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Brixton Convict Prison, 1881 Index of Prisoners

NOTE: This set of records for Brixton Convict Prison provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in census records When searching for your English Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Thomas Abel 1843 Gloster, Gloucestershire
James Ainscow 1852 Preston, Lancashire
William Aitken 1841 Scotland
John J. Amos 1848 Frome, Somerset
James Anderson 1858 Scotland
Thomas Anderson 1849 Hull, Yorkshire
William Anderson 1848 West Bromwich, Staffordshire
John Armstrong 1857 Bowdew, Cheshire
Edward Bacon 1859 Messing, Essex
George Baker 1856 Spitalsfield, Middlesex
John Baker 1838 Hoxton, Middlesex
John Bamford 1843 Liverpool, Lancashire
George Barker 1846 Chelsea, Middlesex
George Barlow 1848 ??
Walter Barlow 1838 Leicestershire
Edward W. Barnes 1831 Springfield, Essex
Robert Bassett 1846 Orboro, Norfolk
Alfred Bell 1854 High Gate, Middlesex
William Bendelow 1853 Kilburn, Yorkshire
William Bennett 1855 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Henry Bickham 1854 Weston, Somerset
Reuben Bickinore 1844 Wickham Bishop, Essex
Andrew Blackwell 1828 Lea, Derbyshire
John Bonsor 1856 Nottinghamshire
Edward Bouchier 1824 Scotland
William Z. Boulton 1847 Manchester, Lancashire
Edward Bowdler 1859 Greatbridge, Staffordshire
Charles Boxall 1849 Horsham, Sussex
Alfred Bradshaw 1855 Stepney, Middlesex
Robert Brierley 1834 Oldham, Lancashire
George Brooks 1847 Brighton, Sussex
George Brown 1827 St Giles, Middlesex
Thomas Brown 1852 Sheffield, Yorkshire
William Brown 1857 Scotland
William Bryant 1830 St Giles, Middlesex
Thomas Burke 1826 Ireland
Edward Burrows 1848 Nottinghamshire
George Butcher 1842 Somerstown, Middlesex
Daniel Carfoot 1856 Bulwicklodge, Northamptonshire
Levi Cartwright 1858 Frampton, Gloucestershire
Francis B. Chesshire 1859 Knowle, Warwickshire
Charles Chester 1857 Burnley, Lancashire
Samuel Chillingworth 1861 Birmingham, Warwickshire
John Clarke 1857 Southwark, Surrey
George Coleman 1851 Shields, Northumberland
Lewis Coleman 1859 Toleshill, Warwickshire
John Collins 1851 Clapham, Middlesex
Thomas Cook 1839 Southwark
William Cook 1825 Bow, Middlesex
Thomas Cooper 1850 Newcastle, Northumberland
Joseph J. Copeland 1856 Newcross, Surrey
Thomas Corbett 1860 Wednesbury, Staffordshire
Middleton Corrant 1821 Whitby, Yorkshire
Joseph Cotterill 1839 Silverdale, Staffordshire
Joseph Cousins 1853 Abridge, Essex
Henry Cox 1853 Stepney, Middlesex
William Cox 1847 Liverpool, Lancashire
Edwin Creaser 1859 Yorkshire, Yorkshire
Forster Crickett 1851 Scotland
Robert E. Crompton 1851 Manchester, Lancashire
John Dale 1836 Birmingham, Warwickshire
John Dalloway 1854 Birmingham, Warwickshire
John Dare 1831 Honiton, Devon
Owen Davies 1857 Denbighshire, Wales
William Davies 1835 St James, Middlesex
Gustar De Courty 1856 (F), Belgium
William Dingwall 1861 Scotland
William Dodds 1849 Hull, Yorkshire
William H. Dubbin 1856 Clayton, Lancashire
John Duerden 1827 Scotland
Robert Eccleston 1856 Blackburn, Lancashire
Jacob Eckhardt 1853 (F), Germany
Thomas Edwards 1858 Hackney, Middlesex
Walter Edwards 1840 Liverpool, Lancashire
William Edwards 1848 Taunton, Somerset
Thomas Elliott 1846 Farnham, Surrey
John Emerson 1827 Utterby, Lincoln
Joseph Faulkner 1842 Hilcote, Northamptonshire
Henry Fielder 1850 Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire
John Fisher 1831 Southampton, Hampshire
William Fitzsimmons 1844 Newcastle, Northumberland
William Fox 1834 Sunderland, Durham
William Fox 1843 Canterbury, Kent
Robert Freeman 1859 Retford, Nottinghamshire
Charles Fry 1831 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Sydney Fry 1859 Bridgewater, Somerset
William Fryer 1855 Shadwell, Middlesex
Henry Gear 1863 Bridport, Dorset
John Geldard 1852 Burnley, Lancashire
Matthew Gibbons 1848 Manchester, Lancashire
Henry Golbourn 1860 Hackney, Middlesex
Josiah Goozee 1843 Spitalsfield, Middlesex
George Gosden 1858 Chobham, Surrey
Thomas Goulty 1829 Calmer, Norfolk
Henry Grans 1854 St Giles, Middlesex
