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Colorado State Hospital for the Insane, 1930 Index of Inmates Surnames M-N

NOTE: This set of records for Colorado State Hospital for the Insane provides the inmates name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these inmates can be found in Census Records

Inmates Name, Inmates Date of Birth, Inmates Place of Birth

Edward Mackelfee 1879 USA
Della Mackie 1887 Missouri
Clara Maclauchlan 1872 Maryland
Charles Macomber 1863 Indiana
Joseph Madarasz 1873 Iowa
Daniel Madden 1885 Colorado
Maude Madden 1873 Tennessee
Nicolena Madisen 1879 Denmark
Anna Madsen 1886 Denmark
Mateo Magadeleno 1891 New Mexico
Elizabeth Magers 1880 Kansas
Emma Maggard 1852 Ohio
Charlie Magnuson 1882 Sweden
Ida Magnuson 1876 Sweden
Gus Magnusson 1860 Sweden
Malvera Magruder 1883 Arkansas
John Mahnken 1871 Missouri
E M Mahoney 1874 Virginia
James Mahoney 1868 Ireland
George Mains 1852 Pennsylvania
Frank Majetich 1888 Yugoslavia
Jennie Majors 1867 Missouri
Joseph Male 1858 Pennsylvania
Bernhardt Mall 1883 Kansas
Henry Mallon 1862 New York
William Malony 1862 Minnesota
Benedetto Manfredi 1877 Italy
Joseph Manger 1872 Germany
Lola Mangold 1894 Colorado
Frank Manley 1864 Illinois
Sarah Mann 1879 Indiana
Maye Manning 1867 Tennessee
Fannie Manville 1890 Texas
Joe Manzannais 1877 Colorado
Nora Marcott 1889 Sweden
James Maret 1881 Illinois
Rafael Marines 1889 Mexico
Domenico Marini 1878 Italy
Joe Marino 1894 Italy
Albert Marion 1867 Colorado
Henry Markley 1909 Oklahoma
Fred Marks 1880 Tennessee
Lizzie Markwardt 1864 Missouri
Florence Marley 1880 Kansas
John Marone 1865 Italy
Maria Marrufo 1900 Mexico
Solida Marrufo 1863 New Mexico
Frank Marsh 1897 Maryland
Garrett Marshall 1856 Wisconsin
James Marshall 1881 Scotland
Willard Marshall 1876 Illinois
Anna Marsinko 1869 Austria
Jacob Martain 1862 Finland
Alfred Martell 1858 New York
August Martin 1867 Ohio
Edward Martin 1861 Missouri
Eugene Martin 1885 Arkansas
Harvey Martin 1857 Michigan
Henry Martin 1862 Kansas
Ralph Martin 1887 Missouri
Harry Martin 1876 Pennsylvania
Gracelio Martin 1881 Illinois
Jessie Martin 1867 New York
Alfredo Martinez 1907 Colorado
Alfonso Martinez 1910 Colorado
Ben Martinez 1894 Colorado
Don Martinez 1904 New Mexico
Francisco Martinez 1880 Mexico
Juan Martinez 1875 Colorado
Mena Martinez 1911 New Mexico
Pete Martinez 1899 New Mexico
Tony Martinez 1890 Mexico
Librado Martinez 1902 Colorado
M Martinez 1892 Mexico
Isabel Martinez 1870 Mexico
Bessarabe Martinez 1900 New Mexico
Annie Martz 1881 Missouri
Evalon Marugg 1881 Iowa
Corilda Marvin 1850 Indiana
Anna Mascow 1872 Germany
Preseliano Masias 1903 Mexico
Loretta Massey 1886 Colorado
Delia Massingale 1858 Tennessee
