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Parkhurst Prison, 1901 Index of Prisoners, Surnames A - K

NOTE: This set of records for Parkhurst Prison provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in census records When searching for your English Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

George Adams 1853 Sydney, Austria
Henry Adams 1870 Ireland
William Adams 1845 Merthyr Tydvil, Glamorgan, Wales
Herbert Edward Allen 1873 Thorpe, Northamptonshire,
James Robert Allison 1868 London,
Charles Ancourt 1876 France
James Anderson 1817 Manchester, Lancashire,
John Anderson 1866 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Peter Anderson 1856 Norway
Alexander Andrews 1879 Scotland
John Thomas Armitage 1858 Huddersfield, Yorkshire,
William Ashcroft 1850 Buckley, Lancashire,
William Aspinall 1854 Liverpool, Lancashire,
George William Atkin 1876 Stapleford, Nottinghamshire,
George Austin 1882 Molash, Kent,
John William Aylward 1855 Woolwich, Kent,
John Bailey 1865 Newcastle Upon Tyne, Staffordshire,
William Bailey 1882 Stepney, London,
Alfred Bainbridge 1865 Pimlico, London,
Alfred Baker 1874 West Indies, St Thomas
James Baker 1880 Liverpool, Lancashire,
William Martin Baker 1837 Chelmsford, Essex,
Jabez Spencer Balfour 1843 London,
Charles Francis Ball 1870 Tiverton, Devon,
Samual Johanne Baptistini Stanhope 1839 Sheffield, Yorkshire,
John Barrowclough 1869 Bacup, Lancashire,
William Barton 1858 Liverpool, Lancashire,
James Bater 1883 Sampford Peverell, Devon,
Edward Beall 1853 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire,
William Beasley 1855 High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire,
Arthur Beattie 1872 Chichester, Sussex,
Francis Alfred Beaumont 1839 Windsor, Berkshire,
John Bedder 1842 London,
John Beddoe 1876 Llanychaer, Pembrokeshire, Wales
David Bell 1836 Sutton Retford, Yorkshire,
Richard Kenyon Benham 1853 London,
Alfred Bennett 1869 Oxfordshire,
George Bennett 1869 Brighton, Sussex,
Charles Bertrand 1838 New York, United States
Joseph Betts 1852 Wymondham, Norfolk,
William Bishop 1840 Marylebone, London,
Frank Bissett 1883 South Hetton, Durham,
John Black 1833 Maidstone, Kent,
Julius Black 1876 Russia
James Blake 1876 Westmorland,
Samuel Blissett 1842 Old Hill, Worcestershire,
James Blumenthal 1856 Germany
Thomas Boardman 1826 Bristol, Gloucestershire,
George Bowden 1867 Liverpool, Lancashire,
George Bowden 1877 Ripley, Derbyshire,
James Bowen 1866 Kidderminster, Worcestershire,
Charles Bowman 1861 London,
John Boyd 1832 Workington, Cumberland,
Henry Jas Boyle Montgomery 1859 Ireland
Thos Brady 1877 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Frederick Braeen 1880 Germany
William Henry Braughton 1876 Leicestershire,
Joseph Braund 1834 Fremington, Devon,
Edward Brazier 1867 London,
George Brice 1839 Dudley, Staffordshire,
William Brierley 1846 Oldham, Lancashire,
Alfred Brinkley 1873 Pakenham, Suffolk,
William Broadhurst 1874 Market Drayton, Shropshire,
Frederick Brooks 1865 United States
Arthur John Brown 1862 London,
Henry Brown 1859 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Thomas Brown 1843 Nottinghamshire,
William Brown 1872 Boltmore, United States
George Browne 1857 Bromyard, Herefordshire,
John Bruce 1861 West Hartlepool, Durham,
William Rowland Bryant 1835 Edmonton, Middlesex,
Charles Burgers 1874 London,
Herbert Burn 1873 Knottingley Pomfret, Yorkshire,
John Burton 1874 Bolton, Lancashire,
George Butler 1870 Ware, Hertfordshire,
Thos Butler 1831 Ireland
Donald Campbell 1823 Scotland
John Campbell 1854 Clerkenwell, London,
Thomas Cantwell 1837 Leeds, Yorkshire,
Herbert Capewell 1876 Stockton, Durham,
Edwd Jas Elford Carey 1856 Berkshire,
William Carlin 1832 Shirland, Derbyshire,
