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Wetumpka State Prison 1930 Index of Prisoners (A - L)

NOTE: This set of records for Wetumpka State Prison provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in Census Records When searching for your Alabama Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Henry Abram 1870 Alabama
Doras Adams 1860 Alabama
John Alexander 1913 Alabama
Ben D Alexander 1885 Alabama
Raymond Atkins 1911 Georgia
Elston Alsup 1900 Alabama
John H Avery 1912 Alabama
Willie Alexander 1911 Alabama
Earnestine Arrington 1898 Alabama
Clemmie Alexander 1872 Alabama
Melvin Armstrong 1911 Alabama
Odie Breneman 1897 Alabama
Mary Burt 1904 Alabama
Miller Bestor 1901 Alabama
Ella Broadfield 1909 Alabama
Lillie Bryant 1912 Mississippi
Sarah Barnett 1873 Alabama
Essie Baker 1912 Alabama
Cora Brazier 1904 Alabama
Claudie M Bostick 1911 Alabama
Mary Baines 1907 Alabama
Willie M Braa 1905 Georgia
Ola Brazell 1905 Alabama
Mollie Bailey 1891 Alabama
Sarah Brewer 1903 Alabama
Ida Bruen 1880 Illinois
Elizabeth Bishop 1904 Alabama
Emma Brown 1903 Alabama
Cossie Battle 1886 Tennessee
Beatrice Barber 1905 Alabama
Joe Brackin 1911 West Virginia
Leo Brock 1911 Alabama
Monroe Barnett 1912 Alabama
Ralph Bennett 1911 Alabama
Hollis Buckelew 1913 Alabama
James D Bell 1903 Alabama
Sullivan Bentley 1913 Alabama
Richard Boatright 1908 Alabama
William Bailey 1911 Alabama
James Bozaron 1911 Alabama
Ernest F Blackburn 1885 Alabama
Carl J Brell 1904 Alabama
Harmon Byrd 1911 Alabama
Frank Burton 1910 Alabama
Reese Blakenship 1912 Alabama
George Botton 1906 Alabama
Edgar Brown 1898 Alabama
Arthur E Bullocks 1912 Alabama
Clarence Bell 1909 Alabama
Willie Brawley 1898 Alabama
Joe Basner 1870 Alabama
Hugh Bentley 1909 Alabama
Robert Benson 1897 Kentucky
Charles Blackwell 1904 Alabama
George Brown 1895 Alabama
Julius Ballard 1912 Alabama
Elliott Ballard 1911 Alabama
Ray Bennett 1911 Alabama
Eddie Bradley 1911 Alabama
Enock Belen 1911 Wisconsin
James Boase 1914 Alabama
Louis Brooks 1913 Alabama
Will Belen 1850 Texas
Henry Bradford 1898 Alabama
Sam Brown 1911 Alabama
Inez Blackson 1906 Alabama
Curtis Cranford 1905 Alabama
Gustaw Crow 1910 Alabama
Barnett Clowdus 1912 Alabama
Nathan Catrett 1906 Alabama
Robert Collins 1911 Alabama
John W Cost 1912 Alabama
Neil Campbell 1912 Alabama
Lonnie Collins 1898 Alabama
Cecil Clements 1911 Alabama
Rance Campton 1913 Alabama
Willie Creem 1900 Alabama
Willie Cannon 1907 Alabama
Willie Coldwell 1913 Alabama
Leroy Conettan 1908 Alabama
Massey Campbell 1913 Alabama
Robert Cuny 1905 Alabama
Henry J Cockran 1907 Alabama
Ada J Coop 1876 Alabama
Maud Cooley 1892 Alabama
Isabelle Cole 1912 Alabama
Minnie Crawford 1883 Alabama
Eula M Chapman 1903 Alabama
Orlene Crutchfield 1896 Georgia
Jossie M Coon 1906 Mississippi
Hattie B Childs 1906 Alabama
Daisy Clark 1909 Alabama
Eva Cleman 1906 Alabama
Carrie Copps 1903 Alabama
Maidie Drew 1893 Tennessee
Baby H Doll 1882 Texas
Mamie Douglas 1902 Alabama
Annie C Dailey 1909 Alabama
Leela Duna 1898 Georgia
Annie Dejournett 1903 Alabama
Leona Dennis 1886 Alabama
Edna Dukes 1882 Alabama
Effie C Durk 1906 Alabama
Alna L Davis 1894 Alabama
Nelson R Davis 1902 Alabama
John M Davis 1911 Georgia
George Driskell 1909 Alabama
Buck C Dawkins 1911 Alabama
Theodore Dickey 1913 Georgia
George Duffy 1909 Alabama
Pierce Dennes 1912 Alabama
Howard Dickey 1912 Alabama
Ivan Duskin 1910 Georgia
Woodrow Dickey 1913 Alabama
Tom M Daniels 1876 Alabama
Waverly Dawson 1881 Alabama
Sol Dawson 1889 Alabama
Oscar Dexter 1911 Alabama
Jimmie L Duck 1911 Alabama
John Davis 1882 Texas
Louis Dill 1909 Alabama
Simon Dabney 1895 Alabama
Mamie Givans 1908 Alabama
Bertha Ellison 1904 Alabama
Flora Embry 1911 Alabama
Hattie Evans 1908 Alabama
Emma Farrior 1910 Alabama
Jawbay Farmer 1910 Alabama
Jerry W Feen 1911 Florida
Margaret Gatwood 1900 Alabama
Sollie Garner 1898 Georgia
Eva Goodwin 1903 Alabama
Alice Gaer 1904 Alabama
Nena Gren 1894 Alabama
Lula Glenn 1897 Alabama

