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Brixton Convict Prison, 1871 Index of Prisoners, Surnames L - Z

NOTE: This set of records for Brixton Convict Prison provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in census records When searching for your English Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Jas Lamer 1839 Manchester, Lancashire,
John Lamer 1833 Reading, Berkshire,
John Lawton 1831 Manchester, Lancashire,
Wm Leach 1823 Newbury, Berkshire,
Richd League 1842 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Wm Lebearne 1854 Bradley, Worcestershire,
John Ledward 1827 Stepney, Middlesex,
Geo Lee 1848 Devonport, Devon,
James Lee 1837 London,
Jas Lee 1848 Leeds, Yorkshire,
Aaron Leigh 1840 Aspall, Lancashire,
Jas Leigh 1836 Manchester, Lancashire,
John Lemon 1840 Woolwich, Kent,
Hy Leonard 1827 Shoreditch, Middlesex,
Robt Leve 1820 Blackburn, Lancashire,
Buxton Lewis 1826 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Wm Lewis 1837 Hay, Breconshire, Wales
Thos Llewellyn 1840 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Hy Lloyd 1849 Camberwell, Surrey,
Henry Lock 1845 Andover, Hampshire,
Thos Lones 1823 Wales
Jas Looby 1847 Marylebone, Middlesex,
Robt Lord 1836 Lymm, Cheshire,
Elijah Lovatt 1839 Audley, Staffordshire,
Thos Lowe 1824 Stoke, Staffordshire,
Jas Lydiatt 1854 Wantwich, Cheshire,
John Lyler 1837 Barking, Essex,
John Male 1820 London,
Thos Malkin 1831 Stoke Upon Trent, Staffordshire,
Arthur Marsh 1843 St Luke, Middlesex,
Edward Martin 1846 Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Reuben Martin 1853 Backing, Essex,
Ed Maskell 1848 Burwell, Cambridgeshire,
John Mason 1841 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire,
Hy Mayer 1837 Hanley, Staffordshire,
Saml Mayre 1845 Calton, Devon,
Francis Mc Kenzie 1839 Islington, London,
Gerald McCarcer 1841 Liverpool, Lancashire,
John McCarty 1843 Mythyr Lydirl, Glamorgan, Wales
Saml McClair 1851 Ireland
Robt McCullock 1819 Scotland
Chas McCurdy 1812 Manchester, Lancashire,
Wm McLachlan 1831 Scotland
Wm McPherson 1838 Islington, Middlesex,
Wm Meek 1851 Lenterden, Kent,
Andm Meldrum 1838 Scotland
Roco Metelli 1847 Italy
Edwd Miles 1845 Bosham, Sussex,
Chas Millington 1829 Worcester, Worcestershire,
John Milton 1846 Scotland
John Mitchell 1847 St Pancras, Middlesex,
John Moburn 1843 Manchester, Lancashire,
Geo Moffat 1833 Scotland
Geo Moore 1825 Westminster, Middlesex,
Geo Moore 1833 Tring, Cornwall,
Wm Moore 1828 Newington, Middlesex,
Wm Moore 1836 Wrexham, Denbighshire, Wales
Geo Morgan 1850 St George in the East, Middlesex,
John Morgan 1831 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire,
Rd Morgan 1847 London City, Middlesex,
Wm Morgan 1810 Gloucester, Gloucestershire,
John Morris 1841 Egham, Surrey,
Matthew Mullins 1824 Leek, Staffordshire,
A Munn 1815 Scotland
George Murphy 1848 Limthouse, Middlesex,
Geo Musselwhite 1839 Portsmouth, Hampshire,
William Nash 1833 Chatham, Kent,
Geo Newberry 1845 Isle of Wight, Newbridge
Chas Newman 1825 London,
Geo Newman 1851 Stafford, Staffordshire,
Stephen Nicholls 1827 Aldershot, Surrey,
John Norman 1838 St Giles, Middlesex,
Thomas Nunnerly 1827 Warrington, Cheshire,
John Ogden 1831 London,
Henny Oliver 1829 Stoke Brewing, Northamptonshire,
Mostyer Owen 1850 Kidsgrove, Staffordshire,
Jas Owens 1841 Nantwich, Cheshire,
Willm Padden 1836 Sunderland, Durham,
Robt Page 1841 Clapham, Surrey,
Geo Palmer 1830 Chard, Somerset,
Demetrii Pappa 1837 Sarkey
Geo Parker 1827 Sheffield, Yorkshire,
Wm Parkin 1850 Sheffield, Yorkshire,
