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Colorado State Hospital for the Insane, 1930 Index of Inmates Surnames H-J

NOTE: This set of records for Colorado State Hospital for the Insane provides the inmates name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these inmates can be found in Census Records

Inmates Name, Inmates Date of Birth, Inmates Place of Birth

Leonard Hadder 1901 Colorado
Bryan Hagedorn 1897 Colorado
John Haggerty 1884 Indiana
John Hakala 1898 Colorado
John Hale 1886 Virginia
J R Hale 1863 Missouri
Ralph Haley 1890 Nebraska
Josephine Halkanhan 1860 Kentucky
James Hall 1860 Tennessee
Ulysses Hall 1905 Colorado
Clara Hall 1874 England
Lucretia Hall 1892 Colorado
Meta Hall 1873 Missouri
David Halley 1879 Ireland
Burr Hallock 1878 Iowa
John Halpin 1882 Iowa
William Halter 1873 Ohio
Lizzie Hamburger 1849 Germany
George Hamil 1873 Wyoming
Charles Hamilton 1888 Nebraska
Clyde Hamilton 1899 Tennessee
Annetta Hamilton 1863 California
Bessie Hamilton 1869 Michigan
Clara Hamilton 1874 Kansas
Ethel Hamilton 1879 Indiana
Alfred Hamlin 1887 Colorado
Azel Hammer 1853 North Carolina
Arthur Hammitt 1896 California
Minnie Hammond 1886 Kansas
Julia Hammond 1870 Louisiana
Frederick Hancock 1871 Illinois
Frederick Hancock 1871 Illinois
Edna Handy 1893 Colorado
J J Haney 1850 Nebraska
John Hanker 1883 Hungary
Pat Hanley 1845 Ireland
Timothy Hanley 1880 Michigan
Byron Hanna 1903 Colorado
Pauline Hanna 1865 Italy
Charles Hansen 1878 Denmark
Hans Hansen 1882 Denmark
Henry Hansen 1882 Colorado
Richard Hansen 1902 Norway
Hannah Hansen 1848 Sweden
William Hanson 1863 Denmark
Hannah Hardenbrook 1873 Iowa
Alice Hardin 1889 New York
Charles Hardy 1871 England
Mary Hardy 1853 England
S Ola Hardy 1873 Tennessee
Delia Hardy 1904 Tennessee
Eva Hare 1868 Iowa
Leah Harmon 1874 Illinois
George Harner 1871 Illinois
Cornelius Harper 1892 Texas
Georgia Harper 1880 Missouri
Samuel Harr 1908 DC
Anriqueade Harrara 1878 Colorado
Martha Harrelson 1891 Missouri
Geroge Harris 1884 Colorado
Ella Harris 1865 Ohio
Jacob Harshman 1860 Missouri
Chester Hart 1901 Nebraska
Anna Hart 1867 Kentucky
John Hartley 1872 Ohio
Philip Hartman 1886 Colorado
Eldon Harvey 1909 Colorado
Geneva Harvey 1894 Colorado
Samual Hash 1886 Kentucky
