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Pentonville Prison, 1881 Index of Prisoners, Surnames A - K

NOTE: This set of records for Pentonville Prison provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in census records When searching for your English Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Abraham Aaronson 1823 (F), Austria
George Able 1853 Cromer, Norfolk
James Ackland 1855 London, Middlesex
Thomas Adams 1856 Wellington, Shropshire
Walter Adams 1857 Ketley, Shropshire
George Adderley 1857 Staffordshire
James Aird 1851 Scotland
William Albert 1852 London, Middlesex
Harry Alcock 1865 Leek, Staffordshire
James Alderson 1848 Northallerton, Yorkshire
Abraham Allen 1834 (B S), Germany
Arthur Allen 1848 St Pancras, Middlesex
Robert Allen 1861 Princes End, Staffordshire
Thomas Allen 1853 London, Middlesex
Thomas Allen 1855 London, Middlesex
Robert Allsop 1847 Enfield, Middlesex
Samuel Allsopp 1849 London, Middlesex
Thomas Ames 1857 Chippenham, Wiltshire
Henry Amesbury 1856 Bristol, Somerset
James Anderson 1838 West Newton, Cumberland
Alfred Andrews 1836 Northamptonshire
George Andrews 1857 Leeds, Yorkshire
John Andrews 1851 London, Middlesex
William Anthony 1851 London, Middlesex
Henry Archer 1849 London, Middlesex
George Arlington 1857 Wisbeach, Cambridgeshire
George Armstrong 1827 Bradford, Yorkshire
John Armstrong 1863 Barney Castle, Durham
Thomas Armstrong 1853 Ireland
James Arneil 1853 London, Middlesex
John Arnold 1856 Warwickshire
William Arnold 1858 Orton On The Hill, Leicestershire
Richard Ashby 1836 Stroud, Gloucestershire
Thomas Ashcroft 1820 Bateley Bridge, Yorkshire
Joseph Ashworth 1844 Manchester, Lancashire
William Aspin 1856 Blackburn, Lancashire
John Atherton 1856 Handley, Lancashire
James Atkins 1839 London, Middlesex
George Austin 1849 London, Middlesex
John Avery 1840 London, Middlesex
Joseph Bacon 1857 Leicestershire
William Badger 1855 Newcastle, Northumberland
James Bailey 1831 Bristol, Somerset
Thomas Baker 1856 London, Middlesex
James Baldwin 1853 Ireland
Frederick Bamford 1841 Birmingham, Warwickshire
John (David) Bancot 1853 Northamptonshire
James Banker 1854 Newcastle, Northumberland
Joseph Barker 1847 Blagdon, Somerset
William Barnard 1850 St Albans, Hertfordshire
Henry Barnett 1850 Webber, Surrey
William Barrington 1828 Macclesfield, Cheshire
William Barry 1856 London, Middlesex
Edward Bartlett 1846 Saddleworth, Yorkshire
Frank Bartlett 1862 Ireland
John Bartlett 1842 Devizes, Wiltshire
John Basham 1830 Dullingham, Cambridgeshire
James Bates 1862 Birmingham, Warwickshire
James Baxendine 1857 London, Middlesex
Robert Baxter 1831 Northamptonshire
William Baxter 1845 London, Middlesex
Joseph Bazley 1855 London, Middlesex
George Beale 1830 Overton, Hampshire
Thomas Beattie 1839 Liverpool, Lancashire
William Beauchamp 1859 London, Middlesex
George Beckett 1846 Walworth, Surrey
William Beckett 1855 London, Middlesex
James Beech 1851 Woodside, Staffordshire
Joseph Bell 1846 Liverpool, Lancashire
Charles Bennett 1853 Burslem, Staffordshire
James Bennett 1852 St Leonard, Sussex
William Bennett 1853 Eynsham, Oxfordshire
Henry Benson 1856 London, Middlesex
Esau Bernart 1853 Antigua, West Indies
Davis Bernstein 1863 (F), Poland
