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Portland Convict Prison, 1891 Index of Prisoners, Surnames A - K

NOTE: This set of records for Portland Convict Prison provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in census records When searching for your English Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Absalom, John 1844 Medmenham, Hampshire
Adcroft, John 1855 Over Darwen, Lancashire
Alderson, John 1842 Dushaw, Shildon
Alderson, Joseph 1871 Leeds, Yorkshire
Allison, John 1836 Killyligh, London
Anderson, Daniel 1860 Edinbro, Scottow
Anderson, James 1857 Glaston, Scotland
Anderson, William 1854 Newcestle Upon Tyne, Northumberland
Anderson, Williams 1858 Dublin, Ireland
Andrews, Henry 1846 Nassington, London
Andrews, John 1857 Culcheth, Lancashire
Andrews, Samuel 1835 Duddleston, London
Anson, Fred 1842 Norwich, Norfolk
Aspin, William Thomas 1858 Blackhen, Lancashire
Astill, William 1841 Quorndon, Leicestershire
Atkins, Robert 1831 East Malden, Kent
Atterbury, Edward 1867 Bow Brickhill, Buckinghamshire
Bacon, John Burnett 1841 Leeds, Yorkshire
Badger, William 1853 Northern, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Bailey, Edwin 1853 Nantwich, Cheshire
Baker, Michael James 1862 Liverpool, Lancashire
Balding, Thomas 1868 East Indies, B S
Baldwin, Henry 1843 Middrioge, London
Bangham, Henry 1856 Kingsland, London
Barber, William 1841
Barker, Josiah 1846 Manchester, Lancashire
Barley, George 1859 Wroxeter, London
Barley, Harry 1859 Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire
Barmore, Samuel Horatis 1864 Birmingham, Berwickshire, Scotland
Barnett, Frederick 1858 Rawcliff, Yorkshire
Barry, John 1869 Cardiff, Gloucestershire
Barry, William 1856 Dublin, Cornwall
Barton, Frederick 1835 Bloomsbury, London
Barton, Robert 1845 Ratcliff, London
Bateman, George 1842 Derby, Derbyshire
Batter, William 1858 Minster Lovell, Oxfordshire
Beach, Jesse 1842 Manchester, Lancashire
Beddes, John 1842 Eryland
Beech, Thomas 1857 Northende, Yorkshire
Bell, Joseph 1853 Great Broughton, Cumberland
Bell, William 1831 Liverpool, Lancashire
Bellis, John 1867 Rosemeddre, North Wales
Benjamin, John 1849 Cumavon, Glamorgan, Wales
Benninson, William Ballentine 1855 Taddington, London
Bentley, Albert 1845 Leek, Staffordshire
Bestwick, George 1860 Derbyshire
Beswick, Thomas 1868 Liverpool, Lancashire
Birmingham, Peter John 1846 Manchester, Lancashire
Black, Joseph 1851 Nesmuester, London
Blampied, John 1856 St Helens, Lancashire
Bland, Charles 1855 Salford, Leicestershire
Bone, William 1837 Tollokshields, Scotland
Boner, James 1851 Glasford, Scotland
Bonfield, William 1839 Neston, Hertfordshire
Booth, John Henry 1871 Hay, Breconshire, Wales
Bornes, John 1838 Tarporley, Cheshire
Bostrom, William 1865 Guerusey, Channel Islands
Bowden, Enoch 1851 Tong, Shropshire
Bowles, Henry 1835 Easton, Norfolk
Brace, William 1848 Buntingford, Hertfordshire
Braddick, John 1844 Manchester, Lancashire
Brady, James 1858 Brimingham, London
Brambell, Henry 1847 Oldham, Lancashire
Brannon, James 1857 Manchester, London
Bray, James 1846 Wilkinston, Meath, Ireland
Brayshaw, William 1831 Huddersfiled, Yorkshire
Brearton, Richard 1863 Bradford, Yorkshire
