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Dartmoor Convict Prison, 1891 Index of Prisoners

NOTE: This set of records for Dartmoor Convict Prison provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in census records When searching for your English Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Abinger, George 1852 Paddington, Middlesex
Adamson, Francis 1837 Lanchester, Lancashire
Alexander, John 1831 St Luke, London
Appleby, John Francis 1840 Keighley, Yorkshire
Archer, James 1857 Nantwich, Norfolk
Argyle, Samuel 1846 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Armstrong, Isaac 1855 Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
Armstrong, James 1857 Liverpool, Lancashire
Ashburn, John 1834 Battna, Lancashire
Austin, George 1846 Middleton, Derbyshire
Bagnall, George 1855 Stafford, Staffordshire
Bailey, James 1826 Manchester, Lancashire
Baker, George 1866 London, Middlesex
Bamford, John 1844 Liverpool, Lancashire
Barch, Benjamin 1856 Manchester, Lancashire
Barnell, James 1845 Sedgley, Staffordshire
Barrett, Henry 1864 London, Middlesex
Barrett, John 1867 Liverpool, Lancashire
Beardsley, Robert 1838 Denby, Melbourne
Benge, Joseph 1861 Heathfield, Sussex
Bennett, Thomas 1832 Sebden, Yorkshire
Bentley, Thomas 1836 Kingston, Staffordshire
Berry, Henry P 1857 Essex
Bess, Edward 1870 Rockbeare, Devon
Betjemann, Harry 1833 New York, United States
Betmead, Joseph 1869 London, Middlesex
Betty, Henry 1860 Bristol, Somerset
Bingham, George 1818 London, Middlesex
Bird, John William 1852 Jersey, Channel Islands
Blanchfield, Charles 1819 N, at Sea
Blarner, Michael 1867 Bermondsey, Surrey
Bogg, Moses 1845 Boston, Lincolnshire
Bolestoridge, William 1863 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Boyd, William 1838 Jedburgh, Scotland
Bradford, George 1859 Beleside, Northumberland
Brading, Charles 1842 Isle of Wight, Wooton Cormmon
Brahany, Thomas 1859 Roscommon, Ireland
Bray, Edward 1871 Brotton, Lancashire
Brewer, Henry 1860 Witham, Essex
Brewett, William 1861 Leicester, Leicestershire
Britten, George 1862 Paddington, Middlesex
Brockhouse, Alfred 1856 Manchester, Lancashire
Brook, John 1842 Ainsworth, Lancashire
Brooks, Joseph 1854 Warrington, Lancashire
Brown, George 1844 Leeds, Yorkshire
Brown, George 1845 Woolwich, Kent
Brown, George 1858 Avenbury, Herefordshire
Brown, John 1865 Hanley, Staffordshire
Bryan, Dennis 1852 Spitalfields, London
Bryan, John 1868 Bermondsey, London
Bryson, Charles 1858 Glasgow; Lanark, Scotland
Burchell, Charles 1869 London, Middlesex
Burke, Patrick 1839 Roscommon, Ireland
Burleigh, Charles 1860 London, Middlesex
Burns, James 1870 Dublin, Ireland
Burton, William 1855 Duckinfield, Cheshire
Butler, John 1860 Glasgow; Lanark, Scotland
Butter, Joseph 1816 Manchester, Lancashire
Butterworth, William 1859 Rochdale, Lancashire
Byrne, Lawrence 1856 Palmcaston, Ireland
Cahill, Thomas 1863 London, Middlesex
Campbell, James 1835 St Georges, Middlesex
Campbell, James 1860 Glasgow; Lanark, Scotland
Campbell, John 1861 Glasgow; Lanark, Scotland
Campbell, William 1840 Dundee, Scotland
Cappisanne, Louis 1853 Italy
Carrol, Michael 1863 Warrington, Lancashire
Carroll, Matthew 1869 Wigan, Lancashire
Challans, William 1844 Hull, Yorkshire
Chatham, Thomas 1852 Bilston, Staffordshire
Clark, Charles 1851 Bethnal Green, Middlesex
Clarke, George 1861 Newcastle, Northumberland
Clarke, George 1865 London, Middlesex
