F Waninger 1911 Colorado
Robert Webster 1913 West Virginia
Jame William 1909 Texas
Walter Wilson 1913 Colorado
Ernest Wolfe 1911 Colorado
Ray Young 1910 Colorado
Harold L Young 1906 Illinois

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