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Colorado State Hospital for the Insane, 1930 Index of Inmates Surnames A-B

NOTE: This set of records for Colorado State Hospital for the Insane provides the inmates name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these inmates can be found in Census Records

Inmates Name, Inmates Date of Birth, Inmates Place of Birth

Sidney Aal 1882 New York
Floyd Abarr 1895 New York
Clarence Abbott 1876 Nebraska
Alva Abbott 1886 Colorado
Caroline Abbott 1864 Sweden
Romald Abeyta 1879 New Mexico
Ruth Abeyta 1891 Colorado
Mike Abormintz 1883 Austria
Harry Absher 1858 Kentucky
Barbara Ackerman 1871 Germany
Katheryn Ackerman 1901 Colorado
Jesus Acosta 1897 Texas
Teresa Acosta 1888 Mexico
Patrocina Acosta 1901 New Mexico
Refugio Acosta 1894 Mexico
Peter Adamcewick 1874 Poland
Charles Adams 1884 Missouri
John Adams 1870 Pennsylvania
Anna Adamson 1888 Wisconsin
Ephriam Adle 1890 Missouri
Mary Ann Agee 1899 Colorado
Estevan Aguilar 1898 Mexico
Henry Ahlers 1869 Illinois
Evelyn Ailley 1892 Wisconsin
John Aitken 1879 Scotland
Charles Akins 1861 New York
Charles Albert 1893 Iowa
Eugenio Albertine 1876 Austria
John Albertson 1895 Kansas
L C Alberty 1892 Kansas
Edward Albi 1911 Colorado
Adolph Albus 1868 Missouri
John Alcala 1909 Mexico
Florentino Alcolo 1902 Mexico
Roy Alexander 1892 Iowa
Lenora Alexander 1897 New Mexico
George Alford 1868 Kansas
Hattie Algers 1856 Iowa
Samuel Allard 1877 Illinois
Charles Allen 1866 Missouri
Noah Alley 1891 Nebraska
Edith Alley 1874 Kansas
AG Allison 1886 Colorado
Lutie Allison 1900 Colorado
Patrey Allred 1889 Alabama
Cecil Allsman 1900 Missouri
Jessica Allsop 1890 Kansas
Mary Alto 1889 Switzerland
Hugh Ames 1871 Colorado
Day Ammerman 1873 New York
John Ancnik 1896 Austria
Arthur Anderson 1896 Colorado
Carl Anderson 1878 Sweden
Charles Anderson 1872 Sweden
Charles Anderson 1884 Colorado
Thomas Anderson 1903 Colorado
William Anderson 1874 Iowa
Augusta Anderson 1872 Sweden
Edith Anderson 1898 Colorado
Emma Anderson 1878 Germany
Emma Anderson 1866 New York
Sophia Anderson 1871 Minnesota
Birdie Anderson 1907 Arizona
Carrie Andre 1875 Ohio
Ernest Andress 1878 Missouri
Lucile Andrew 1909 Colorado
John Andrews 1852 Ohio
Docia Andus 1877 USA
John Angel 1878 Tennessee
William Anst 1890 Greece
Georgina Aperdoca 1874 New Mexico
Manuel Aragon 1882 Colorado
Monica Aragon 1904 Colorado
John Arbuckle 1876 Maryland
Etta Archer 1888 Colorado
Juanita Archuletta 1853 New Mexico
Della Armstrong 1851 Pennsylvania
Maggie Armstrong 1888 Colorado
Alfred Arnold 1885 England
Jesus Arriaga 1905 Mexico
Louise Ashenfelter 1886 England
Robert Ashton 1882 Pennsylvania
Eva Ashton 1871 Iowa
David Atcheson 1888 New York
Edith Auburn 1905 Texas
Rudolph Aue 1863 Alsace