Maud Masters 1881 Missouri
Filomena Mastromonic 1876 Italy
Marie Matauda 1888 Italy
Bertha Mathiesen 1879 Iowa
Rueben Mathis 1868 Indiana
J Eric Matson 1880 Finland
Sarah Matteson 1851 Michigan
John Matthews 1864 Kentucky
Thomas Matthews 1872 Massachusetts
Boy Matz 1875 Germany
William Mauck 1862 Illinois
Lucy Maurer 1879 Nebraska
Joseph Mauser 1873 Austria
Mamie Maxey 1876 Missouri
Bennett Maxfield 1896 Colorado
Lillie Maxwell 1880 Colorado
Mary Maya 1893 Colorado
Alonzo Mayhew 1899 Colorado
William Mayo 1869 Missouri
Refijio Mazalino 1873 Mexico
William Mcalister 1896 Nebraska
Addie McAllister 1850 Ohio
Wesley Mcarthur 1873 Nebraska
Ruby Mcattin 1899 Missouri
Frank Mccaffrey 1895 Montana
Richard Mccaffrey 1872 Kansas
E F McCarthy 1883 Pennsylvania
Patrick McCarty 1857 Indiana
William McCarty 1869 Virginia
John Mccary 1911 Colorado
Arthur McCauley 1894 Virginia
E A McCauley 1863 New York
Margaret Mccolley 1861 Canada
John McCormick 1865 Pennsylvania
Edith McCoy 1903 Colorado
Eva McCoy 1898 Michigan
Ada McCracken 1901 Texas
Robert Mccrum 1895 West Virginia
Clemma Mccullah 1869 Missouri
Alex Mcculloch 1870 Scotland
David McCullough 1885 Ohio
Grace Mccune 1890 Indiana
Ida Mccune 1868 Ohio
Mabel Mccurdy 1878 Kansas
Frank Mccurtain 1871 Indiana
George McDaniel 1903 Colorado
Anna McDonald 1885 USA
Harry Mcdougal 1897 Kansas
Agnes McDowell 1872 Colorado
Elgia McDowell 1900 Colorado
C P Mcelvain 1899 Nebraska
Hattie Mcfann 1878 Indiana
Sarah Mcfry 1896 Kansas
Charles Mcgarrahan 1854 New York
C McGee 1882 Illinois
Laura Mcgehee 1892 Arkansas
Ella Mcghee 1889 Ohio
James Mcginn 1897 Colorado
Robert McGinnis 1866 Iowa
George Mcglurk 1896 New York
Daniel Mcgrade 1887 New York
Charles Mcgraw 1870 Ireland
James Mcgraw 1891 Colorado
Hilda Mcguffey 1905 Colorado
Francis McGuire 1860 Illinois
John McHugh 1883 Ireland
Margaret McHugh 1858 New Jersey
Fred McIntosh 1882 Iowa
Thomas McIntyre 1861 Ohio
Hugh McKee 1873 Ohio
Charlotte McKinney 1875 New York
Eva Mcknutt 1874 Kansas
Frank Mclain 1864 USA
Daniel McLaughlin 1880 Ireland
Ellen McLaughlin 1865 Ireland
J G McLean 1863 Texas
Charles Mclellan 1885 Colorado
Etta McLister 1885 Pennsylvania
Andrew Mcmillion 1861 North Carolina
James McNally 1875 Kansas
Lizzie McNamara 1846 Ireland
Gerard Mcnulty 1906 Ireland
Maggie Mcnulty 1885 Colorado
Anna Mcphail 1861 Ohio
Joseph Mcphee 1890 Colorado
Mabel Mcsherry 1891 Missouri
William Mead 1903 Kansas
Fred Means 1890 Colorado
Bertie Means 1882 Kentucky
Josefa Meastas 1882 Colorado
Solomon Medina 1900 New Mexico
Mike Mee 1854 Lorraine
Effie Meehan 1900 Colorado
Jane Meehan 1897 Colorado
Nellie Meeker 1878 Missouri
John Meeth 1852 Germany
Harriet Megna 1859 Canada

