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Wetumpka State Prison 1930 Index of Prisoners (M - Z)

NOTE: This set of records for Wetumpka State Prison provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in Census Records When searching for your Alabama Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Sam Mcdade 1889 Alabama
Sam Minnifield 1884 Alabama
Josh Moore 1908 Alabama
Jack Meller 1913 Alabama
Martin Mcallister 1873 Alabama
Jeff Mccullough 1867 Alabama
Charles Marks 1889 Georgia
William W Marchand 1898 Alabama
James A Mcminn 1911 Alabama
Edward Wetton 1911 Alabama
Everett Monk 1911 Alabama
Robert Mccurdy 1911 Alabama
Robert Mccall 1914 Alabama
James I Mcduffee 1912 Alabama
Howard Myers 1912 Alabama
Marion Marshal 1912 Alabama
Wellie Martin 1911 Alabama
Wes Mcwhorter 1898 Alabama
Robert L Merrill 1890 Alabama
Elmer Wilson 1910 Alabama
Howard Mooney 1912 Alabama
Ebon A Mckay 1868 Alabama
Gustave Medders 1895 Alabama
Marie Mather 1904 Alabama
Okey Moore 1903 Alabama
Roberta Martin 1900 Alabama
Emma Marshall 1865 New York
Ona M Mclendon 1905 Alabama
Lucille Mcelroy 1909 Alabama
Vernie Morris 1904 Alabama
Jencie Miller 1900 Alabama
Sophia Morgan 1901 Alabama
Mary Lou Marbury 1906 Alabama
Katie Morgan 1890 Alabama
Lois Meler 1895 Illinois
Ida M Mccay 1908 Georgia
Mary Maxell 1894 Alabama
Annie Mcwhorter 1898 Alabama
Mellie M Matthews 1892 Alabama
Penny L Maclary 1913 Alabama
Marie Mccollum 1897 Alabama
Lucy Moseley 1900 Alabama
Nena Morris 1912 Alabama
Irene Mcdonald 1902 Alabama
Mary Moore 1897 Alabama
Corene Mayfield 1901 Alabama
Doyle Niblett 1888 Alabama
Jesse Massar 1874 Alabama
Samuel Olian 1897 Alabama
Johnney Patrick 1906 Alabama
Homer Philips 1871 Alabama
Brax Pearson 1873 Alabama
Bee Paulk 1912 Florida
Josk Pelham 1910 Alabama
John W Parker 1909 Georgia
Louis Pope 1912 Alabama
Paul Patterson 1910 Tennessee
Fred Pickett 1912 Alabama
Sam Reid 1888 Alabama
Butler Reid 1865 Alabama
Jake Rodgers 1901 Alabama
Lincoln Reaves 1871 Alabama
James Roden 1893 Alabama
Ross Reynolds 1912 Georgia
Homer Rowell 1902 Alabama
Dozier Roper 1912 Alabama
Charlie Peach 1911 Alabama
Shelby Bish 1913 Alabama
Lillian Nickolson 1907 Alabama
Mary Nix 1907 Alabama
Mattie Olds 1895 Alabama
Charlottie Pennington 1911 Alabama
Lexa Paulk 1910 Alabama
Gladys Peterson 1913 Alabama
Ella Putt 1889 Georgia
Callie M Pugh 1907 Alabama
Corine Purnell 1902 Alabama
Kate Pool 1907 Alabama
Annie M Rhodes 1891 Alabama
Nellie B Rise 1908 Alabama
Annie L Rodgers 1902 Alabama
Maebelle Rudolph 1901 Alabama
Jacob Smith 1875 Alabama
Jacob Sutter 1890 Alabama
Ben C Singleton 1875 Alabama
Willie Mae Sellas 1906 Alabama
Johnnie M Seals 1897 Alabama
Mary Stovel 1909 Alabama
Ella Smith 1895 Alabama
Clara Sanders 1910 Alabama
Charlotte Stallworth 1906 Alabama
Helen Scott 1910 Alabama
Annie Lou Smith 1912 Alabama
Zuline Smith 1891 Alabama
Zera Sumlin 1901 Mississippi
Charlene Smith 1891 Alabama
