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Colorado State Hospital for the Insane, 1930 Index of Inmates Surnames C-D

NOTE: This set of records for Colorado State Hospital for the Insane provides the inmates name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these inmates can be found in Census Records

Inmates Name, Inmates Date of Birth, Inmates Place of Birth

John Cabell 1884 Kentucky
Eugenia Cabler 1876 Canada
Claudine Cachorex 1881 France
J P Caffery 1856 Vermont
Helen Cain 1895 Colorado
Pauline Caise 1875 USA
Paul Calabacre 1883 Colorado
Lela Caldwell 1878 Virginia
Marcus Call 1889 Iowa
Tom Callahan 1871 Missouri
Maria Callaway 1893 Virginia
Jean Cameron 1884 Scotland
Joseph Campbell 1862 Missouri
Virginia Campbell 1855 Wisconsin
Mari Candiliare 1903 New Mexico
Sophie Capehart 1857 Germany
Anton Cappare 1861 Austria
Robert Cappel 1876 Ohio
Mike Caralo 1892 Austria
Ramon Cardosa 1879 Colorado
Lena Carey 1890 Missouri
Stine Carlsen 1851 Denmark
Samuel Carlson 1864 Sweden
Hadda Carlson 1837 Sweden
Theodore Carnell 1872 Illinois
Eugene Carovajal 1869 Mexico
Ishmael Carpenter 1906 Kentucky
Elba Carpenter 1900 Colorado
Hannah Carpenter 1858 Michigan
Leonore Carpenter 1880 Iowa
Mable Carpenter 1883 Colorado
William Carroll 1861 Iowa
Ben Carter 1854 Missouri
Lee Carter 1891 Kansas
George Carter 1872 Indiana
Mary Carter 1886 Colorado
Charles Cary 1893 Colorado
Richard Casey 1878 Colorado
Anna Casey 1889 Ireland
Mary Casey 1858 Rhode Island
Rudolph Cash 1903 Indiana
Benjamin Casler 1873 Colorado
Amoranti Cassias 1898 Colorado
Mick Castenis 1891 Greece
E Casto 1891 West Virginia
Jose Castro 1904 Colorado
Isabell Caswell 1904 Colorado
Edward Cella 1886 Colorado
George Cenneen 1880 Virginia
Orval Chalk 1893 Kansas
Martha Chamberlain 1869 Missouri
Rachel Chambers 1885 Missouri
Anna Chance 1884 Tennessee
Alice Chandler 1875 Missouri
Eldora Chapin 1879 Nebraska
Ida Chapman 1890 Colorado
Russell Chartrand 1891 Colorado
John Chavez 1870 New Mexico
Jose Chavez 1901 Colorado
Millians Chavez 1889 Colorado
Mary Chelgren 1887 Minnesota
E B Chenoweth 1870 Missouri
George Cheramy 1877 Iowa
Teddy Cherko 1881 Austria
Antony Chester 1886 Russia
Valina Childers 1887 South Carolina
George Childerss 1867 Mississippi
Max Childs 1892 Russia
William Childs 1870 Iowa
Wing Ching 1849 China
W Christensen 1877 Denmark
Conner Christenson 1887 Colorado
Emma Christley 1876 Pennsylvania
Jennie Christmann 1868 Pennsylvania
Lillian Christoph 1870 Indiana
Grace Churchill 1867 Illinois
Savatore Ciraco 1870 Italy
