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Colorado State Hospital for the Insane, 1930 Index of Inmates Surname S

NOTE: This set of records for Colorado State Hospital for the Insane provides the inmates name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these inmates can be found in Census Records

Inmates Name, Inmates Date of Birth, Inmates Place of Birth

Joseph Sabo 1888 Europe
Joe Saccamanno 1890 Italy
Ada Sackowitz 1896 Colorado
John Sage 1855 Iowa
Frank Sage 1880 Missouri
Lena Sage 1896 Colorado
Policiano Salazar 1892 Colorado
Ventura Salazar 1904 New Mexico
C N Salgado 1892 Texas
Teresa Saloris 1907 Colorado
Nona Salsbury 1884 Nebraska
Guiseppe Salviccio 1884 Italy
Hugh Sammon 1853 Ireland
Joseph Samuels 1867 Missouri
Edward Sanchez 1904 Colorado
Lizzie Sanchez 1893 Colorado
Marguerite Sand 1908 Illinois
Ludwig Sandberg 1885 Sweden
Lester Sanders 1875 Missouri
Louise Sanders 1865 New York
Indeborg Sandnes 1889 Norway
Bella Sandor 1878 Hungary
Henry Sands 1893 Colorado
Samuel Sands 1854 Pennsylvania
Nicoletta Santarelli 1883 Italy
John Sarvela 1889 Finland
Mary Sasse 1884 Missouri
John Scalva 1880 Italy
Richard Scanlan 1873 Pennsylvania
John Scaro 1881 Austria
Mary Scaua 1863 Italy
Albert Schack 1898 Iowa
Conrad Schafer 1896 Russia
Mary Schafer 1863 Russia
George Schalk 1862 California
May Schalles 1891 Oklahoma
Albert Scheffler 1885 Colorado
Rachel Scheidt 1912 Colorado
Otto Schermann 1878 Czechoslovakia
William Schiller 1855 Indiana
Joe Schleimer 1889 Austria
John Schless 1867 Czechoslovakia
Mary Schlicher 1864 New York
Christina Schlitt 1873 Russia
Herman Schmidt 1900 Nebraska
John Schmidt 1882 Russia
Erma Schmidt 1906 Oklahoma
Tillie Schmidt 1894 Colorado
William Schmiltz 1865 Poland
Godfrey Schnell 1884 Colorado
Henry Schnell 1886 Colorado
Hubert Schnieder 1860 Belgium
Carrie Scholl 1874 Illinois
Matilda Scholz 1869 Illinois
Minnie Schoonover 1882 Missouri
Joseph Schott 1893 Iowa
Harry Schoubne 1877 New York
Harold Schrader 1901 Iowa
Anna Schroeder 1879 Wisconsin
Ernest Schryver 1881 Iowa
Mary Schulenbury 1861 Illinois
Henry Schultz 1889 Kansas
Katherin Schultz 1866 Germany
Alma Schultz 1887 USA
John Schulz 1888 Kansas
Katherina Schuster 1894 Austria
Ruth Schwartz 1912 Colorado
Frank Scott 1868 Missouri
Enos Scott 1864 Michigan
Hugh Scott 1847 Pennsylvania