Trancriber: Tracy Day
Source: Names of inmates in Colorado State Hospital for the Insane extracted from 1930 census Pueblo Township, Pueblo County Colorado
Mary Meholorwitz 1873 Czechoslovakia
Fred Meidl 1886 Wisconsin
Gottlieb Meier 1865 Germany
Henry Meis 1893 Nebraska
Jack Meisner 1903 New Jersey
Charlotte Melin 1869 Sweden
Wilhelmina Melody 1874 Kentucky
Alice Menard 1863 Iowa
Rocco Merline 1875 Italy
Emma Mershimer 1883 Colorado
Charles Messick 1865 Indiana
Steven Messmer 1863 Kentucky
Paublita Mestas 1908 New Mexico
Nicholas Metaxas 1856 Greece
Gertrude Metz 1886 Colorado
Jacob Metzger 1856 Germany
A L Metzler 1902 Oklahoma
Gus Meyer 1853 Germany
Johann Meyer 1880 Austria
Jennie Meyer 1877 Europe
Rachel Meyer 1867 Germany
Daniel Meyers 1871 Missouri
Angelina Michel 1879 Italy
Adolph Mickelson 1885 Nebraska
Percy Middleton 1889 Iowa
Barbara Miklovic 1892 Austria
John Milach 1879 Russia
Joe Milano 1882 Italy
J P Milks 1870 Illinois
Percy Millard 1883 New Hampshire
Albert Miller 1859 Germany
Alvin Miller 1886 Missouri
Arthur Miller 1876 Illinois
Frank Miller 1877 Virginia
J Claud Miller 1896 New Mexico
Hugh Miller 1879 Kansas
Joe Miller 1844 Poland
Robert Miller 1880 Texas
Albert Miller 1891 Colorado
Ethel Miller 1891 Colorado
Margaret Miller 1876 Pennsylvania
Martha Miller 1895 Colorado
Idale Miller 1858 New York
Jessie Millwright 1879 Iowa
Kate Minieur 1870 New York
Alfred Mink 1857 Ohio
Francis Mitchell 1891 Colorado
Newton Mitchell 1890 Oklahoma
William Mitchell 1851 Missouri
Josephine Mitchell 1835 Ohio
Taune Mitoma 1901 Japan
Lydia Mock 1874 Nebraska
Harriett Mockett 1898 Nebraska
Frank Modrich 1890 Austria
Freda Moeller 1864 Germany
Iva Moles 1892 Iowa
Salvadore Mollicone 1906 Colorado
Mary Mondregon 1871 New Mexico
George Montague 1855 Iowa
Dan Montano 1889 Mexico
Francisco Montez 1900 New Mexico
Harrison Montgomery 1882 Colorado
Laura Montgomery 1863 Illinois
Robina Montgomery 1862 Kentucky
Guadilupe Montoya 1883 New Mexico
Sadie Montoya 1885 Colorado
Etta Moody 1874 Iowa
Leo Mooney 1898 Tennessee
Herbert Moore 1868 Vermont
Tom Moore 1854 Australia
Frederick Moore 1861 Kentucky
Catherine Moore 1865 USA
Emma Moore 1861 Wisconsin
Emma Moore 1887 Missouri
Florence Moore 1898 Colorado
Grace Moore 1890 Colorado
Mary Moore 1855 Indiana
Minnie Moore 1878 Germany
Mike Morando 1897 France
Henry Morchead 1888 Kentucky
Georgia Morey 1896 Georgia
John Morgan 1883 Iowa
Elizabeth Morgan 1854 Illinois
Lulu Morgan 1886 Missouri
Laura Moring 1889 Arkansas
Hugh Morris 1903 Colorado
John Morris 1865 Ireland
Bertha Morris 1878 Pennsylvania
Sarah Morris 1890 Poland
Etta Morris 1877 Texas
A A Morrison 1865 New Hampshire
George Morrison 1866 Ireland
Robert Morrison 1873 Scotland
Swan Morrison 1871 Sweden
Mary Morrison 1884 Canada
Mary Morrison 1881 Missouri
E C Morse 1890 Iowa
Hazel Morton 1907 Iowa
Gertrude Mosely 1900 Arkansas
Allie Mosena 1866 Texas
Charles Mosier 1892 Kansas
Michael Moszeter 1866 New York
Ralph Moyer 1894 Indiana
Martha Mozier 1898 Poland
Herbert Mozingo 1892 Indiana
Manila Mueasua 1879 Mexico
Louis Mulligan 1867 Missouri
Rose Mulloy 1890 Colorado
Helen Mulqueen 1897 Colorado
Bell Mundray 1873 Kansas
Jim Munez 1902 Colorado
Fred Munter 1891 Illinois
Gertie Murdy 1881 Illinois
Francisco Murillo 1907 Mexico
Jerry Murphy 1854 USA
Joseph Murphy 1873 Indiana
Anna Murphy 1886 Ireland
Edna Murphy 1877 Canada
Ruth Murphy 1887 Illinois
Nora Murphy 1878 Ireland
Emma Murr 1883 Texas
Cyrilla Murray 1898 Wyoming
Robert Musgrave 1900 Colorado
I Muskovich 1900 Colorado
Richard Myers 1889 Kansas
Clement Nagy 1878 USA
Fritz Nan 1858 Germany
Guiris Nanez 1886 Colorado
Helen Neale 1894 Illinois
Clay Neat 1903 Kansas
Minnie Neat 1896 Kansas
May Needham 1894 Indiana
Olive Needham 1869 Illinois
Henry Nefferrce 1879 Ohio
Emma Neidhart 1889 Missouri
Lucy Neil 1905 Colorado
Emil Neils 1889 Wisconsin
Charles Nelson 1863 Sweden
Edward Nelson 1884 Sweden
Emil Nelson 1884 Sweden
Elvira Nelson 1891 Sweden
Mabel Nelson 1878 Kansas
Maria Nelson 1873 Sweden
Mary Nelson 1869 Norway
Mattie Nelson 1876 Ohio
Vivian Nesbit 1894 West Virginia
M C Nestor 1852 West Virginia
Maude Newby 1885 Iowa
Robert Newlander 1868 Russia
William Newlander 1890 Texas
Sam Nichols 1860 Poland
G H Nichols 1862 Missouri
Terry Nicholson 1862 Canada
Virginia Nicholson 1882 Colorado
George Nickel 1896 New Jersey
Minnie Nicol 1882 New York
Alvera Nicola 1889 Italy
Mary Nicola 1912 Colorado
Bert Nisley 1886 Nebraska
Charles Niswender 1887 Kansas
Bart Nix 1885 Georgia
Mary Noe 1890 Germany
Lewis Nolan 1882 Iowa
Thomas Nolan 1851 New York
Charles Nooe 1882 Ohio
Catherine Noonan 1879 Ireland
Andrew Norberg 1864 Sweden
Carl Nord 1882 Sweden
John Norman 1860 Indiana
Clara Norman 1880 Sweden
Helen Norris 1888 Russia
Herman North 1904 Colorado
Margaret Northington 1878 Tennessee
Grace Norton 1894 Kansas
Carrie Norton 1884 Colorado
Anna Nosek 1867 Iowa
Alice Notz 1903 Kansas
Wasula Nunez 1902 Texas
Almass Nye 1884 Ohio
John Nystrom 1864 Sweden

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