Fras Patman 1819 Aslying Fields, Cambridgeshire,
David Pearce 1843 N
Geo Peltret 1844 Clerkenwell, Middlesex,
John Perkins 1853 Westminster, Middlesex,
Francis Perter 1842 Shoreditch, Middlesex,
Edr Phillips 1803 Not Known, Bedfordshire,
Chas Pigott 1838 Liverpool, Lancashire,
George Pitt 1847 Ansunth, Staffordshire,
Geo Plumtree 1856 Gainsborough, Lincolnshire,
Saml Popple 1844 Whittlesea, Cambridgeshire,
Henry Potts 1838 Manchester, Lancashire,
Edwd Powell 1820 Mold, Flintshire, Wales
Hy Prior 1839 Mortlake, Surrey,
Hy Pritchard 1844 Part Unknown, Wales
Thos Puth 1829 St Lane's, Worcestershire,
Poland Quester 1849 Barking, Essex,
Edwd Quick 1844 Osten, Devon,
John Randall 1850 Barnes, Surrey,
Jas Ratcliffe 1839 Walsall, Staffordshire,
Hy Redman 1846 Launton, Somerset,
John Reed 1843 Scotland
Chas Reffel 1850 London,
Alfd Reid 1845 Walton on Thames, Surrey,
Alfd Reynold 1847 Hoxton, Middlesex,
Adam Riack 1838 Scotland
Alexr Richardson 1846 Manchester, Lancashire,
Edwd Richmond 1827 Salford, Lancashire,
Robt Riley 1837 Unknown, Middlesex,
Hy Rippenyale 1844 Bethnal Green, Middlesex,
Geo Robbins 1848 Denton, Oxfordshire,
John Robbins 1828 Northampton, Northamptonshire,
John Roberts 1843 Compe, Caernarvonshire, Wales
Wm Roberts 1848 Deptford, Kent,
Anders Robertson 1846 Scotland
Thos Robinson 1823 Bury, Lancashire,
Jos Roebuck 1835 Sheffield, Yorkshire,
Wm Roger 1827 Mile End, Middlesex,
Michl Rogers 1820 St Luke, Middlesex,
Alfd Rook 1853 Stepney, Middlesex,
Chas Rose 1845 Sheffield, Yorkshire,
Geo Rose 1850 Shoreditch, Middlesex,
John Rowe 1843 Stombridge, Worcestershire,
Saml Rutherford 1853 Deptford, Kent,
Wm Saddler 1852 Docking, Norfolk,
Wm Sanderson 1851 Preston, Lancashire,
Martin Scarborough 1850 Southwark, Middlesex,
Hy Schofield 1853 Rochdale, Lancashire,
Chas Sharpe 1832 Newmarket, Suffolk,

Trancriber: Tracy Day
Source: Names of prisoners in Brixton Convict Prison extracted from 1871 census Lambeth Township, London County England
Geo Shaw 1848 Westminster, Middlesex,
Geo Shaw 1851 Hanley, Staffordshire,
Hy Shaw 1844 Retford, Nottinghamshire,
Wm Shawcross 1831 Fulham, Middlesex,
Mark Sheridan 1851 Manchester, Lancashire,
Thos Sherwood 1852 St George, Middlesex,
Hy Sibbles 1843 Shoreditch, Middlesex,
Hy Silvester 1834 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
John Sime 1839 Scotland
Saml Simpson 1835 Bradford, Yorkshire,
Alexr Skinner 1828 Portsmouth, Hampshire,
Thos Slack 1828 Doncaster, Yorkshire,
Chas Slater 1840 Muggington, Derbyshire,
Jas Slater 1851 Marylebone, Middlesex,
Boscoe Sloane 1827 New York, United States
Alfd Smart 1850 Woolaston, Northamptonshire,
George Smart 1829 Norwich, Norfolk,
Chas Smith 1839 Pilkington, Lancashire,
Chas Smith 1841 Norway
Chas Smith 1841 Hackney, Middlesex,
Chas Smith 1845 London,
Danl Smith 1825 Scotland
Fredk Smith 1849 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Fredk Smith 1850 Rochdale, Lancashire,
Geo Smith 1853 Whitchapel, Middlesex,
Hy Smith 1853 St Pancras, Middlesex,
Jas Smith 1845 Bolton, Lancashire,
Jas Smith 1852 Pendleton, Lancashire,
John Smith 1803 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire,
John Smith 1829 Scotland
John Smith 1844 Kidderminster, Worcestershire,
John Smith 1844 Covent Garder, Middlesex,
John Smith 1845 Sheffield, Yorkshire,
Matthew Smith 1849 London,
Saml Smith 1844 Surlingham, Norfolk,
Samuel Smith 1846 Stafford, Staffordshire,
Thos Smith 1826 Shipton, Yorkshire,
Thos Smith 1837 Smeaton, Leicestershire,
Thos Smith 1850 Little Bardfield, Essex,
Wm Smith 1822 Romsey, Hampshire,
Wm Smith 1842 Lambeth, Surrey,