John Besley 1851 Dublin, Ireland
William Bevan 1841 Canada
William Bird 1859 London, Middlesex
William Bishop 1847 Rotherhithe, Surrey
Charles Blackbrom 1839
William Blackmore 1838 Butterwick, Lincoln
William Blackmore 1847 Barnstaple, Devon
James Blakey 1852 Burnley, Lancashire
Joseph Blanchard 1843 Searby, Lincoln
John Bland 1837 Dolphing Holme, Lancashire
Charles Bloomfield 1841 Ticknall, Derbyshire
Carl Blumberg 1831 (F), Austria
William Blyth 1853 Scotland
Thomas Blythe 1857 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Richard Body 1843 Portsmouth, Hampshire
James Bolton 1824 Brindle, Lancashire
George Bones 1831 Preston, Sussex
John Booth 1856 Little Horton, Yorkshire
Thomas Boscombe 1841 Wainbridge, Cornwall
Edward Bosley 1862 Saltney, Cheshire
John Boston 1853 London, Middlesex
George Boswell 1839 Coventry, Warwickshire
Edward Bott 1836 London, Middlesex
George Bowden 1847 Beadminster, Somerset
William Bowers 1847 Leeds, Yorkshire
William Bowie 1854 Scotland
William Bowles 1837 Tonbridge, Kent
John Brady 1850 Birkenhead, Cheshire
Edward Brawn 1852 London, Middlesex
William Bridgewater 1831 Oxfordshire
George Brierley 1845 Leeds, Yorkshire
John Brocklehurst 1858 Blackburn, Lancashire
John Brocklesby 1844 Wrande, Lincoln
George Bromley 1855 Shipton, Yorkshire
James Brooks 1838 Tansly, Derbyshire
Charles Brown 1837 Peckham, Surrey
Edward Brown 1855 Bristol, Somerset
Frederick Brown 1852 London, Middlesex
George Brown 1835 Halifax, Yorkshire
George Brown 1848 London, Middlesex
James Brown 1846 London, Middlesex
James Brown 1854 London, Middlesex
John Brown 1858 Oldham, Lancashire
John Brown 1858 London, Middlesex
John Brown 1858 London, Middlesex
Thomas Brown 1850 Hull, Yorkshire
Thomas Brown 1858 Manchester, Lancashire
William Bruce 1858 Scotland
John Bullcombe 1845 Southwark, Surrey
George Bullock 1850 Longthorpe, Gloucestershire
James Bullock 1848 Coleford, Gloucestershire
Edward Burke 1861 London, Middlesex
John Burke 1860 Walsall, Staffordshire
William Burke 1859 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Robert Burnett 1864 Swinefleet, Yorkshire
Henry Burnse 1859 Exeter, Devon
John Burt 1859 London, Middlesex
James Burton 1860 Peterboro, Yorkshire
John Bury 1864 Dorchester, Dorset
Henry Butler 1833 London, Middlesex
William Cage 1860 Taunton, Somerset
Fredk. Calder 1831 London, Middlesex
Thomas Callaghan 1844 Chiswick, Middlesex
Thomas Callaghan 1850 London, Middlesex
John Campbell 1852 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Thomas Campbell 1859 Scotland
John Cane 1849 London, Middlesex
Richard Cannon 1860 London, Middlesex
William Capel 1841 Northamptonshire
John Carden 1832 America
Thomas Careless 1859 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
George Carnegie 1858 Ireland
Joseph Carpenter 1862 Dover, Kent
John Carr 1845 Hull, Yorkshire
Richard Carr 1857 Longton, Lancashire
John Carrie 1828 Egremont, Cumberland
James Carruthers 1847 Carlisle, Cumberland
Francis Carter 1832 Salisbury, Wiltshire
James Carter 1845 Manchester, Lancashire
Thomas Carter 1850 London, Middlesex
William Carter 1832 Harwich, Suffolk
William Carter 1851 London, Middlesex
Raphael Carvallo 1856 Rotterdam (F), Netherland