Essie Smoot 1910 Alabama
Grady Smith 1898 Alabama
Nathan Sharpe 1884 Alabama
James Smith 1913 Alabama
Aaron Scurlock 1912 Alabama
Jack Swanzie 1908 Alabama
Edgar Spain 1912 Alabama
Colburn Smith 1910 Georgia
Ralph G South 1905 Alabama
Ashley Smith 1900 Alabama
Luther Swindle 1909 Alabama
Clarence Shopshire 1909 Tennessee
Wilburn Swindle 1913 Alabama
Elma Shepard 1912 Alabama
Perry Smith 1909 Alabama
William Shaw 1912 South Carolina
Burdel Slaughter 1887 Alabama
Luther Spencer 1898 Alabama
Homer Short 1910 Georgia
Lewis Simms 1911 Alabama
George Smith 1911 Alabama
Homer Sport 1912 Alabama
Walter Searcy 1912 Alabama
Major Sherard 1875 Georgia
Ray Sitton 1911 Alabama
Amelia Trotter 1915 Alabama
Alice Trotter 1908 Alabama
Mattie Turner 1906 Alabama
Beatrice Taylor 1907 Alabama
Annie Turner 1891 Alabama
Mary Thomas 1900 Georgia
Ola Taylor 1891 Alabama
Nicholos Tedeski 1908 Alabama
Hillary Thompson 1913 Alabama
Earl Turner 1912 Tennessee
Evan Threatt 1912 Georgia
George Tiner 1902 Alabama
Harvey Tolbert 1913 Alabama
Preston Taylor 1882 Florida
Cornelius Thompson 1911 Alabama
Nattie Thomas 1904 Georgia
Theodore Thurman 1911 Alabama
Charley Tillie 1900 Alabama
Dan Teveety 1892 Alabama
Wile Tyson 1911 Alabama
Luther Turner 1880 Alabama
Mat Thomas 1912 Alabama
Dave Treves 1898 Alabama
Roy Wilkerson 1893 Alabama
Gene Widgett 1894 Alabama
Albert Willis 1912 Alabama
Paul Warren 1913 Alabama
John Wheeler 1895 Alabama
Jessie Woods 1902 Alabama
George W Wallace 1912 Alabama
Will Wade 1899 Georgia

Trancriber: Tracy Day
Source: Names of prisoners in Wetumpka State Prison extracted from 1930 census Wetumpka Township, Elmore County Alabama
Guy Wallace 1904 Alabama
James Walper 1884 Alabama
John White 1876 Alabama
Evan Wood 1911 Alabama
Berry Walton 1881 Alabama
Louis Williams 1891 Alabama
Rose Williams 1913 Alabama
Dan Whittle 1892 Alabama
Levi Williams 1912 Alabama
Horace Williams 1909 Alabama
John H Wyatt 1913 Alabama
Julius Watters 1910 Alabama
Cornelius Williams 1914 Alabama
Jessie Wells 1905 Alabama
Newt Wilson 1862 Alabama
Lily Thomas 1910 Alabama
Nellie Womack 1892 Tennessee
Alvia Wilhite 1908 Arkansas
Lillian Williams 1908 Alabama
Lucy Williamson 1908 Alabama
Dimple Walker 1902 Alabama
Emerline Williams 1909 Alabama
Rosa Bell Watson 1908 Alabama
Martha Walker 1910 Alabama
Georgia B Watson 1897 Alabama
Georgiana Wallace 1897 Alabama
Gertrude Wicks 1909 Alabama
Mary Whaley 1903 Alabama
Uriah Whatley 1878 Alabama
James W Wood 1868 Alabama
Earl Womack 1912 Alabama
Jack Wells 1913 Mississippi
Charley Walker 1911 Mississippi
Kenneth Wear 1911 Georgia
Dick Whitton 1887 Tennessee
Fletcher Watters 1908 Alabama
George Wilson 1910 Alabama
Johnnie Whitman 1912 Alabama
Violet Young 1900 Kentucky
Robert Young 1899 Alabama
Earlene Agee 1905 Alabama
Madine Bull 1903 Alabama
Adell Burns 1892 Alabama
Nell Copland 1906 Alabama
Pearl Copland 1909 Alabama
Polly Chadwick 1901 Alabama
Olivia Cunningham 1909 Alabama
