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Woking Invalid Prison, 1881 Index of Prisoners, Surnames A-K

NOTE: This set of records for Woking Invalid Prison provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in census records When searching for your English Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

William Alexander 1852 Greenock
George Allen 1838 London, London, Middlesex
John Allen 1852 Newark, Nottinghamshire
James Allison 1843 Lanarkshire, Scotland
John Alvey 1830 London, London, Middlesex
James Anderson 1860 Lanarkshire, Scotland
Charles Andrews 1837 Northamptonshire
Henry Applegate 1813 Sandringham
William Ashcroft 1803 Shrewsbury
Edward Atkinson 1844 Salford, Lancashire
George Bailey 1835 Walworth, Surrey
Thomas Baines 1823 Stockport, Cheshire
William Balaam 1847 Kingston On Thames
Samuel Ball 1811 London Marylebone , London, Middlesex
William Ballard 1807 London, London, Middlesex
William Balmer 1827 Scrimerstow, Northumberland
Robert Barclay 1840 Greenock, Scotland
Charles A. Barker 1814 Deeping, Lincoln
John Barratt 1855 London, London, Middlesex
Francis Batten 1838 Hunton, Kent
George Bawdon 1813 Compton Bishop, Somerset
Edward Baxter 1836 London, London, Middlesex
Thomas Bean 1854 Hull
James Beaumont 1844 Dover
Thomas Beavis 1844 Wootton, Wiltshire
Richard Bell 1832 Carslile, Cumberland
George Bellamy 1833 Spalding, Lincoln
James Bennyworth 1856 Hartlepool, Durham
William Berridge 1837 London, London, Middlesex
George Biles 1837 Whitby, Yorkshire
John Bishop 1824 Gloucestershire
William Blay 1831 Strickney, Lincoln
Francis Bloomer 1848 Lanarkshire, Scotland
James Boland 1851 West Hartlepool, Durham
Thomas Booth 1816 Clitheroe, Lancashire
Frederick Bosworth 1858 Markley, Worcestershire
John Bowdery 1836 London, London, Middlesex
James Boyd 1839 Partick, Lanarkshire
Peter Boyle 1815 Donegal, Ireland
Thomas Bradbury 1833 Bartholomew, Warwickshire
James Bradley 1819 Midlothian, Scotland
Edward Brady 1816 Stratford, Essex
John Bray 1826 Teignmouth, Devon
James Brett 1832 Yorkshire
William Bricklebank 1825 Hull
Thomas Britten 1827 London, London, Middlesex
Thomas Britton 1846 Beverley, Yorkshire
Walter Britton 1853 Sible Hedingham, Essex
David Broadley 1847 Woolley Moor, Derbyshire
John Broadley 1845 Kildare Derry
Henry Brocklesby 1846 Wintterton, Lincoln
Benjamin Brooks 1831 Rolvenden, Kent
Frederick Broome 1842 Deptford, Kent
John Brough 1812 Rudge Heath, Shropshire
Alexander Brown 1820 Lanarkshire, Scotland
George Brown 1830 London Hackney , London, Middlesex
John Brown 1842 Scotland
Thomas Brown 1838 Reily, Essex
William Brown 1821 Sunderland, Durham
William Brown 1835 London Somers Town , London, Middlesex
William Brown 1850 London, London, Middlesex
Henry Brownless 1811 Durham
George Bryan 1856 Birmingham
Patrick Bryan 1855 London, London, Middlesex
John Bryant 1804 Dublin, Ireland
John Bryce 1849 Bothwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Alfred Buckley 1830 Woodstock, Oxfordshire
John Buckley 1853 Sligo, Ireland
George Bull 1856 London, London, Middlesex
Patrick Burk 1845 Hanwick, Northumberland
Patrick Burke 1838 London, London, Middlesex