Christine Augustin 1844 France
Alma Augustson 1875 Sweden
Alice Auld 1887 Texas
FM Ault 1842 Wisconsin
Esther Ausmus 1900 Colorado
Walter Axel 1904 Iowa
James Babb 1889 Iowa
Agnes Babich 1906 Colorado
Alfonso Baca 1907 New Mexico
Delle Baca 1905 Colorado
Richard Bachme 1885 Germany
Pete Backas 1890 Lithuania
James Backs 1882 England
Ida Bacon 1881 USA
Cora Bacon 1870 Colorado
Mollie Bader 1873 Germany
Robert Bagshaw 1864 England
Marko Baich 1879 Austria
Mary Bailey 1887 Colorado
Charles Baker 1872 Michigan
DE Baker 1872 Iowa
Paul Baker 1888 Iowa
Robert Baker 1856 Michigan
Vean Baker 1904 Kansas
Elizabeth Baker 1893 Illinois
Letnia Baker 1890 Iowa
Dora Balanzuela 1902 Colorado
Dan Balconfield 1883 Italy
Juan Balderas 1905 Mexico
FV Ballard 1868 Missouri
Luella Ballard 1882 Indiana
Elizabeth Band 1896 Wyoming
Rose Bangaerel 1881 Switzerland
Ernest Bange 1890 New Jersey
Mary Banigan 1861 France
Solan Banks 1870 Texas
Hazel Bannon 1896 New Mexico
Antonia Barela 1883 Mexico
Laurel Barger 1884 Iowa
Mary Barkhausen 1897 Colorado
Stafford Barnes 1863 Iowa
O F Barnes 1888 Kansas
Eva Barnett 1890 Nebraska
C F Barney 1900 Colorado
Violet Barnhill 1908 Arkansas
Santiago Baros 1897 New Mexico
Josshua Barre 1862 Indiana
Fay Barrell 1872 New Mexico
Pearl Barrett 1887 Kansas
Newton Barron 1861 Kentucky
Lucie Barron 1867 Illinois
Alfred Bartola 1899 Germany
Frelz Barton 1890 Colorado
Gladys Barton 1896 Colorado
Mable Bartrap 1895 Nebraska
Kapenero Barutsha 1888 Italy
Ainlfs Basques 1899 Mexico
Amanda Bateham 1866 Michigan
Agnes Bates 1892 Oklahoma
Mary Bates 1854 Missouri
George Batta 1883 Austria
William Batten 1872 Kansas
Fred Bauer 1883 Nebraska
Walter Bauer 1881 Pennsylvania
Lottie Bauer 1882 Nebraska
Samuel Baumgartner 1872 Ohio
Annie Bavis 1894 Alabama
David Baxter 1863 Kansas
Fred Beal 1881 Colorado
Sarah Beale 1852 England
Amelia Beaman 1890 Saf
Emerson Beard 1893 Nebraska
A E Beartsch 1882 Wisconsin
George Beatty 1866 Canada
Anna Beaver 1872 Illinois
Jessie Beaver 1865 Canada
Ella Beck 1870 Missouri
Louis Beckenstein 1842 Poland
Lee Becker 1881 Colorado
Harry Beeler 1883 Kansas
George Beenure 1866 Poland
Alice Beggs 1898 Colorado
Mary Behrle 1885 Pennsylvania
William Beisel 1877 Iowa
Manuel Bejar 1901 Mexico
O L Belcher 1866 Michigan
Robert Bell 1885 New York
Madison Bell 1846 New York
Carrie Bell 1872 Missouri
Gertrude Belmont 1900 Colorado
Paul Belts 1867 Germany
A L Bemis 1850 New York
Joseph Bendekorick 1885 Guyana
Helen Benedict 1894 Iowa
Tony Benfatte 1910 Colorado
N A Bengston 1876 Sweden
Carl Benjamin 1886 Colorado
Pierce Benjamin 1864 Canada
Nola Benner 1877 Minnesota
John Bennett 1853 USA
Kathryn Bennett 1871 Pennsylvania
Nels Benson 1865 Sweden
Swan Benson 1855 Sweden
John Benton 1883 England
Ella Benton 1871 USA