Candida Cisneros 1900 Colorado
Louis Claci 1881 Italy
Charles Clark 1903 Denmark
Charlie Clark 1869 Iowa
Douglass Clark 1899 Colorado
Harvey Clark 1885 Colorado
Michael Clark 1864 Indiana
Thomas Clark 1893 Pennsylvania
Leo Clark 1893 Missouri
Anna Clark 1877 Illinois
Elizabeth Clark 1849 Maryland
Emma Clark 1872 Pennsylvania
Mayme Clark 1892 Kansas
Mary Clark 1892 Colorado
Christina Claudy 1865 Germany
Anna Clausen 1879 Denmark
Gilmore Clawson 1852 Arkansas
Olive Clawson 1882 Colorado
David Clay 1901 Colorado
Ella Clay 1866 Ohio
James Cleary 1858 Ireland
John Cleary 1866 New York
Dale Cleaves 1893 Iowa
Nicolas Clemans 1874 Kansas
Ora Clements 1866 Indiana
Thomas Clements 1859 Scotland
Mary Clemmons 1859 Ohio
William Clevenger 1877 Tennessee
Helen Clifford 1886 Kansas
Louella Clifton 1868 Iowa
Emma Cline 1882 USA
Jim Cloud 1885 Colorado
Wallace Cobb 1874 Michigan
Candice Coby 1861 Colorado
John Cochrane 1911 Kansas
C F Cody 1863 Illinois
Cannie Cody 1865 Missouri
Stephen Coffy 1877 Missouri
Frederick Cole 1885 Illinois
Ernest Coles 1854 Ohio
John Collett 1872 Indiana
Charles Colley 1884 Kansas
George Collier 1887 Connecticut
Louisa Collier 1876 Louisiana
Anthony Collins 1873 Illinois
Marie Collins 1882 Syria
Maud Collins 1885 Denmark
Genevieve Colliver 1891 Nebraska
John Coloff 1898 Bulgaria
Jennie Comstock 1868 Iowa
Erwin Conaway 1867 Missouri
Mary Condon 1877 Pennsylvania
Elmer Conn 1893 Michigan
Herman Connaughton 1877 Nebraska
Eliza Connell 1854 Pennsylvania
Mae Connelly 1892 Illinois
Margaret Connelly 1889 Ireland
Michilina Connor 1907 Colorado
Nicanon Conpreras 1895 Mexico
George Cook 1872 Pennsylvania
Hattie Cook 1861 Ohio
Archie Cooper 1886 Alabama
Clara Cooper 1899 Colorado
Hattie Cooper 1875 Missouri
Ruth Cooper 1897 Kansas
Malcolm Copeland 1874 Arkansas
Mary Copeland 1871 New york
Lillian Copps 1886 Ohio
James Corbett 1880 Iowa
John Corbett 1873 Kansas
Lena Cordone 1904 Colorado
Balentin Cordova 1907 Colorado
James Cornelius 1887 North Carolina
Philip Cornelius 1886 Kansas
Opal Cornelius 1907 Michigan
Marco Corra 1885 Italy
Samuel Cortez 1893 New Mexico
Clyde Coryell 1884 Iowa
E M Corzine 1878 Illinois
Manuel Costillo 1896 Mexico
Winnie Cothren 1892 Colorado
Warren Cottle 1871 Missouri
Mae Cottrell 1875 Minnesota
Nina Coulson 1877 Michigan
Alice Coulthurst 1844 England
Sam Covich 1880 Serbia
Franklin Cowell 1871 Georgia
Edward Cox 1869 Kentucky
Ethel Cox 1892 Missouri
Maggie Cox 1895 Missouri
Anna Coxe 1868 Canada
Fred Cramer 1871 Wisconsin
Newton Crane 1854 Virginia
Newton Craven 1851 Ohio

