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Woking Invalid Prison, 1881 Index of Prisoners, Surnames L-Z

NOTE: This set of records for Woking Invalid Prison provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in census records When searching for your English Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

William Lafferty 1851 Belfast, Ireland
Thomas Lane 1829 Birmingham
William Lane 1845 South Perrott, Dorset
Michael Lang 1838 Lanarkshire, Scotland
Charles Langham 1839 Ulverston, Lancashire
Elisha Larke 1856 London Southwark , London, Middlesex
Albert Lavenhurst 1847 Woolwich, Kent
James Lawrence 1833 Hendon, Middlesex
Robert Ledbrook 1855 Warwickshire
Matthew Ledger 1840 Barnsley, Yorkshire
Charles Lee 1850 Liverpool
William Lee 1812 Ormskirk, Yorkshire
William Leek 1851 Yorkshire
Rudolph Leikrist 1838 (F), Switzerland
John Lewis 1844 Manchester
James Lewry 1823 London, London, Middlesex
Henry Liddell 1830 Oxfordshire
James Light 1815 Southampton
Dennis Linahan 1834 Cork, Ireland
Timothy Linskey 1858 Liverpool
Charles Littleworth 1847 Alton, Hampshire
Richard Lloyd 1845 Wolverhampton
John Logan 1852 Wakefield
Henry Lomas 1823 Carlisle
James Lomax 1818 Warrington, Lancashire
David Lonie 1810 Fife, Scotland
James Lovatt 1811 Botton
Robert Low 1825 Dundee
William Macdonald 1821 Lanarkshire, Scotland
Peter Mack 1848 Nk, Ireland
Jeremiah Mackay 1855 Liverpool
Joseph Mackay 1846 Paris, France
Charles Mackey 1851 Newcastle On Tyne
William Mandeville 1850 London, London, Middlesex
Alfred Mann 1849 Kensington, Surrey
John Marsh 1837 Mayo Co, Ireland
Benjamin Marshall 1851 Farnham, Surrey
Albert Martin 1839 Cambridgeshire
Peter Martin 1859 Dundee
George Mason 1828 Stibbard, Norfolk
William Mason 1834 Middlesex
John Matthews 1843 West Monkton, Somerset
William Matthews 1846 Sligo, Ireland
Robert Mayne 1823 Kingston, Surrey
Henry Mc Ardle 1848 Isle of Man, Isle of Man
Michael Mc Cafferty 1834 Mayo Co Ballycarry
Frank Mc Cann 1844 At Sea
Daniel Mc Carthy 1844 London, London, Middlesex
Stephen Mc Carthy 1836 London, London, Middlesex
Charles Mc Donald 1845 Stirlingshire, Scotland
John Mc Donald 1845 Kilkenny, Ireland
Robert Mc Donald 1847 Ireland
Peter Mc Ewen 1841 Lanarkshire, Scotland
Hugh Mc Farrell 1832 Lanarkshire, Scotland
Francis Mc Ginty 1859 London, London, Middlesex
Dennis Mc Govern 1840 Sligo, Ireland
John Mc Gowan 1817 Mayo, Ireland
John Mc Guire 1857 Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland
James Mc Hugh 1839 Manchester
Moses Mc Inally 1815 Armagh, Ireland
James Mc Kenna 1858 Midlothian, Scotland
John Mc Kenna 1852 Birmingham
Peter Mc Laughlin 1838 Ireland
William Mc Luskey 1860 Arbroath
Thomas Mc Manus 1852 Lanarkshire, Scotland
Michael Mc Tague 1834 Kilmore Mayo
John Meakin 1847 Mayo, Ireland
William Merchant 1858 Stourbridge, Worcestershire
Richard Metcalf 1824 Bylands, Yorkshire
Edward Michaelis 1828 Breslau (F), Germany
James Miller 1834 Andover, Hampshire
Henry Millington 1825 London, London, Middlesex
John Mills 1832 Cork, Ireland
James Molyneux 1845 Liverpool
Thomas Monaghan 1808 Glasslock, Ireland
John Moore 1842 Launceston, Cornwall
Thomas Moore 1861 Sheffield
William Moore 1856 London, London, Middlesex
