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Arkansas State Penitentiary 1880 Index of Prisoners (K - Z)

NOTE: This set of records for Arkansas State Penitentiary provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in Census Records When searching for your Arkansas Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Age, Prisoners Place of Birth

J. W. JONES 25 Georgia
James JONES 20 Arkansas
Marshall A. JONES 22 Arkansas
Walter JONES 24 Arkansas
William JONES 24 Ohio
William JONES 24 Arkansas
Lafayette JORDAN 24 Mississippi
John KELLY 35 Connecticut
R. T. KEYES 27 Alabama
Frank KIRBY 26 Tennessee
Thomas KIRK 20 Tennessee
Nevils T. KIRWIN 25 Arkansas
William KITTING 32 IRE
Monroe KNAPP 25 Missouri
John KUET 58 Kentucky
Frank LADD 25 Michigan
Thomas LAMB 25 Arkansas
Spencer LANDRUM 28 Arkansas
Garrison LANGSTEN 40 Maryland
Emeline LASHAW 29 Arkansas Female
Gilbert LASTER 35 North Carolina
A. J. LAWRECE 27 Virginia
William LEATHMAN 29 Indiana
Walter LEE 23 Tennessee
Joe LEEPER 24 Texas
Jerry LEWIS 36 Tennessee
William LIGHTFOOT 29 Illinois
Walter MALONE 30 Alabama
James MAN 18 Texas
Alex MANEES 29 Tennessee
Alexander MARKS 58 Virginia
Madison MARKS 26 Arkansas
M. L. MARSHALL 36 Louisiana
Henry MARTIN 19 Kentucky
James MARTIN 26 Alabama
Jessi MARTIN 20 Arkansas
John A. MARTIN 25 Arkansas
Willis MARTIN 18 Arkansas
George MASSEY 26 Tennessee
Haywood MATHEWS 21 Arkansas
John Henry MATTHEWS 20 Arkansas
Anderson MAY 31 Mississippi
Zach MAY 15 Arkansas
Reuben MC CAIN 24 Tennessee
Wash MC CLENDEN 24 Arkansas
George W. MC CLUNG 48 Virginia
William MC COOL 20 Iowa
Mack MC COON 22 Arkansas
Randall MC DOWELL 28 Tennessee
Austin MC ELROY 67 North Carolina
John MC GILL 23 Arkansas
James MC GINNIS 30 Missouri
J. Harvey MC GREY 40 Tennessee
Thomas MC GUIRE 36 Virginia
William MC GUIRE 33 Tennessee
George MC INTOSH 45 Arkansas
William T. MC KAY 30 Mississippi
John MC MILLAN 22 Tennessee
Jerry MC TYE 19 Georgia
A. H. MILLER 21 Arkansas
Charles MILLER 24 Germany
Jack MILLER 18 Arkansas
Hardy MILLS 37 Missouri
James MILTON 20 Missouri
Baxter MINER 27 Mississippi
Moses MOIZE 23 Alabama
William MONROE 29 Scotland
Jeff MONTGOMERY 30 Tennessee
Morris MONTGOMERY 36 South Carolina
W. M. MONTGOMERY 23 Arkansas
Frank MONTICAN 56 Arkansas
William MONTRY 30 South Carolina
Cages MOORE 26 Alabama
John F. MOORE 19 Arkansas
Richard MOORE 28 Georgia
William MOORE 22 Arkansas
Isaac MORELAND 25 Alabama
John MORELAND 22 Missouri
Eli MORRIS 31 Tennessee
Shadrack MORRIS 23 Alabama
James MORRISON 15 Arkansas
Frank MORTIMER 22 Alabama
George MURPHY 29 Iowa
Wyatt NACH 29 Virginia
Nathan NEIGHBORS 29 Georgia