Trancriber: Tracy Day
Source: Names of prisoners in Wetumpka State Prison extracted from 1930 census Wetumpka Township, Elmore County Alabama
Lillie Gray 1905 Tennessee
Fannie Fuller 1898 Alabama
Martha Fountain 1890 Alabama
John M Eagan 1890 Florida
Christopher Elsie 1911 New York
James East 1912 Alabama
Earl Earnest 1903 Alabama
Carl V Elliott 1905 Alabama
James Franklin 1909 Alabama
Louis Farley 1911 Georgia
Martin Gillman 1912 Florida
William Gayner 1911 Georgia
Jesse Gates 1912 Alabama
Arthur Given 1909 Alabama
Edgar Gavin 1910 Alabama
Rufus Garmer 1913 Alabama
Sidney Garrett 1914 Alabama
Leo G Gilbert 1887 Alabama
Mae Eutsey 1892 Alabama
Jae Gibson 1893 Alabama
Ed Graves 1899 Alabama
Monroe Edwards 1888 North Carolina
Simpson Gilbert 1893 Alabama
John Funderburg 1912 Ohio
James Fitter 1909 Alabama
Herman Germany 1912 Alabama
James Grider 1914 Alabama
Jae Flucker 1891 Alabama
Jack Felder 1887 Alabama
Charles Ellis 1890 Alabama
Rella Hoza 1890 Alabama
Mallie Hendry 1901 Alabama
Fay Hamilton 1903 Tennessee
Maggie Hogan 1894 Alabama
Louise Huggins 1895 Alabama
Mattie Hamilton 1902 Mississippi
Irene Hall 1909 Alabama
Everlene Hill 1909 Alabama
Lizzie Hendrix 1907 Alabama
Viola Hawkins 1890 Alabama
Corene Hill 1910 Alabama
Leonara Henss 1911 Alabama
Irene Hardy 1892 Alabama
Louise Hanis 1910 Alabama
Mary Hines 1906 Alabama
Lizzie Hollins 1885 Mississippi
Alberta Irven 1895 Tennessee
Otta Henderson 1905 Alabama
Orman Howett 1912 Alabama
Gordon Holland 1911 Alabama
George W Halford 1913 Alabama
Mell C Hellums 1904 Alabama
Howard Haygood 1909 Alabama
James Holderfield 1910 Alabama
John Harns 1904 Alabama
Marion F Howe 1912 Florida
Almus Huey 1903 Alabama
Luther Hall 1912 Alabama
Scott Hains 1899 Alabama
Sam Hardy 1898 Alabama
Lloyd Hoen 1910 Florida
Willow Herndon 1904 Alabama
Mack Hanis 1911 Alabama
George Hell 1912 Alabama
Charlie Hickson 1910 Georgia
Ike Howard 1904 Alabama
Sylvester Hanes 1907 Alabama
Edward Hell 1910 Alabama
John Henkle 1884 Alabama
Sol Holmer 1905 Alabama
Clyde Harrison 1904 Alabama
Claude Hobdy 1887 Alabama
Will Harris 1910 Alabama
Emanuel Holliday 1902 Alabama
Harold Hopkins 1912 Tennessee
Dewey Henley 1904 Mississippi
Hazel Honeycutt 1911 Alabama
Orise Hodges 1912 Tennessee
Frank Ingram 1912 Alabama
Henry Jones 1911 Alabama
Charlie Jackson 1895 Georgia
Frank James 1900 Louisiana
Bell Jackson 1909 Georgia
Albert Jones 1912 Georgia
Frank Johnson 1911 Georgia
Green Jones 1911 Alabama
William Jackson 1901 Alabama
General Jones 1895 Alabama
William Jones 1912 Alabama
Earl Jackins 1907 Alabama
Cleve Johnson 1909 Alabama
Henry Jones 1913 Georgia
Ivan Jones 1913 Alabama
Carl Jackson 1909 Alabama
Jene Johnson 1910 Alabama
Carlon Jackson 1906 Alabama
Pearl Jackson 1888 Alabama
Mary Johnson 1900 Alabama
Lucinda Jones 1908 Alabama
Rosa Jackson 1904 Mississippi
Carrie Johnson 1904 Mississippi
Willie Jackson 1901 Alabama
Lula Johnson 1908 Alabama
Millie Jackson 1906 Alabama
Mary Jackson 1897 Alabama
Evlyn Jones 1897 Georgia
Ola Jordon 1892 Alabama
Anabelle Johnson 1901 Mississippi
Clara Jackson 1898 Alabama
Lila M Jones 1900 Alabama
Dewey Kirby 1912 Alabama
Eugene Kirby 1913 Alabama
Nellie Kirksey 1904 Alabama
Ellis King 1908 Alabama
Eve Laplant 1906 Michigan
Otis Lees 1912 Alabama
Alvin Livingston 1913 Alabama
Frank M Langston 1908 Alabama
Luther Lossett 1912 Louisiana
Dave Lawrence 1905 Alabama
Elton Lowe 1912 Alabama
Dock Little 1910 Alabama
George H Lotz 1912 Mississippi
Gilbert Lawton 1910 Louisiana
Will Lee 1873 Alabama
John M Lockett 1911 Alabama
Andrew Lomax 1894 Alabama
Melven Lewis 1891 North Carolina
Narcissus King 1909 Alabama
Annie Katis 1908 Alabama
Rosa Laseter 1906 Alabama
Icie M Loftis 1902 Mississippi
Mamie Luck 1903 Alabama
Billie Lane 1905 New Hampshire
Susie Lewis 1900 Alabama

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