David Morgan 1820 Llangaddock, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Henry Morgan 1855
George Moriarty 1840 Birmingham
Thomas Morris 1814 Bridgnorth, Shropshire
William Morris 1856 Lede, Hereford
Major Morton 1807 Witching, Kent
Thomas Moseley 1843 Tenterden, Kent
John Mulligan 1851 Manchester
John Mullin 1853 Newcastle On Tyne
James Mulloy 1854 Dublin, Ireland
William Mundy 1805 Alresford, Hampshire
James Munton 1846 Spalding, Lincoln
James Murphy 1853 New Yorkshire (F), United States
John Murphy 1825 Whitehaven, Cumberland
Michael Murphy 1858 Rotherhithe, Kent
Owen Murphy 1843 Wexford Co Castle Hill
Michael Murray 1859 Ebbw Vale, Wales
Thomas Myers 1827 Manchester
John Nevill 1853 Shepton Mallet, Somerset
James Newson 1819 Birmingham
William Ney 1814 Dublin, Ireland
John Nichols 1854 Rochdale
Edward Norcutt 1820 London, London, Middlesex
William Norstroe 1818 Glympton, Oxfordshire
Harry North 1857 Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
George Nuttall 1827 Eccleston, Yorkshire
John O Flynn 1834 Manchester
Bernard O Hare 1824 Newry, Ireland
James O Neill 1842 Galway, Ireland
Abraham Over 1845 Ashton, Warwickshire
John Owen 1827 Peterborough
Samuel Oxleys 1834 Rome House, Yorkshire
Thomas Palfrey 1837 Bromsgrove, Worcestershire
Thomas Parker 1819 Ashurst, Kent
Thomas Parry 1850 Liverpool
Thomas Peacock 1850 Leeds, Yorkshire
Robert Pearce 1838 Killarney, Ireland
Thomas Pearce 1844 London, London, Middlesex
John Pearson 1843 Rochdale, Yorkshire
Thomas Pearson 1860 Leeds
Henry Pemberton 1848 Manchester
John Pennell 1844 London Bethnal Green , London, Middlesex
Edward Phillips 1810 Mayo, Ireland
Robert Phillips 1811 Berwick On Tweed
Josiah Pilkington 1841 Preston
Isaac Pinnock 1846 Rothwell, Northamptonshire
Alexander Pirie 1850 Scotland
Charles Planner 1831 Poplar, Middlesex
Henry Porter 1858 Ryde, Isle of Wight, Hampshire
William Porter 1853 Preston, Lancashire
Howell Powell 1811 Glamorgan, Wales
John (The Elder) Price 1829 Madras
Nathan Price 1850 Smethwick, Staffordshire
James Priestley 1839 Hudderfield, Yorkshire
George Proctor 1855 Westminster
James Pugh 1835 Dudley, Staffordshire
Edward Quick 1843 Stourbridge, Worcestershire
Thomas Quigley 1833 Armagh, Ireland
Arthur Quin 1841 Dungannon
John Quinn 1815 Dublin, Ireland
John Quinn 1857 Manchester
James Rally 1817 London Chelsea , London, Middlesex
Alexander Rams 1850 Hamburgh (F)
John Ramshaw 1827 Fauldon, Norfolk
William Ratcliffe 1810 Liverpool
Thomas Rayner 1853 London Holborn , London, Middlesex
Thomas Raynor 1847 Liverpool
George Read 1845 Dublin, Ireland
Patrick Reilly 1817 Cavan Co, Cavan, Ireland
John Reynolds 1840 Leitrim, Ireland
Thomas Richmond 1844 Yorkshire
Thomas Riddiough 1830 Colne, Lancashire
Patrick Riley 1848 Tyrone Co, Tyrone, Ireland
Thomas Riley 1846 Ashton Under Lyne, Staffordshire
Owen Roberts 1846 Wales
Thomas Roberts 1841 Liverpool
Andrew Robertson 1831 Scotland
Alfred Robinson 1838 London, London, Middlesex
Thomas Robinson 1833 Dubin
Henry Rogers 1831 Irffculme, Devon
James Rogers 1832 Newcastle On Tyne
Samuel Rogers 1809 London Chelsea , London, Middlesex

Trancriber: James Simmonds