Thomas Burton 1838 Nottinghamshire
Charles Butler 1858 West Bromwich, Staffordshire
Thomas Butler 1830 Liverpool
George Buttle 1812 Pocklington, Yorkshire
William Cailes 1846 Birmingham
Michael Cain 1858 Manchester
Henry Calvert 1837 Yorkshire
Archibald Campbell 1837 Oban, Scotland
Thomas Campbell 1830 Fermanagh, Ireland
Cornelius Carey 1841 London, London, Middlesex
Robert Carey 1812 Cork, Ireland
Joseph Carr 1812 St. Albans
John Carroll 1851 Liverpool
Henry Carter 1843 Kirkham, Lancashire
Francis Casey 1839 London, London, Middlesex
Thomas Cavasine 1853 At Sea
Thomas Challoner 1820 Liverpool
William Challons 1843 Hull
Joseph Chambers 1825 Kirton Notts, Lincoln
David Chapman 1854 Birmingham
William Charmer 1846 Redditch, Worcestershire
Alfred Chine 1858 London, London, Middlesex
Thomas Choice 1816 Hinckley, Leicestershire
John Clancy 1849 Dublin, Ireland
Edward Clark 1822 Daventry, Northamptonshire
James Clark 1855 Walworth, Surrey
John Clark 1812 Ireland
Michael Clarke 1842 Cavan Co, Cavan, Ireland
Thomas Clements 1856 Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire
James Cobb 1858 Clyne, Glamorgan, Wales
James Collins 1830 Ramsey, Isle of Man, Isle of Man
Thomas Collins 1835 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
John Comer 1854 Liverpool
James Connor 1803 Cork, Ireland
Thomas Cook 1837 Manchester
William Cook 1823 Hull, Yorkshire
William Cook 1830 Romsey, Hampshire
James Cooke 1859 Preston
Thomas Cooper 1834 Kirby Moor, Yorkshire
Michael Corbett 1827 Gateshead, Durham
Joseph Cornwell 1830 Preston
Thomas Corrigan 1842 Burneley
John Cox 1848 Paisley, Scotland
William Cox 1848 Isle of Wight, Hampshire
Terence Coyle 1816 Monaghan Co, Monaghan, Ireland
Robert Crabbs 1858 London, London, Middlesex
William Craig 1854 Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Robert Creech 1846 Porlock, Somerset
Joseph Critchley 1814 Durham
John Croft 1845 Lanarkshire, Scotland
Humphry Cronan 1844 Chatham, Kent
John Crossan 1860 Lanarkshire, Scotland
Samuel Crouch 1832 Crewkerne, Somerset
Daniel Cunningham 1833 Stratford, Essex
Henry Dakin 1815 Silsby, Leicestershire
John Dalton 1804 Liverpool
Samuel Dalzell 1841 Liverpool
William Darcey 1814 Mayo Co Wicklow
Austin Dare 1854 Warwickshire
Frederick Daulby 1854 Liverpool
David Davies 1848 Montgomeryshire, Wales
Thomas Davies 1839 Llanisham, Glamorgan, Wales
William Davies 1851 Manchester
John Davis 1844 Llandilo, Pembrokeshire, Wales
John Davis 1847 London, London, Middlesex
William Davis 1846 London Bethnal Green , London, Middlesex
William Davis 1850 London, London, Middlesex
Thomas Davison 1857 Bentham, Lancashire
William Davison 1828 Sunderland
Francis De La Perrelle 1829 Jersey, Channel Islands
George Delahunty 1826 Tipperary, Ireland
Peter Delaney 1850 Birmingham
Samuel Denton 1805 Manchester
Jeremiah Desmond 1846 India
Henry Deverell 1830 Trowbridge, Wiltshire
John Dibb 1808 Dewsbury, Yorkshire
Samuel Dickens 1842 Boston, Lincoln
James Dillon 1856 Ireland
John Dillon 1828 Birmingham
Frederick Dobson 1826 Sunderland
George Dodd 1847 Manchester
James Dodds 1847 Billington, Northamptonshire
Francis Dolan 1860 Middleston, Yorkshire
