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Colorado State Hospital for the Insane, 1930 Index of Inmates Surnames E-G

NOTE: This set of records for Colorado State Hospital for the Insane provides the inmates name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these inmates can be found in Census Records

Inmates Name, Inmates Date of Birth, Inmates Place of Birth

Gail Eagan 1892 Kansas
Thomas Earley 1862 Indiana
John Easley 1866 Mississippi
Frank East 1876 Ohio
John East 1892 Colorado
Carolina Eastman 1862 Sweden
Fred Easton 1884 Illinois
Allen Ebert 1880 Ohio
H V Eddy 1876 Ohio
Stewart Eddy 1876 Kentucky
Luella Eddy 1867 Illinois
Clara Edelblute 1855 Pennsylvania
Louisa Edgar 1841 Indiana
Ida Edigar 1895 Missouri
Ida Edmundson 1876 Indiana
Margaret Edmundson 1878 Kansas
James Edson 1870 Illinois
Frank Edstrom 1866 Illinois
Charles Edwards 1870 England
Frank Edwards 1866 Illinois
J L Edwards 1885 Missouri
Elvin Edwards 1875 Michigan
Mary Egan 1869 Wisconsin
Ira Ehret 1905 Colorado
Flora Ehret 1903 Colorado
Ella Eichinger 1873 New York
Ruth Eichman 1899 Illinois
Charles Eichorn 1884 Sweden
Theodore Eickmeyer 1884 Indiana
Lizzie Eiger 1855 Germany
Verland Eisele 1889 Colorado
Emma Eisele 1892 Illinois
Margaret Eisenach 1889 Russia
Charles Eiser 1870 Illinois
Curtis Elder 1875 Kansas
Eli Elijean 1881 Austria
Angus Elleman 1860 Ohio
Phillip Ellis 1887 Missouri
Marcella Ellis 1884 Ireland
Henry Elmer 1878 New York
Peyser Elmore 1893 Russia
John Elsburry 1853 Missouri
Elva Elston 1865 Delaware
Jonathan Emery 1857 England
James Emery 1867 Pennsylvania
Rueben Enderle 1871 Louisiana
Miletus England 1875 Virginia
Helen England 1873 Ohio
Otto Englund 1870 Sweden
Frank Enkhous 1871 Minnesota
Jane Enochs 1883 Scotland
Abraham Ensley 1873 Kansas
Earley Epperson 1878 Iowa
Elizabeth Eppich 1868 New York
Fred Erdman 1847 Iowa
Eric R Erickson 1899 Colorado
Inez Erickson 1894 Utah
Matilda Erickson 1867 Sweden
Alma Erl 1905 Illinois
Arthur G Erving 1876 England
Pedro Espinosa 1892 Mexico
Gomez Espita 1891 New Mexico
Ella Essington 1861 New York
Marie Estab 1888 Illinois
Mary Estella 1887 Finland
A L Estes 1852 North Carolina
Fred Eubank 1887 Missouri
Bert F Evans 1883 Kansas
David Evans 1874 Wales
George Evans 1852 Wales