William Casey 1860 London, Middlesex
James Castree 1857 Garway Hill, Hereford
James Caswell 1839 Birmingham, Warwickshire
William Catford 1852 Exeter, Devon
Henry Cattrell 1859 Thockless, Durham
William Cauden 1811 Birkmeker ?, Essex
William Challice 1825 Southampton, Hampshire
William Chambers 1861 Gretton, Northamptonshire
Arthur Champkin 1859 Dunstable, Bedfordshire
Charles Chandler 1836 Isle of Man
Henry Chandler 1843 London, Middlesex
Robert Chapel 1838 Manchester, Lancashire
James Chapman 1859 London, Middlesex
Edward Charles 1856 Bristol, Somerset
John Charlton 1856 Manchester, Lancashire
William Chatfield 1852 Colemans Hatch, Sussex
Edward Chelmick 1831 Clun, Shropshire
William Chester 1849 Leicestershire
Thomas Childs 1848 Brighton, Sussex
Christopher Clamphett 1847 Ireland
Henry Clare 1845 United States
George Clark 1855 London, Middlesex
James Clark 1847 London, Middlesex
John Clark 1860 London, Middlesex
Frederick Clarke 1854 London, Middlesex
Joseph Clayton 1854 Accrington, Lancashire
Frederick Clement 1858 Blockley, Worcestershire
John Cobbett 1853 Winster, Derbyshire
Arthur Cohen 1855 London, Middlesex
Edward Cole 1856 London, Middlesex
John Collard 1850 London, Middlesex
Henry Colley 1855 Scarboro, Yorkshire
George Collier 1849
John Collins 1845 Manchester, Lancashire
Michael Collins 1833 London, Middlesex
Richard Collins 1840 Bolton, Lancashire
Thomas Collins 1850 Preston, Lancashire
Thomas Collins 1860 Leeds, Yorkshire
William Collins 1856 Chelsea, Middlesex
Robert Colmer 1815 Crewkerne, Somerset
John Connell 1864 Manchester, Lancashire
Cornelius Connor 1834 London, Middlesex
James Conway 1837 Manchester, Lancashire
Alfred Cook 1855 Portsmouth, Hampshire
James Cook 1849 London, Middlesex
Thomas Coomber 1861 London, Middlesex
Henry Corbett 1839 Nottinghamshire
Frederick Corden 1855 Birmingham, Warwickshire
John Corie 1855 London, Middlesex
John Cormack 1854 London, Middlesex
William Cornell 1858 Chumleigh, Devon
John Cosgrove 1847 Lpool, Lancashire
Thomas Cowburn 1849 Leeds, Yorkshire
George Cowen 1820 Newcastle On Tyne, Northumberland
Henry Cowlishaw 1863 Woolley Moor, Derbyshire
Frederick Cox 1845 Hartlebury, Worcestershire
George Cox 1842 Ireland
Joseph Cox 1856 Gloucestershire
Thomas Cox 1852 London, Middlesex
Joseph Craig 1835 Ireland
Joseph Crisp 1826 Droitwitch, Cheshire
John Critchley 1819 St Helens, Lancashire
Thomas Croasdale 1819 Elmbank, Lancashire
Francis Crook 1862 Chalfont, Buckinghamshire
William Crooks 1853 Aston Cleveland, Yorkshire
Charles Cross 1862 London, Middlesex
George Cross 1860 London, Middlesex
Arthur Crowther 1853 Holbeck, Yorkshire
Lawrence Cuddy 1862 Liverpool, Lancashire
George Cumbers 1844 Romford, Essex
Edward Cummingham 1861 St Helens, Lancashire
Robt. Cummings 1845 Scotland
Jonathan Cundy 1842 Sheffield, Yorkshire
John Cunliffe 1859 Preston, Lancashire
Frederick Cunningham 1840 Loughboro, Leicestershire
Thomas Curley 1858 At Sea
William Curtis 1851 London, Middlesex
Martin Curwin 1855 Ireland
Thomas Cutts 1844 Nottinghamshire
Lyons Dargent 1857 London, Middlesex
Warren Darlington 1843 Bradford, Yorkshire
Archibald Darrock 1851 Scotland
James Davies 1845 Gt Malvern, Worcestershire