Owen Donegan 1851 London Lambeth , London, Middlesex
Daniel Donovan 1855 London, London, Middlesex

Trancriber: James Simmonds
Source: Names of prisoners in Woking Invalid Prison Knaphill Woking extracted from 1881 census Woking Township, Surrey County England
John Donovan 1856 London, Middlesex
Edward Dougan 1850 Lanarkshire, Scotland
James Dougherty 1855 Newcastle On Tyne
James Dove 1838 Salford, Lancashire
Walter Down 1852 Ballington, Cheshire
John Downey 1821 Galway, Ireland
John Driscoll 1814 Bristol
Thomas Duffield 1840 London Lambeth , London, Middlesex
John Duffy 1849 Birkenhead, Cheshire
John Duncan 1839 Lanarkshire, Scotland
Michael Earley 1851 Newcastle On Tyne
Richard Eden 1827 Milcomb, Oxfordshire
William Edsforth 1854 Withnal, Lancashire
Frederick Edwards 1855 Botton Lanchin
Robert Edwards 1832 Newcastle On Tyne
Charles Egan 1859 Liverpool
Richard Egan 1842 London, London, Middlesex
Julius Ehmes 1822 (F), Poland
John C. Elliott 1828 Devonport
Thomas Elliott 1838 Cork, Ireland
John Ellison 1847
Samuel Evered 1852 Bury St Edmunds
Peter Fairclough 1834 Wigan
William Farrer 1843 Bramley, Yorkshire
Thomas Fell 1816 Cambridgeshire
Robert Ferguson 1856 Lanarkshire, Scotland
John Finchett 1821 Kelsall, Cheshire
Thomas Finn 1853 Glapwell, Derbyshire
John Flanagan 1846 Liverpool
Charles Fletcher 1848 Sheffield
Edward Fletcher 1849 Leamington, Warwickshire
John Flood 1850 Ireland
Thomas Flynn 1852 Mayo Co, Ireland
Michael Foley 1847 Ballingarry, Ireland
Patrick Ford 1803 Roscommon, Ireland
George Fordham 1824 Royston, Cambridgeshire
George Foulger 1843 Bottesdale, Suffolk
Philip Fowley 1855 London Clapton , London, Middlesex
George Francis 1851 London, London, Middlesex
George Frazer 1847 Midlothian, Scotland
James Freaney 1853 Birmingham
Henry French 1816 At Sea
Edward Freshwater 1804 Deptford, Kent
John Frost 1839 Ely, Cambridgeshire
John Fryer 1847 Newcastle On Tyne
James Gaffer 1838 Norwich
James Gallagher 1843 Cavan Co, Cavan, Ireland
Richard Garland 1823 Croydon, Surrey
William Garratt 1830 Warwickshire
Edward Garrigan 1850 Kilrin Derry
Jonathan Gaydon 1829 Teddington, Oxfordshire
Thomas Gaywood 1845 London Highgate , London, Middlesex
John Gibbon 1829 Mayo Co, Ireland
Peter Gibbons 1833 Mayo, Ireland
Andrew Gilroy 1812 Mayo Co Foxford
Andre Giraud 1822 St Cannat F, France
William Gittings 1827 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
James Goodwin 1834 Leith, Midlothian, Scotland
Thomas Gordon 1821 Ashton, Lancashire
Martin Gorman 1859 Newcastle On Tyne
George Graham 1828 London Bloomsbury , London, Middlesex
Thomas Gray 1851 London Southwark , London, Middlesex
William Green 1832 Broadholme, Nottinghamshire
John Griffith 1853 Wolverhampton
John Gubbins 1830 Brough, Ireland
Thomas Guest 1841 Brockmoor Dudley
Henry Guildford 1826 South Carolina (BS), United States
Benjamin Hackett 1842 Manchester, Lancashire
Owen Hackett 1851 Ireland
Joseph Haden 1843 Birmingham
John Hall 1846 Manchester
William Hallam 1845 Macclesfield
Thomas Hancock 1819 Taunton, Somerset
James Hanley 1816 Ireland
John Hanlon 1855 Manchester
Thomas Hannachor 1852 Westport, Ireland