Oscar Hassel 1875 Sweden
Mattie Hastings 1886 Nebraska
Anna Hatch 1878 Iowa
Eder Haughwout 1871 New York
Cora Haun 1870 Kansas
William Haunschild 1885 USA
Velma Hawk 1897 New Mexico
Floy Hawkins 1887 Missouri
Helen Hawkins 1857 Canada
Arthur Hawley 1866 Michigan
Frank Hayes 1882 Wisconsin
John Hayes 1869 Kentucky
John Hayes 1855 England
William Hayes 1873 Iowa
Grace Haynes 1896 Colorado
Daniel Hays 1897 Scotland
Joshua Hayward 1885 Alabama
Marion Head 1857 Illinois
Florence Head 1877 Illinois
Nellie Head 1863 Michigan
Charles Headlee 1868 Missouri
Pearl Headrick 1885 Iowa
William Hecht 1856 Germany
Sue Hedrick 1847 Ohio
Ralph Heffner 1908 Kansas
Rose Hegler 1881 Austria
Alice Helgensen 1871 Norway
Elizabeth Heller 1864 Iowa
Marion Heller 1878 Maine
William Helm 1871 USA
Maud Hemick 1893 Colorado
Frank Hendel 1902 Colorado
Arthur Henderson 1879 Nebraska
Roy Hendricks 1890 Colorado
Laura Hendricks 1880 USA
Mamie Hendricks 1887 Iowa
Ed Hendrickson 1895 Colorado
Hans Hendrickson 1858 Germany
Mabel Henebry 1899 Indiana
Anna Henkle 1894 England
Max Henning 1887 Germany
George Henry 1863 Illinois
John Henry 1885 Alsace-Lorraine
Shirley Henry 1903 Jamaica
Wheeler Henry 1869 Ohio
Anna Hensley 1894 Illinois
Phoebe Hensley 1870 Tennessee
Charles Henson 1881 Arkansas
Miriam Herdman 1856 Pennsylvania
John Hergland 1888 Sweden
Sophie Hernandez 1878 Mexico
William Herndon 1885 Kentucky
Carl Herr 1852 Germany
Louis Herstrom 1883 Colorado
Della Heston 1879 Iowa
David Hewitt 1873 Ohio
Mary Hewitt 1892 Wyoming
Kittie Heydt 1871 Missouri
John Hickey 1883 Colorado
Dora Hickey 1893 Texas
Grace Hicks 1895 Kansas
Isuke Higa 1866 Japan
Charles Higgins 1879 New Hampshire
Andrew Higlin 1911 Colorado
David Hill 1864 Nebraska
George Hill 1879 Kansas
George Hill 1856 Illinois
Mabel Hill 1890 Colorado
Theodore Hillstone 1909 Colorado
Hannah Hillstone 1863 Sweden
Turah Hillyer 1867 Indiana
Mae Hinman 1882 Colorado
Daisy Hirun 1880 Colorado
Matt Hitti 1892 Australia
Muriel Hix 1898 Colorado
Alfred Hoar 1895 Kansas
Raymond Hoar 1900 Kansas
Josie Hoar 1864 Iowa
Lizetta Hobrecht 1875 Missouri
Bedford Hodge 1890 Kentucky
Mary Hodges 1872 Kentucky
W V Hodgson 1872 New York
Lyda Hoffarth 1874 Texas
Allen Hoffman 1892 Wisconsin
Charles Hoffman 1895 Ohio

