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Dartmoor Convict Prison, 1871 Index of Prisoners, Surnames L - Z

NOTE: This set of records for Dartmoor Convict Prison provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in census records When searching for your English Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Edwd Lambane 1843 France
Arther Lamsden 1836 Abingdon, Berkshire,
John Lanigan 1848 Camberwell, Surrey,
Thos Lapham 1846 St Georges, Middlesex,
James Lardner 1849 Charlbury, Oxfordshire,
John Laurie 1836 Frome, Italy
James Lawlor 1846 Ireland
John Lawrence 1826 Harpenden, Herefordshire,
Thos Lawrence 1848 St Clement, Middlesex,
Wm Lawson 1834 Liverpool, Lancashire,
J Lazouby 1809 Balderstone, Lancashire,
Joseph Leary 1852 St John, Middlesex,
Samuel Lee 1810 Low Walton, Cheshire,
Samuel Lee 1848 Notts, Nottinghamshire,
John Leonard 1841 Manchester
W Leverton 1838 Snainton, Nottinghamshire,
H Levy 1841 Bethnal Green, Middlesex,
Wm Lewis 1832 North Wales, Anglesea
Wm A Lewis 1852 Buckusek, Beccon
Edwin Lloyd 1822 Brawood, Staffordshire,
Thos Lloyd 1842 York, Yorkshire,
Philip Lonng 1836 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Edwd Loocroft 1846 Pruxton, Lancashire,
D Mc P Louise 1852 Scotland
Richd Louks 1818 St Mary, Staffordshire,
James Lovell 1804 Queen Charlton, Somerset,
Geo Lovelock 1846 Islington, Middlesex,
William Lowe 1848 Scotland
John A M Lowenberg 1832 France
James Lucke 1844 Manchester, Lancashire,
Thos Lusty 1839 Kingstanley, Gloucestershire,
Peter Lydon 1831 Ireland
Frank Mack 1847 Manchester, Lancashire,
Wm Magers 1840 Bollington, Cheshire,
Daniel Mahoney 1837 St Giles, Middlesex,
Geo Maine 1837 Scotland
Robt Malkin 1846 Barnsley, Yorkshire,
James Maloy 1845 St. Anne, Nottinghamshire,
Wm Manning 1845 Crediton, Devon,
Raymond Mapenga 1843 South Cerney, Gloucestershire,
Henry Mappin 1852 Lambeth, Surrey,
John Marchant 1847 Trowbridge, Wiltshire,
John Maris 1812 B'ham, Warwickshire,
Wm Marklone 1812 B'ham, Warwickshire,
Lawrence Mars 1845 Ireland
Geo Marsh 1818 Nether Compton, Dorset,
H Marshall 1831 St Pancras, Middlesex,
Wm Marshall 1846 Lambeth, Surrey,
Ambrose Martin 1802 France
David Martin 1832 Scotland
Moses Martin 1842 Gt Bedwin Malboro, Wiltshire,
Peter Martin 1849 Liverpool, Lancashire,
W Martin 1814 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire,
John Martina 1833 Italy
John Mason 1849 South Shields, Durham,
Martin Mason 1838 Puxton, Lancashire,
Thos Mason 1849 Chelsea, Middlesex,
Willm Mason 1853 Islington, Middlesex,
Fredk Matthews 1853 Branibree, Essex,
Chas Maurien 1840 Italy
Wm May 1829 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Wm McAlister 1827 Ireland
Patk McCabe 1851 Ireland
Deams McCarthy 1848 New York
James McCarthy 1851 Whitechapel, Middlesex,
John McCarthy 1841 St Pancras, Middlesex,
John M McCarthy 1837 Germany
Thos McCarthy 1841 Sovaund, Gloucestershire,