David Green 1852 Chelsea, Middlesex
James Hall 1854 Longton, Staffordshire
John Halt 1844 Steps, Lancashire
Thomas Hampson 1849 St Helens, Lancashire
Alfred Harding 1845 Birkenhead, Cheshire
James Harford 1848 Holbourn, Middlesex
Reuben Harris 1861 Walsall, Staffordshire
John Hawkes 1856 Witham, Essex
Frank Henderson 1860 Scotland
Charles Henry 1848 Manchester, Lancashire
Joseph Hewitts 1851 Salford, Lancashire
Cornelius Hicks 1849 Coventry, Warwickshire
William Hingley 1846 Redhill, Surrey
Henry Hodges 1854 Ambersley, Worcestershire
Henry Holmes 1850 Chingford, Essex
John Holmes 1839 Belper, Derbyshire
Henry Hotwell 1855 Greenwich, Kent
William Hough 1842 Manchester, Lancashire
Thomas C. Howl 1837 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Charles E. Hugall 1847 Carlton, Yorkshire
Edward Hughes 1850 Manchester, Lancashire
John Hurs 1825 Liverpool, Lancashire
Charles Jackson 1859 Rotherhithe, Surrey
Thomas Jackson 1858 Skellington, Lincoln
Alfred Johnes 1858 Evesham, Worcestershire
James Johnes 1857 Redruth, Cornwall
John Jones 1844 Salop, Shropshire
Robert Jones 1845 Manchester, Lancashire
Thomas Jones 1857 Southwark, Middlesex
William Jopling 1832 Durham, Durham
Joseph Keall 1815 Ilfracombe, Devon
Benjamin Kelly 1850 Newington, Middlesex
William Kelso 1827 Scotland
Richard Kimber 1857 Whitechapel, Middlesex
Achemiah Kippax 1850 Burnley, Lancashire
John Kippax 1854 Scotland
John Laidlaw 1854 Morpeth, Northumberland

Trancriber: James Simmonds
Source: Names of prisoners in Brixton Convict Prison extracted from 1881 census Lambeth Township, London County England
William Latham 1844 Alpraham, Cheshire
Arthur Lecson 1860 Kensington, Middlesex
William Lee 1857 Liverpool, Lancashire
James Lewis 1861 Bristol, Somerset
William Lewis 1841 Welshpool, Wales
William Liversedge 1850 Bradford, Yorkshire
Henry Llewellyn 1859 Pembrooke, Wales
James Luxford 1845 Rotherfield, Sussex
James Luxton 1861 St George In The East, Middlesex
John W. Maddle 1840 Aldbury, Norfolk
Charles Maddox 1825 Tutbury, Staffordshire
Robert Man 1856 Shields, Northumberland
Robert Mason 1861 New Mills, Derbyshire
John Maxwell 1859 Scotland
Frederick May 1850 Westminster, Middlesex
John Mcgregor 1842 Scotland
William Mckay 1846 Newcastle, Northumberland
Robert Mckechnie 1830 Scotland
James Mckenzie 1860 Scotland
James Mclean 1856 Shoreditch, Middlesex
Joseph Miles 1844 Edmonton, Middlesex
Harry Mitchell 1854 Blackburn, Lancashire
George A. Moix 1859 Liverpool, Lancashire
Charles Money 1861 Scotland
Charles Montague 1854 (BS), France
Nathaniel Montgomery 1850 Liverpool, Lancashire
Vernon Montgomery 1837 Oxfordshire
William Moore 1848 Carlisle, Cumberland
George Morgan 1857 Wolverhampton, Worcestershire
John Morgan 1858 Bilson, Gloucestershire
Samuel Moss 1860 Stone, Staffordshire
James Murray 1858 Scotland
Joseph Nelson 1856 Stepney, Middlesex
James Nenisholme 1834 Settle, Yorkshire
John Newby 1857 Norwich, Norfolk
John Nolan 1828 Ireland
William North 1844 Southwark, Surrey
James Nurdew 1851 Waterloo, Middlesex
Omerod Nuttall 1856 Burnley, Lancashire
Edward O Conner 1843 Ireland
Thomas Oates 1811 Sunderland, Durham
John Oliver 1831 Whitmore, Staffordshire
George Owen 1851 Shields, Northumberland
John Partington 1840 Alderley Edge, Staffordshire
Thomas Pearce 1857 Shepherds Bush, Middlesex
William Pearce 1861 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Henry Pearson 1856 St Pancras, Middlesex
Frederick Perry 1853 Birmingham, Warwickshire
George Perry 1850 Bath, Somerset
Richard Pickup 1837 Salford, Lancashire
Thomas Picton 1860 Dalston, Middlesex
Thomas Piper 1854 Newcastle, Northumberland
George Pollitt 1856 Bolton, Lancashire
John Porter 1860 Upton On Severn, Worcestershire
Charles Potts 1825 Congleton, Cheshire
Alfred Preece 1859 Hereford, Hereford
Alfred Price 1858 Scotland
Richard Prossers 1858 Abergaveney, Monmouth, Wales
Mark Redman 1845 Norwich, Norfolk
John Reets 1854 Southwark, Surrey
John Rhodigan 1847 Pimlico, Middlesex
John Richman 1841 Weston, Yorkshire
George Robbins 1847 Deddington, Oxfordshire
William Roberts 1856 ??