Andrea Scottodi Carlo 1863 Italy
Joseph Carmody 1852 Marylebone, London,
Lawrence Carney 1865 Wigan, Lancashire,
Jeremiah Carr 1845 Yorkshire,
George Carroll 1847 Bermondsey, London,
John Carroll 1875 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Michael Carroll 1860 Warrington, Lancashire,
Aaron Carvallo 1844 Holland
George Case 1872 Dorchester, Dorset,
William Casey 1871 Whitechapel, London,
William Cashmore 1873 Wednesbury, Staffordshire,
Julian Castalli 1846 Italy
William Caster 1867 Old Hill, Staffordshire,
Alfd Jas Castle 1867 London,
Edwd Cate 1842 Nfld St John
Robert Catterall 1869 Bamber Bridge, Yorkshire,
Charles Chamberlain 1863 Holloway, London,
William Chapman 1851 Brentford, Middlesex,
James Charman 1850 Crawley, Sussex,
William Chase 1863 Portsmouth, Hampshire,
John Cheese 1839 Ipswich, Suffolk,
Leonard Chreenes 1876 Peckham, London,
Edwd Chrimes 1868 Peckham, London,
Richd Chrimes 1870 Peckham, London,
Harry Bright Christie 1879 London,
Thomas Christie 1832 Gateshead, Durham,
James Clark 1875 Marylebone, London,
John Cliff 1878 London,
John Clive 1867 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Thomas Cockshott 1872 Padiham, Lancashire,
Abraham Cohen 1874 Russia
James Cohen 1867 India
George Cole 1847 Marylebone, London,
Arthur Collinson 1883 Chelsea, London,
John Conlan 1858 Pontefract, Yorkshire,
Patrick Connor 1875 London,
Richard Cooper 1857 Croydon, Surrey,
William Cooper 1861 Chatham, Kent,
William Cooper 1873 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
Wm Jas Cooper 1877 At Sea
James Corbin 1854 Chelsea, London,
John Cornwall 1838 London,
Henry Greever Corsbie 1860 Norwich, Norfolk,
Herbert Coulton 1864 Lincolnshire,
Thos Hy Cowell 1875 Middlesborough, Yorkshire,
Oliver Cross 1863 Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire,
Albert George Culliford 1847 Bristol, Gloucestershire,
James Cunningham 1847 Manchester, Lancashire,
William Cunningham 1880 Northwich, Cheshire,
Joseph Dalby 1836 St Pancras, London,
Thomas Dale 1845 London,
Danl Daly 1867 Shrike, London,
John Davenport 1862 United States
George Davies 1874 Crewe, Cheshire,
John Davies 1871 Accrington, Lancashire,
Frank Davis 1871 Enfield, Middlesex,
George Davis 1851 St Luke, London,
John Davis 1834 Wordsley, Staffordshire,
Peter Davis 1866 Bolton, Lancashire,
Richard Davis 1864 Purleigh, Essex,
William Davis 1874 St Luke, London,
John Dawson 1841 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
James Day 1869 Saffron Walden, Essex,
Joseph Dealing 1865 Croydon, Surrey,
Chas Griffin Deane 1855 Brighton, Sussex,
John Denler 1873 London,
John Eustace Dennan 1849 Stepney, London,
Charles Dennis 1828 Shoreditch, London,
Matthew Diamond 1864 Ireland
Robt Diplock 1841 Plaistow, Essex,
George Dodds 1875 Sunderland, Durham,
Thomas Dolly 1852 Northwich, Cheshire,
Herbert Donald 1880 Germany
John Douthwaite 1851 Liverpool, Lancashire,
John Dowling 1845 St Giles, London,
James Downey 1873 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Edward Doyle 1845 London,
John Drake 1852 Milton, Kent,
John Drey 1880 London,
Cornelius Driscoll 1870 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
John Driscoll 1857 London,
John Duggan 1869 Bermondsey, London,
John Duley 1872 Ireland
John Dumphy 1862 Belgaum, India
Wm Thos Durose Sutton 1874 London,
Wm Steel Dwranty 1847 Birkenhead, Cheshire,
George William Eagleton 1840 London,
Alfred William Ecobichan 1873 Jersey, Channel Islands
Alfred Edward 1858 Herefordshire,
David Edwards 1865 Llanidloes, Montgomeryshire, Wales
George Edwards 1851 Ireland
Lewis Edwards 1863 London,
Owen Gibbon Edwards 1860 Croymfelin, Carmarthenshire, Wales
William Edwards 1834 Southwark, Surrey,
Samuel Thomas Elliott 1871 Bradbord, Yorkshire,

Trancriber: Tracy Day