Felix McCormick 1845 Salford, Lancashire,
Henry McCune 1842 Blackburn, Lancashire,
Jas McDonald 1831 Ireland
G McFarline 1841 N, Abroad
Edwd McFay 1809 Ireland
Samuel McGee 1853 Scotland
James McGhee 1837 Scotland
Peter McGrath 1834 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Patk McGuinness 1843 Ireland
John McGuire 1833 Ireland
Patk McGuirk 1825 Carlester, Cambridgeshire,
James McGurk 1853 Scotland
James McIrroy 1849 Scotland
Donald McKay 1838 Scotland
James McKay 1853 Ireland
James McKenna 1841 Scotland
John McKeon 1840 Ireland
John McKinnon 1815 Scotland
Geo McKinzie 1838 Scotland
John McKinzie 1833 Islington, Middlesex,
John T McMurdie 1823 Court Church, Middlesex,
Arthur McNally 1849 Liverpool, Lancashire,
John McNally 1852 Ireland
Danl McNamara 1849 Scotland
John McNulty 1850 Leeds, Yorkshire,
John Mellor 1845 Sandbach, Cheshire,
John Mellows 1816 Mansfield, Nottinghamshire,
James Menden 1835 Plumtree, Nottinghamshire,
John Mesham 1843 Middlesborough, Yorkshire,
G Metcalfe 1822 Hardwick, Lancashire,
Frank Mew 1835 Crogdon, Surrey,
Michd Michael 1818 Ireland
Lewis Midson 1817 Steeple Bumpstead, Essex,
Alex Mitchell 1838 Scotland
John Mitchell 1845 Ireland
Peter Molloy 1853 Ireland
John Monaghan 1812 Ireland
Richd Moon 1815 Wheaton, Lancashire,
Joseph Moore 1848 N
Wm Moore 1836 Shrewsbury, Shropshire,
Chas Moran 1806 United States
James Moreton 1844 Bramdean, Hampshire,
Patk Morgan 1829 Ireland
Chas Morris 1845 Bridgenorth, Shropshire,
John Morris 1814 Ireland
John Morris 1833 Ireland
John Morrison 1849 Scotland
Edwd Morton 1838 Portsmouth, Hampshire,
Thos Morton 1834 Paddington, Middlesex,
Mosa Moses 1801 Bishosgate, Middlesex,
John Mounsey 1814 Penrith, Cumberland,
Wm Muicheal 1838 St Luke, Middlesex,
James Mulligan 1852 Bolton, Lancashire,
Chas Munday 1831 Lambeth, Surrey,
Wm Munroe 1823 Liverpool, Lancashire,
James Munt 1832 Poplar, Middlesex,
Edwd Murley 1849 Peckham, Surrey,
James Murphy 1832 Ireland
James Murphy 1841 Ireland
James Murphy 1848 Ireland
John Murphy 1831 Ireland
John Murphy 1840 Ireland
John Murphy 1844 Manchester, Lancashire,
John Murphy 1848 Ireland
Michl Murphy 1813 Ireland
Wm Murphy 1842 Ireland
Wm Murphy 1850 Ireland
John Murray 1829 Scotland
Laurence Murray 1814 Ireland
David Nermard 1847 Bermondsey, Surrey,
James Nerney 1829 Ireland
Josh Newbold 1836 Beason, Yorkshire,
Geo Newey 1850 B'ham, Warwickshire,
John Nolan 1835 Shoreditch, Middlesex,
Jas H Nye 1841 Hampton Ct, Middlesex,
Chas Oakes 1824 Congleton, Cheshire,
Henry Obrien 1844 Scotland
James Obrien 1840 Ireland
Michl Obrien 1841 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Samuel Obrien 1845 Tumham Green, Middlesex,
Edwin Offer 1818 Bathwick, Somerset,
John Ohara 1843 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Thos Oheron 1845 Ireland
Daniel Oleary 1849 Massachusetts
Thos Orbon 1815 Hartshill, Warwickshire,