Source: Names of prisoners in Woking Invalid Prison Knaphill Woking extracted from 1881 census Woking Township, Surrey County England
William Roxburgh 1837 Liverpool, Lancashire
Dennis Ryan 1854 London, London, Middlesex
John Ryan 1802 Roscommon, Ireland
Joseph Ryan 1844 Ennis, Ireland
John Sargent 1845 Plumstead, Kent
George Saunders 1817 Brighton
Charles Savill 1860 Newport, Essex
John Savory 1822 Calcutta
Charles Schmidt 1822 London, London, Middlesex
Samuel Scholes 1830 Oldham, Lancashire
Alexander Schossa 1845 (F), Switzerland
Thomas Scorer 1849 Aukland West, Durham
James Scotchmar 1836 London, Middlesex
Alfred Scott 1842 London, London, Middlesex
George Scott 1853 Colchester, Essex
Henry Scott 1827 Cork, Ireland
George Seals 1844 Wandsworth, Surrey
Thomas Sewell 1819 Rafton, Cumberland
George Shackleton 1852 Keighley, Yorkshire
Thomas Shaw 1831 Pemberton, Lancashire
Daniel Sheen 1842 London, London, Middlesex
Patrick Shields 1845 Athlone, Ireland
John Shoesmith 1855 (BS), France
Joseph Siddall 1837 Sheffield
John Siddley 1852 Manchester
Thomas Simms 1836 Bolton, Lancashire
George Simpson 1807 Labowin, Yorkshire
John Simpson 1842 America
Peter Simpson 1855 Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire
Walter J. Simpson 1849 Nantwich, Cheshire
George Sinclair 1839 Liverpool
Robert Slade 1825 Compton Nether, Dorset
Robert Small 1830 West Cowes, Isle of Wight, Hampshire
Charles Smith 1852 London, London, Middlesex
Frederick Smith 1849 London Hackney , London, Middlesex
George Smith 1806 London Knightsbridge , London, Middlesex
George Smith 1837 London, London, Middlesex George Smith 1853 London, Middlesex
Henry Smith 1860 Belfast, Ireland
James Smith 1846 London, London, Middlesex
John Smith 1832 Marseilles (F), France
John Smith 1856 Whitehaven, Cumberland
Jonah Smith 1847 Ashton, Essex
Patrick Smith 1841 Fermanagh, Ireland
Peter Smith 1859 Bolton
Richard Smith 1827 London, London, Middlesex
Thomas Smith 1852 Liverpool, Lancashire
William Smith 1838 Reading, Berkshire
William Smith 1840 Midlothian, Scotland
William Smith 1850 Leeds
Thomas Snell 1816 Bilston, Suffolk
William Soul 1836 London, London, Middlesex
William Spires 1829 Bourton, Gloucestershire
William Stanton 1847 Galway, Ireland
John Start 1842 Lyme Regis, Dorset
Louis Staunton 1851 London, London, Middlesex
Patrick Staunton 1854 London, London, Middlesex
Charles Steward 1860 Manchester
John Stewart 1848 Midlothian, Scotland
William Stewart 1855 London, London, Middlesex
Daniel Still 1845 Atterworth, Wiltshire
Charles Stone 1828 Salisbury
Thomas Stone 1845 Wakefield
William Stopforth 1819 Bolton, Lancashire
George Stranger 1837 London, London, Middlesex
John Sullivan 1807 Bradford
Michael Sullivan 1857 London, London, Middlesex
Francis Sutcliffe 1815 Warley, Yorkshire
James Sweeney 1832 Sheerness, Kent
Thomas Sweeney 1836 Chelsea, Middlesex
George Tackaburry 1843 Birmingham, Warwickshire
James Tarney 1821 Leitrim Co, Leitrim, Ireland
James Tattersall 1833 Wardle, Lancashire
David Taylor 1821 Preston Pans Haddington
George Taylor 1857 Sheffield
John Taylor 1813 Knutsford, Cheshire
Joseph Taylor 1852 Dudley, Worcestershire
Thomas Taylor 1856 Bromley, Yorkshire
Henry Thomas 1802 Sawtry, Huntingdon