Brennan, William 1865 Nestminster, London
Brian, John 1822 Liverpool, Lancashire
Brice, Charles 1831 Chertsey, Surrey
Brickey, George Gregson 1853 Hulme, Lancashire
Brier, Samuel 1862 Bradford, Yorkshire
Brierley, Charles 1844 Durham
Brindle, Thomas 1857 Preston, Lancashire
Brown, Arthur Frederick 1854 Coventry, Warwickshire
Brown, Edward 1863 Woolwich, Kent
Brown, James 1857 Hulme, Lancashire
Brown, John 1838 Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Brown, John 1850 Glasgow, Scotland
Brown, Thomas 1848 Bristol, Gloucestershire
Brown, William 1856 Marylebone, London
Brown, William 1867 Hackney Nick, London
Browne, Edward 1842 Layes, Manche
Bruce, Argel 1858 Manchester, Lancashire
Bruce, Richard 1835 Shoreditch, London
Buckley, Bartholomew 1867 Liverpool, London
Bukcley, John 1852 Liversedge, Yorkshire
Burchett, Alfred 1851 Heathfield, Sussex
Burdess, Thomas 1849 Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland
Burdett, Charles 1835 Liverpool, London
Burdon, John 1867 Dublie, Ireland
Burgess, Edward 1863 Wanoras, London
Burkitt, Charles 1843 Laceley, Lincolnshire
Burne, John 1869 Liverpool, Lancashire
Burns, Daniel 1854 London City, Middlesex
Burt, Frederich 1856 Oundle, London
Burton, Harry 1854 Liverpool, Lancashire
Butler, William 1862 Enera, Kent
Butterfield, Charles 1866 Waueras, London
Cain, John Charles 1838 Manchester, Lancashire
Callaghan, Owen 1869 Newcastle Upon Tyne, Rutland
Campbell, David 1868 Derry, Ireland
Campbell, John 1861 Edinburgh, Scotland
Campbell, Peter 1856 Liverpool, Lancashire
Campbell, William 1835 Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland
Candlish, William 1860 Lytham, Lancashire
Carey, James 1863 St Lukes, London
Carey, Joseph 1864 Manchester, Lancashire
Carpenter, Charles William 1863 Bristol, London
Carr, George 1860 Chester le Sheet, Durham
Carr, James 1854 Newton Abbot, London
Carr, John 1861 Linton, Scotland
Carroll, John 1842 Liverpool, Lancashire
Carroll, Martin 1844 Mays, Ireland
Carroll, Thomas 1841
Carruthers, James 1856 Cumbria, Carlisle
Carter, James 1858 Bedale, Yorkshire
Carter, James 1859 Naterford, Ireland
Carter, Richard Theophile 1862 C J, Alderney, Channel Islands
Cartledge, Thomas 1854 Chesterson, Staffordshire
Cassidy, Connor 1861 Duddleston, Ireland
Castle, Joseph 1841 Bethnal Green, London
Chainey, James 1872 Ashley, Hampshire
Chandler, William 1843 Farnham, Surrey
Chantry, William 1864 Stoke Newington, London
Checkley, George 1835 Brimingham, Warwickshire
Cheevers, Frederick 1858 Halifax, Yorkshire
Christie, Thomas 1832 Gateshead, Durham
Christmas, William 1864 Standground, Huntingdonshire
Claridge, James 1856 Manchester, Lancashire
Clark, Henry 1864 Tonbridge, Norfolk
Clark, John 1826 Yorkshire
Clark, John 1854 Northumberland
Clark, John 1872 Sheffield, Yorkshire
Clarke, William 1824 Strand, London
Clements, David 1856 Scottow, London
Clements, Robert 1860 Homerton, London
Clest, Charles 1863 New Cross Infra, Kent
Cliff, Robert Kenworthy 1847 Nortley, Yorkshire
Coates, Alfred 1871 Beverley, Yorkshire
Cocker, Robert 1857 Ugborough, Devon
Cole, Edward 1835 Manchester, Lancashire
Cole, Thomas 1869 Coventry, Warwickshire