Samuel S Evans 1888 Minnesota
Bertha Evans 1873 Iowa
Frankie Evans 1885 Tennessee
Hazel Evans 1901 Colorado
Margaret Evatz 1889 Austria
Barbara Everly 1901 Russia
Peter Fachnda 1869 Austria
August Fagerquist 1875 Sweden
Leona Fain 1888 Missouri
Jim Falletta 1886 Italy
Fannie Fant 1881 Ohio
Frank Faoro 1879 Italy
George Faries 1905 Norht Carolina
Joe Farmer 1898 Norht Carolina
Louis Farr 1867 Norht Carolina
Marguerite Farr 1899 Colorado
Mary Farrell 1852 Kentucky
Joseph C Farry 1892 Colorado
Florence Fast 1888 Wisconsin
Selina Fauber 1891 New York
Lloy Fawcett 1883 New Mexico
Jennie Faxon 1864 Nebraska
Faye Fay 1885 Kansas
Tom Fecker 1873 France
Rebecca Fein 1868 Russia
Joe Ferccabrino 1887 Italy
Gertrude Ferguson 1889 Kansas
Mike Ferkovich 1864 Austria
Marquez Fernandez 1893 Colorado
Harvey W Ferner 1866 Ohio
Charles Fettinger 1873 Illinois
William Fick 1879 Wisconsin
Turner Fickland 1903 Georgia
Eva Fidler 1889 USA
Nellie Fidler 1893 Colorado
Vaughn V Fields 1892 Missouri
Rhinold Fillenberg 1892 Russia
Stanley E Fincher 1875 Pennsylvania
John Findish 1874 Poland
John K Finkner 1883 Nebraska
Katherine Finley 1847 England
Fred Finner 1862 Nebraska
Joe Fiore 1911 Colorado
Jennie Fish 1888 Poland
Dick Fisher 1890 Ireland
Peter Fisher 1887 Austria
Thomas M Fisher 1864 Indiana
Bessie Fisher 1889 Iowa
Mary Fisher 1887 USA
Mary Fisher 1896 Colorado
Ida Fisher 1882 Colorado
Richard Fizelle 1887 Ireland
Nellie Flaugh 1885 Iowa
Mary Fleek 1885 Colorado
Ralph Fleener 1873 Indiana
Annie Fleming 1853 Georgia
Roy Fletcher 1867 Iowa
Clara Flewelling 1901 Colorado
Anna Flink 1880 Sweden
George Flinn 1911 Colorado
Gladys Flohr 1902 Colorado
Roberta Flores 1905 Colorado
Mollie Floyd 1899 Tennessee
John Flurer 1903 Colorado
Thomas Flynn 1874 Colorado
Jennie Flynn 1882 Missouri
Joe Fodor 1882 Hungary
William Foley 1913 California
Amanda Foley 1869 Kansas
Harry Folsom 1889 Iowa
Just Fombelle 1871 Illinois
Bertha Fombelle 1867 Illinois
Sylvia Ford 1875 Missouri
David Forde 1881 Ireland
Rose Forquer 1898 Colorado
John Fortuna 1888 Italy
Mauro Fortuna 1891 Sicily
Albert Foster 1889 Colorado
Merle Foster 1900 Nebraska
Dixie Foster 1886 Missouri
Mary Foster 1862 England
Pearl Foster 1892 Missouri
Mildred Fouch 1897 New York
William Fowler 1880 Colorado