James Owen 1834 B'ham, Warwickshire,
Fras Palmer 1843 Pattg Croft, Lancashire,
Henry Palmer 1819 Middlesex, London,
Alfo Paradine 1841 Seabook, Buckinghamshire,
Frans Parker 1816 Bath, Somerset,
Thos Parker 1817 Woorley, Yorkshire,
Wm Parkington 1850 Manchester, Lancashire,
Harry Parkinson 1832 Walton le Dale, Lancashire,
Saml Parsons 1834 Ireland
Thos Pasker 1808 Stokesdea, Shropshire,
John Patent 1840 Cripplegate, Middlesex,
Geo Pearce 1843 Mile End, Middlesex,
Josh Peat 1808 Swason, Derbyshire,
William Penny 1827 Renton, Somerset,
John Peters 1847 Ireland
John Peterson 1845 Scotland
Wm Phoenix 1836 Denbeigh, Wrexham
Edwd Phypones 1804 Standon, Hertfordshire,
Edwd Pinkard 1832 Stoke Goldington, Buckinghamshire,
William Pitman 1850 Marylebone, Middlesex,
Robt Poole 1827 St Mary, Nottinghamshire,
Wm Porter 1849 Bury, Lancashire,
R Powell 1805 Clown, Shropshire,
Stanley L Powell 1830 Math, Glamorgan, Wales
Michl Prendergast 1841 St Luke, Middlesex,
John Preston 1841 Salford, Lancashire,
Geo Price 1834 Minchinghampton, Gloucestershire,
Thos Primell 1842 Not Known, Gloucestershire,
Alex Queen 1842 Scotland
Wm Ratcliffe 1844 Salford, Lancashire,
Wm Reardon 1821 St Giles, Middlesex,
Thos Redding 1841 Shadwell, Middlesex,
Edwd Redgrave 1832 Yarmouth, Norfolk,
Peter Reilly 1838 Scotland
Jas Fren Renstrom 1814 Poland
Geo W Richards 1847 Stepney, Middlesex,
John Richards 1815 Lambeth, Surrey,
Edw Richardson 1842 Carlisle, Cambridgeshire,
John Riley 1844 Scotland
Wm Riley 1853 Manchester, Lancashire,
Thos Robbins 1816 Bibery, Gloucestershire,
Wm Robers 1840 Longganum, Herefordshire,
John Roberts 1844 North Hants, Brackley
Richd Roberts 1830 Charfield, Gloucestershire,
Joseph T Roberty 1842 Bury, Lancashire,
Chas Robinson 1839 Salford, Lancashire,
James Robinson 1841 Hull, Yorkshire,
R Robinson 1849 Southampton
Wm Robinson 1838 Ireland
Wm Robinson 1839 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Wm Robson 1801 St Phielks, Durham,
Albert Roebuck 1843 Stourport, Worcestershire,
John Roebuck 1831 St Peter Sheffield, Yorkshire,
Wm Roebuck 1830 Sheffield, Yorkshire,
Geo Rogers 1828 St Pancras, Middlesex,
A Ronald 1833 Scotland
James M Rooney 1848 Liverpool, Lancashire,
John Rooney 1847 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Henry Rose 1839 St George, Middlesex,
Jas Rose 1839 Deptford, Kent,
John W Roundtree 1849 Hull, Yorkshire,
Samuel Rowley 1840 Stoke Upon Tern, Staffordshire,
John Royland 1830 Ireland
James Rudge 1835 Linton, Herefordshire,
Georges B Ruska 1831 Italy
Ab D Rutherford 1808 Ikerton, Lancashire,
Harry Ryan 1833 Yorkshire,
Peter Ryan 1839 Gatasbead, Durham,
Wm Ryan 1840 St Luke, Middlesex,
Wm Ryan 1844 St George, Middlesex,

Trancriber: James Simmonds
Source: Names of prisoners in Dartmoor Convict Prison extracted from 1871 census Lidford Township, Devon County England
John T Ryder 1851 Newcastle, Northumberland,