Joe NELSON 31 Virginia
William NELSON 18 Arkansas
Thomas NEVILLE 36 Tennessee
James NEWMAN 36 Kentucky
Jos W. NEWSOME 22 Michigan
Richard NEWSOME 31 Mississippi
Scott NICHOLS 32 Virginia
Thomas NORMAN 26 Alabama
Charles OGDEN 21 Arkansas
Charles OLIVER 33 North Carolina
James OLIVER 25 Missouri
William OLIVER 25 Arkansas
Charles OVERHALL 29 Mississippi
Charles OWENS 21 Kentucky
Jesse OWENS 49 Virginia
Elias PALMER 27 Mississippi
James H. PALMER 31 Pennsylvania
George PARKER 29 Arkansas
George PARKER 16 Tennessee
Clarinda PARKS 22 Arkansas Female
Dick PARKS 26 Georgia
Lewis PARKS 49 North Carolina
William PATTERSON 35 Virginia
William PENCE 51 Missouri
George PENNINGTON 29 Arkansas
Calvin PERRY 24 Georgia
Amanda PETTIS 46 Alabama Female
Henry PHILLIPS 33 Georgia
John PIERCE 32 Mississippi
William PIERCE 33 Tennessee
J. C. PITMAN 25 Louisiana
D. H. POOLE 34 Kentucky
Charles PRICE 15 Mississippi
G. F. PRICE 39 Tennessee
Jack PRIDE 22 Arkansas
Lewis PRYOR 34 Arkansas
Charles RAINEY 23 D.C.
Robert RAMSEY 41 Tennessee
Richard REESE 17 Arkansas
Albert REEVES 35 Georgia
Frank REEVES 40 Tennessee
Allen RICHARDSON 21 Arkansas
James RIDER 27 Arkansas
S. RIDLEY 27 Louisiana
Anna RIED 30 Georgia Female
James RILEY 22 Arkansas
William RILEY 26 Georgia
Frank RIVERS 24 Pennsylvania
Rodger ROBERTSON 37 North Carolina
Jack ROBINSON 28 Virginia

Trancriber: James Simmonds
Source: Names of Prisoners from Arkansas State Penitentiary extracted from 1880 census Pulaski County Arkansas
Andrew ROSS 23 Arkansas
Dick ROSS 38 Tennessee
William ROSS 25 Missouri
Jack RUSH 21 Arkansas
John RYAN 27 Tennessee
John RYAN 25 Wisconsin
Thomas RYAN 23 Tennessee
Harrison SAILOR 32 Kentucky
Stephen SANDERS 40 Georgia
William SAYLOR 33 Ohio
Edward SCOTT 23 Virginia
William SCOTT 27 Alabama
Ed SEAY 63 South Carolina
Francis SEPHUS 17 Arkansas
Frank SHACKLEFORD 26 Arkansas
George SHACKLEFORD 37 Alabama
Frank SHAW 21 Mississippi
Hiram SIMNOTT 22 Arkansas
Aaron SIMON 25 Illinois
J. B. SIMPSON 25 Arkansas
Jackson SIMPSON 23 Arkansas
Sam SINGLETON 23 Arkansas
William SKEEN 23 Texas
George SLIKER 22 New Jersey
Bill SMITH 22 Alabama
Cuffy SMITH 26 South Carolina
Frank SMITH 20 Tennessee
Frank SMITH 46 Alabama
H. B. SMITH 22 Tennessee
Hannah SMITH 45 Tennessee Female
Henry SMITH 42 Alabama
John SMITH 21 Texas
Monroe SMITH 19 Arkansas
Pat SMITH 35 Tennessee
Richard SMITH 25 Georgia
Thomas SMITH 28 Arkansas
William SMITH 26 Missouri
Dan SPEARS 29 Arkansas
Lindsey STAMPS 47 Georgia
Frank STARK 29 Mississippi
Eli STEEL 20 Arkansas
George STEINMEYER 19 Tennessee
Charles STEPHENS 30 Alabama
William STEWARD 23 Virginia