Source: Names of prisoners in Parkhurst Prison extracted from 1901 census Carisbrooke Township, Hampshire County England
Frank Ellis 1877 Marylebone, London,
Barnet Emanuel 1840 London,
James Embley 1830 Burnley, Lancashire,
Joseph Etchells 1838 Hyde, Cheshire,
John Evans 1857 Blackwell, London,
Frank Fairfield Norris 1868 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
Charles Farmer 1835 N
Joseph Fell 1844 Arnold, Nottinghamshire,
Henry Field 1838 London,
James Fisher 1858 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire,
John Fitzgerald 1862 Bethnal Green, London,
Danl Fitzpatrick 1858 Ireland
James Fleming 1849 Liverpool, Lancashire,
George Flowers 1836 Paddington, London,
Joseph Followes 1866 Woolstaston, Staffordshire,
Frank Ford 1862 Ireland
David Edward Foster 1860 Molesey, Surrey,
Joseph Foster 1858 Bromley, Kent,
John Fowler 1879 Manchester, Lancashire,
John Francis 1844 Brentford, Essex,
William Franklin 1871 Steeple Barton, Oxfordshire,
George Freeman 1866 Stourbridge, Worcestershire,
Henry Freeman 1874 St Pancras, London,
Thoma Ivison Freestone 1855 Sheffield, Yorkshire,
Thos David Fulcher 1882 Hounslow, London,
James Gallagher 1826 London,
Benjamin Galrie 1868 Russia
Frank Wilson Gardner 1861 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Sidney George Gardner 1875 Paignton, Devon,
Michael Gass 1831 Brighton, Sussex,
Jacob Gears 1870 Manchester, Lancashire,
Martin Geraghty 1879 Scotland
William Fredk Gerber 1856 Germany
Robert Gibbs 1873 London,
David Gilman 1862 Derbyshire,
Herbert Gipson 1867 March, Cambridgeshire,
John Glover 1863 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
John Goddard 1853 Middleton, Lancashire,
Davis Goldstein 1873 Russia
George Goodhead 1846 Derbyshire,
George Goodson 1866 Kingsland, London,
George Enos Goodwin 1868 Lincolnshire,
Henry Goodwin 1875 Sheffield, Yorkshire,
Herbert John Gorman 1875 Ireland
Chas Edwd Goss 1872 Hackney, London,
George Goulding 1840 Wigan, Lancashire,
Baronds Gourelle 1873 Russia
John Gove 1851 Cadbury, Devon,
Charles Grande 1854 Denmark
Harry Grant 1847 Southampton, Hampshire,
William Grant 1860 Cork, Ireland
George Gray 1849 Chelsea, London,
Robert George Gray 1840 Scotland
William Gray 1863 Lambeth, London,
Adam Greeb 1877 London,
Edward Green 1842 Northleach, Gloucestershire,
Herbert Arthur Green 1857 London,
Thomas Green 1831 London,
George Greenland 1861 Westbury, Wiltshire,
John Greenland 1866 Burnham, Somerset,
Chas Jno Greenshields Dwranty 1849 Birkenhead, Cheshire,
Arthur Gresty 1861 Stockport, Cheshire,
Albert Griffiths 1881 Bristol, Gloucestershire,
Thomas Griffiths 1871 Pentre, Denbighshire, Wales
Victor Gurney 1879 London,
Arthur Mordount Hale 1874 Bristol, Gloucestershire,
Edwd Hall 1829 Streat, London,
George Halton 1865 Drybrook, Gloucestershire,
Robert Hamilton 1860 Staffordshire,
Charles Hamlyn 1868 Exmouth, Devon,
Richard Hammerton 1836 Richmond, Surrey,
George Hammond 1840 Newington, London,
Joseph Haney 1859 Wigton, Cumberland,
Patrick Hardigan 1834 Ireland
Thomas Harding 1860 London,
William Harding 1866 Gosport, Hampshire,
John Hardley 1871 Notting Hill, London,
Robert Hare 1874 Bedfordshire,
James Edward Hargraves 1858 New York, United States
Edward Harker 1849 United States
Alfred Harrington 1859 London,
Frank Charles Harris 1859 Exeter, Devon,
James Harris 1861 Buckinghamshire,
Chas Albt Harrison 1871 St Mary Church, Wiltshire,
Edwd Harrison 1869 Hull, Yorkshire,
James Harrison 1861 London,
William Harrison 1852 Thirsk, Yorkshire,
William Harrison 1861 Nottinghamshire,
Joseph Newton Harrop 1854 Oldham, Lancashire,
Ernest Hart 1872 Cownengane, Essex,
John Hartley 1835 Salford, Lancashire,
Thomas Hartley 1837 London,
William Hartley 1864 Manchester, Lancashire,