Richard Davies 1853 Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Arthur Davis 1856 Worcestershire
George Davis 1824 Hayes, Middlesex
James Davis 1827 Manchester, Lancashire
John Davis 1852 Manchester, Lancashire
John Davis 1859 London, Middlesex
Thomas Davis 1842 Wales
William Davis 1853 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Richd. Davison 1856 Morpeth, Northumberland
Henry Dawson 1860 Hull, Yorkshire
Sim Dawson 1864 Goole, Lancashire
George Day 1849 Westminster, Middlesex
William Day 1845 London, Middlesex
Rufus Deighton 1854 Bradford, Yorkshire
George Delaney 1862 London, Middlesex
Levi Denning 1854 Bradford, Yorkshire
Joseph Denny 1851 West Indies
John Diddams 1835 Portsea, Hampshire
Patrick Dillon 1853 Birmingham, Warwickshire
George Dimmock 1842 Birmingham, Warwickshire
David Dobbie 1857 Scotland
Thomas Doherty 1851 Hull, Yorkshire
George Dolby 1850 London, Middlesex
Robert Donkin 1845 Knottyash, Lancashire
Timothy Dooley 1837 Walsall, Staffordshire
Henry Dore 1856 London, Middlesex
Alfred Drage 1848 Finedon, Northamptonshire
John Driscoll 1862 London, Middlesex
Thomas Driver 1834 Hundleby, Lincoln
James Dudley 1860 Birmingham, Warwickshire
John Duggan 1844 Westminster, Middlesex
William Dunbar 1856 Wales
Ezra Duncan 1836 Yarmouth, Norfolk
Henry Dunkley 1834 Burton, Northamptonshire
Charles Dunn 1850 Birmingham, Warwickshire
John Dunn 1849 Scotland
Joseph Dunn 1844 Dudley, Worcestershire
William Dunn 1855 London, Middlesex
John Duplock 1839 Buxted, Sussex
Joseph Eames 1856 Bourne End, Hertfordshir
William East 1842 Preston, Lancashire
Charles Eatock 1850 Bolton, Lancashire

Trancriber: Tracy Day
Source: Names of prisoners in Pentonville Prison extracted from 1881 census Islington Township, London County England
George Edge 1840 Shiffnal, Shropshire
Thomas Edmondson 1857 Bradford, Yorkshire
Thomas Edward 1860 Liverpool, Lancashire
George Edwards 1860 San Fransisco
James Edwards 1829 London, Middlesex
Joseph Edwards 1857 Willenhall, Staffordshire
Thomas Edwards 1850 Ruthin, Denbighshire, Wales
Thomas Edwards 1850 London, Middlesex
Thomas Edwards 1855 Westminster, Middlesex
William Edwards 1848 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Charles Ellison 1857 Bedford Lea, Lancashire
Francis Ellwood 1840 Ireland
Malcolm Emerson 1859 Scotland
James Endean 1846 Shortlands End, Cornwall
Joseph Enderson 1856 High Moorhouse, Cumberland
Henry Eskew 1853 Liverpool, Lancashire
John Eskine 1850 Scotland
Alfred Evans 1858 Bradford, Yorkshire
Thomas Evans 1856 London, Middlesex
Thomas Evans 1857 Kingsland, Middlesex
William Evans 1858 Scotland
John Exley 1819 Clayton West, Yorkshire
Joseph Exton 1853 Peterboro, Northamptonshire
Frank Falkland 1854 Brompton, Middlesex
George Farleigh 1828 London, Middlesex
James Farmer 1862 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Michael Farragher 1862 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Peter Farrell 1852 Scotland
Caleb Farren 1832 Colchester, Essex
John Fenn 1860 London, Middlesex
John Ferguson 1850 London, Middlesex
Robert Ferguson 1839 Lanarkshire, Scotland
John Ferkins 1860 Ledbury, Hereford
John Fidkin 1853 Kidderminster, Warwickshire
William Fielding 1851 Todmorden, Lancashire
William Finnie 1851 Scotland