Clarke, James 1845 Manchester, Lancashire
Clarke, John 1860 Thursford, Norfolk
Clayton, John 1869 Bishopsgate, London
Clegg, William Brook 1845 Thornhill, Yorkshire
Clements, Henry 1825 Hammersmith, Middlesex
Cole, David 1863 Hull, Yorkshire
Collins, James 1823 Cork, Ireland
Collins, James 1869 Glasgow; Lanark, Scotland
Conlan, John 1858 Pontefract, Yorkshire
Connell, Michael 1839 Cootchill Cavan, Cavan, Ireland
Cook, John 1823 Berlin, Germany
Cooper, George 1855 Norfolk
Cooper, William 1839 Bristol, Somerset
Cormack, Henry 1839 St Pancras, London
Corrigan, Peter 1841 Monaghan, Ireland
Costello, Thomas 1852 Blackland, Lancashire
Cowie, James 1844 Glasgow; Lanark, Scotland
Cox, George 1839 Cann, Gloucestershire
Cram, George 1838 Dunkerton, Somerset
Cull, Joseph 1861 Chiswick, Middlesex
Cullum, John 1839 N
Daley, Thomas 1834 Dublin, Ireland
Danks, Benjaman 1862 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Darlow, Charles 1859 Islington, London
Davidson, William 1856 Belfast, Ireland
Davies, Edward 1847 Porthywam, Shropshire
Davies, Thomas 1837 Glynneath, Glamorgan, Wales
Davis, James 1863 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Davis, John 1834 Wordpley, Staffordshire
Davy, Samuel 1850 Preston, Lancashire
Dawber, James 1849 Wigan, Lancashire
Dennett, John 1839 Thatto Heath, Lancashire
Devine, Edward 1862 Glasgow; Lanark, Scotland
Devine, James 1822 Madras, India
Dickens, Charles 1847 Glasgow; Lanark, Scotland
Dillon, John 1864 Dublin, Ireland
Dixon, Francis 1845 Newcastle, Northumberland
Doherty, Daniel 1853 United States
Doherty, Francis 1849 Manchester, Lancashire
Donnelly, James 1835 Manchester, Lancashire
Doyle, Edward 1845 London, Middlesex
Drew, Henry 1868 Kennett, Wiltshire
Driscoll, Michael 1861 St Georges, London
Duggan, Patrick 1867 Liverpool, Lancashire
Duke, Thomas 1827 Tollerton, Nottinghamshire
Dunagan, Peter 1829 Cavan, Ireland
Dunbar, William 1859 Burton, Glamorgan, Wales
Dynan, Jeremiah 1848 Manchester, Lancashire
East, William Henry 1844 London, Middlesex
Eddison, James 1837 Liverpool, Lancashire
Edmundson, James 1868 Wigan, Lancashire
Edwards, John 1864 Leeds, Yorkshire
Edwards, Patrick 1860 Liverpool, Lancashire
Edwards, Richard T 1842 Lelant, Cornwall
Edwards, Samuel 1845 Devonport, Devon
Edwards, William 1833 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Edwards, William 1846 Calcutta, India
Edwards, William 1866 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Eglington, John 1848 Dragheda, Ireland
English, Eli 1857 Malmesbury, Wiltshire
Enoch, Enoch 1838 Rochdale, Lancashire
Falla, William 1851 Guernsey, Channel Islands
Farron, Caleb 1833 Colchester, Essex
Fergason, Robert 1857 Glasgow; Lanark, Scotland
Ferrie, James 1866 Glasgow; Lanark, Scotland
Ferris, Robert 1847 London, Middlesex
Field, Henry 1862 St Pancras, London
Fitzroy, Henry 1842 Middlesex
Foley, William 1863 Horfield, Gloucestershire
Forshaw, Henry 1860 Liverpool, Lancashire
Foster, Alfred 1863 Epping, Essex
Frampton, William 1852 Isle of Wight, Newport
Freeman, George 1861 Alcester, Warwickshire
Fryer, John 1853 Newcastle, Northumberland
Gale, Alfred 1869 Larkhall Bath, Somerset
Garmon, William 1852 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Gaunt, David 1840 Cork, Ireland
Gaydon, Jonathan 1831 Teddington, Oxfordshire
Gear, William 1868 London, Middlesex
George Knose, William 1865 Liverpool, Lancashire
Gibbons, John 1857 Newcastle, Northumberland