Domenico Beradinelli 1873 Italy
Domingo Berastigui 1904 Colorado

Trancriber: Tracy Day
Source: Names of inmates in Colorado State Hospital for the Insane extracted from 1930 census Pueblo Township, Pueblo County Colorado
Homer Berch 1882 Missouri
Abe Berezin 1901 Russia
Olga Bergh 1878 Denmark
Charles Bergstrom 1880 California
John Berian 1867 Illinois
Meyer Berland 1885 Utah
Max Berliner 1889 Ohio
William Bernson 1888 Colorado
Alma Bernson 1884 France
Joseph Bersch 1889 Colorado
Peter Berta 1891 Italy
Hattie Berti 1887 Illinois
Charles Betters 1886 Wisconsin
Harold Bevis 1890 Colorado
C J Biailur 1881 England
Phillip Bianchi 1864 Italy
Maggie Bice 1896 Colorado
Emma Biddles 1854 Rhode Island
Rachel Billingsly 1850 Tennessee
Mattie Bills 1863 Illinois
Mamie Bilton 1886 Colorado
Charlotte Binder 1866 Germany
M Elizabeth Bingham 1868 New York
Joseph Birchell 1878 Utah
Mary Bird 1866 Missouri
Franklin Bishop 1875 Ohio
Addie Bixler 1873 Illinois
WP Black 1877 Nebraska
James Black 1880 USA
Robert Black 1888 Nebraska
Thomas Black 1886 USA
Alliceson Black 1894 Indiana
Margaret Blackledge 1895 England
Eunice Blackwood 1887 Kentucky
Sam Blaco 1882 Russia
Rose Blake 1895 Colorado
Ernest Blakely 1900 Kansas
Lucretia Blakley 1869 Illinois
Dena Blatter 1867 Holland
Glenn Blattman 1879 Spain
Feliciano Blea 1911 New Mexico
Armstead Blevins 1874 Texas
Mary Blincoe 1860 Missouri
Wilbur Bliss 1896 Nebraska
Wilbur Bliss 1896 Illinois
Charles Blomberg 1884 England
E C Bloomberg 1878 Pennsylvania
E H Blunt 1856 Illinos
Christina Blystone 1901 Kansas
Long Boda 1888 Italy
Lewis Boesser 1869 Germany
Grace Bogard 1883 Iowa
Chris Bohlender 1892 Colorado
Alexander Bohler 1880 Switzerland
Vina Bolden 1863 Tennessee
Arthur Boles 1891 Kentucky
Mary Bollway 1862 Illinois
Joseph Bolun 1866 New York
Robert Bond 1888 Kansas
Theodore Bongard 1891 Illinois
Peter Boni 1887 Italy
Cora Booker 1878 Kansas
Dories Bookhammer 1902 Colorado
Petro Bordenato 1883 Italy
Thomas Borella 1889 New Mexico
Matt Borf 1880 Yugoslavia
Angela Borovatz 1890 Australia
Effie Borum 1861 Missouri
E Boss 1864 Iowa
Henry Boss 1842 North Carolina
Thomas Boswell 1892 Kentucky
Frank Bourk 1903 Colorado
Robert Bousfield 1888 Kansas
Osa Bowen 1891 Kansas
Margaret Bowers 1867 Indiana
Mary Bowers 1888 North Carolina
Charles Bowland 1875 Colorado
Daniel Bowman 1880 Missouri
Levi Bowman 1889 Indiana
Mike Boyance 1857 Austria
Jacob Boyer 1865 Pennsylvania
Mary Boyken 1871 Indiana
Bert Boylan 1885 Oregon
Pearl Bozelle 1889 Pennsylvania
Nell Brackett 1891 Illinois
Isaac Brady 1889 Syria
Mary Brady 1895 Kansas
Jeneva Braithwaite 1878 Indiana
Vera Brale 1886 Kentucky
Emma Brandenburg 1851 Indiana
Elizabeth Brander 1870 Scotland
Norma Brandi 1912 Michigan
Murton Brant 1872 Michigan
