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Colorado State Hospital for the Insane, 1930 Index of Inmates Surnames K-L

NOTE: This set of records for Colorado State Hospital for the Insane provides the inmates name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these inmates can be found in Census Records

Inmates Name, Inmates Date of Birth, Inmates Place of Birth

John Kadel 1863 Pennsylvania
Wisula Kadunc 1889 Austria
Maude Kahn 1891 Missouri
Terenty Karandas 1886 Russia
Gustav Karlson 1897 Sweden
Joseph Kastning 1869 Missouri
Joseph Kastte 1891 Kansas
Samuel Katzman 1898 Rhode Island
Mollie Kaufman 1878 Iowa
Raymond Keady 1878 Kansas
Catherine Kehoe 1871 Indiana
Ellen Kelbs 1873 New York
Hattie Kelley 1867 Iowa
Elmer Kelly 1905 Colorado
James Kelly 1871 New York
Elmer Kelly 1875 Minnesota
Lilly May Kelly 1866 Wisconsin
Mary Kelly 1869 Missouri
Alice Kemp 1862 Illinois
Joseph Kendrick 1867 Virginia
Joseph Kendricks 1869 England
Le Kennedy 1867 Illinois
Jennie Kennedy 1877 Wisconsin
Louisa Kennedy 1858 Ohio
Gail Kenney 1905 Colorado
Marie Kenney 1881 Germany
Martha Kent 1913 Kansas
Anna Keough 1878 New York
Mary Kern 1858 Illinois
Myrtle Kern 1880 Missouri
John Kernen 1898 Colorado
Lulu Kerns 1893 Iowa
Lena Kerschbaum 1849 Germany
Marion Kerschner 1901 Indiana
Kazimeras Ketusakis 1875 Lithuania
Henry Kich 1878 Kentucky
Patrick Kiesler 1896 Colorado
Annie Kilgallon 1874 Ireland
Charlotte Kimber 1888 England
Herbert Kimble 1892 Colorado
Joseph Kimble 1860 Ohio
Oscar Kimsey 1894 Kansas
Edward Kindell 1870 Ohio
Cordelia Kindig 1898 Missouri
Harry King 1886 Kentucky
Patrick King 1859 Ireland
Elvira King 1907 Colorado
Charles Kingsland 1864 New York
Lovina Kinnaty 1894 Illinois
Lilly Kinney 1901 Nebraska
Joseph Kinzel 1891 Kansas
Genevieve Kirchner 1895 Colorado
Katherine Kirchner 1878 Illinois
Grace Kirkland 1888 Kansas
Alice Kirkpatrick 1870 Indiana
May Kirkpatrick 1892 Oklahoma
Alice Kissell 1907 Wyoming
Annie Klamm 1890 Russia
Rosa Klausner 1862 Austria
Lillian Kleckner 1868 Missouri
William Kleen 1887 Minnesota
Maud Klein 1875 Indiana
Opal Kleine 1897 Indiana
Paula Kley 1892 Colorado
Ina Kline 1894 Arkansas
Frank Kling 1865 Sweden
George Kness 1853 Kansas
Rudolph Knight 1903 Missouri
Beatrice Knights 1889 Colorado
Fred Knowles 1875 Illinois
J L Knox 1891 Missouri
Andrew Knudson 1863 Denmark
Frank Kober 1859 Austria
David Koby 1868 Poland
John Koch 1874 Colorado
Amelia Koch 1880 Russia
Rosa Kocontes 1896 Colorado
Violet Kominek 1899 Poland
Watoko Komoto 1898 Poland
Clara Konkel 1876 Illinois
Joe Kontur 1874 Czechoslovakia
Lula Koon 1889 Colorado
Mike Koral 1870 Austria
Rosie Korbe 1895 Kansas
John Korch 1887 Poland
John Korte 1863 Missouri
Sam Koskimate 1890 Finland
Joseph Koturcka 1870 Bohemia
Frances Kovac 1875 Austria
Anna Kovachie 1874 Austria
John Kovich 1884 Montenegro
Anton Kovocich 1889 Australia
Warren Krack 1895 Kansas
Frank Kramer 1889 Austria
Katherine Krause 1877 Oregon
Christina Krauss 1883 New Jersey
Bertha Kreamer 1869 Pennsylvania
Matilda Kreer 1900 Wyoming
Matchas Krejci 1871 Austria
Bruno Kretschmar 1884 Germany
Edward Kreuger 1901 Colorado
Henry Kreutzer 1882 Germany
Freida Kroiss 1900 Germany
John Krugh 1861 Austria
Isac Krynovich 1884 Austria
Antonia Kuffef 1861 Germany
Lilly Kullerstrand 1907 Colorado
Minnie Kummer 1879 Germany
Sophia Kunie 1890 Austria
Marguerite Kurtz 1889 Illinois
Steve Kutckovitch 1870 Austria
Hubert Kuver 1869 Germany
Grace Kuykendall 1873 West Virginia
Rudolf Kvaternik 1892 Austria
Catherine La Tier 1890 New York
John Labnca 1884 Poland
Horace Lacey 1880 New York
Leona Lafon 1889 Georgia
Wilda Lagerlund 1887 Illinois
James Laidlaw 1871 Illinois
Carrie Laidley 1887 Germany
Mollie Lake 1883 Ohio
Charles Lakey 1887 Missouri
Robert Lamb 1874 Pennsylvania
Rachel Lambert 1847 Norway
Harry Lambertson 1895 Colorado