Trancriber: Tracy Day
Source: Names of inmates in Colorado State Hospital for the Insane extracted from 1930 census Pueblo Township, Pueblo County Colorado
John Crawford 1865 Iowa
Richard Crawford 1872 Kentucky
Lillian Crawford 1891 Missouri
James Crawley 1883 England
Rose Creagh 1898 Colorado
Patrick Creahan 1857 Ireland
Ottie Creed 1884 Colorado
Elza Cretzer 1871 Ohio
Elmer Crisp 1907 Ohio
Alice Crisp 1851 Canada
Bertha Critchfield 1900 Colorado
John Critrvich 1872 Austria
Lester Crosby 1898 Indiana
Lela Crossley 1881 Colorado
Warwick Crosswhite 1902 Missouri
Mary Crotzer 1860 USA
Duron Crouch 1869 Kentucky
Sarah Crowe 1868 England
Josephine Crowel 1856 Indiana
Charles Crowell 1850 Virginia
George Crozier 1864 Canada
Nellie Cruickshank 1871 England
Cady Cruthers 1887 Colorado
Perfecta Cruz 1879 Colorado
Dominic Cuchares 1907 Colorado
Moses Culler 1866 Missouri
Corona Cummings 1887 Kansas
James Cunningham 1868 Arkansas
S L Cunningham 1853 Indiana
Russell Cunningham 1907 Iowa
James Curry 1867 Illinois
James Curry 1885 New Jersey
Mary Curry 1878 Nebraska
Emma Curtis 1860 Iowa
Abbie Cushatt 1881 Nebraska
Mary Cybrynsky 1878 Czechoslovakia
Emma Cykler 1894 Colorado
Eugene Dabry 1902 Tennessee
Frank Dalapicalla 1879 Austria
Anton Dalapicola 1893 Australia
Otto Dalkey 1879 Minnesota
Jeff Dalton 1883 Colorado
John Dame 1857 New Hampshire
Anna Dame 1879 Ireland
Ernest Damm 1902 Colorado
Elizabeth Damm 1873 Germany
Helma Danford 1911 Nebraska
Alice Daniels 1891 Colorado
George Dann 1857 England
Augusta Danser 1888 Nebraska
William Dark 1859 Kansas
William Darling 1887 Colorado
William Darnaby 1856 Missouri
Mary Daugherty 1898 Illinois
David David 1861 Wales
Gus David 1870 Nebraska
James David 1878 Arkansas
Louis David 1888 Missouri
Grace David 1880 Kentucky
Alex Davidovich 1879 Austria
Matilda Davidson 1848 Pennsylvania
Richard Davies 1851 Wales
Mildred Davies 1900 Colorado
Petro Davila 1888 Mexico
Ray Davis 1897 Massachusetts
William Davis 1853 Russia
R L Davis 1870 Georgia
J A Davis 1863 Indiana
Florence Davis 1892 Colorado
Jessie Davis 1887 Colorado
Mary Davis 1876 Missouri
May Davis 1855 Michigan
Naoma Davis 1882 Pennsylvania
Elick Dawson 1882 Texas
Joseph Dawson 1847 Kentucky
Lew Dawson 1870 Iowa
Rhoda Day 1854 Missouri
Adelaide Dean 1855 Canada
Matt Debevc 1884 Austria
Benjamin Debins 1890 Colorado
A H Debord 1860 Missouri
Jennie Decaro 1892 Italy
Tony Decins 1910 Colorado
Nora Defield 1876 Colorado
John Degan 1866 New York
Ralph DeHaven 1896 Illinois
Henry Deines 1884 Russia
Minnie Deinnenger 1882 Nebraska
Angelo Dejohn 1911 Colorado
Frank Dekin 1860 England
Francisco Dellantano 1882 Italy
Sylvester Deluca 1909 Colorado
Thomas Demas 1892 Greece
W H Deming 1869 Vermont
Herbert Demuth 1898 New York
Jay Denning 1880 Missouri
Laura Denny 1859 Canada
Aurelia Denslow 1894 Nebraska
Julia Denslow 1879 Wisconsin
Winifred Derby 1872 Kansas
Mary Derwin 1859 Ireland
Joe Desotelle 1862 New York
Fred Detark 1889 Russia
G Dethridge 1880 Kentucky
Sewis Detmers 1860 England
Perina Dett 1898 Italy
Arthur Dettedback 1892 New Mexico
Eva Deutsch 1873 Colorado
Thomas Devanko 1879 Austria
Jennie Dever 1861 Kentucky
Pearl Dewall 1884 Colorado
Mattie Dewey 1867 Illinois
Albert Diamond 1900 Illinois
Max Diamond 1896 Russia
Edward Dickinson 1876 Ohio
Fredericka Diedrichs 1875 Illinois
Otto Dietrick 1884 Germany
Della Diller 1871 Tennessee
Chancey Dillman 1878 Indiana
John Doe 1868 USA
Joh Doe 1885 USA
John Doe 1865 Mexico
John Doe 1896 Kansas
John Doe 1891 Italy
John Doe 1860 Syria
John Doe 1885 Russia
Sam Doe 1850 USA
Harry Dolan 1899 New York
Velma Dolan 1909 Kansas
Robert Doles 1889 Colorado
Gertrude Dolling 1869 Iowa
Bertha Domesla 1896 Austria
Charles Donaldson 1878 New York
Frank Dorman 1887 Colorado
Carrie Dorman 1894 Oklahoma
William Dorsey 1888 Texas
Nellie Doty 1877 Illinois
Allen Doughty 1868 Ohio
Mignon Douglas 1906 Colorado
Rachel Douglas 1854 Maryland
John Dow 1898 USA
Charles Dowell 1877 Colorado
Maude Dowell 1897 Missouri
Linda Dowlen 1889 Iowa
E M Downer 1885 Kansas
John Downing 1871 Ireland
Arthur Doyle 1882 Vermont
Angeline Dozzi 1877 Italy
Martha Drake 1871 Kansas
Ella Dray 1859 Missouri
Carolina Dressler 1860 Germany
Jessie Drew 1868 Missouri
John Dubbs 1870 Ohio
Virginia Dufex 1897 New Mexico
Margaret Duff 1873 Texas
Bernard Duffy 1908 Colorado
Michael Duffy 1840 Ireland
Alfred Dugdale 1870 England
Charles Duncan 1881 Nebraska
Mary Duncan 1907 Colorado
Edward Dunckley 1872 Kansas
Otto Dunkel 1881 Germany
Fanny Dunlap 1866 Illinois
Bessie Dunn 1894 Missouri
Mary Dunn 1877 England
Ethel Dunsmore 1891 Colorado
Josie Duran 1886 Colorado
Marina Duran 1900 New Mexico
Abraham Dutton 1869 Iowa
Thomas Dutton 1889 Colorado
Catherine Dwyer 1882 Maine

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