Edwd C Ryland 1829 Maidstone, Kent,
John Saaife 1846 Pocklington, Yorkshire,
Henry Sadler 1845 Norfolk,
Patk Sallian 1849 Crepplegate, Middlesex,
Arthur J Samuel 1835 St Clement, Middlesex,
J Sanders 1825 Ireland
Henry Savage 1825 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire,
Chas Sbrand 1840 CAMB, Little Wilbraham
Anthony Scott 1823 Scotland
James Scott 1821 Scotland
James Scott 1833 Chobham, Kent,
John Scott 1839 Ireland
Wm Seeley 1829 Reading, Berkshire,
Henry Selby 1836 Southampton; St Mary
William Sephton 1831 Wigan, Lancashire,
James Shannon 1837 Lambeth, Surrey,
Jas Shannon 1835 Lambeth, Surrey,
Geo Shape 1830 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Benjn Shepherd 1831 Bristol, Gloucestershire,
John Shepherd 1847 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Jas Sherrin 1809 Cottesmore, Rutland,
Josh Sheward 1850 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire,
Henry Shore 1846 St George, Middlesex,
John Showler 1801 Kirton, Lincolnshire,
W Siddle 1822 Portland, Dorset,
Geo Simmonds 1836 All Saints, Worcestershire,
John Simmonds 1840 Maidstone, Kent,
Chas Simmons 1840 Aglesbury, Buckinghamshire,
Wm Simmons 1833 Not Known, Buckinghamshire,
Henry Simpson 1842 Hann Soho, Middlesex,
Alfd Smith 1846 Islington, Middlesex,
Chas Smith 1851 Clerkenwell, Middlesex,
Geo Smith 1807 Ireland
Geo Smith 1827 Ditchingham, Norfolk,
Geo Smith 1829 Spitalfields, Middlesex,
Geo Smith 1829 Middlesex, London,
Henry Smith 1816 Liverpool, Lancashire,
John Smith 1833 Ireland
John Smith 1840 Eagbaston, Warwickshire,
John Smith 1840 Chester, Cheshire,
John Smith 1842 Ireland
Robert Smith 1833 Winterbourne, Norfolk,
Robt Smith 1835 St Luke, Middlesex,
Robt H Smith 1823 Fakenham, Norfolk,
Samuel F Smith 1837 B'ham, Warwickshire,
Thos Smith 1839 Ireland
Thos Smith 1845 Ireland
Thos J Smith 1846 St Andrews, Middlesex,
William Smith 1842 Worcester, Worcestershire,
Wm Smith 1828 Swaffham, Norfolk,
Wm Smith 1837 Kensington, Middlesex,
Wm Smith 1837 Rotherham, Yorkshire,
Henry Smole 1849 St Giles, Middlesex,
James Smolley 1852 Manchester, Lancashire,
James Sney 1845 Warwick, Warwickshire,
Robt Southern 1850 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Thos Speckman 1811 Upholland, Lancashire,
Wm Spencer 1846 Nothanls, Northamptonshire,
Wm Spicer 1833 Worcester, Worcestershire,
Richd Spraggs 1830 Maidstone, Kent,
A Staines 1810 Halsted, Essex,
Joss Stammell 1841 Scotland
Arthur Stanmore 1843 Middlesex,
Mark Start 1836 Manchester, Lancashire,
Geo Steele 1817 Sherborne, Hampshire,
John Stephens 1810 Chittern, Bedfordshire,
Peter Stephenson 1842 Newcastle, Northumberland,
Geo Stevens 1847 Bermonssey, Surrey,
Wm Stevens 1819 Bermondsey, Surrey,
Geo Stevenson 1828 Clerkenwell, Middlesex,
Thos Stewart 1832 Scotland
John Stinson 1841 B'ham, Warwickshire,
Robt Stone 1830 Radnage, Buckinghamshire,