Coleman, James 1868 Leeds, Yorkshire
Collins, Michael 1860 Knutsford, Cheshire
Colman, Alfred Green 1851 Stohe Ash, Suffolk
Conafrey, John 1866 Darlington, Yorkshire
Connor, Dennis 1859 Sheffield, Yorkshire
Connor, James 1869 St Sukes, London
Connor, John 1850 Halifax, Yorkshire
Connor, Michael 1859 Nassington, Lancashire
Connor, Thomas 1863 Manchester, Lancashire
Connors, Daniel 1855 Lambeth, Lancashire
Conolly, Patrick 1842 Waterford, Ireland
Cook, William 1834 Haslingden, Lancashire
Cooke, Richard 1864 Warmingham, Lancashire
Coombes, Alexander 1856 Dublin, Ireland
Cooper, John 1869 Kuip Lynn, Norfolk
Copeman, Henry 1867 Peckham, London
Coppen, William 1834 Loose, Kent
Corbett, William 1855 Clerkenwell, London
Cordingley, Joseph 1854 Idle, Yorkshire
Cornish, Samuel 1851 Stepney, London
Costin, John 1845 Bermondsey, London
Coulson, Frances 1841 Scottow, Lincolnshire
Cox, Thomas 1866 Hackney Nick, London
Coyne, John 1853 Ducham, Gateshead
Crawley, James 1839 Essie, Staffordshire
Crawley, Timothy 1854 Marylebone, London
Cremin, Thomas 1861 Cork, Ireland
Crick, James 1864 Horsleydown, Yorkshire
Cross, George 1857 Chelsea, London
Crossley, James 1862 East Ham, Essex
Crowley, William John 1866 Peterborough, Northamptonshire
Cullivan, Patrick 1858 Manchester, Lancashire
Culyer, Joseph 1855 Hulme, London
Cunningham, Archibald 1861 Glasgow, Scotland
Cunningham, John 1865 Liverpool, Lancashire
Cunningham, William 1865 Lambeth, London
Curley, John 1859 St Helens, Lancashire
Daily, John 1860 Glasgow, Scotland
Dale, George 1853 Dublie, Oxfordshire
Dale, Herbert 1853 Beylawton, Cheshire
Daley, Francis 1853 Lambeth, London
Daley, Patrick 1848 Shoreditch, London
Daly, John 1846 Limerick, Ireland
Davies, John 1848 Kensington, London
Davies, William 1830 Manchester, Lancashire
Davis, Charles 1825 Horsleydown, London
Davis, Charles 1854 North, Northamptonshire
Davis, John 1859 Birmingham, Worcestershire
Davis, Thomas 1832 Annb, Dalston
Davis, William 1835 Burton on Trent, Staffordshire
Davis, William 1862 Canterbury, Kent
Davison, Thomas 1848 Liverpool, Lancashire
Dawson, Charles 1867 Luncy, Mitcham
De Montenay, Dorval 1843 Duddleston, France
De Vernon, Henry 1847 Boro, France
Dean, William 1845 Manchester, Lancashire
Dearden, Alfred 1853 Leeds, Yorkshire
Dearman, James 1844 Southwark, London
Deddams, John 1831 Portsea, Hampshire
Dice, Thomas 1834 Newington Butts, London
Dickinson, John 1862 Liverpool, Lancashire
Dilworth, William 1862 Preston, Lancashire
Dixon, John 1859 Liverpool, Lancashire
Dixon, John Purvis 1846 Greenock, Scotland
Dobson, Charles 1857 London
Dolan, John 1871 Mara, Calcutta B S
Dollar, Thomas 1858 Northwich, Cheshire
Donovan, James 1847 St George East, London
Donovan, John 1865 Ireland
Donovan, Timothy 1864 Whitechapel, London
Doran, James 1822 Brighton, Sussex
Doran, Patrick 1855 Newry, Ireland
Downs, Edward 1841 Hythe, Kent
Downs, James 1855 Nuie Elens, London
Doyle, James 1855 Liverpool, Lancashire
Doyle, James 1864 Stockport, Lancashire
Doyle, Patrick 1854 St Paueras, London
Drummond, Phillip 1861 Glasgow, Scotland
Duff, John 1853 Dublin, Ireland
Duffy, John 1858 Mays, Ireland

Trancriber: James Simmonds