Bertha Scott 1877 Colorado
Mary Scott 1851 Iowa
J A Seabaugh 1883 Missouri
Lars Seaholm 1876 Sweden
Emma Sebastian 1858 Missouri
Celia Seibert 1864 New York
Sullivan Selbine 1870 Italy
Jose Sena 1898 Colorado
Arthur Senior 1901 Colorado
Carrie Sennett 1886 Colorado
Nombres Sera 1899 Mexico
Mike Serdakis 1866 Greece
Lelia Serry 1883 Nebraska
Charles Service 1854 Ohio
Andrew Sevatinjot 1894 Austria
Jake Sewis 1870 Missouri
Charles Seybert 1900 Oklahoma
Clara Shadbolt 1851 Iowa
Ella Shaer 1882 USA
George Shaffer 1873 Pennsylvania
Catherine Shaffer 1873 Massachusetts
Rebecca Shaffer 1861 Ohio
Archie Shanks 1873 Utah
Antone Sharky 1864 Pennsylvania
A E Sharp 1879 Missouri
Earl Sharp 1875 USA
William Sharp 1866 Ohio
Fannie Shausee 1875 England
Patrick Shed 1866 Pennsylvania
Peter Sheloter 1892 Russia
Albert Shelton 1889 Colorado
George Shepard 1866 Kentucky
James Shepherd 1903 Iowa
Max Sheppard 1864 Illinois
Lucy Shepperd 1863 Ohio
Grace Sherer 1877 Missouri
Howard Sherlock 1910 Kansas
Edna Sherman 1904 Kansas
Francelian Sherman 1858 Tennessee
R Allen Sherry 1872 Ohio
Anna Shevlin 1868 Ireland
Emma Shevlin 1875 Illinois
Eva Shields 1893 Colorado
Luella Shields 1848 Iowa
Cora Shine 1886 Ohio
Elsie Shoble 1897 Colorado
Cordelia Short 1854 England
Clarence Shoup 1887 Ohio
Mary Shur 1910 Maine
Earl Sibbitt 1889 Colorado
John Siberie 1875 USA
Dominicio Siciani 1866 Italy
Pearl Siebold 1871 Kentucky
Arthur Siegler 1903 Illinois
Otto Siems 1887 South Dakota
Chris Sierk 1868 Ohio
August Sigmund 1873 Russia
Cuba Silcott 1883 Colorado
Sabaro Silva 1898 Mexico
Marguerita Silva 1894 Colorado
Eva Silverman 1865 USA
John Simeoni 1877 Austria
Charles Simington 1891 Iowa
Minnie Simmonds 1873 Missouri
John Simmons 1857 England
Morris Simon 1874 Germany
Henry Simonson 1891 Colorado
Jack Simpson 1885 Russia
Helen Simpson 1876 Indiana
Marie Simpson 1879 Illinois
Howard Sims 1898 Arkansas
Lupita Sisneros 1899 Colorado
Jennie Skaggs 1872 Pennsylvania
Joe Skaro 1895 Yugoslavia
Frank Skere 1885 Austria
Alice Skinner 1890 Washington
Alma Skon 1885 Sweden
Leo Slaughter 1892 Kansas
Frank Slavich 1881 Austria
Steve Slavich 1889 Russia
Nell Sliger 1891 Texas
Hattie Smart 1886 Missouri
Magdalen Smart 1894 Colorado
Cora Smart 1877 Missouri
Hattie Smead 1861 Iowa
Jack Smeker 1887 Austria
Alexander Smith 1893 California