Robt Stone 1839 Unknown, Wiltshire,
William Stone 1846 Southwark, Surrey,
Wm Straker 1838 Leed, Yorkshire,
Geo Stronnells 1839 Amersham, Buckinghamshire,
Henry Stutchings 1831 At Sea
James Styles 1805 Cowgale, Middlesex,
Daniel Sullivan 1841 Boston N, United States
John Sullivan 1845 Middlesex, London,
John Sullivan 1850 Lambeth, Surrey,
Wm Sullivan 1853 Spitalfields, Middlesex,
John Summers 1823 Ireland
John Sunderland 1831 Bedford, Yorkshire,
Fredk Swan 1818 Gloucester, Gloucestershire,
James Sweeney 1854 Camberwell, Middlesex,
John Sweeney 1842 Margleborne, Middlesex,
Edw Swift 1820 Chesterfield, Derbyshire,
Robt Taylor 1831 Terquay, Devon,
Chas Templeman 1815 Bladon, Oxfordshire,
Thomas Thomas 1851 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Geo Thompson 1844 Marylebone, Middlesex,
George Thompson 1838 St Georges, Middlesex,
Jas Thompson 1851 St Martin, Middlesex,
John Thompson 1845 Liverpool, Lancashire,
John Thompson 1846 Hull, Yorkshire,
Lore Thompson 1831 Northants, Northampton
Robt Thompson 1847 Sheffield, Yorkshire,
John Thoroughgood 1849 Smithfield, Middlesex,
Wm Thorpe 1816 St Giles, Middlesex,
Josh Tillson 1851 St James, Middlesex,
P Tomay 1837 Runcorn, Cheshire,
John Townsend 1828 Southill, Yorkshire,
James Travers 1835 Ireland
Allen Twilayson 1852 Scotland
John Tyler 1811 Manchester, Lancashire,
Frans Tynan 1842 Not Known, Lancashire,
Henry Tyndall 1844 Lambeth, Surrey,
H Tyrer 1803 Kirby, Lancashire,
Sam Upton 1820 Macclesfield, Cheshire,
Arthur Vanselow 1811 Brightside, Yorkshire,
Edw Vaughan 1837 Whitechapel, Middlesex,
Fredk W Ventres 1823 N
Geo Vickers 1835 West Wickham, Kent,
Saml Vogelsang 1846 Islington, Middlesex,
William Vowles 1841 Roebnok, Somerset,
Jas Wainwright 1832 B'ham, Warwickshire,
Edwd Wakeham 1837 St Helliers, Jersey, Channel Islands
Geo Wakelin 1838 St Georges, Middlesex,
Ama Walker 1838 Westelton, Suffolk,
John Walker 1844 Sheffield, Yorkshire,
Wm Walker 1835 Norwich, Norfolk,
Wm Wallace 1850 Greenwich, Kent,
Mortimer Walsh 1847 St Andrew, Middlesex,
Abraham Walton 1839 Wardell, Lancashire,
John Ward 1810 B'ham, Warwickshire,
John Ward 1816 Scotland
Wm Warren 1830 Portsmouth, Hampshire,
Thos Waterson 1847 Manchester, Lancashire,
John Watkins 1811 Hereford, Herefordshire,
John Watkins 1835 Kinnersley, Herefordshire,
Horace Watson 1848 City, Middlesex,
Ross Watson 1837 Papenham, Northamptonshire,
William Watson 1835 B'ham, Warwickshire,
Wm Watson 1832 Easebourne, Sussex,
John Watts 1851 Middlesex, London,
Henry Weaver 1829 Ireland
Alfred Webb 1851 Lewisham, Kent,
Edwd Webb 1822 Southwark, Middlesex,
Rd Webb 1840 Scotland
John Webster 1850 Marylebone, Middlesex,
Wm Welburn 1833 United States
Redsen Welch 1850 Luton, Bedfordshire,
Alfred Wells 1851 Shaftesbury, Dorset,
Benjn Wells 1851 Bethnal Green, Middlesex,
Thos Wells 1840 Jersey, Channel Islands
John Welsh 1827 Ireland
John Welsh 1846 Clerkenwell, Middlesex,