Fed STOKES 36 Louisiana
Joe STOKES 25 Missouri
Horace STOUT 30 Michigan
Reuben J. STRAWN 27 Georgia
Hardin STRAYHORN 28 Arkansas
Isaac STREET 27 Virginia
Nathan STURGEON 22 Missouri
Holeman SWEENEY 44 Kentucky
Elias TABOR 34 Illinois
Ed TARLTON 19 Georgia
Hecter TATE 25 Arkansas
Edward TAYLOR 22 Missouri
Henry TAYLOR 26 Illinois
Kate TAYLOR 24 Tennessee Female
Green THOMAAS 21 Pennsylvania
Jerry THOMAS 21 Iowa
Joseph THOMAS 36 North Carolina
Mose THOMAS 25 South Carolina
William THOMAS 23 Arkansas
Noah THOMPKINS 21 Missouri
Ed THOMPSON 31 South Carolina
James THOMPSON 26 Arkansas
Jeff THOMPSON 25 Tennessee
Niel THURMAN 25 Georgia
Henry TOLIVER 25 Kentucky
Stephen TOUCHSTONE 47 Tennessee
Richmond TRIGG 30 Tennessee
John S. TUCKER 45 Illinois
Bob TURNER 27 Missouri
Clifton TURNER 21 Arkansas
Cope TURNER 20 Tennessee
R. W. TURNER 53 Texas
William TURNER 16 Arkansas
George TURPIN 21 Tennessee
George UPTON 16 Arkansas
Lewis UTSEY 22 Alabama
Ide VAUGHAN 22 Arkansas
Mosen VAUGHAN 20 Arkansas
John VEST 22 Arkansas
Granville WAGSTER 26 Tennessee
Virgil WALKER 25 Arkansas
Jake WARD 27 Mississippi
Andrew WASHINGTON 27 Tennessee
George WASHINGTON 30 Arkansas
George WASHINGTON 40 Missouri
Mary WASHINGTON 36 Kentucky Female
Nathan WATSON 33 Arkansas
William WATSON 20 Arkansas
Jennie WEAVER 36 Mississippi Female
J. R. WEBB 35 Tennessee
Joshua WEBB 37 Virginia
William WEBB 24 Tennessee
Frank WELLS 20 Tennessee
Charles WEST 43 Virginia
William WEST 27 Georgia
J. S. WHITE 31 Kentucky
Jane WHITE 29 Mississippi Female
Virginia A. WHITE 28 Tennessee Female
William WHITE 29 South Carolina
Nathan WILBURN 18 Arkansas
John WILEY 20 Mississippi
Perry WILKISON 36 Missouri
Barney WILLIAMS 29 Alabama
Charles WILLIAMS 25 Mississippi
Daniel WILLIAMS 26 Georgia
Ed WILLIAMS 25 Kentucky
Ed WILLIAMS 40 Arkansas
Freeman WILLIAMS 28 Mississippi
Henry WILLIAMS 21 Alabama
Henry WILLIAMS 27 Tennessee
Jacob WILLIAMS 47 Ohio
James WILLIAMS 38 North Carolina
John WILLIAMS 25 Mississippi
John WILLIAMS 20 Illinois
John WILLIAMS 58 Pennsylvania
John WILLIAMS 25 Texas
Mack WILLIAMS 21 Mississippi
Robert WILLIAMS 31 North Carolina
Spencer WILLIAMS 53 Kentucky
William WILLIAMS 25 Georgia
A. D. WILSON 31 South Carolina
Ben WILSON 18 Arkansas
Doc WILSON 26 Kentucky
Frank WILSON 31 Alabama
Harry WILSON 19 Kansas
John H. WILSON 37 South Carolina
Rebecca WILSON 29 Kentucky Female
William WILSON 36 Arkansas
John WORTHY 21 Georgia
James WRIGHT 37 North Carolina
William WRIGHT 31 North Carolina
Ellen YARBER 22 Arkansas Female
Sam YATES 27 Mississippi
James YOUNGBLOOD 26 Georgia

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