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Aylesbury Prison, 1891 Index of Prisoners

NOTE: This set of records for Aylesbury Prison provides the prisoners name, date of birth and place of birth, more FREE information regarding these prisoners can be found in census records When searching for your English Blacksheep Ancestors, whether that be a prisoner, convict, inmate, felon, criminal, outlaw, gangster, bandit or scoundrel, make sure you have searched all prison records, court records and execution records that may contain information on your blacksheep ancestor

Prisoners Name, Prisoners Date of Birth, Prisoners Place of Birth

Adams, Richard 1861 Brownhills, Staffordshire
Anderson, Ernest 1867 Enfield, Middlesex
Andrews, Charles 1849 Redditch, Worcestershire
Armstrong, George 1828 Scotland
Arnold, Giles 1852 Mere, Wiltshire
Ashton, Frank 1860 Sheffield, Yorkshire
Banks, Alexaham 1840 Willenhall, Staffordshire
Barnes, George 1849 Cockermouth, Cumberland
Baxter, John 1861 Middlesborough, Yorkshire
Birchall, John 1863 Watford, Hertfordshire
Bonas, Henry 1839 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Bond, Robert 1832 Gissing, Norfolk
Booty, William 1870 Clerkenwell, London
Bradbury, William 1865 Walworth, London
Bridge, Edward 1838 Stockport, Cheshire
Bridges, Charles 1865 Liss, Hampshire
Brooks, David 1856 Bolton, Lancashire
Brown, Charles 1849 Brentwood, Staffordshire
Brown, Thomas 1849 Hull, Yorkshire
Buck, William 1840 Manchester, Lancashire
Bucknole, Samuel George Pearce 1864 Wraxall, Somerset
Butterworth, David 1860 Blackburn, Lancashire
Cadman, Alfred 1866 Blackfriars, London
Cheeseberry, Job 1858 Salford, Lancashire
Clarke, Thomas 1866 Kentish Town, London
Clewes, John 1840 Ball Lane, Staffordshire
Clinton, John 1868 Chester, Cheshire
Clover, Walter 1864 Great Harwood, Lancashire
Clutterbuck, George 1841 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Cook, James 1847 Oxford, Oxfordshire
Cragg, Thomas 1855 Burnley, Lancashire
Darley, William 1837 North Hill, Cornwall
Davis, Henry 1858 Chelknham, Gloucestershire
Davis, Henry 1863 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Davis, James 1827 Manchester, Lancashire
Dennison, Joseph 1849 Ilford, Essex
Dewhurst, James 1862 India
Dexter, William 1855 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Dicker, John 1868 London City Road
Dickinson, James 1862 Wigan, Lancashire
Dobson, Henry 1869 Hounslow, Middlesex
Drinkwater, George 1842 Lambeth, London
Dunnell, Benjamin 1855 Alltofts, Yorkshire
Egdell, George 1842 Alnwick, Northumberland
Evans, William 1849 Limehouse, London
Fairhurst, William Henry 1865 Liverpool, Lancashire
Farnworth, William 1845 Horwich, Lancashire
Field, George 1855 Harwick Birmingham
Fife, Harry 1850 Scotland
Foster, George 1853 Blackfriars, London
Foster, Joseph 1855 Church Gresley, Derbyshire
Fox, William Henry 1841 Clerkenwell, London
Foy, John 1867 Chatham, Kent
Frost, James 1862 Southwark, London
Garnett, William 1852 Manchester, Lancashire
Gaskall, William 1869 Liverpool, Lancashire
Gibbon, Edward Septimus 1858 Bloomsbury, London
Golborne, William 1862 Manchester, Lancashire
Greaney, John 1872 Plymouth, Devon
Green, Francis 1845 Bloomsbury, London
Greenough, John 1869 Ardington, Berkshire
Griffiths, Benjamin 1865 Bristol, Gloucestershire
Gummerson, Arthur 1870 Knottingley, Yorkshire
Hagne, George 1849 Rotherham, Yorkshire
Hall, Frank 1849 Grimsby, Worcestershire
Hall, Henry 1860 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Hallett, Walter 1843 Ottery St Mary, Devon
Harden, Henry 1856 Norwich, Norfolk
Harding, Alfred 1846 Birkenhead, Cheshire
Harrison, Abraham 1859 Preston, Lancashire
Harvey, James 1860 Camerton, Somerset
Hatcher, Charles 1867 St James W, London
Hawkins, Joseph 1870 Watford, Hertfordshire
Heath, James 1855 Shoreditch, London
Helleway, James Henry 1863 Portsmouth, Hampshire
Hellewell, James 1870 Leeds, Yorkshire
Henry, William 1861 Pimlico, London
Hicken, Henry 1827 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Hill, Samuel 1845 Hydes Road, Derbyshire
Hindley, Ephraim 1852 Tyldesley, Lancashire
Hiscock, Samuel 1857 Winchester Under Lyme, Hampshire
Hoare, John 1842 Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales
Hornby, William 1871 Liverpool, Lancashire
Horsfall, Thomas Austin 1865 Todmorden, Lancashire
Howard, Charles 1859 Branford, Suffolk
Hudson, Herbert 1846 Staveley, Derbyshire
Hughes, George William 1860 Ashton, Lancashire
Hunt, Daniel 1845 Leek, Staffordshire
Inlow, Henry James 1856 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Jackson, William 1860 Lambeth, London
Janes, Charles 1861 Ireland
Jarrett, Walter 1861 Bristol, Gloucestershire
Jewell, Charles Burnett 1866 Clerkenwell, London
Johnson, William 1862 New York, United States
Jones, Francis 1852 Cradley Heath, Staffordshire
Jones, John 1858 Swaibbitch, Shropshire
Jones, William 1837 Fenny Stratford, Buckinghamshire
Jones, William 1852 Limehouse, London
Jones, William 1858 Merthyr, Glamorgan, Wales
Jons, Thomas 1855 Newburn, Northumberland