Geo. Fitzpatrick 1855 London, Middlesex
James Flannery 1858 Halifax, Yorkshire
John Fletcher 1830 Uxbridge, Middlesex
Samuel Fletcher 1833 London, Middlesex
Thomas Fletcher 1855 Blackheath, Staffordshire
James Flewitt 1862 London, Middlesex
Frank Foley 1851 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Joseph Folley 1840 Devonport, Devon
William Ford 1846 Peterfield, Hampshire
James Foreman 1856 School, Norfolk
William Forster 1844 London, Middlesex
William Forster 1858 London, Middlesex
James Forth 1839 Bedfordshire
Charles Foster 1854 Kingsland, Middlesex
William Foster 1822 Brighton, Sussex
William Foster 1848 London, Middlesex
William Foster 1858 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Daniel Fowler 1803 Bristol, Somerset
Charles Fox 1849 Sheepshed, Leicestershire
Joseph Fox 1847 Ellerstone, Staffordshire
William Franks 1840 London, Middlesex
Alexr. Frazer 1841 Scotland
James Frazer 1853 Scotland
William Fredericks 1852 Whitechapel, Middlesex
Stephen French 1840 Chatham, Kent
John Fright 1853 Dover, Kent
Arthur Furniss 1835 Sheffield, Yorkshire
John Gaff 1847 London, Middlesex
James Gallaghar 1857 Bradford, Yorkshire
Henry Garbett 1860 Woodside, Staffordshire
Albert Gardiner 1855 Sheffield, Yorkshire
John Gardiner 1859 London, Middlesex
George Garrett 1853 London, Middlesex
Moses (John) Geenwood 1837 Burnley, Lancashire
John Gentle 1817 Yorkshire
John George 1831 Northamptonshire
Mark Gerrard 1854 London, Middlesex
Thomas Gibbons 1860 London, Middlesex
John Gibson 1854 Scotland
Peter Gibson 1848 Scotland
John Gilbert 1830 London, Middlesex
Thomas Gilbert 1862 Market Harboro, Leicestershire
Samuel Gill 1835 Leeds, Yorkshire
Richard Goldsmith 1854 London, Middlesex
Alfred Good 1850 London, Middlesex
Charles Good 1858 Ampthill, Bedfordshire
Robert Goodchild 1837 London, Middlesex
John Goodrick 1840 Horncastle, Lincoln
John Gotling 1838 Swalwells, Durham
Edwin Gough 1857 Ironbridge, Shropshire
George Gough 1858 London, Middlesex
Edward Grant 1858 Ashford, Kent
James Gray 1821 Scotland
Stephen Gray 1861 Morpeth, Northumberland
William Grayson 1852 West Indies
George Greatrix 1855 Liverpool, Lancashire
John Green 1856 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Josiah Green 1859 Hemelhmpsted, Bedfordshire
William Green 1841 Benton, Northumberland
Benjamin Greenaway 1819 Staffordshire
William Greenwood 1842 Leeds, Yorkshire
John Gregg 1843 New Yorkshire, America
Richard Gregson 1842 Blackburn, Lancashire
William Gregson 1855 Little Hulton, Lancashire
James Grey 1840 Ireland
Thomas Grieve 1852 Scotland
Richard Griffin 1855 Ireland
James Griffiths 1843 Camberwell, Surrey
William Grimsdale 1836 Nottinghamshire
John Grimshaw 1847 Leeds, Yorkshire
Samuel Grimshaw 1846 Manchester, Lancashire
George Groves 1826
Henry Gulliver 1850 London, Middlesex
William Haddock 1819 Altringham, Cheshire
William Hale 1816 Brentwood, Essex
George Hall 1837 Berwick On Tweed, Northumberland
George Hall 1842 St Georges, Warwickshire
Henry Hall 1840 Ludlow, Shropshire
William Hall 1841 Gateshead, Durham
William Hall 1861 Bermondsey, Surrey
John Halstead 1855 Bacup, Lancashire
Thomas Hamblin 1851 Wales
John Hamilton 1856 Scotland
William Hamilton 1848 London, Middlesex