Trancriber: Tracy Day
Source: Names of inmates in Colorado State Hospital for the Insane extracted from 1930 census Pueblo Township, Pueblo County Colorado
George Hoffman 1882 Russia
Hattie Hoffman 1856 Pennsylvania
Patrick Hogan 1891 Ireland
Elizabeth Hogan 1859 Canada
Anna Hoglund 1902 Iowa
Ella Holahan 1883 Iowa
Frank Holcomb 1889 Kansas
Hattie Holcomb 1876 Iowa
Estella Holderness 1891 Colorado
Annie Holland 1883 Austria
Ellen Holland 1895 Colorado
M M Holliday ?? USA
John Hollingsworth 1857 Iowa
Minnie Holmes 1873 Kansas
Joseph Hoover 1857 Iowa
John Hopkins 1893 Ohio
M Hopkins 1875 Iowa
Lizzie Hopkins 1885 Tennessee
Albert Horton 1873 Missouri
Henry Horton 1867 North Carolina
Charles Hoselton 1888 Colorado
John Hoskins 1880 Colorado
Henry Hoting 1913 Colorado
Conrad Hougensen 1879 Sweden
Lela Hough 1881 Missouri
Nancy House 1869 Arkansas
Sarah House 1898 Tennessee
Fred Houser 1886 Colorado
Carl Houser 1884 Texas
Samuel Houston 1850 Indiana
Mary Houston 1886 Indiana
Anna Howard 1871 Kansas
Laura Howard 1863 Ohio
Mary Howard 1867 Illinois
William Howe 1870 USA
Frank Howell 1875 Ohio
Sherman Howell 1899 Illinois
Margaret Howell 1872 Ohio
Carl Howeth 1884 Texas
Harry Howick 1892 Russia
Stanislaus Howlett 1893 Colorado
Harry Howze 1882 Mississippi
Jessie Hudson 1890 Virginia
Sarah Hudson 1866 Missouri
Una Hudson 1872 Wyoming
Maria Huertado 1893 Mexico
Laura Huffsmith 1869 Illinois
Frank Hughes 1889 Iowa
James Hughes 1856 Kentucky
John Hughes 1852 Ireland
George Hughs 1873 Indiana
W H Hulitt 1857 Illinois
Joel Hull 1852 New York
Catherine Hull 1869 Illinois
Grace Hulsey 1898 Colorado
John Hulstrom 1884 Sweden
John Hunn 1855 Kentucky
Mamie Hunt 1874 Colorado
Pearl Hunter 1885 Minnesota
Sarah Hunter 1858 Ohio
Anna Huntington 1889 Tennessee
Thomas Hurley 1881 USA
W E Hurley 1859 Illinois
Minnie Hyde 1885 Missouri
Emily Hyde 1883 Illinois
William Igoe 1883 New York
Pete Incurto 1900 Colorado
Daniel Ingraham 1861 Indiana
Raymond Irvington 1910 Colorado
Chatham Irwin 1857 Ohio
Rose Isaacson 1885 Germany
Sonia Ishikawa 1878 Japan
Frank Ives 1888 Nebraska
Takash Iwata 1895 Japan
Joe Jacklish 1908 Colorado
Andrew Jackson 1880 Finland
Samuel Jackson 1890 Iowa
Edith Jackson 1873 Missouri
Margaret Jackson 1876 Virginia
Louis Jacob 1883 Colorado
Josie Jacobs 1877 USA
Mary Jakubischin 1874 Germany
Benjamin James 1869 Kentucky
Clarence James 1878 Virginia
Jack James 1889 Texas
Charlotte James 1892 Indiana
Zula James 1882 Missouri
Earl Jaquays 1872 Ohio
Mary Jay 1887 Missouri
P C Jeantet 1894 Italy
Dorothy Jefferson 1896 Colorado
H A Jeffre 1856 Germany
Eutimeo Jemenes 1873 Mexico
Laurena Jenkins 1881 Nebraska
Charles Jenks 1870 Pennsylvania
Arthur Jinks 1911 Colorado
Anna Jochim 1866 Illinois
Albert Johnson 1841 Sweden
Albin Johnson 1869 Sweden
David Johnson 1878 Colorado
Frederick Johnson 1899 Colorado
Edward Johnson 1903 Illinois
George Johnson 1854 Michigan
Herbert Johnson 1875 Tennessee
J A Johnson 1883 Sweden
Oscar Johnson 1889 Sweden
William Johnson 1853 Iowa
William Johnson 1893 South Dakota
Edward Johnson 1894 Colorado
Sidney Johnson 1894 Colorado
Charles Johnson 1852 Sweden
Alice Johnson 1880 Sweden
Edna Johnson 1880 Finland
Emma Johnson 1893 Puerto Rico
Fanny Johnson 1886 Minnesota
Hilda Johnson 1897 Colorado
Irene Johnson 1899 Kansas
Lydia Johnson 1880 Sweden
Martha Johnson 1859 Indiana
Mary Johnson 1854 Kentucky
Mary Johnson 1864 New Mexico
Olga Johnson 1867 Sweden
Sara Johnson 1891 Colorado
Grace Johnson 1883 Illinois
Ivah Johnson 1896 North Dakota
Lucy Johnson 1857 Texas
Tillie Johnson 1896 Colorado
Raymond Johnston 1907 Ohio
Archie Jones 1894 California
Edward Jones 1886 Virginia
Louis Jones 1906 Colorado
Morris Jones 1870 Ohio
Rholand Jones 1884 Illinois
Thomas Jones 1886 Kansas
William Jones 1877 Kansas
William Jones 1870 Wales
George Jones 1859 Ohio
Alta Jones 1875 Illinois
Carrie Jones 1901 Mississippi
Frances Jones 1852 New York
Rachael Jones 1879 Tennessee
Francis Jordan 1853 Maine
Louise Jordan 1877 Switzerland
Carl Jorgenson 1876 Sweden
Adolfo Joseph 1894 Colorado
Israel Joseph 1874 Indiana
Anna Joseph 1891 Arkansas
Brigido Juarez 1874 Mexico
Flora Judd 1861 Indiana
Helen Judy 1869 Ohio
Lucy Julson 1884 Kansas
Marie Jungell 1863 Finland
Emma Jurgensen 1888 Nebraska
Daniel Justice 1864 Ohio

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