Trancriber: Tracy Day
Source: Names of inmates in Colorado State Hospital for the Insane extracted from 1930 census Pueblo Township, Pueblo County Colorado
Arthur Smith 1885 Colorado
Cassius Smith 1860 Wisconsin
Dewey Smith 1896 USA
Harry Smith 1887 Georgia
H E Smith 1885 Nebraska
Henry Smith 1862 Minnesota
John Smith 1886 Sweden
John Smith 1889 Denmark
V R Smith 1877 USA
William Smith 1882 Austria
William Smith 1895 Colorado
George Smith 1861 Illinois
George Smith 1852 Maryland
Alice Smith 1896 Colorado
Blanche Smith 1880 Illinois
Charlotte Smith 1856 Sweden
Emma Smith 1878 Texas
Ethel Smith 1885 Colorado
Helen Smith 1887 Sweden
Josephine Smith 1887 Colorado
Lula Smith 1872 Georgia
Nellie Smith 1868 Minnesota
Saphronia Smith 1861 Illinois
Carrie Smotherman 1888 Missouri
Robert Snavely 1856 Poland
Coy Snavely 1889 Nebraska
Christ Snedeker 1857 Denmark
Christine Snell 1888 Colorado
Clarence Snider 1901 Colorado
Grace Snodgrass 1898 Kansas
Melba Snover 1907 Kansas
Harry Snow 1868 Minnesota
Fred Snyder 1890 Pennsylvania
George Snyder 1850 New York
Melvin Snyder 1878 Missouri
Elizabeth Snyder 1886 Colorado
Thomas Sodan 1866 Colorado
Cresentia Sohm 1863 Iowa
Ethel Songer 1888 Kansas
John Sonich 1859 Austria
Andrena Sorenson 1855 Norway
George Soulen 1860 Wisconsin
J H Souther 1872 Georgia
Bertha Southworth 1867 Iowa
Mildred Sowers 1907 Colorado
Carl Spanner 1863 Denmark
Frank Sparar 1884 Austria
Ruth Sparks 1891 Iowa
Jovani Sparondia 1887 Italy
Henry Specht 1869 Russia
Edith Speed 1888 Colorado
Ida Spencer 1861 Minnesota
Maude Spencer 1885 Nebraska
May Spencer 1863 Maine
Clara Spencer 1852 Ohio
Maude Spencer 1889 Nebraska
Orlando Sperry 1874 Missouri
Irene Spickard 1908 Missouri
Frances Spiller 1887 Austria
Belle Spitzer 1876 Russia
Mary Sponske 1888 Colorado
Joseph Sprossoff 1869 Russia
Frank Spurgeon 1869 Missouri
Grace Square 1877 Illinois
Sophia Staackman 1845 Germany
Lawrence Stackovich 1880 Russia
Julia Staine 1871 Norway
Mary Staka 1883 Poland
William Stakebake 1850 Ohio
Bonnie Stallings 1906 Alabama
Tillie Stanley 1872 Illinois
Anna Stanwick 1883 Kansas
John Starcar 1879 Austria
Georgia Starcher 1897 Colorado
Myrtle Stark 1882 Iowa
Geroge Staten 1869 Tennessee
Elizabeth Staubhaar 1883 USA
Myrtle StClair 1888 Wisconsin
Harry Stebbins 1886 Indiana
Marie Steburg 1876 Missouri
Amanda Steele 1883 Virginia
Myrtle Steele 1881 Nebraska
Henry Steffel 1879 Russia
John Steffel 1874 Austria
Guill Steffen 1881 Germany
David Stegall 1861 Kansas
C J Stein 1863 Illinois
Emil Stein 1858 Germany
August Steinhardt 1881 Germany
Daisy Stene 1902 ??
Louis Stern 1888 Illinois
Joe Stevens 1884 Belgium
Sarah Stevenson 1857 Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Stewart 1874 Maine
Elsie Stewart 1882 Kansas
Hellen Stewart 1899 Colorado
Grace Stewart 1912 Colorado
George Stiles 1895 Colorado
Carry Stiles 1885 Colorado
Jake Stirniser 1882 Austria
I Sto 1878 Japan
T R Stockham 1856 Ohio
Earl Stocking 1897 Colorado
Jessie Stockton 1867 Missouri
Arthur Stokes 1903 Colorado
Marie Stokes 1866 England
Amy Stolper 1879 Oregon
Floyd Stoltz 1909 Colorado
Agnes Stone 1878 Massachusetts
Katie Stone 1889 Colorado
Oscar Stonestreet 1877 Illinois
Nellie Storey 1896 Texas
William Stout 1867 Indiana
Wilburn Stout 1862 Missouri
Josephine Stout 1871 South Dakota
Josph Stovall 1886 Missouri
Maria Stoyanoff 1888 Bulgaria
Earl Strabery 1896 Colorado
Louis Strah 1883 Yugoslavia
Morris Strait 1893 New York
Jess Strange 1877 Utah
Caroline Stranger 1872 England
Oscar Strawn 1872 Iowa
Cora Street 1902 Missouri
Gust Strelitz 1880 Germany
Sadie Streltzer 1899 Colorado
Martin Stricklin 1910 Illinois
Thomas Strome 1901 Indiana
Anthony Stroner 1901 Illinois
Clara Strong 1902 Kentucky
William Strott 1888 Kentucky
Wray Stuart 1883 Nebraska
Anna Stubbe 1885 Germany
Madison Stubbs 1859 Iowa
C Wilson Stump 1865 Maryland
T J Sturgis 1845 Ohio
Patrick Sullivan 1879 Michigan
Anna Sullivan 1858 Ireland
Mathew Sullivan 1897 Colorado
Tom Summers 1858 England
Raymond Sunblaw 1889 Colorado
Pasquale Supeno 1879 Italy
Claudia Sutcliff 1871 Iowa
Margaret Svaldi 1886 Italy
Hans Svensgaard 1861 Norway
Pete Swanson 1856 Sweden
Blanda Swanson 1880 Sweden
Christine Swanson 1875 Sweden
Helen Swanson 1871 Sweden
Ingrid Swanson 1867 Sweden
Jennie Swanson 1880 Sweden
Elveretta Swarts 1882 Kansas
May Sweeney 1889 Massachusetts
Thomas Sweeney 1871 Pennsylvania
Nels Sword 1881 Sweden
Fred Sylvester 1860 Wisconsin
Frank Szarleta 1885 Germany

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