Edwd Harvey 1838 Crewe, Cheshire,
George Haw 1829 Bath, Somerset,
Alfred Hawkins 1868 Bath, Somerset,
George Haynes 1859 Pimlico, London,
James Healey 1873 St Martin in the Fields, London,
John Joseph Heath 1867 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
William Hedger 1845 Roe Green, Hertfordshire,
Thomas Heley 1864 Ireland
Frederick Henn 1863 United States
James Heseltine 1848 Pomfret, Yorkshire,
Thomas Hewson 1865 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Eustace Augustus Hicks 1863 Bermondsey, London,
Henry Hickson 1876 Clerkenwell, London,
John Hill 1847 Manchester, Lancashire,
William Hilland 1875 Craghead, Durham,
Frederk Hobson 1862 Goole, Yorkshire,
John Hodgkiss 1841 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
Maurice Hogan 1850 London,
Fredk Holbeach 1870 Bone Hill Tanworth, Staffordshire,
Thos Hy Holden 1841 Leyland, Lancashire,
George Thos Holland 1877 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
James Holland 1861 High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire,
Victor Honour 1859 Austria
Thomas Hook 1875 Charlton, Kent,
James Hooper 1857 Mile End, London,
Frederick Horn 1864 Dunstable, Bedfordshire,
Richd Horne 1876 Barningham, Warwickshire,
Robert Horridge 1845 Manchester, Lancashire,
George Hough 1875 London,
William Houghton 1858 Wigan, Lancashire,
Mendel Howard 1849 Florida, United States
Alfred William Howlett 1847 Norbiton, Surrey,
John Hughes 1850 Leeswood, Flintshire, Wales
Robert Hughes 1851 Bangor, Cavan, Ireland
John Hunt 1860 Cambridgeshire,
John Hunter 1831 Boston, United States
Chas Hutchinson 1864 Leeds, Yorkshire,
Thomas Ingram 1866 Yarmouth, Norfolk,
William Ingram 1844 Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland,
William Isaac 1880 Gosport, Hampshire,
Alfred Johnson 1856 Norwood, Surrey,
David Johnson 1861 Romania
Ernest Johnson 1880 Aston, Warwickshire,
George Johnson 1836 London,
Richard Johnson 1856 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
Robt Johnston 1862 Ireland
Alfred Jones 1877 Kings Cross, London,
Edward Jones 1859 Walsall, Staffordshire,
Edward John Jones 1874 Rhymney, Monmouthshire, Wales
Harry Jones 1877 London,
John Jones 1875 St Luke, London,
John Henry Jones 1861 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
Samuel Jones 1860 Shropshire,
Thomas Jones 1863 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire,
Thomas Jones 1874 Islington, London,
Thos Hankins Jones 1862 Dowlais, Glamorgan, Wales
Timothy Jones 1854 Port Talbert, Glamorgan, Wales
William Jones 1863 Germany
William Jones 1876 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
Alfred Joyce 1867 Liverpool, Lancashire,
William Judd 1850 Claskton, Essex,
Franics Brono Kahler 1878 Germany
David Kay 1867 Scotland
Peter Keenan 1873 Ireland
Edward Keendn 1864 Ireland
Charles Kellaway 1864 St Blazey, Cornwall,
John Kelley 1850 Braintree, Essex,
Alexander Meyer Kelly 1876 Hungaica
James Kelly 1844 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
William Kemp 1833 Regginhall, Essex,
Arthur Kendall 1873 Downham Market, Norfolk,
James Kendrick 1846 London,
Thomas Kennedy 1868 Ireland
William Kenny 1867 Liverpool, Lancashire,
William Kenyon 1868 Bristol, Somerset,
Charles Kershaw 1872 Newton, Lancashire,
Robert Kershaw 1846 Ashton Under Lyme, Lancashire,
Arthur C Kilby 1881 Leicestershire,
Henry Samuel Kimber 1852 Teignmouth, Devon,
Joseph Kime 1864 Welton le Marsh; Alford, Lincolnshire,
John Kingston 1852 Spitalfields, London,
Thomas Kinsey 1860 Warrington, Lancashire,
Adam Klein 1858 Germany
George Isaac Knight 1844 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
George Knock 1878 Wye, Kent,
George Krumbagel 1849 Germany

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