Trancriber: Tracy Day
Source: Names of prisoners in Aylesbury Prison extracted from 1891 census Aylesbury Township, Buckinghamshire County England
Kelzown, John Melindia 1858 Douthwaits Heath, Cumberland
King, John 1869 Leeds, Yorkshire
Kirby, Walter 1861 St Helens, Lancashire
Lawrence, Thomas Henry 1867 West Bromwich, Staffordshire
Lean, Thomas William M 1869 Osmotherley, Yorkshire
Lee, Richard 1862 Liverpool, Lancashire
Lock, Walter 1852 Tooting, Surrey
Longbottom, Joseph 1839 Holbeck, Yorkshire
Lucas, Richard 1832 Astley, Warwickshire
Mac Donald, Alexander 1863 Scotland
Markey, Patrick 1861 Ireland
May, Richard 1859 Hull, Yorkshire
Maybright, Walter 1870 Notting Hill, London
Mc Cann, Bernard 1864 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Mc Cormack, James 1855 Marylebone, London
McKie, Richard 1858 Sunderland, Durhah
Moore, Edward Wyndham 1865 Ware, Hertfordshire
Moore, Emanuel 1861 Longton, Staffordshire
Moore, John 1863 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Morris, Samson 1845 Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Mosley, George 1866 Kingsley Moor, Staffordshire
Moss, William 1860 Withnell, Lancashire
Murphy, Charles Henry 1863 Liverpool, Lancashire
Murray, Andrew 1850 St Giles, London
Naylor, Charles 1870 Halifax, Yorkshire
Neylan, Michael 1862 Stockton on Gees, Durham
Noble, Frederick 1857 Belper, Derbyshire
Nolan, Joseph 1849 Manchester, Lancashire
Obrien, William 1866 Canada
Owen, John 1840 Tunbridge, Shropshire
Owers, John Moss 1839 Newcastle, Staffordshire
Parker, Samuel 1843 Bilton, Gloucestershire
Parr, James 1846 Manchester, Lancashire
Parry, John 1860 Wrexham, Denbighshire, Wales
Pegg, John 1868 St Giles, London
Peppiatt, George 1869 Lambeth, London
Pollock, William Henry 1847 Scotland
Potter, Herbert 1867 Rochford, Essex
Powell, George 1852 Hornsey, London
Powell, Thomas 1868 Church Eaton, Staffordshire
Proctor, Thomas 1841 Blackburn, Lancashire
Pugh, Henry 1839 Wrockwardine, Shropshire
Pugh, William 1865 Turnham Green, London
Reay, William 1863 Wallsend, Northumberland
Renshaw, Albert 1847 Salford, Lancashire
Richardson, Charles 1836 Alnwick, Northumberland
Richardson, Frederick Smith 1863 Stockport, Cheshire
Rickard, Samson 1861 Towcester, Northamptonshire
Roberts, William 1842 Whitchurch, Shropshire
Robson, John 1844 Newcastle, Northumberland
Roleson, William 1854 Leeds, Yorkshire
Rose, John 1863 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Rose, William 1850 St Luke, London
Rowe, Samuel 1850 Constantine, Cornwall
Rudd, Thomas 1844 Great Massingham, Norfolk
Ryan, Peter 1842 Gateshead, Durham
Salmon, Arthur 1861 Chigwell Hall, Essex
Salter, Henry 1844 Cambridge Heath, London
Shaw, James 1853 Harwick Birmingham
Shaw, Richard 1870 Limehouse, London
Shirley, Francis 1842 Hartlebury, Worcestershire
Simmons, Edward 1832 Bristol, Somerset
Simpson, George 1859 Scotland
Smith, James 1840 Leeds, Yorkshire
Smith, James 1847 Lambeth, London
Smith, John 1865 Norwich, Norfolk
Smith, Richard 1865 Newent, Gloucestershire
Smith, Thomas 1856 Holborn, London
Smith, William 1861 Bethnal Green, London
Smith, William 1868 Clerkenwell, London
Speed, Henry 1859 West Ham, Essex
Spivey, Joseph 1864 Beverley, Yorkshire
Stainforth, Walter 1857 Sheffield, Yorkshire
Stanley, John 1859 St Georges E, London
Storer, John 1854 Bristol, Gloucestershire
Stubbs, Lawrence 1868 Leeds, Yorkshire
Terry, Edward 1841 Clerkenwell, London
Thompson, Robert James 1859 Canada
Traill, Matthew 1850 Scotland
Truman, Edward Thomas 1848 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Upson, Henry 1826 Chelmsford, Essex
Varey, George 1840 Beverley, Yorkshire
Walker, Henry 1855 Northampton, Northamptonshire Walker, Samuel 1855 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Walsh, James 1860 St Pancras, London
Walton, Amos 1858 Atwood Bank, Gloucestershire
Watson, William 1858 Manchester, Lancashire
Webb, Thomas 1841 West Cosely, Staffordshire
Weller, Thomas 1834 Wandsworth, London
Whipley, John James 1854 Derby, Derbyshire
Whitehouse, Henry 1846 Hoxton, London
Whittingham, William John 1854 Newcastle, Staffordshire
Williams, Harry 1857 Islington, London
Williams, James 1850 Islington, London
Winch, Richard 1856 Greenwich, London
Windle, John William 1849 Barnoldswick, Yorkshire
Woolridge, Joseph 1853 Stafford, Staffordshire
Wright, John 1833 Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

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