Source: Names of prisoners in Portland Convict Prison extracted from 1891 census Portland Township, Dorset County England
Dumbell, James 1824 Liverpool, Lancashire
Dumbell, John 1851 Hatton, Lancashire
Dumphy, John 1862 Belganne B S, India
Dumphy, John 1869 Killyligh, Ireland
Dunn, Alfred 1849 Edinburgh, Scotland
Dunn, John 1860 Dundee, Scotland
Dunt, Charles 1857 London
Earl, John Martin 1867 Hilltop, Yorkshire
Earnshaw, David 1856 Wanoras, London
Edwards, Charles 1860 Manchester, Lancashire
Edwards, Charles 1862 Islington, London
Edwards, John 1853 Waterford, Ireland
Edwards, John 1862 Hull, Yorkshire
Ellis, George 1840 Manchester, Lancashire
Ellis, Henry 1852 Nesthowich, London
Ellis, John Alfred 1848 Derby, London
Ellor, James 1851 Manchester, Lancashire
Elphinstone, John 1853 Marylebone, London
Emmings, William 1864 Shoreditch, London
England, John 1831 Manchester, Lancashire
Ensor, Jesse 1828 Brimingham, Warwickshire
Epps, Herbert Charles 1867 Bristol, Kent
Evans, Joseph 1847 Nesthowrich, Staffordshire
Evans, Thomas 1865 Manchs, Lancashire
Fairest, Joseph 1837 Macclesfield, Lancashire
Farrow, Frederick 1845 Manchester, London
Fatkin, William 1850 North Dakota, Newcastle
Faulkner, William 1865 Bristol, Staffordshire
Feeley, Charles 1867 Johnstone, London
Fenton, John 1862 Leeds, Lincolnshire
Fenwick, John Henry 1856 Lindsey, Yorkshire
Fetch, George 1848 Oundle, Northamptonshire
Fields, Leonard 1858 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Finamore, James Fool 1839 Lalop, London
Finnie, George 1856 Glasgow, Scotland
Firth, Tom 1849 Honley, Yorkshire
Fisher, Walter James 1860 Kemp, ??
Fitzgerald, John 1844 Nesmuester, Scotland
Fitzpatrick, James 1866 Peckham, London
Flaherty, George 1863 Longton, Staffordshire
Flannagan, Patrick 1857 Closeburn, Ireland
Flavin, Thomas 1852 Co Cork, Cork, Ireland
Fleming, William 1859 Oldham, Lancashire
Fletcher, Edward 1849 Camberwell, London
Fletcher, James 1860 Wigan, Lancashire
Fletcher, Walter 1860 Kinghtsbridge, London
Floyd, Richard 1851 Rochester, Kent
Flynn, Henry 1849 Southwark, London
Flynn, Henry 1862 Carlisle, Cumberland
Ford, Thomas 1867 Newton Abbot, Devon
Forrester, Elijah Bowers 1859 Whixall, Shropshire
Foster, John 1850 S A B S, American Samoa
Fowler, Edwin 1854 Bristol, Somerset
Frankham, George 1854 On the Sea
Frape, John 1861 Liverpool, Lancashire
Frazer, Peter 1865 Bloomsbury, London
Fredericks, Arthur 1859 Brimingham, Warwickshire
Freeman, William 1850 Brimingham, Warwickshire
French, George 1842 London City, Hampshire
Fuller, William 1845 Harmer, Yorkshire
Gallagher, James 1867 Liverpool, Lancashire
Galletly, George 1871 Killyligh, London
Galton, Augustus 1838 Dorset, Dawlish, Devon
Gan, James Francis 1848 Limerick, Ireland
Gardiner, Edward 1831 Southampton, Hampshire
Garrity, William 1852 Liverpool, Lanarkshire (Glasgow), Scotland
George, May 1857 Canterbury, Kent
Gibbs, William Henry 1827 Beford, Liverpool
Gilks, Lewis 1864 Lleeple Aston, Oxfordshire
Gillard, George 1854 Ruishton, Somerset
Gillespie, William 1862 Preston, Lancashire
Glass, William 1856 Bristol, Gloucestershire
Gleeson, John 1845 Hull, Yorkshire
Goldsmith, Alfred 1859 Islington, London
Gordon, John 1864 Dundee, Scotland