Estelle Danner 1911 Alabama
Emma L Davis 1904 Alabama
Nattie B Faulk 1910 Alabama
Moise Green 1908 Mississippi
Mary Green 1876 Tennessee
Mary Hudson 1904 Alabama
Ola Hughbeet 1886 Alabama
Annie Hubbard 1903 Alabama
Ethel Jarrett 1909 Florida
Marie Knight 1908 Florida
Willie M Lockhart 1911 Alabama
Eugenia Michel 1890 Louisiana
Annie Mays 1892 Virginia
Daisy Moore 1906 Alabama
Mary Miller 1909 Alabama
Sallie B Marry 1910 Alabama
Morry Mcwherter 1907 Alabama
Sadie M Pearson 1898 Alabama
Lula Pitts 1909 Alabama
Bessie Travis 1909 Alabama
Thelma Waddell 1903 Alabama
Ruth Walker 1911 Alabama
Annie Walker 1880 Alabama
Edna Witt 1900 Alabama
Lorene Whitney 1910 Alabama
Belle Wiggins 1909 Georgia
Clara Watson 1910 Alabama
Jewel Yeager 1901 Alabama
John Alexander 1886 Alabama
Mary Alexander 1886 Alabama
Rich Alford 1875 Alabama
Aaron Burks 1888 Georgia
Ralph A Bynum 1901 Georgia
Olive C Bullock 1873 Alabama
Abb Basford 1899 Alabama
Nattie Mae Brown 1904 Georgia
Dennis Coon 1904 Alabama
Willie Carpenter 1898 Alabama
Guy H Cobb 1904 Georgia
Bonnie S Clarks 1892 Alabama
John G Cleveland 1866 Alabama
Alford Cook 1900 Alabama
Joe Craddock 1888 Alabama
Letha Davis 1883 Alabama
Frank Douglass 1909 Alabama
Charlie Eldde 1906 Alabama
Arthur O Elrod 1898 Alabama
Wiley Frazier 1895 Alabama
Frank Green 1896 Alabama
Charley Holmes 1910 Alabama
Jesse Green 1880 Georgia
Houston Harris 1890 Texas
Jessie Holland 1901 Alabama
David Grove 1886 Ohio
Ephriam Hardy 1882 Alabama
Lane Hall 1886 Alabama
Henry D Holman 1902 Louisiana
Joseph W Helms 1876 Alabama
Burt Jordan 1898 Alabama
General Jackson 1863 Alabama
Marion L Jackson 1874 Alabama
Frank Kimbrough 1904 Alabama
James King 1904 Alabama
Boisey Locken 1880 Alabama
J B Lassiter 1884 Alabama
Tom Leno 1904 Alabama
Jimmie L Lewis 1898 Alabama
Gordon Lucarz 1881 Alabama
Jessie Leonard 1913 Georgia
Charlie Melton 1889 Tennessee
Frank Marshal 1895 Tennessee
Charlie Merritt 1890 Tennessee
James Mcswain 1900 Alabama
Dave Mcneil 1895 Alabama
James Mcgregory 1906 Alabama
Will Pearson 1881 Alabama
Ray Pittman 1890 Alabama
George Peoples 1910 Alabama
Will P Philyaw 1883 Alabama
Peter Pitts 1868 Alabama
Fuien Pope 1897 Alabama
Ransom Patterson 1898 Alabama
Hugh Price 1891 Alabama
Will Russell 1871 Alabama
William M Russell 1887 Alabama
Jim Rosser 1886 Tennessee
Harvey Sanders 1872 Alabama
Horace Singleton 1887 Tennessee
John Storey 1880 Alabama
James Shields 1900 Alabama
Jack Smith 1906 Alabama
Fred Smith 1883 New York
Will Smith 1904 Georgia
James T Smith 1907 Alabama
Mose Smith 1897 Alabama
Arthur Snow 1886 Alabama
Well Swain 1879 North Carolina
George Washington 1886 Alabama
Tom Watts 1901 Georgia
Charlie Williams 1891 Georgia
Edward Williams 1903 Alabama
Nancy Washington 1895 Alabama
George Webster 1865 Alabama
English Walker 1910 Alabama
Will Yarbrough 1896 Alabama
Lide Crea 1879 Alabama

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