Gilbert, William 1868 Lanreath, Surrey
Gill, George 1835 Torgnay, Devo
Gilson, John 1862 Liverpool, Lancashire
Glacken, John 1868 Leeds, Yorkshire
Goosey, George Henry 1844 Wellingborough, Northamptonshire
Gorman, Alfred 1870 Lanbeth, Surrey
Gosling, Samuel 1827 Congresbury, Somerset
Gough, Charles 1859 Bristol, Somerset
Green, James 1834 Shoreditch, Middlesex
Gregory, James 1868 Camberwell, Surrey
Guille, John George 1865 Guernsey, Channel Islands
Hague, Joseph 1852 Shefford, Yorkshire
Halket, William 1865 Glasgow; Lanark, Scotland
Hall, Frank 1854 Manchester, Lancashire
Hall, John 1841 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Hamer, William 1830 Bury, Lancashire
Hamill, John 1869 Glasgow; Lanark, Scotland
Hamilton, John Henry 1827 United States
Hammond, Samuel 1863 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Harding, Albert 1868 London, Middlesex
Harding, Henry 1869 Bristol, Somerset
Hardman, Ernest 1859 St Helens, Lancashire
Harkinson, James 1860 Glasgow; Lanark, Scotland
Harley, Henry 1857 Poplar, London
Harrington, James 1835 Kidderminster, Worcestershire
Harrington, Patrick 1834 Cork, Ireland
Harris, Frederick 1873 Stepney, London
Harris, George 1825 Torquay, Devon
Harris, John 1829 London, Middlesex
Harris, Thomas 1841 Dartford, Kent
Haughton, John 1865 Bolton, Lancashire
Hawkins, William 1825 South Weald, Essex
Haworth, George 1836 Burnley, Lancashire
Hayes, Samuel 1821 Kerry, Ireland
Henderson, William 1840 Farmington, United States
Hickey, Edward 1821 Tippeoary, Ireland
Hill, Henry 1851 Bristol, Somerset
Hill, Herbert 1867 Westminster, London
Hill, William 1853 Manchester, Lancashire
Hill, William 1864 London, Middlesex
Hobbs, John 1835 Radstock, Somerset
Holl, Henry 1849 Leeds, Yorkshire
Holmes, Alfred 1867 Coveney, Warwickshire
Holmes, William 1843 Liverpool, Lancashire
Howe, William 1849 Bagborough, Somerset
Hyde, Joseph 1817 Macclesfield, Cheshire
Ingram, George 1856 Liverpool, Lancashire
Ingram, William 1847 Newcastle, Northumberland
Issitt, Henry 1855 Leicester, Leicestershire
Jackson, William 1851 London, Middlesex
Jackson, William 1863 Newcastle, Northumberland
Jasper, George 1841 Manchester, Lancashire
Jenkins, George 1861 Shillington, Bedfordshire
Jessup, Frederick 1854 Mereworth, Kent
Johnson, Henry 1849 Kelshall, Hertfordshire
Johnson, Michael J 1841 Marys, Ireland
Johnson, William 1840 N, at Sea
Johnson, William 1862 Barnstaple, Devon
Jones, Henry 1862 Southampton, Hertfordshire
Jones, John 1822 Enfield, Middlesex
Jones, John 1855 Glan Conmay, Denbighshire, Wales
Jones, Robert 1855 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Jones, William 1856 Cumbran, Monmouthshire, Wales
Jonson, Thomas 1869 Whitechapel, London
Jordan, William 1859 London, Middlesex
Joy, John 1865 London, Middlesex
Kalley, William 1851 Whitechapel, London
Kelly, Martin 1860 Liverpool, Lancashire
Kelly, Robert 1839 Preston, Lancashire
Kelly, Thomas 1850 Bermondsey, Surrey
Kelly, William 1838 Liverpool, Lancashire
Kennersley, John 1838 Holmer, Herefordshire
Killeley, Thomas 1854 Clawm Bridge Galway, Ireland
King, Charles 1858 Brighton, Sussex
Lack, Charles 1867 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Lamb, John 1838 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Laurence, William 1866 London, Middlesex
Lawson, William 1832 Liverpool, Lancashire
Lay, Charles 1863 Bampton, Oxfordshire