William Hancher 1838 Walsall, Staffordshire
Frederick Hancock 1839 Shepton Mallet, Somerset
Charles Hand 1839 Northwood, Staffordshire
Joseph Handley 1845 Warrington, Lancashire
Thomas Handley 1844 Nottinghamshire
William Harcourt 1837 Grantham, Lincoln
John Hardman 1846 Salford, Lancashire
Thomas Hare 1852 Whetstone, Derbyshire
James Hargreaves 1839 Leeds, Yorkshire
John Harnden 1830 Boughton, Kent
George Harris 1842 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
George Harris 1852 Hereford
James Harris 1830 Ireland
John Harris 1842 Badsley, Worcestershire
Thomas Harris 1857 Maismore, Gloucestershire
James Harrison 1857 Somerset
John Harrison 1845 Newcastle, Northumberland
William Harrison 1815 Pontefract, Yorkshire
William Harrison 1848 Newcastle On Tyne, Northumberland
Charles Hartley 1850 Manchester, Lancashire
Edward Harvey 1845 Hanworth Park, Middlesex
James Harvey 1841 Leeds, Yorkshire
William Harwood 1830 Warwickshire
Edward Hastie 1845 Bradford, Lancashire
Charles Hatch 1845 Highfield, Hampshire
Henry Havergill 1839 Germany
James Hawes 1859 London, Middlesex
Thomas Hawker 1844 Ruspage, Gloucestershire
George Hawkes 1859 Finedon, Northamptonshire
Joseph Hawkes 1865 Nottinghamshire
James Hawley 1849 Sheffield, Yorkshire
Alfred Hayes 1855 Hounslow, Middlesex
James Haynes 1833 Bridgewater, Somerset
Michael Haynes 1853 Scotland
Thomas Healey 1853 Manchester, Lancashire
Arthur Hedger 1846 Guildford, Surrey
Alfred Henbach 1838 (F), Germany
George Henley 1847 London, Middlesex
Daniel Henson 1824 Potterspury, Northamptonshire
Henry Heritage 1857 Studley, Warwickshire
Joseph Hewett 1849 Whiteheath, Staffordshire
Samuel Hickson 1834 Stratford On Avon, Warwickshire
Michael Higgins 1857 Oldham, Lancashire
James Hill 1836 London, Middlesex
James Hill 1848 Scotland
John Hill 1850 London, Middlesex
Thomas Hill 1859 Gloucestershire
Henry Hilton 1849 Manchester, Lancashire
John Hilton 1834 Farnworth, Lancashire
Luke Hinchcliffe 1825 Leeds, Yorkshire
Henry Hindle 1853 Church Kirk, Lancashire
Joseph (John) Hodgso 1821 Preston (Castle Emsley), Lancashire
William Hoggart 1849 Sunderland, Durham
Corbett Holden 1844 Staffordshire
Charles Holdsworth 1851 Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Thomas Holland 1859 Newark, Nottinghamshire
Dawson Hollingsworth 1844 Wortley, Yorkshire
John Hollowell 1857 Murrow, Cambridgeshire
Jonathan Holmes 1843 Manningham, Yorkshire
Samuel Holmes 1848 London, Middlesex
James Holt 1842 Thornhamfold Or Thomhamfold, Lancashire
Samuel Holt 1849 Bollington, Cheshire
Edward Hope 1841 Blackburn, Lancashire
Charles Hopkins 1855 Kettering, Northamptonshire
John Horn 1837 (B S), France
Robert Horridge 1847 Manchester, Lancashire
David Horrigan 1861 London, Middlesex
Michael Horrigan 1862 London, Middlesex
John Hoskings 1819 Bristol, Somerset
Stephen House 1853 Milton Abbas, Dorset
William Howard 1828 Bradford, Wiltshire
Alfred Howe 1851 London, Middlesex
Charles Howlett 1844 Worcestershire
William Howlett 1846 Sheffield, Yorkshire
George Huggins 1841 Eye, Hereford
Thomas Hughes 1849 Farnden, Cheshire
William Hughes 1857 Wales
George Hully 1860 Sheffield, Yorkshire
Edward Hunt 1859 Sherborne, Dorset
John Hunt 1823 Ireland
John Hunt 1831 Marnhill, Dorset