Trancriber: Tracy Day
Source: Names of inmates in Colorado State Hospital for the Insane extracted from 1930 census Pueblo Township, Pueblo County Colorado
Walter Fowler 1873 Massachusetts
Anna Fox 1887 Colorado
Mary Frame 1860 Ireland
S Francisco 1871 Italy
William Franklin 1880 Missouri
Van Franklin 1910 Arkansas
Joseph Franko 1868 Austria
Nellon Frantz 1884 Missouri
Thomas Frazer 1897 Maryland
Barbara Frazier 1885 Arkansas
Laura Freed 1903 Colorado
George Freedman 1870 Missouri
John Freidberger 1886 Russia
Rudolph Frick 1871 Colorado
Harry Friend 1888 Colorado
Helen Frost 1892 Illinois
May Frost 1897 Colorado
Pearl Fuller 1877 Iowa
Belle Fuller 1887 Colorado
Lucy Fullhart 1862 Indiana
Gilbert Funk 1866 Missouri
Lena Fuschino 1880 Pennsylvania
Mary Fuyda 1884 Austria
Mary Fzzarelli 1896 Italy
Frank Gabardi 1894 Austria
Margaret Gaffney 1896 Ireland
Eugene Gage 1873 New York
Frances Gagliardi 1897 Italy
William Gagon 1870 Ohio
E Allison Gale 1881 Illinois
Edward Gallagher 1863 Minnesota
James Gallagher 1893 Colorado
Blas Gallegoes 1900 New Mexico
Paul Gallegos 1886 Texas
Paul Gallegos 1903 New Mexico
Juanita Gallegos 1897 Colorado
Erbetta Gandenzio 1883 Italy
Oberline Garbe 1901 Colorado
Jose Garcia 1883 Colorado
Tulitas Garcia 1862 New Mexico
Mamie Gard 1890 Colorado
Tony Gardenalle 1893 Italy
Martin Gardner 1863 Czechoslovakia
Nellie Garrett 1887 Colorado
Rachel Garrett 1901 Colorado
George Gaston 1871 Kentucky
Daisy Gaston 1864 Georgia
Ollie Gates 1876 North Carolina
Ruth Gates 1894 Pennsylvania
Florence Gates 1880 Illinois
C W Gaylord 1871 Wisconsin
Michael Gaynor 1868 New York
Helen Gebis 1901 Pennsylvania
Minnie Gehman 1880 Missouri
John Gennetten 1900 Nebraska
Annie George 1878 Syria
Emil Gericke 1857 Germany
James Gerry 1905 Colorado
Louise Gertnun 1844 Russia
William Gerton 1893 Colorado
Carl Getz 1895 Iowa
George Gex 1871 Missouri
Ida Gibbens 1877 Illinois
Mary Gibber 1875 New York
John Gibbons 1873 Ireland
Mary Gibbons 1879 Ireland
Glen Gibson 1904 Missouri
William Gibson 1854 Iowa
Audra Gibson 1901 Oklahoma
Mary Gieske 1867 Kentucky
Mae Gifford 1882 Colorado
Adaline Gigliotte 1889 Italy
Daniel Gilbert 1859 Iowa
Verena Gilbert 1899 Iowa
Mary Giles 1852 Wisconsin
Oscar Gillerstadt 1875 Sweden
Hiara Gimelli 1873 Italy
Miles Gionovich 1891 Montenegro
William Girard 1855 New York
Joe Glivar 1912 Colorado
Geroge Glover 1907 Colorado
Dan Glumac 1891 Serbia
Clemens Goerke 1871 Germany
Richard Goerlitz 1881 Germany
August Goette 1860 Germany
Ephriam Goins 1861 Missouri
Jorna Gold 1849 Mexico
Ida Goldman 1886 Russia
Minnie Goldman 1898 New York
Clem Gollon 1879 Illinois
Elvina Gollowitsch 1871 Germany
Amanda Gomez 1889 Mexico
Martinez Gonzales 1886 Mexico
Damesio Gonzales 1869 New Mexico
Concionitia Gonzales 1886 Colorado
Clarence Goodan 1899 Illinois
Louis Goodman 1905 USA
Crandall Goodrich 1890 Nebraska
David Goosman 1878 Germany
Patrick Gordon 1888 Kansas
Maud Gormley 1872 Indiana
Elizabeth Gossman 1900 Colorado
Charles Gouch 1880 USA
George Gould 1859 Italy
Nora Gould 1885 South Dakota
Maude Gourley 1867 Iowa
John Graf 1898 Pennsylvania
Ethel Granger 1879 Illinois
Anna Grant 1865 Indiana
Charles Gratton 1886 Colorado
Bessie Gratz 1896 Colorado
Louis Graves 1899 Colorado
Wirt Graves 1882 Kansas
W L Gray 1867 Iowa
Edward Gray 1866 Kentucky
Thomas Green 1876 England
Christina Green 1885 Iowa
Evelin Green 1868 New Mexico
Fannie Green 1867 Ireland
Jeanie Green 1898 Wisconsin
Chauncy Greene 1888 USA
Park Greenhalgh 1901 Missouri
John Gregovich 1878 Austria
William Greves 1850 Pennsylvania
Chester Griffin 1883 Michigan
H H Griffin 1875 Maryland
Joseph Griffin 1911 Kansas
Joe Griffith 1872 Missouri
Morgan Griffith 1873 Minnesota
Rose Grigg 1888 Virginia
Orville Grimes 1901 Kansas
Eugene Grimme 1889 Colorado
Gertrude Grochowsky 1897 New York
John Grogan 1884 Illinois
Margaret Groom 1895 Colorado
Margaret Gross 1868 Ohio
Adna Grosser 1881 Illinois
Angela Grosso 1868 Italy
James Groth 1911 Colorado
Joseph Gruein 1895 Austria
Mary Grunwald 1893 Russia
Ben Guiterrez 1898 Colorado
Christ Gulliksen 1860 Germany
Gertrude Gunn 1883 Iowa
August Gunther 1866 USA
Donasiano Gurule 1867 New Mexico
Lupita Gurule 1883 USA
Rebecca Gurule 1884 Arizona
Axell Gustafson 1905 Colorado
Herman Gustafson 1885 Colorado
Mary Guthrey 1907 Colorado
Angel Gutierrez 1883 Spain
Regino Gutierrez 1875 Mexico
Angie Guyer 1862 Indiana

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