John Hardney 1838 Manchester, Lancashire
George Hardy 1856 Ilkerstone, Derbyshire
Peter Harkins 1848 Greencastle, Scotland
James Harley 1837 London, London, Middlesex
Charles Harris 1853 Willingham, Cambridgeshire
John Harris 1847 St.Lukes Landon
Robert Harris 1851 Cupar, Fife, Scotland
Thomas Harris 1840 Dartford, Kent
Brown Harrison 1846 Crosby, Cumberland
George Harrison 1820 London, London, Middlesex
George Healy 1858 Dublin, Ireland
Edwin Hedges 1853 Maidstone
Charles Herbert 1849 London Hackney , London, Middlesex
Herbert G. Herbert 1825 New Buckingham, Norfolk
Richard Heywood 1849 Stratford, Lancashire
John Heyworth 1830 Bacup, Lancashire
Andrew Hill 1831 Leicestershire
Robert Hodgson 1827 Rawcliffe, Lancashire
George Holmes 1836 Goole, Yorkshire
James Holmes 1850 London, London, Middlesex
James Honnor 1835 Dublin, Ireland
Robert Hopkins 1839 Leeds, Yorkshire
James Horton 1852 London, London, Middlesex
Thomas Horton 1835 Ireland
William Horwood 1844 Oxfordshire
David Howell 1820 Merthyr Tydvill, Wales
George Howitt 1821 Gosberton, Lincoln
William Hudson 1824 Bradford
Joseph Hughes 1809 Ashbury, Buckinghamshire
Patrick Hunt 1828 Roscommon, Ireland
Philip Hunt 1842 Norwich
William Huntley 1845 London, London, Middlesex
John Hurley 1830 Dublin, Ireland
John Huxley 1856 Liverpool
George Ints 1842 Birmingham
William Irvine 1849 Sligo Co, Sligo, Ireland
James Jackman 1816 London, London, Middlesex
George Jackson 1816 Pontefract, Yorkshire
Edwin Jacques 1853 St Margarets, Leicestershire
Charles James 1832 Birmingham
David James 1830 Lludchurch, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Enoch James 1839 Ipswich, Suffolk
John James 1843 Liverpool
Thomas Jenkins 1820 London Pimlico , London, Middlesex
James Jennings 1841 London, London, Middlesex
James Jennings 1849 Hull
Samuel Jennings 1852 Manchester
Alexander Johnson 1828 Macduff Banff
Henry Johnson 1831 London, London, Middlesex
John Johnson 1821 London, London, Middlesex
John Johnson 1850 Belfast, Ireland
Thomas Johnson 1849 Blackburn, Lancashire
William Johnson 1809 London, London, Middlesex
William Johnstone 1848 London, London, Middlesex
Francis Jones 1829 Llanddoget, Wales
Frederick Jones 1842 London, London, Middlesex
John Jones 1856
Robert Jones 1826
Thomas Jones 1845 Birmingham
William Jones 1818 Morristown M, Wales
William Jones 1845 Manchester
William Jones 1855 Calne, Lancashire
John Jordan 1853 Manchester
Walter Joyce 1819 Croydon, Surrey
Hugh Kane 1849 (F), America
Samuel Kauffman 1825 Macestrix, Belgium
Martin Keefe 1842 Mayo, Ireland
John Keeley 1849 Birmingham
Edward Kelly 1848 Londonderry, Ireland
James Kelly 1847 Cheadle, Staffordshire
Samuel Kemp 1835 Goudhirst, Kent
John Kennedy 1845 London, London, Middlesex
William Kershaw 1825 Chatham
John Kiegan 1837 Dublin, Ireland
James Kilpatrick 1844 Lanarkshire, Scotland
James Kiltie 1834 Lanarkshire, Scotland
Francis King 1810 Birmingham
Henry King 1841 Bristol
William King 1850 London, London, Middlesex
George Kirby 1823 Richmond, Surrey
James Kirk 1839 Leeds, Yorkshire
John Knowleman 1854 Dundalk, Ireland

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