Trancriber: Tracy Day
Source: Names of inmates in Colorado State Hospital for the Insane extracted from 1930 census Pueblo Township, Pueblo County Colorado
Rose Lamont 1863 Russia
Frank Lance 1871 New York
Ezekiel Landis 1898 Arkansas
Vincent Landry 1886 Wisconsin
Ralph Lane 1900 Oklahoma
Adam Lang 1915 Kansas
Frank Langdon 1905 Massachusetts
Benjiman Langer 1882 Russia
Mamie Lann 1881 Kansas
Charles Larcom 1877 Pennsylvania
Rubert Lareau 1905 Colorado
Mary Larick 1879 Missouri
John Larkin 1890 England
Eva Larmore 1868 Indiana
John Larry 1884 Oklahoma
Minnie Larsen 1903 Colorado
Charles Larson 1861 Sweden
Margaret Las Andrews 1892 Colorado
Isabell Lasar 1873 Falklands
Sam Laser 1885 Germany
Carrie Lashell 1866 New York
Oscar Latt 1868 Sweden
Alma Laubie 1860 Michigan
Della Laughlin 1888 Ireland
Allen Lavictoire 1889 Michigan
Anna Law 1874 Kansas
Nellie Law 1899 Arkansas
W C Lawrence 1856 Missouri
John Lawsks 1855 Illinois
Victor Lawson 1884 Kansas
Lule Lawson 1891 USA
Eugene Le Buff 1901 New York
Albert Leach 1904 Colorado
Mary Leak 1892 Poland
Clarence Leatherwood 1878 Maryland
Bertha Leben 1871 Germany
Victor Lebiedzik 1877 Australia
Olden Ledbetter 1913 Texas
Hattie Ledford 1874 Kansas
Rachel Ledford 1875 Utah
Harry LeDue 1891 South Dakota
Bartlett Lee 1900 Missouri
Henry Lee 1901 Colorado
James Lee 1893 Iowa
Otto Lee 1854 Norway
Mary Lee 1888 Louisiana
Nettie Lee 1902 Colorado
Asia Leffew 1871 Virginia
Frank Lehner 1876 Hungary
Jesse Leighton 1885 Iowa
Zenaida Lemmon 1876 Colorado
Fred Lempke 1895 USA
Edward Lenhoff 1872 Ohio
Garrett Lennon 1891 Nebraska
Walter Leonard 1880 Illinois
Sadie Leonard 1877 Missouri
Ida Lequire 1906 Tennessee
Fred Leroy 1862 England
George Lesser 1901 Russia
Ralph Letzo 1896 Colorado
Mary Lewandowsky 1877 Germany
LeRoy Lewis 1873 Pennsylvania
Thomas Lewis 1887 Georgia
William Lewis 1872 Indiana
Charles Lewis 1907 Colorado
B N Lewis 1888 Missouri
Almira Lewis 1877 Pennsylvania
Ethel Lewis 1896 Colorado
Maggie Leyan 1900 New Mexico
Stella Leyden 1896 Colorado
Pearl Leyerly 1900 Colorado
Joe Leyva 1874 Colorado
Temperance Lieberg 1891 England
Theodore Light 1883 Colorado
Lena Lind 1890 Colorado
Eva Linn 1899 Minnesota
Joseph Lino 1889 Colorado
Lucile Lippincott 1896 Colorado
Jacob Lipschitz 1888 Russia
Sadie Litherland 1900 Illinois
Nellie Little 1873 Switzerland
Hazel Litzke 1897 Iowa
Dorothy Lloyd 1915 Indiana
Jessie Lloyd 1889 Iowa
Ida Lobaugh 1860 Pennsylvania
Mary Lockwood 1913 Iowa
John Logan 1887 California
Maria Logan 1860 Scotland
Elmer Lolvenberg 1897 Colorado
Opal Lombard 1890 Missouri
Carl Long 1902 Oklahoma
Margaret Long 1908 Canada
Angeline Longie 1905 Sicily
Mary Lonskey 1879 Massachusetts
Juna Lopes 1896 Mexico
Antonio Lopez 1885 Mexico
Luis Lopez 1892 Mexico
Ruben Lopez 1907 Colorado
Antonia Lopez 1875 Colorado
Marina Lopez 1866 New Mexico
Martha Lorentz 1869 Illinois
Amy Love 1866 Wisconsin
Jesse Lovesy 1873 Kansas
John Lovolich 1891 Austria
Hiram Low 1865 Iowa
Blayne Lowe 1895 Colorado
William Lowe 1880 Illinois
Coloma Lowe 1859 USA
Donivan Lowery 1911 Texas
Ada Lucas 1864 Iowa
Edward Lucero 1900 Colorado
Samuel Lucero 1895 New Mexico
Fred Luchy 1899 Italy
Juan Lucore 1895 Mexico
Eusebe Lugon 1886 Switzerland
Peresilina Luna 1899 Mexico
Peter Lundine 1847 Sweden
Charles Lute 1888 Nebraska
Frances Luxton 1863 England
Frank Luyckfassel 1882 Belgium
Edward Lyberger 1874 North Dakota
George Lynch 1883 Ireland
Abbie Lyndall 1879 New York
Harry Lynn 1895 Wisconsin
Mary Lyons 1902 Colorado
Stella Lyons 1838 Maryland

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