Emil Brantferger 1873 Iowa
Anna Brantlerger 1878 Michigan
Serafino Branz 1878 Austria
Henry Brauch 1876 Minnesota
Mary Bravdica 1891 Colorado
Isabel Bray 1891 Colorado
Helen Brazonik 1883 Australia
William Breckenridge 1893 Pennsylvania
Tony Bredih 1870 Austria
Joseph Brehen 1899 Nebraska
Julius Breitenbach 1871 Germany
John Brennan 1859 Pennsylvania
Sadie Brenner 1893 New York
Manuel Breumen 1902 Mexico
Nora Bridgeford 1880 Nebraska
John Bridges 1869 Utah
Walter Bridgewater 1894 Missouri
Lila Briggs 1884 Nebraska
Norman Brindle 1854 Pennsylvania
Willard Brinkerhoff 1890 Utah
Winifred Brinson 1901 Colorado
Joseph Britt 1876 Germany
Hugh Brock 1868 Missouri
Mary Broderick 1906 Colorado
Tong Brokovich 1894 Austria
A E Brooks 1869 Missouri
Oliver Brooks 1863 North Carolina
Anna Brooks 1859 Missouri
Francis Brooks 1894 Oklahoma
Maggie Brookshier 1879 Kansas
Lena Brophy 1873 Pennsylvania
Capitola Browa 1873 New Hampshire
Frank Brown 1874 Canada
Frank Brown 1874 Nebraska
F S Brown 1881 Illinois
George Brown 1900 Kansas
Michael Brown 1883 Ireland
Robert Brown 1883 Colorado
Sam Brown 1866 Illinois
William Brown 1877 USA
William Brown 1861 Illinois
Daisy Brown 1879 Kansas
Dorothy Brown 1900 Colorado
Eliza Brown 1838 Missouri
Eith Brown 1892 Nebraska
Elizabeth Brown 1868 West Virginia
Josie Brown 1884 Kansas
Laura Brown 1876 Ohio
Laura Brown 1888 Missouri
Luvina Brown 1886 Iowa
Permelia Brown 1851 Ohio
Amanda Brownfield 1854 Iowa
Clifford Brownlee 1911 Kansas
Lucy Brownyard 1878 Iowa
Austin Bruce 1898 Wyoming
Philip Bruce 1893 Michigan
Walter Bruce 1877 Kansas
M Brumitt 1852 Georgia
John Brumley 1851 Ohio
Christina Bruna 1887 Italy
Elizabeth Bryer 1888 Massachusetts
Josephine Buchanan 1869 Nebraska
Katherine Buchanan 1896 Missouri
Clayton Buck 1902 Colorado
Gertrude Buckland 1890 Colorado
James Buckley 1847 Kentucky
James Buff 1867 Missouri
Frank Bukle 1862 Austria
W N Bullock 1883 Missouri
Frank Bunten 1881 Indiana
Elizabeth Burbank 1857 Pennsylvania
Mary Burgar 1856 Illinois
Clara Burgeson 1881 Sweden
Ethyl Burgess 1885 Missouri
Lizzie Burgett 1879 Finland
Shirley Burgwin 1872 USA
Rose Burk 1876 Illinois
Delia Burke 1884 Ireland
Mary Burke 1865 Wisconsin
Mary Burkhard 1889 Kansas
Bertha Burnaby 1889 Missouri
Marion Burnite 1882 Pennsylvania
A C Burns 1866 Iowa
John Burns 1883 USA
John Burns 1868 Iowa
Patrick Burns 1854 Pennsylvania
Matie Burns 1870 New York
Vera Burns 1902 Iowa
Emily Burt 1882 Ohio
John Buser 1896 Iowa
D B Bush 1850 Ohio
Lorena Bushby 1879 Wisconsin
Annie Buskovitch 1861 Germany
Rebecca Butler 1859 Iowa
Clifton Butson 1895 Colorado
William Butter 1852 Indiana
Margaret Buxton 1870 Scotland
Patrick Byrne 1889 Nebraska
Melvene Byron 1889 Maine
Leat Byxbe 1885 Iowa

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