Thomas Hunt 1855 Coventry, Warwickshire
William Hunt 1861 Ashton U/ Lyne, Lancashire
James Hunter 1854 Scotland
John Hursting 1832 London, Middlesex
Edward Hutchinson 1848 Liverpool, Lancashire
William Hutchinson 1863 Readness, Yorkshire
William Hyde 1846 Higherhurst, Lancashire
Thomas Hyslope 1858 Portsmouth, Hampshire
Percival Ingram 1816 Shroton, Dorset
William Instone 1853 Northfield, Worcestershire
Henry Irons 1816 Northamptonshire
Donald Irving 1858 Scotland
Albert Isett 1863 London, Middlesex
George Ivermee 1841 Oxfordshire
John Jackson 1840 Manchester, Lancashire
Thomas Jackson 1840 Manchester, Lancashire
Henry James 1852 Westminster, Middlesex
John James 1852 Ireland
Thomas James 1845 Ipswich, Suffolk
Thomas James 1855 Newcastle, Northumberland
William Jameson 1858 London, Middlesex
Charles Jayes 1846 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Henry Jeffs 1860 Titmarch, Northamptonshire
Samuel Jettier 1829 Hove, Sussex
John Johns 1824 Ilford, Essex
William Johns 1826 London, Middlesex
Francis Johnson 1850 London, Middlesex
John Johnson 1829 Lidiard, Wiltshire
Joseph Johnson 1861 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Robert Johnson 1836 Forest Hill, Surrey
Samuel Johnson 1851 Newcastle, Northumberland
Walter Johnson 1852 Birmingham, Warwickshire
William Johnson 1831 London, Middlesex
William Johnson 1861 Walworth, Middlesex
Charles Jones 1827 London, Middlesex
Frederick Jones 1851 London, Middlesex
George Jones 1854 London, Middlesex
John Jones 1840 London, Middlesex
John Jones 1846 London, Middlesex
Joseph Jones 1851 Wales
Joseph Jones 1855 Horsehay, Shropshire
Thomas Jones 1847 Staffordshire
Thomas Jones 1850 Cheadle, Staffordshire
Thomas Jones 1863 Birmingham, Warwickshire
William Jones 1818 Aston, Leicestershire
William Jones 1837 Liverpool, Lancashire
William Jones 1840 London, Middlesex
William Jones 1844 Montgomeryshire, Wales
William Jones 1855 Chertsey, Surrey
William Jones 1856 Hull, Yorkshire
William Jones 1857 London, Middlesex
Alphonse Jordan 1849 Loughboro, Leicestershire
Charles Josen 1845 London, Middlesex
John Josephs 1839 London, Middlesex
James Jury 1836 Thrushelton, Devon
Henry (George) Jyce 1833 Brentwood (Gloucester), Middlesex
James Kay 1858 Scotland
William Kay 1855 Bolton, Lancashire
Thomas Keefe 1856 London, Middlesex
James Keighley 1852 Durham, Durham
John Kelly 1845 Scotland
Thomas Kelly 1831 Ireland
John Kelshaw 1835 Warrington, Lancashire
William Kent 1818 Ridgemont, Bedfordshire
William Kiel 1852 London, Middlesex
Robert Kilby 1857 Northhampton, Northamptonshire
George Kilpatrick 1859 Scotland
Charles King 1845 Es Stratford, Middlesex
Charles King 1855 (B S), West Indies
Richard King 1853 Ludgershall, Wiltshire
Thomas King 1854 London, Middlesex
Thomas King 1857 Slaugham, Sussex
William King 1849 London, Middlesex
Robert Kinghorn 1859 London, Middlesex
Charles Kingsford 1851 Canterbury, Kent
Charles Kirby 1839 New Milverton, Warwickshire
John Kirk 1819 Burton, Derbyshire
John (James) Kng 1854 London (Broadwater), Middlesex
Ernest Knight 1843 Wootton, Gloucestershire
James Knott 1841 Salford, Lancashire
Richard Knowles 1847 Dudley, Worcestershire

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