Wm Smith 1846 Hackney, Middlesex,
Wm Smith 1852 Market Harborough, Liechtenstein
Thos Sosbe 1832 London,
Jas Spencer 1820 Glenton, Northamptonshire,
Oliver Spencer 1827 Enderbury, Leicestershire,
Robt Spinks 1840 Maldon, Essex,
Robt Spriggs 1848 London,
Josiah St John 1823 Norton Folgate, London,
Geo Starkie 1838 Warrington, Lancashire,
John Steward 1846 Manchester, Lancashire,
Jas Stokes 1845 Lambeth, Surrey,
Geo Stoneby 1847 St Luke, Middlesex,
John Stopford 1839 Denton, Lancashire,
Joseph Stubbs 1836 Macclesfield, Cheshire,
Edwd Suenders 1853 Bethnal Green, Middlesex,
John Sullivan 1852 St George in the East, Middlesex,
John Swaine 1841 Bethnal Green, Middlesex,
Thos Sweeting 1847 Manchester, Lancashire,
Stanger Tate 1834 Ireland
Thos Taulton 1824 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Geo Taylor 1839 Livetshall, Norfolk,
Geo Taylor 1851 Birmingham, Warwickshire,
Hy Taylor 1843 Cheshunt, Hertfordshire,
Jas Taylor 1831 Manchester, Lancashire,
Wm Taylor 1843 Warrington, Lancashire,
Jas Thomas 1830 Hereford, Herefordshire,
Richd Thomas 1844 Liverpool, Lancashire,
Edwd Thompson 1840 Sunderland, Durham,
Francis Thompson 1847 Bath, Somerset,
Geor Thompson 1847 Sheffield, Yorkshire,
Thos Thompson 1832 Darlington, Durham,
John Thorn 1845 Stonehouse, Devon,
Thos Thorneyeroft 1827 Astbury, Cheshire,
Thos Tomlinson 1836 Westhouse, Yorkshire,
James Trilloe 1832 Hereford, Herefordshire,
Chas Turner 1851 Rochdale, Lancashire,
Robt Tweddle 1848 Hull, Yorkshire,
Thos Tyler 1821 Lamworth, Staffordshire,
Thos Vaughan 1826 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire,
Geo Viall 1816 Brocking, Essex,
Thos Vido 1835 St Martin, Middlesex,
Jas Violet 1848 Christchurch, Surrey,
Joseph Waldron 1851 Unknown, Middlesex,
Fredk Wallis 1842 Paddington, Middlesex,
Richd Walter 1826 Huntington, Hampshire,
Thos Walters 1819 Burton-Upon-Trent, Staffordshire,
Thos Walton 1841 Middleton, Durham,
Wm Walton 1829 Lancashire,
Geo Ward 1838 Harrowder, Northamptonshire,
Thos Wareing 1843 Preston, Lancashire,
Willm Wassall 1822 Broom, Worcestershire,
Edw Wear 1845 London,
Eder Weaver 1837 Leicester, Leicestershire,
Amos Webb 1851 Worthing, Sussex,
John Weeden 1827 Risboro, Buckinghamshire,
Thos Welch 1835 Borough London, Surrey,
Thomas Welfare 1843 Brighton, Sussex,
Jas West 1831 Gattonden, Berkshire,
Wm West 1842 Portsmouth, Hampshire,
Fredk White 1845 St Martins, Middlesex,
Geo White 1852 Shoreditch, Middlesex,
Wm White 1843 Winchester, Hampshire,
James Whiteley 1827 Crooks, Yorkshire,
Wm Whitelock 1847 Neath, Glamorgan, Wales
Chas Whiting 1844 Unknown, Essex,
Wm Whitten 1849 Walworth, Surrey,
Henry Williams 1847 Chelsea, Middlesex,
Hy Williams 1850 Stencham, Hampshire,
John Williams 1821 Leeds, Yorkshire,
John Williams 1823 Montgomery, Montgomeryshire, Wales
Thos Williamson 1847 Blackburn, Lancashire,
Thos Williamson 1847 Weymouth, Dorset,
Geo Willison 1847 St James, Middlesex,
Geo Wilson 1811 Marylebone, Middlesex,
John Wilson 1828 Birmingham, Worcestershire,
John Wilson 1833 Leeds, Yorkshire,
Geo Withers 1849 Ireland
Hy Wood 1811 Scotland
John Wood 1827 Leeds, Yorkshire,
Wm Wood 1848 Honiton, Devon,
Thos Woolley 1845 London,
Jos Wortley 1842 Stroud, Gloucestershire,
Wm Worwood 1845 Clerkenwell, Middlesex,
Danl Wright 1845 Bolton, Lancashire,
Jas Wright 1848 Dudley, Worcestershire,
John Wright 1821 Scotland
Wm Wright 1818 Warrington, Lancashire,
Thos York 1835 Northampton, Northamptonshire,
Edd Young 1821 Newbury, Berkshire,
Geo Young 1848 Chiswick, Middlesex,

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