Leach, Joseph 1841 London, Middlesex
Lear, Edmund 1855 Droylsden, Lancashire

Trancriber: James Simmonds
Source: Names of prisoners in Dartmoor Convict Prison extracted from 1891 census Lidford Township, Devon County England
Lee, John 1834 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Leonard, Patrick 1846 Bradford, Yorkshire
Lewis, William 1847 Bristol, Somerset
Liggan, Thomas 1826 Liverpool, Lancashire
Loncroft, Edward 1846 Preston, Lancashire
Long, William 1847 Ulverstone, Lancashire
Lord, John 1860 Burnley, Lancashire
Lowen, Samuel 1868 Epping, Essex
Lunn, Alfred 1853 Walworth, Surrey
Lynch, Peter 1870 Glasgow; Lanark, Scotland
Lyons, Henry 1834 Halifax, Yorkshire
Macdonnell, George 1846 New York, United States
Mackanally, Moses 1813 Ireland
Mahorney, Jeremiah 1860 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Malin, Charles 1827 Broadway, Worcestershire
Marriott, Edward 1851 London, Middlesex
Marsh, George Joe 1841 Aberfarne, Monmouthshire, Wales
Marshall, Robert 1868 Lancaster, Lancashire
Martin, Albert 1837 Newmarket, Cambridgeshire
Mason, Henry 1863 Lambeth, Surrey
Mason, William 1848 Islington, London
Mawson, William 1845 Salford, Lancashire
Maxwell, James 1836 Ireland
Mc Dermott, Bernard 1838 Manchester, Lancashire
Mc Galey, John 1859 Liverpool, Lancashire
McCafferty, Michael 1835 Ballycarry Marys, Ireland
McDermott, John 1831 Spitalfields, London
McDonald, John 1831 Edinburgh, Scotland
McGlinchy, Bernard 1825 Donegal, Ireland
McGurgan, James 1864 Glasgow; Lanark, Scotland
McKamon, Andrew 1859 Sedgeley, Staffordshire
McKechnie, Archibald 1864 Bathgate Linlithgow, Scotland
McKechnie, Niel 1854 Gonroch Renfrew, Scotland
McKenzie, John 1868 Glasgow; Lanark, Scotland
McNally, Nicholas 1864 Liverpool, Lancashire
McNeill, David 1865 Dumfries, Scotland
Middleby, John 1829 Monaghan, Ireland
Miller, Thomas 1864 Glasgow; Lanark, Scotland
Millet, William 1847 Claydon, Oxfordshire
Millichip, Edward 1843 Worcester, Worcestershire
Monk, John 1854 Sheering, Essex
Moran, James 1852 Liverpool, Lancashire
Morgan, Samuel 1841 Wales
Morley, Thomas 1843 Durham
Morris, David 1863 Abes, Carnarvon
Morris, George 1831 London, Middlesex
Morris, Thomas 1868 Dinder, Herefordshire
Morton, George 1848 Newcastle, Staffordshire
Moses, Mark 1846 Edinburgh, Scotland
Moss, Edwin 1839 Macclesfield, Cheshire
Mountain, Thomas 1842 Cork, Ireland
Mullins, James 1865 Leeds, Yorkshire
Murdoch, Thomas 1855 Edinburgh, Scotland
Murphy, John 1857 St Lukes, London
Murphy, John 1863 Eastham, Essex
Murray, John 1854 Dublin, Ireland
Murray, Patrick 1850 Lextrim, Ireland
Murray, Peter 1865 Prescott, Lancashire
Nash, Francis 1851 Bristol, Somerset
Nay, James 1852 Scotland
Neale, Thomas 1851 London, Middlesex
Newbury, George 1845 Isle of Wight, Newbridge
Nicholls, Thomas Ward 1840 Olney, Buckinghamshire
Ohagan, Francis 1836 Marsfelt Derry, Ireland
Oke, Ernest 1859 St Stephens; Saltash, Cornwall
Oneil, Philip 1852 Wrexham, Denbighshire, Wales
Oshea, Denis 1859 Marylebone, London
Oxborrow, Stephen 1855 Beccles, Suffolk
Padgett, Walter 1863 Bradford, Yorkshire
Palmer, David 1857 Westminster, London
Parker, George 1824 Macclesfield, Cheshire
Parker, James 1854 Bessingham, Warwickshire
Parker, Thomas 1822 Ashurst, Kent
Parkinson, John 1844 Tipperary, Ireland
Payne, William 1841 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Payne, William 1845 Southwark, Surrey
Pearce, George 1842 London, Middlesex