James Robinson 1861 Leeds, Yorkshire
George Rogers 1843 Weedon, Northamptonshire
John Rogers 1835 Manchester, Lancashire
Thomas Rogers 1850 Manchester, Lancashire
William Ross 1851 Scotland
James Rudge 1828 Linton, Hereford
David Russell 1858 Scotland
William Sashbury 1852 Harninglow, Staffordshire
John H. Saunders 1854 Liverpool, Lancashire
Robert Seeworthy 1834 Bristol, Somerset
Frederick Shires 1836 Southwark, Surrey
John Simmons 1841 Camberwell, Middlesex
William Simms 1856 Hoxton, Middlesex
William Skrine 1823 Stockton, Durham
William Slade 1856 Cromband, Monmouth, Wales
John Smail 1843 Clerkenwell, Middlesex
Frederick Smith 1858 Scarboro, Yorkshire
George Smith 1847 Birmingham, Warwickshire
George Smith 1851 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Henry Smith 1844 Chatham, Kent
Henry Smith 1854 Plympton, Devon
John Smith 1829 Spalding, Lincoln
Sam Smith 1861 Leicestershire
Sidney Smith 1851 Scotland
John Spanton 1838 Bermondsey, Surrey
Charles Speffington 1854 Humberton, Leicestershire
Samuel Staley 1846 Sheffield, Yorkshire
Henry Stancer 1844 Hull, Yorkshire
Charles Stansfield 1850 Rochdale, Lancashire
Charles Stephenson 1847 Hoxton, Middlesex
William Stephenson 1850 Peckham, Surrey
William Stott 1854 Bolton, Lancashire
Walter Straker 1860 Leeds, Yorkshire
Robert Strange 1860 St Pancras, Middlesex
James Summers 1830 Hoxton, Middlesex
George Swain 1840 Grimsby, Lincoln
James Thomas 1847 Warminster, Wiltshire
James Thomasson 1859 Cardiff, Wales
Henry Thompson 1858 Manchester, Lancashire
John Thompson 1840 Rotherhithe, Middlesex
Thomas Todd 1854 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Charles Townsend 1824 Calne, Wiltshire
Samuel Turner 1837 Stone, Staffordshire
Thomas Turner 1824 Ingwood, Shropshire
Thomas Turner 1840 Waltongate, Lancashire
Frederick Underwood 1858 Eastington, Gloucestershire
Joseph Underwood 1859 Ickleford, Hertfordshire
Samuel Vernon 1861 Dudley, Worcestershire
Edwin H. Wadge 1834 Linkinhorne, Cornwall
Alexander Walsh 1853 Darwin Over, Lancashire
George Watson 1834 Sunderland, Durham
Joseph Watson 1849 Uttoxeter, Staffordshire
John Wayling 1842 South America
Moses Webb 1851 Bradley, Cambridgeshire
Robert Webb 1856 Rushmere, Suffolk
Enoch Weeks 1847 Devizes, Wiltshire
Joseph Wild 1859 Clay Cross, Derbyshire
James Willett 1851 Manchester, Lancashire
George Williams 1850 Maidenhead, Berkshire
John Williamson 1856 Bransford, Durham
Francis Wilson 1857 Cheetham, Lancashire
James Wilson 1842 Battersea, Middlesex
John Wilson 1847 Norton, Durham
John Wilson 1857 Lincoln, Lincoln
George Wood 1859 Islington, Middlesex
John J. Wood 1839 Aston, Lancashire
Thomas Woodall 1835 Wellington, Shropshire
William Wright 1851 Southwark, Surrey

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