Joseph Weston 1832 Belper, Derbyshire,
Thos Weston 1824 Liverpool, Lancashire,
John Wharf 1837 Manchester, Lancashire,
Henry Wheeler 1841 Southampton St Mary's
Michl Whelan 1841 Ireland
Luke Whileman 1827 Cottingham, Yorkshire,
Wm Whiley 1847 St Luke, Middlesex,
Chas White 1815 Bristol, Gloucestershire,
Edw White 1843 St Hilliers, Jersey, Channel Islands Edwin White 1825 Not Known, Somerset,
James White 1849 Liverpool, Lancashire,
John White 1831 Chichester, Sussex,
Benja Whiting 1844 Royston, Cambridgeshire,
James Whynn 1843 Ireland
H Wiggins 1835 Bradford, Yorkshire,
Moses Wilcock 1836 Bolton, Lancashire,
Chas Wilkinson 1845 Pimlico Shoreditch, Middlesex,
Geo Willard 1844 Brighton, Sussex,
Geo Williams 1825 Wedgbury, Staffordshire,
Geo Williams 1836 Leeds, Yorkshire,
Geo Williams 1841 Bishop Wearmouth, Durham,
Geo Williams 1843 Norwich, Norfolk,
Geo Williams 1843 Southwark, Switzerland
Geo Williams 1843 Bitton, Gloucestershire,
Geo Williams 1848 Bishopsgate, Middlesex,
Henry Williams 1827 Ireland
Henry Williams 1828 Islington, Middlesex,
Jas Williams 1850 Clapham, Surrey,
Jas Williams 1853 Ellesmere Port, Cheshire,
John Williams 1830 Ireland
John Williams 1840 New York
John Williams 1849 Durbigh, Durbigh
John Williams 1851 Manchester, Lancashire,
Josh A Williams 1829 Portsmouth, Hampshire,
Thos Williams 1843 Manchester, Lancashire,
Thos Williams 1845 West Indies, St Vincent
J Williamson 1837 Bow London, Surrey,
Geo Willis 1837 Sherborne, Dorset,
Geo Willis 1840 Ireland
Geo Wilmore 1839 Mt Soviel, Leicestershire,
Henry Wilmot 1834 Benbridga, Derbyshire,
Chas Wilson 1850 Not Known, Yorkshire,
Edwd H Wilson 1832 Egham, Surrey,
Geo Wilson 1805 St Georges, Middlesex,
Geo Wilson 1807 Hickington, Worcestershire,
Henry Wilson 1841 Manchester, Lancashire,
James Wilson 1839 Liverpool, Lancashire,
James Wilson 1842 B'ham, Warwickshire,
Jas Wilson 1843 Clerkenwell, Middlesex,
John Wilson 1815 Steeple, Essex,
John Wilson 1841 Manchester, Lancashire,
John Wilson 1848 Ncastle, Northumberland,
Thos Wilson 1848 Ireland
Wm Wilson 1807 St Cuthberts, Northumberland,
Wm Wilson 1829 Saxilby, Lincolnshire,
John Winter 1831 Ireland
James Witt 1853 Bethnal Green, Middlesex,
R Wolfendale 1827 Warrington, Lancashire,
Jas Wood 1809 Holborn, Middlesex,
Noah Wood 1836 Cheadle, Staffordshire,
Peter Wood 1848 Pudder, Yorkshire,
Wm Wood 1836 Derby, Derbyshire,
Wm Wood 1838 Hcastle, Northumberland,
Saml Woodhead 1817 Ashton, Lancashire,
James Woodman 1844 St James, Middlesex,
John Woods 1838 Ireland
Wm Woods 1821 Baldock, Hertfordshire,
James Worton 1812 Burghill, Staffordshire,
Peter Wragg 1843 Sheffield, Yorkshire,
Geo Wright 1811 Brightside, Yorkshire,
Henry A Wrison 1828 Brompton, Middlesex,
John Wynn 1840 B'ham, Warwickshire,
Allen Young 1849 Sandy, Bedfordshire,
Fredk Young 1846 Brent, Somerset,

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