Pearson, John 1852 Burnley, Lancashire
Perkins, George 1845 Northampton, Northamptonshire
Perrgman, Thomas 1849 Exeter, Devon
Pfotzer, Williams 1865 London, Middlesex
Phillips, George 1862 Clerkenwell, London
Pike, John 1857 Tadley, Hampshire
Piper, John 1858 Chelsea, Middlesex
Plews, William 1846 Thirsk, Yorkshire
Pointon, Edward 1838 Congleton, Cheshire
Portassi, Saddie 1856 Switzerland
Potter, Isaiah 1855 Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
Pratt, George 1849 Norwich, Norfolk
Pugh, James 1835 Dudley, Staffordshire
Quiller, William 1854 Ongar, Essex
Raftery, John 1828 Rosoommon, Ireland
Raybourne, George 1826 Templemore, Tipperary, Ireland
Raybourne, James Henry 1862 Combe, Ireland
Raynor, James George 1838 Deptford, Kent
Raynor, William Albert 1864 Dublin, Ireland
Read, Charles 1828 Bradford, Wiltshire
Read, Daniel Henson 1836 Marsh, Cambridgeshire
Reynolds, George 1855 Peynbont, Radnorshire, Wales
Reynolds, George 1866 High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
Reynolds, John 1854 Mile End, London
Richard, John 1864 Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
Richards, Henry 1861 London, Middlesex
Richardson, Thomas 1851 Bishop Auckland, Durham
Riley, Thomas 1838 London, Middlesex
Roberson, Thomas 1848 Leeds, Yorkshire
Robertson, Duncan 1822 Kemmar Perth, Scotland
Robinson, Charles 1842 Salford, Lancashire
Robinson, John 1857 York, Yorkshire
Robinson, Ralph 1851 Durham
Robinson, Thomas 1851 Skirlaugh, Yorkshire
Robson, Robert 1848 Sunderland, Durham
Rodger, Bernard 1854 Glasgow; Lanark, Scotland
Rogers, Walter F 1864 Llanelly, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Rose, Henry 1861 London, Middlesex
Rowley, Frank 1867 Hull, Yorkshire
Rushworth, William 1843 Dublin, Ireland
Ruth, John 1858 Essex
Ryan, John 1865 Wexford, Ireland
Ryan, Michael 1821 Denton, Lancashire
Ryan, Patrick 1864 London, Middlesex
Ryan, Philip James 1860 Alderney, Channel Islands
Sampher, John Ward 1843 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Sarge, Robert 1868 Great Witchingham, Norfolk
Scaf, James 1843 Leeds, Yorkshire
Scarfo, Alfred 1832 Philadelphia, United States
Schmeider, Jacob 1829 Germany
Scorse, George 1870 East Newlyn, Cornwall
Seaton, Fredrick 1863 Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire
Segrott, Thomas 1847 Doncaster, Yorkshire
Serne, Leon 1850 Holland
Shadick, Henry 1832 Thanet, Oxfordshire
Sharp, Edward 1850 Sheffield, Yorkshire
Sharp, Henry 1828 Tunbridge, Kent
Shaw, William 1861 London, Middlesex
Shearing, William 1868 Ringwood, Hampshire
Sheen, James 1864 Clapham, Surrey
Sheen, John 1844 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Shurmer, Jacob 1870 Pilning, Somerset
Siarey, Thomas 1848 Caversham, Oxfordshire
Sidey, John 1861 Bermondsey, Surrey
Simpson, Joseph 1843 Wooler, Northumberland
Slater, John 1846 Buglawton, Cheshire
Smith, Cain 1856 Worcester, Worcestershire
Smith, Charles 1848 Liverpool, Lancashire
Smith, Daniel 1834 Chaddleworth, Berkshire
Smith, George 1845 London, Middlesex
Smith, George 1871 London, Middlesex
Smith, James 1855 Old Kent Road, Surrey
Smith, Jesse 1868 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Smith, John 1832 Dunton, Ireland
Smith, John 1841 Lambeth, Surrey
Smith, John 1856 Norwich, Norfolk
Smith, John 1866 Clapham, Lancashire
Smith, Samuel 1859 Manchester, Lancashire
Smith, Thomas 1859 Grimley, Yorkshire