Thomas Thomas 1836 Llandovery, Carmarthenshire, Wales
James Thompson 1852 Lanarkshire, Scotland
John Thompson 1840 Sunderland
John Thompson 1845 Kingston On Hull, Yorkshire
Robert Thompson 1811 Lanarkshire, Scotland
William Thompson 1848 Preston, Lancashire
William Thompson 1854 Manchester
William Tiernaw 1849 Liverpool
George Tilson 1841 Kings Lynn
Edward Timothy 1833 Peckham, Surrey
Thomas Titlows 1836 Yarmouth, Norfolk
Thomas Titterton 1837 Manchester
John Tomlinson 1836 Dublin, Ireland
James Tonkin 1826 Liverpool
Henry Touch 1830 Penzance, Cornwall
Thomas Traynor 1832 Roscommon Co Castlered
Thomas Turner 1834 Staveley, Derbyshire
Richard Vivian 1829 Cambourne, Cornwall
Andrew Wallace 1838 Kilmarnock, Scotland
James Wallace 1852 London Camberwell , London, Middlesex
Sidney Waller 1846 Luton, Bedfordshire
William Wallinger 1832 Hanslope, Buckinghamshire
Morris Walsh 1844 London Lambeth , London, Middlesex
Henry Walton 1852 Hurlington, Lancashire
James Ward 1814 London Holborn , London, Middlesex
John Ward 1837 Armagh, Ireland
John Waring 1850 Liverpool
John Watkins 1810 Hereford
John Watson 1836 Armagh Co, Armagh, Ireland
John Watson 1858 Newcastle On Tyne
Richard Watson 1826 Canterbury
Thomas Webb 1850 Dublin, Ireland
William Webb 1825 London, London, Middlesex
Henry Webster 1827 Manchester
Samuel Wells 1855 Leeds
Edward Welsh 1846 Wigan, Lancashire
Matthew Welsh 1857 Dublin, Ireland
Patrick Welsh 1860 Preston, Lancashire
James West 1828 Chatham, Kent
John West 1846 Maidstone, Kent
Richard Westall 1840 St.Albans, Hertfordshire
Richard Wheeler 1860 Bristol
Thomas Wheeler 1849 Cheltenham
William White 1849 Birts Morton, Lancashire
Alexander Whitecross 1816 Dublin, Ireland
William Whitehead 1835 Burnley, Lancashire
George Whitlow 1856 Warrington, Lancashire
Henry Whitmarsh 1845 Hampshire
Thomas Wiffin 1821 Middle Walton, Essex
Joseph Wilkins 1854 Bristol
William Wilkinson 1842 Essex
Edward Willett 1853 Worcestershire
Henry Williams 1821 Falmouth, Cornwall
Henry Williams 1821 London Islington , London, Middlesex
Henry Williams 1845 Manchester
Henry Williams 1858 Birmingham, Warwickshire
James Williams 1844 Bombay
John Williams 1816 Bedfordshire
John Williams 1855 Birmingham
John Williams 1855 Longton, Staffordshire
Robert Williams 1842 Devonport
Thomas Williams 1824 Middlesex
Thomas Williams 1845 Talgarth, Breconshire, Wales
Thomas Williams 1855 Liverpool
Thomas Williams 1856 Pontypool, Monmouth, Wales
Walter Williams 1852 Dartford, Kent
Isaac Williamson 1852 Scotland, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland
George Wilson 1860 Lanarkshire, Scotland
Henry Wilson 1846 Ireland
John Wilson 1828 Sheffield
William Wilson 1817 London, London, Middlesex
Thomas Winckley 1820 Tinsleys Banks, Lancashire
Emanuel Winwood 1836 Bewdley, Worcestershire
W.H. Woodcock 1853 London Whitechapel , London, Middlesex
John Woods 1824 Hamilton, Renfrewshire, Scotland
George Woodward 1852
James Wortley 1840 Stroud, Gloucestershire
Andrew Wyness 1845 Greenwich
William Yorath 1823 Llanvard, Monmouth, Wales
Charles Young 1834 London Southwark , London, Middlesex
John Young 1856 Stevenston, Ayrshire, Scotland

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