Gould, Richard 1849 Durham
Gould, William 1865 Enfield, India
Gowey, Thomas 1866 Pontyfridd, Glamorgan, Wales
Graham, Charles 1843 Bristol, Somerset
Graham, Thomas 1867 London
Grant, Thomas Arthur 1871 Staithes, Yorkshire
Graves, James 1831 Heland, Dublin, Ireland
Graves, Samuel 1847 Alford, Lincolnshire
Gray, George 1849 Chelsea, London
Gray, Joseph John 1864 St Georgesworth East, London
Green, Henry 1839 New York, America
Green, John 1851 Dundee, Scotland
Green, Robert 1847 Glasgow, Scotland
Green, William 1866 Liverpool, Lancashire
Gregory, James 1837 Wixford, Ireland
Grierson, John Coulson 1852 Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northamptonshire
Griffin, James 1866 St Lukes, London
Griffiths, Charles 1860 Oswestry, Shropshire
Griffiths, Thomas 1866 Llansantffraid, Wales
Grimshaw, John 1865 Belfast, Ireland
Grogan, John 1854 Coventry, Warwickshire
Guinan, Louis 1866 Dublin, Ireland
Gunn, William 1868 Glasgow, London
Guy, Samuel 1856 Glasgow, Scotland
Haggas, Robert 1864 Leeds, Richmond
Hamber, Hugh 1863 Chelsea, London
Hammond, James 1853 London
Hand, Charles 1838 Northwood, Staffordshire
Handford, Leonard Bowes 1857 Bristol, London
Hanken, William 1868 St Giles, London
Hankinson, Henry 1859 Warrington, Lancashire
Hanwell, Walter 1860 Hulme, London
Hargreaves, John 1855 Manchester, Lancashire
Harkins, Michael 1858 Philadelphia B S, American Samoa
Harrington, Thomas 1859 Selby, Yorkshire
Harris, Frederick 1867 Stockport, London
Harris, John 1857 New York, America
Harris, Robert 1842 London
Harrison, Arthur 1851 London
Harrod, Thomas Henry 1862 Norwich, Norfolk
Hartigan, Richard 1871 Liverpool, Lancashire
Harvey, James 1849 Paukridge, Staffordshire
Hassall, William 1865 Andlem, Cheshire
Hatch, Charles 1855 Highfield, Hampshire
Haugh, William 1864 Dublin, Ireland
Haughton, Henry 1843 Houghton Dale, Lancashire
Hawthorn, John 1864 Salford, Lancashire
Hayes, Charles 1864 Vernall, Wiltshire
Hayes, Patrick 1857 London
Hayford, Walter 1860 London
Haynes, Frederich 1865 Readriy, Berkshire
Henegan, Phillip 1868 Liverpool, Lancashire
Hennessey, James 1851 Cork, Ireland
Henry Hannay, John 1866 Liverpool, Lancashire
Henry Richardson, William 1834 Lorhs, Leeds
Henry Vivian, James 1828 Camborne, Cornwall
Heslop, George William 1867 Leeds, Yorkshire
Hickey, John 1862 Boston, Lincolnshire
Hickman, Walter 1865 Glasgow, Scotland
Higgins, Thomas 1857 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Higgisson, John 1819 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Hill, George 1849 Hanley, London
Hirst, Samuel 1841 Mirfield, Yorkshire
Hoar, Edward 1839 Dartford, Kent
Holden, Henry 1859 Darwen, Lancashire
Holdsworth, Squire 1868 Bradford, Yorkshire
Hole, Edward James 1858 Warminster, Somerset
Holland, James 1856 Merthyr, Wales
Holt, James 1857 Kislingbury, Northamptonshire
Holt, Thomas 1867 Hallbrook, Staffordshire
Holt, William 1862 Bury, Lancashire
Hooler, James 1836 Colne, Lancashire
Hopkins, Anthony 1848 Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Hopwood, John 1859 Donnington, Shropshire
Horrigan, Daniel 1867 Manchester, Hampshire
Horrigan, David 1859 Whitechapel, London
Horskin, Joseph Henry 1860 Merton, Surrey