Smith, William 1839 London, Middlesex
Snape, John 1864 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Snow, William 1857 London, Middlesex
Sorah, Joseph 1848 Bolton, Lancashire
South, Patrick 1864 Glasgow; Lanark, Scotland
Splatt, George 1841 Bristol, Gloucestershire
Stack, John 1853 London, Middlesex
Stephens, Albert 1848 Gloucester, Gloucestershire
Studdy, Albert 1841 Exeter, Devon
Sullivan, Bernard 1865 Ireland
Sullivan, Charles 1855 Tailor
Sutcliffe, Abraham 1845 Halifax, Yorkshire
Symmonds, George 1834 Manchester, Lancashire
Syrrell, John 1836 Manchester, Lancashire
Tattersall, Ambrose 1853 Bolton, Lancashire
Taylor, George 1852 Egham, Surrey
Taylor, John 1867 Aughton, Lancashire
Taylor, William 1858 Ending, Lancashire
Thomas, George 1856 London, Middlesex
Thomas, John 1850 Ireland
Thomas, Joshua 1850 Farvfach Llandilo, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Thomas, William 1845 Llandaff, Glamorgan, Wales
Thomason, James 1849 Glasgow, Lanarkshire (Glasgow), Scotland
Thompson, Arthur 1852 Clerkenwell, Middlesex
Thompson, Edward 1834 Wigan, Lancashire
Thompson, Edward 1847 Islington, Middlesex
Thompson, Henry 1841 Dublin, Ireland
Thompson, Henry 1853 Manchester, Lancashire
Thompson, Henry 1866 Wiltshire
Thompson, William 1853 Hertford, Hertfordshire
Thomson, John 1859 Belfast, Ireland
Tidman, George 1853 Shelton, Warwickshire
Toner, John 1836 Liverpool, Lancashire
Tonks, Joseph 1867 Nuneaton, Warwickshire
Tunstall, Peter 1840 Ratcliff, Lancashire
Turton, John 1850 Billinge, Lancashire
Tweedle, James 1846 Huddersfield, Yorkshire
Wade, Frederick 1841 Southwark, Surrey
Wakeland, James 1862 Spitalfields, London
Warburton, George 1820 Liverpool, Lancashire
Warburton, Richard 1871 Worthenbury, Oxfordshire
Ward, Patrick 1836 Weeford, Ireland
Wardle, William Henry 1847 Blackburn, Lancashire
Wareing, Ebenezer 1850 Preston, Lancashire
Warren, William Henry 1860 Crediton, Devon
Watson, Robert 1837 Burnley, Lancashire
Welch, John 1871 Southwark, Middlesex
Wheatley, William 1860 Coventry, Warwickshire
White, Samuel 1841 Liverpool, Lancashire
Wildman, John 1864 Ettingsall, Staffordshire
Willett, Edward 1837 Halesowen, Worcestershire
Williams, Charles 1842 London, Middlesex
Williams, Charles 1850 Whitchurch, Shropshire
Williams, Charles 1868 London, Middlesex
Williams, John 1828 Merthyrbydfil, Glamorgan, Wales
Williams, John 1846 Glasgow; Lanark, Scotland
Williams, John 1860 London, Middlesex
Williams, John 1862 London, Middlesex
Williams, Thomas 1859 Bridgnorth, Shropshire
Williams, William 1826 Bermondsey, Surrey
Willison, William 1835 Shosbrook, Devon
Wills, James 1865 Spennymoor, Yorkshire
Wilson, Norchiffe 1856 Gomersal, Yorkshire
Wilson, Peter 1857 Glasgow; Lanark, Scotland
Winstone, William 1865 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Wood, Charles 1857 Essex
Wood, Charles 1859 London, Middlesex
Wood, Henry 1862 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Woodhouse, Joseph 1865 Leemoore, Yorkshire
Woodley, Isaac 1824 Manchester, Lancashire
Woods, Frederick 1835 Somerset
Woods, Thomas 1850 Maghull, Lancashire
Woolley, Claude Scott 1853 Pinlico, Middlesex
Wright, Harry 1868 Westmeston, Hampshire
Yons, Frederick D 1862 Bethnal Green, London
York, James 1844 Little Holden, Bedfordshire
Young, Ashford 1837 Isle of Wight, Brading
Young, William 1840 Ulverstone, Lancashire

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