Housden, William 1831 Leytonstone, Essex
Howard, William 1837 Srimingham, Warwickshire
Howarth, Alfred 1839 Norwich, Norfolk
Howe, John 1840 Linslade, Buckinghamshire
Howells, Richard 1857 Soutyberam, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Hudson, George 1840 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Hughes, Edward 1845 Salford, Lancashire
Hunter, Samuel 1844 Gainsborough, Leicestershire
Hurley, Thomas 1864 East Ham, London
Hutchings, Giles 1845 Lomefset, Harrington
Hutchinson, Andrew 1855 Dushaw, North Stockton
Hyde Gearman, Orson 1855 Louthport, Lancashire
Ingram, John James 1859 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Innes, William 1842 Bristol, Gloucestershire
Iobling, William 1841 Northern, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Irving, Francis 1868 Aunb, Carlisle
Jackson, Alfred 1853 Middleton, Lancashire
Jackson, Joseph 1846 Manchester, Lancashire
Jackson, Walter 1863 Islington, London
James, Nathan 1855 Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire
Jarrett, Henry 1864 Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales
Jefferies, John 1860 Stapenhill, Derby
Jenkins, Edward 1861 Bloomsbury, London
Jenkins, Frederick Thorp 1860 Bolton, Lancashire
Jenkins, John 1853 St Georgs East, London
Jenkins, William 1848 Hoxton, London
Johnson, George 1869 Stratford, Essex
Johnson, James 1830 Dullin, Ireland
Johnson, John 1847 Briningham, Warwickshire
Johnson, John 1868 Bradford, Yorkshire
Johnson, William 1847 Liverpool, Lancashire
Jones, Abraham 1862 Islington, London
Jones, Alfred 1861 Carisbrooke, Hampshire
Jones, Edward 1844 Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales
Jones, John 1864 Leeds, Yorkshire
Jones, Robert 1857 North, London
Jones, Thomas 1853 Nestmuester, London
Jones, Walter 1866 Kennington, London
Jones, William 1834 Bodenham, Herefordshire
Jones, William 1843 London
Jones, William 1870 Liverpool, London
Judge, Benjamin 1824 Lambeth, London
Judge, Patrick 1865 Sheffield, Yorkshire
Keating, John Joseph 1862 Brighton, Sussex
Keenon, Henry 1871 Glasgow, Scotland
Kelly, James 1828 Down, Ireland
Kelly, John 1862 Dalry, Scotland
Kelly, Patrick 1862 Liverpool, Lancashire
Kember, William 1864 Marylebone, London
Kemp, William 1856 Marylebone, Lancashire
Keneally, Cornelius 1864 St Pancras, London
Kennedy, James 1852 Dublin, Ireland
Kenrick, Baniel 1866 Boro, London
Kensett, William 1832 Shipley, Sussex
Keogh, William 1854 Liverpool, Lancashire
Kerr, James 1858 Glasgow, Scotland
Kesterton, Arthur Herbert 1849 Crewe, Cheshire
Ketley, John 1850 Braintree, Essex
Kettle, James 1851 Mile End, London
Kieff, John 1861 Liversedge, London
Kilpatrick, Samuel 1848 Belfast
Kilshaw, Martin 1860 Preston, Lancashire
King, Abel 1850 Drogheda, Ireland
King, John 1873 Lyhling Cocks, Durham
King, Joseph 1859 Aldworth, Berkshire
King, William 1839 Watthamstow, Essex
Kirby, Francis John 1847 Leicester, Leicestershire
Kirby, Louis 1859 Manchester, London
Knight, George 1857 Marylebone, London
Knight, George Isaac 1844 Brimingham, London
Knight, Thomas 1863 Harborne, Warwickshire
Knight, Thomas 1865 Manchester, Lancashire

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